Do you use the BlackBerry 10 Remember app?

Remember app
By James Richardson on 9 Aug 2013 04:03 pm EDT

One of the main things I use my BlackBerry 10 smartphone for is keeping me organized - although nothing can help me some days! Recently I was swiping through my app pages when I saw the Remember app and I realized that I don't use it. That got me thinking why I choose not to use it, bearing in mind that it is pretty awesome with its integration into so many parts of the OS.

There are a bunch of third party apps for making notes and lists (such as Stuff I Need and Lazy Lists) and that would normally be what I would use Remember for. I realize that the Remember app does so much more - including Evernote syncing, photo attachments and email flagging just to name a few, but for some reason I always go down the third party route.

I don't really know why. I like the features that the Remember app has to offer and it's user interface is pretty nice on the eye but still I never use it. It's maybe possible that I like to keep different things in different apps - which may sound odd as Remember would cater for all my needs. I also tend to use the calendar application on my BlackBerry for reminders so I suppose that eliminates the need to have a note in Remember with a due date.

Anyway, that's enough about me - but I'm curious to see if I am on my own here or do other BlackBerry 10 users not use the app and prefer a different choice. Hit up the options below if you would be so kind?


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Do you use the BlackBerry 10 Remember app?



I agree It is not very intuitive to use... I haven't been able to get this to remind me of ANYTHING (without having to go into the app and see what i have pending myself) - This really is just a basic NOTES app

I agree too... it needs time deadlines, not just date deadlines, and alarm customization. calendar is good for blocking off time, but sometimes I want a to do list with a time alarm for one or multiple items in the list, a list that is easy to simply add to (but still has a completion checkbox for each item) , and i want the list to expire and delete itself after a certain time or date. Right now I have too many remember lists because I never get around to deleting them

Agreed. That's my biggest issue with it. It needs time deadlines and better integration with the calendar. IMO it should simply be integrated with the calendar...

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Hi actually your notification does pop out on the screen it's also available in hub on the top! Whilst checking your notifications

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I must say 10.1 brought a welcome update in the Active Frame which made the app useful to me.. if they could synch it with the calendar in 10.2...

All in all, Remember is pretty cool and one of my most used apps (since 10.1). I disagree with the notion that the app is hard to use... once you know what and (more important) where the available options are it's pretty straight forward...

It is not a plug and play app, there's a small learning curve to it.. but considering the fact that I'll be using it for the coming years, that's not a deal breaker (assuming they stick to Remember and keep updating it)

There's still plenty of room for improvements though... I would like some more customizable options...

From the Z...

Maybe there should be a guide for how to use it, or to explain what changed in new updates - that goes for all BlackBerry apps for that matter. Should we have to perform our own discovery to determine what changed? If there are change logs for updates, a link should be provided after the update, or it should automatically open a browser page or text file that details the changes. I hate having to hunt for things

100% right. Good concept, but not efficient enough.

But I would like the app to evolve so that i can use only it.

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Me too. And my calendar syncs with my google calendar, so adding appointments/ reminders in my calendar via multiple devices is quite easy.

Is it possible to add a clipping to ever note using BlackBerry Remember and to create and associate a task to the clipping/attachment with a time alarm? If not(it needs improvement. This also needs to transfer to the Evernote app.

I use it for the Outlook Notes and Tasks synchronization (mostly Notes that I have been using for several years).

You can make account on and you'll get all ActiveSync features like calendar, contact, tasks and notes sync. It's free and it's awesome... ;)

I haven't seen any way to sync notes with Google or I use ActiveSync to my MDaemon account to sync everything including Notes. Otherwise Evernote is one of the few ways. BES accounts probably sync Notes also.

Posted by CB10 on my VZW Z10

For detailed lists and more complicated projects, Remember is great.

For the grocery store, Lazy Lists does the job just fine.

Totally agree... but I would dump Lazy Lists if Remember would offer a solution for Groceries though...

If Remember would allow the rearrangement of items, it would render Lazy Lists obsolete...

A lot of would's here...

From the Z...

