CrackBerry Asks: Do you turn off your BlackBerry at night?

By Adam Zeis on 23 May 2012 05:40 pm EDT
 Sleeping BlackBerry  

Heading to bed at night, one of the last things most of us do is check our phone. I typically read over my emails and Twitter feed one last time, plug in my phone to charge and then pass out. More and more though I feel like I want to turn my device off at night. I have a bedside mode profile set so I only hear phone calls and texts (in case of emergencies), but I feel like I want to be disconnected when I'm sleeping. Other such iDevices don't have the benefit of a bedside mode - so it's either all or nothing when it comes to sounds at night - but thankfully we have plenty of options. 

So what do you do? Do you turn off your BlackBerry at night or leave it on? Let us know in the poll above!

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CrackBerry Asks: Do you turn off your BlackBerry at night?



One of Blackberry's most underrated features!

I set mine to only alert me on calls. Everything else gets checked in the morning when I wake up :)

Whoever doesn't use BEDSIDE MODE today is simply because they have not been aware of it's existence... YET... Trust me, once you go BEDSIDE, you'll never go back!

IT's one of the best features BB has to offer, I just hope BB10 brings this in to the platform or else I'll have to keep my 9900 for longer time!

Bold 9900 & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

With you guys 100% on Bedside mode. It's one of those great BlackBerry features that helps make the phone an indispensable part of your life.

I really hope the feature is carried over to BlackBerry 10 as it will be sorely missed if it's not present in the first release.

I agree a 100%. you can set bedside mode automatic while charging. With bedside you can set a time range like 11pm to 11am while charging. so like on the weekends when I sleep in and bedside is till 11am. Once it's set all I have to do is put on the charger. NEEDS to be baked in BB10.

Never turn it off but with saying that it sleeps on my desk connected to my main PC, My bedroom is upstairs so not worried about rings, beeps, blips or farts..

Bedside mode, no alerts except the alarm. I can set up specific alerts for family members to bypass the bedside mode if needed.

it is one of BlackBerry's killer features - bedside mode, along with the holster magnet.

Yup, bedside mode every night. My BB is my alarm clock so it needs to be on. All of the bbms, txts, and emails can wait until after I am out of bed.


Calls only bedside mode is the way to go. Unless avoiding some things altogether like (cough) being called into work... :)

Ever since I've had a cell phone they've always remained on vibrate. I got so use to having them have to be on silent or vibrate due to school (when I was in high school) that I guess I never really cared to have ringtones or sounds. I'm mostly always by my phone so I never miss a call or text really. SO..I guess I have no need for "bedside" mode or to turn my phone off. I won't hear it if it's on vibrate or silent anyway ;)

Same here - except for texts my phone's almost always on vibrate. I power off at night but have never needed to use bedside mode. Bedside mode still shows a semi-lighted clock face, even when dim and I prefer not to see anything at all. I can ignore the charging light.

Bedside mode which essentially turns off everything except for displaying the clock dimly (in place of a clock on my nightstand).

Since my BlackBerry is supplied by my company and I am call 24/7, I leave it in for calls only and charging. Works well that way. However, I am getting a new Bold 9900 next week so that should be exciting, for me at least. Upgrading from a 9300 Curve 3G.

Bedside Mode in a cradle with the profile set to only hear phone calls... This and the notification LED are the biggest things I miss on any other platform. It's the reason my work BB stays on my nightstand while my personal cell (recently iP4 -> Pre3 -> Lumia900) stays across the hall docked near my computer overnight.

Bedside mode, while charging in a charging pod, next to my bed. Medium sound profile on (so I can hear the messages when I'm still up, but it won't wake me up when I'm already asleep).

I'm on call 24/7 so I have to leave it on. However, I do set it for only phone calls and not messages.

I'm missing option.

I am using the auto off/on workdays and on weekend (different setup), but why I am doing this?

Not especially for "not to be bothered" , I want to save some % battey life ;)

(ok, since .342 and deleting two special apps I am very fine with the battery life (from over 5% per hour to low 1 to 2% idle drain)

Never, ever, never do I turn my BB off. At night I adjust settings to only receive phone calls, but I don't think I have ever actually turned my BlackBerry off.

Used to throw it on the charger overnight in Bedside mode but with the 9900 i've woken up late to a frozen device too many times so now I just leave it as is to ensure the the alarm goes off.

Bedside mode for 9900 is a great replacement for a big phone/alarm clock, and I can be sure it's charging overnight.

The only problem is that the display is too darned bright, even when it's set to dim on bedside mode. It could be a quarter or a tenth as bright and still be visible when my eyes are dark-adapted. Whoever set the light level clearly didn't try to use it at night him/herself...

Same problem in winter, though it's OK in summer (in our Northern latitude it never really gets completely dark). I managed to find some dark film to go over the phone in its dock and this works perfectly.

Probably turned it off once and felt guilty bout it. Never again will I turn her off. Most of my other portable electronics staying (charging) over night. PlayBook is awesome!!!

I power mine off (but not full power off) every night and it goes on charger every night until the alarm wakes me in the morning.

Bedside mode! I leave the radio on to pull in messages, but turn all alerts but phone off. I formerly used to use it as my alarm also, until I found Get Set - Get Up for the Playbook. Terrific, elegant design. Useful without being stuffed with "swiss army knife" features. Check it out.

I leave it on and let it charge overnight. I have emails on silent regardless anyways and I am signed out of facebook when I sleep.

Everything else works as it does during the day for me ie: sms, bbm and phone calls.

Auto On/Off is built for the night. BedSide mode for those weekend naps. If it is an emergency, use the landline.

All alerts off on my Curve 9360 but select contacts can call if there's an emergency and I'll hear it. I do have a question though, about leaving it on charge the whole night. Is this ok? I remember my old Nokia would warn me to unplug the charger when full!

It depends, WHEN I charge my Berry I leave it on & it's Bedside mode, calls only but other times I just turn it off because I really don't want to be bothered with the outside world when I'm trying to rest. I usually charge my Berry Sunday nights, so it's full for the week & again on Thursday nights so it's ready for the weekend, what can I say, my 9700's battery is a CHAMP! LOL.

I know some people may only have a cellphone in the house but myself I still have a house phone for emergencies and my cell phone is used mainly for on the go,email, work etc. So I have it set to shut down at 11pm and turn on at 8am unless I am still awake past the shut down time. It's usually plugged into the charger during this time also, not sure about others but I've noticed at times when I leave it turned on while charging the battery does not last long as when off while charging.

I leave mine on Silent and let my alarm do what it needs to. I don't need to disrupt my sleep and nothing after I go to bed is that serious unless it is a family member who have my home number.

I leave my phone on in the charger, but I never have any sound profile on anyway. I just live by the LED to give me my notifications. Even vibration is off, because in a relatively silent room it can attract attention when you do not want it to. Do I miss calls? Somehow, that is not much of a problem..

A side effect of this is that I sometimes think that I see the LED blinking when in reality.. It is not! :-P

i turn my BB off at night because during the week it will come back on at 7am by the alarm and if it really is that important call my house phone

I'm shocked that almost half the poll respondents leave the phone on as normal. Isn't bedside mode a default setting when charging? Maybe some of those folks don't know about bedside mode.

Overnight, in a cradle, bedside mode, radio on, phone calls only.

Only time my bb is OFF is when I'm on a flight.