Oh yeah that was another big beef for me. It sorts list in alphabetical order, and you can't prioritize. It doesn't keep me organized then.. reminders and prioritization without having to block off time like you do with calendar would be ideal

Exactly. "A lot of would's". Isn't that what the entire app ecosystem is based upon? If all the native apps filled the void of every possible needs of the users, there wouldn't be any apps other than social media and games. We're just here to attempt to fill the gaps. We're not perfect but so isn't any of the platforms available today.

Grocery list is fine, but I use BBM for that. Too bad the remember app does tie into that.

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I use it all the time, I wish it could label dates with exact times though
but I put down checklist, bills to pay and things to do
also has my evernote stuff that i keep track of like my workout routine and school stuff

I heard that tags don't get transferred to Evernote, and also that your notes lose their formatting when transferring.. isn't that true?

Didn't use it when I first got my Z10, but use it a lot now, especially for keeping my travel info organized, including screen shots of my boarding passes. It's a nice complement to BlackBerry Travel.

Also use it for ideas and to jot down quick meeting notes.

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Me too. I didn't use it at first. But nw. I can't do without the remember app. When I see something I want to download from BlackBerry World and I can't download it yet. I just share it to the remember app, I use it for a lot of other things too. Inshort I use it anywhere I see share

Of course. ;)
It was what I was waiting for as an option
I use it constantly. It saves time and frustration.

Look forward to new additions to Remember also. I always try to fully utilize baked in integrated apps.

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You what I find shocking is that apparently you can share a lot if stuff from within apps (and I just now learned this from you- where is the guide?), but you cannot share a txt, email, or anything from the Hub!! That needs to be rectified immediately. Flagging emails has always been useless for me since you can't associate deadlines and alarms. If you could share it to remember and if remember would have time-based reminders it would solve a lot of problems. You should also be able to share to Calendar, without a doubt can do exactly that. if you flag the email it pops over into the Remember app where you can add a note to it, other attachments, due date, and a "done" checkbox.

I do this all the time with emails, and unlike a lot of other task apps that have email integration, here, attachments to the email are preserved. Another great feature is that once the email has been flagged and is in the Remember app, you can delete the email from the Hub and keep you inbox clean.

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+10 I use it the same way. Also have set up folders that allows me to organize based on level of importance, department it originated etc.

Good to know. I never noticed the flagged email saves to the remember app. I abandoned the email flagging when I saw you couldn't set a due date from the flag.

I use remember all the time because of the voice note feature. I've recorded conference calls and time indexed important comments.

I use it, but find that if I want to set a reminder for a certain time during the day, I cannot do that. It will just give me the reminder at 9am the day of. The old Tasks on BBOS used to let me set specific times to notify me. Hopefully this feature is added in a future update.

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use it. love it. it's even better on the 10.2 leak! finally, set a specific time to remind me about a flagged email!

I use all the time. Mostly for SoundHound. When I get the name of a song I hit share choose remember app I have a music file started put the song in there. Then any time I want to here that song I go to remember app pick my song and it fires it up from YouTube video and all. I have movie file, to do list, emails and a few more. Great time saving app to have everything in one place.

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My 9930 was a lot easier to enter tasks but the integration with the bold is really nice

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Yes! All the time, everything that was on my Notebook from the Torch was transferred from Remember, with a little bit of fine tunning... Success was achieved and mastered!!

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I'm MongezaurioBerry

Remember App does all sorts of things but I need a nice simple app. That's why I use "Corky Notes" & "Lazy Lists"

This has got to be a joke.

On 10.0, Remember was poor.

On 10.1 Remember is Meh.

I hear it is much improved on 10.2, but that won't be out for a while.

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Use it all the time plus $40 per year i get the complete desktop sync Evernote Remember, I I have 15 folders, I live in Remember ! Get rid of remember I sell my phone

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No its too complicated to use. Why can't it be simpler and with a better layout. It's a smart idea but it doesnt work.

Ditto to the previous comments about needing to handle specific times for reminders (instead of all reminders coming up at 9am). Always important, but especially for me since synching with my work Outlook tasks. I'm surprised times didn't come out in 10.1, but read they were in 10.2.

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I wish you could nest folders within another to keep things organised even better, other than that I love it and use it for every task and note at work and home.

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It needs to be simplified, its like memo, calender and voice note in one place. Memo was fine on its own, calender is excellent by itself, use it everyday all day to remember stuff. Voice note needs to be alone once again as well, too complicated to get to it!

I do use remember - whenever I take digital notes on the phone.
By volume more of my notes are quite possibly made in good old fashioned ink on paper - but on the go, what else?

Also, why use a third party product when the native one is great?

The only thing missing is proper synchronising over the air with Exchange.

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I use it but with huge reservations and disappointment. OS7 task and notes sync was beautiful. Remember will apparently infinitely over time duplicate tasks that are in the regular exchange task folder. I had to create another folder inside tasks (I call it Q10 tasks). They still show up in Outlook but don't duplicate in Remember. My Outlook notes which on 10.1 showed up in " unfiled " exchange folder - not the notes - now on 10.2 beta don't show up at all. This sounds like I'm gripping. Don't want to. As loyal as they come yet can't figure out how BB10 came to market as a keep moving (and for the Professional yet !) device with a task management system like this. Not even covering the 30 day follow up limitation. Had hoped OS 10.2 would show a giant leap forward. Nope. And my Evernote native app which was a great addition doesn't work on my 10.2.

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10.2 is still work in progress, no? The one you/we are using is a leak which means it is not quite polished and done yet. Also, I am using Evernote on my 10.2. You just need to sideload the bar file as has been stated in several fora.

No. Haven't never even the application before. It sits in a folder called USELESS APPS with the rest of the useless bloatware.

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I hardly use it. When I purchased the Z10 at launch I did a sync using Link. All of my contacts, BBM, messages, pics ect... went over well except my notes which were organized perfectly on my 9780. However, it was all thrown into remember in such a way that it is confusing and not organized the way it was before. if they demonstrated the uses and showed how is easy it is how come no one I know uses it? I love my Z10 but there were some things from the old os this os should have borrowed. That is simplicity.

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True but there are new things we should also be open-minded about. We cannot keep expecting things to move forward yet keeping things the way they used to be.

By far one of my favorite things about the Z10. I use the remember app all the time for many different reasons.

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Yes offcourse in combination with Evernote. Couldn't live without. However for quick lists I prefer to use lazylist.

Multiple reminders, recurring reminders, nagging reminders, sub-folders for sub-tasks, more sort options (sort by date,category, folder, etc.), quicker integration with email and contacts, optional password protection for tasks and folders. I'm on OS 10.1 . Some of these features may be available in a later release that I am not aware of nor have access to - yet.

For Quick general notes I use Lazy lists and Super notes for my business notes with voice dictation then share to remember folder

Still like My List App

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So much, especially with the 10.2 leak. Having actions appear as Calendar entries is hugely helpful.

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If this is finally working in 10.2 I'm upgrading tonight. I want to use remember but I want my tasks with a due date to appear on my calendar, which they don't

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I use it all the time and every day, it's perfect for storing work notes separate from home notes (via a different folders), also great for storage of pictures with notes tagged, even have a folder for clicked pictures of business cards, remember is one of the reasons i love blackberry 10

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I use it because of integration with Evernote, or just to make a quick list. Haven't really explored it much further than that, but see some good ideas above.

I likely wouldn't use it but we're running Exchange 2007 and it doesn't support Memo on AS devices #lame. That said, very handy none the less

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This is very subjective but I don't use it because of the app icon. I think the icon is dull and that subconsciously affects my decision. Most good 3rd party apps that help organise, make brighter logos and add a lot of color in the app, and I prefer to use those.

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Yes, it sync and consolidated information perfectly between BES 10 account, personal email, call notes, and my general note taking. I have no need to utilize no other note taking application.

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I use it a lot, but it would be nice if it showed as a task in the calendar app if you set a due date. That would you could flag an email (like a bill) it would show in remember, set a due date and it could be seen in the calendar, which I check several times a day.

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10.2 adds tasks in the calendar that are created in Remember or your exchanged connected Outlook.

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I'm pretty much the same as James explains in his post... for some reason Remember doesn't get used and I go to third party apps and the calendar themselves.
I think it might have something to do with the visual appeal. Lazy Lists is easy and simple to use and it's reflected in the way it looks. Remember isn't hard to use, but it looks more complicated and just not as pretty and I'm not nearly as inclined to go there as I am to use Lazy Lists.

I use it a lot, yes. It's quite useful. I find it much more feature rich than the old memos app, obviously.

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I only use it when I remember it's in my app drawer, personally I found Easy Note is much more superior app than remember.

Posted by Zmain

I use it quite often, although typically to keep a recipe, or instruction, or make note of a model number.... not for daily reminder's etc., use the calendar app for that!

YES! Lover the remember app! Just flag special emails! And there saved in your remember app! Sweet!

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Ok now that I know this (and apparently there us a share for txt messages) this is good, but it would be quicker if after you hit flag you could hold on the flagged item and then see a new option to "open in remember " so you could then immediately set a due date (and time) with ought having to go and open remember, then click unfold entries, then hunt for the email subject line ( or go back to the email if you forgot which I just now did twice, haha).... a shortcut would be a nice time saver, especially if you're flagging many emails one morning all at once. also perhaps if you could select multiple emails and flag them all with a single Remember entry....

I like how it looks, it looks like a BlackBerry 10 application should. Of course I'm not opposed to improvements to its appearance and also more to it accessibility throughout the entire device / OS. It's a great application currently, but as time goes on I'm sure it will be more incorporated into the entire OS with added functionality.

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The remember app is awesome. People really need to give it a chance. I thought it wasn't very useful until I started using it.

It simply is amazing and keeps me well organized.

However, I am looking forward to further updates with added features in the future.

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I love it and use it all the time to track projects for work and personal. I also jot the grocery list down when my wife natters it off at me (using the call notes integration) :p

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Yes, Outlook syncing is great for work related tasks. Evernote integration is great for my long term personal notes and lazyLists for quick on the fly reminders.

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Best damn app ever, stroke of brilliance if you ask me, very fast and super intuitive... at least to me it is

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I use it, but I'd use it a LOT more if it had options to SHARE. Imagine how much more useful Remember would be if you could share the organized content within a Remember folder. It is the one missing feature that sends me to third party apps such as Speedy Checklist for some things, instead of just stayinh in Remember.

Well, you can't organize a Remember folder... it just sorts in alphabetical order.. so you need that capability first but I agree, sharing tasks and folders would help my team

i use it all the time now that it has a reminder option that goes directly in my calendar.....its great

I use it for several reasons:
- flagged emails can be found in the remember app, the you can add a reminder
- created a folder for manuals, train schedules, etc. Then added notes with the document description and attached the document to the note
- created a folder named things to do. Added notes for things to do

-added a note on how to out together my kayak carrier and attached a photo for each step to remember how I did it.

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It does what it says: It helps me to remember things. And it does it in a simple manner. I use the camera to make pictures of my "post-its" or I record education courses. If I get an imported e-mail flag it so I can easily "remember" it. With BlackBerry remember you can keep all the information in one file. It's not a "getting-things-done-application" but for me it's powerful. I never saw something like that when I had an Android device. (A long, long time ago).
Regards from Germany.

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I actually downloaded the Noted app but have yet to use it cause I keep going back to BB Remember. Working out for me so far. No complaints here!

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For remembering things, I use calendar.
For evernote, I want the native app.
Frustrated to see on 10.2, the evernote app won't even open!
Well, hope the real update can be there soon.

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I use it all the time, especially for projects. Example: doing renos, I shopped for the parts, took pics of what i needed, recorded the location, compared prices and got it done. Love it.

Love the reminder app! I use it for everything, even just lists and stuff, work schedule, groceries, meetings etc. I think it's a must have :)

I use it and like it.. pulling items in by simply flagging them is very convenient. I would like to see greater capability of alarms or reminders.

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The votes are surprisingly positive for the Remember application ... even myself using it daily I'm shocked. Evernote helped in that though at my new job.

I use it everyday. I get hundreds of e-mails, I have notes from outlook, requests from my wife, and it gets annoying.

I have different categories setup to keep up with everything.

It needs some improvements, but works for me.

I liked the add to app from the OS. I hope we could get something as simple to use.

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Remember app is simply awsome. I use it every day, no doubt about it. And let me say, the sincro with Evernote make it better than every other third part app. It's simple and pretty intuitive, you don't really need a manual to use it!!

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One of the worst app with the phone. Not very from. And most of all
Can't share ɱƴ notes. That's a big no go for me. And it's native. This app was more than rushed

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I agree that it was rushed. I also think BlackBerry has a marketing and education problem. If I knew half the things I learned from reading these comments I would have been using it all this time.

I always use this app. I write my songs and save them there. Very useful for music writing. I even use the record a note option to rehearse a verse. I love that app.

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I just use it to take a note, for instance, a name of any song that I would like to download later, bank accounts and my vacation days... only that!

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Initially, the ability to sync with Evernote was what grabbed my attention before getting my Z. Trying it out for the first time...yeah...

I'd rather take having a dedicated Evernote app instead, which I'm glad they are gonna put in for 10.2.

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I'm surprised that a lot of people use it. I prefer to use Noted. Auto-saves entries after 1 minute, I can share entries or add entries via "Share", allows me to backup to my SD card, and best of all... IT'S SIMPLE!!

How does Remember not have a search function?? I can't remember things at all - I search for them. Remember is great for projects, but it's not efficient.

I still miss Memopad. If BlackBerry brought that back, but allowed me to backup the entries via cloud or SD card, I'd be set.

You can search using the universal search function. Tap on the magnifying glass and type in search term. You can also just search just within Remember by tapping on the 3 lines to the left of the search field.

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Yes totally! I use deja office with the sync extension! So all my notes/tasks in outlook are synchronized! It's pretty awesome!

Posted in CB forums and on Bbos leak 10.2.1047

Didn't use it much until now in the new leak, but that's because you couldn't really set proper reminders before.

Using it and works really well now.

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I use Remember when I need to make a simple list. It doesn't sync with Evernote as I am not willing to put some of the stuff in the cloud. Amazing that BlackBerry launched with no ability to set reminders. So I end up with crap in my calendar that doesn't belong there. If I don't get it done I have to waste time moving it. My only hope is that Verizon doesn't hold back 10.2.

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Yes but I hate it. I basically only use it for evernote. I'm ready for that standalone app.

Posted via CB10 using my flick-ity keyboard :D.

I love the Remember app and use it everyday. Evernote compatibility is choice.

The only thing that could be improved upon is to have better due date integration and GPS / location-aware notes.


I deleted the remember app in favour of Memo Pad. No particular reason except that I used Memo Pad on previous BB's and found it very useful, not to mention user friendly.

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Remember is okay. It's missing key functions I got with the old os. I need it to have recurring settings and be able to see it in calendar as well. If it doesn't have that then it's not a task manager, it's a digital notebook

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I DID use it....but 10.2 has screwed it up....i am currently using a side loaded android Evernote app until the native one is released

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I like remember, but it would be so much more useful if when you flagged an email into it, it wouldn't delete from your phone after the designated time period like the rest of your inbox

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Yeah that's an amazingly "facepalm" aspect of the "flagged email" feature. At the VERY least there should be a GIANT WARNING about that when you flag an email, that it disappears after your Hub email retention period expires.

This is the most annoying issue. Because when I build a Business project folder in Remember / Evernote it includes attachments, Web links, notes, pictures and important emails. Well this email can be deleted from the Hub. It would be nice to have an option to delete all emails except Remember / Evernote emails from the Hub. Tick tick Keep Moving BlackBerry.

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I use Lazy Lists for "lists" as shopping/grossery or for the things I need to do and check.
The App Remember is used by me as in the "Getting Things Done" system: I created folders as "Projects, Action required, Incubated, Waiting, someday/maybe". The things I have to do (not necessary lists) are put in the special folders and get their due date... So the App pops up the action when required. Appointments and date+time related actions are put in the calendar. Project related items are listed in "Lazy Lists"... Works well for me!

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My iPhone user buddies are amazed on how many Remember/Evernote folders I have and the sync with Evernote. I said Evernote has been with iPhone for years. But how Evernote is intergrated with the HUB is stellar. hey Blackberry get the Remember App to add a simple feature for lists like Lazy lists add Super notes in the App and be able to share a complete Remember / Evernote folder and allow for an option in the HUB to delete all emails except Remember / Evernote emails you have a winner ! tick Tick Keep Moving BlackBerry !

This is my vote. Since its not an option I'll put it here

Yes, I use the Remember app but it doesn't keep me perfectly organized.
Remember needs much more

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I like the Remember app but I wish it would sync with my calendar. I also wish I could adjust the time like my calendar so all the things I put in the Remember app doesn't always alert me at the same time every day.

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All my life is in that app (well, in the calendar and password keeper). Work fiels, school projects, projects, things to do, where I keep stuff!!

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Sure do. Helps me keep things I can't seem to remember. My wife's ring size for example and the name of a few good cigars as I always forget them, and about 30 other things

Always on my Q10!

Yes I use it, no I don't like it much.

It's missing too much functionality, I just use it because it's native to the OS. Can't even export from this app or use the OS built in "share" feature to send it somewhere else without using Evernote, which I refuse to use. (poor security history)

Perhaps that's why there are umpteen other "notepad" apps on BlackBerry World. I will probably buy one of them and stop bothering with Remember.

I'm trying hard but it's not as intuitive to use. I like to save clean articles from reader but it's not available to save it that way. Folders created locally cannot be synced with Evernote. It has to be deleted first. It fills crowded for some reason, although I cannot pin point what make it. I only notice this limitations because I've been using plant of other reminder apps. Remember has huge potential BlackBerry just hast to update it with more features. If they could make it a hybrid between Pocked and Instapaprt or Redibility, I would use it more often.

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HOW? On 10.2, it only shows my Outlook notes and tasks and NOTHING from my Evernote account. I've tried deleting it in the hub then adding it again, I've tried clicking on the app, then it says "there is a new version" then it takes me to BB world so that I can read "not available for your device."

I use it. Recently I was looking for a bike for my daughter I did my research, checked out a few sites and priced them. I wanted a place to keep all my notes and then I remembered BlackBerry Remember. I saved the websites, pictures, prices in one folder in Remember so I can re visit this when I was ready to buy her bike. When I was I set a reminder to myself to purchase it well before her birthday so that it would arrive in time. Worked well.

yes love it. I also sync a to do list with my hotmail account - i get my to do 's on my Q10, and on my surface and outlook. great feature, look forward to seeing it's further development. Better evernote integration will work but even as it is, good job - credit where credit is due blackberry!

Use it everyday. For EVERYTHING! ..
And people saying it's too complicated? How could it be any simpler? Just because there are a few options doesn't mean you have to use them. Lol!

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Sure, its fine if you use it solely on the phone, but if you need to sync it to tasks on Outlook, and get reminded at a particular time, it doesn't work! (at least not as advertised)

I use it religiously. From managing major MySql Database Information to segmented Grocery Lists to Utility & Bill Management to Software and Product Key Notes to Client Information, Birthdays & Holidays, extended power NFC notes and so much more; I've strengthened the relationship between the native Calendar to the Remember App.

It is part of the BlackBerry blood flow that makes me proud to be a part of what BlackBerry represents. Third party apps are good, but at base, I'll scour a native BlackBerry App first, and see to take the relationships I have with the other productive BlackBerry apps and run with it. We live in an age that is drowning in information, yet stated for wisdom. Bottom line is that BlackBerry simplifies life by collectively bringing in the most important productivity apps and having the index goal for the end-user to take full advantage of it before looking elsewhere. Could use a few more "Colors" for the Remember Folders, but that will come in time along with the bond between Remember and Calendar as well...

I use it a lot. When I go through my emails I flag the emails I need to go back to and they all show up in Remember. I can then sort them in folders and add a due date. I like that you can be more specific and set both date and time in OS 10.2. What I wish for is to be able to have an option to select folder and due date as I flag my email in the hub. That would be awesome.

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i dont need a reminder app! if i want to be reminded i stick it in my calender. i just want a working Notes app like there used to be

I just use it like the old Memo app too, only you can categorize things. It's not all that much harder to use if you just use it as a replacement for "Memo".

I like it a lot; I just wish there was what Palm used to call a "conduit" so I could type notes and organize data on my desktop computer and "sync" it to my handheld. It's where I store information that I need to know but don't use very often: I don't like carrying that info on paper with me because if I lose it, others will have it... but on my BB, it's secure from prying eyes.

I use it all the time to take notes and for tasks. I love it. Would like more features though.

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