CrackBerry Asks: Do you think BlackBerry App World should be renamed for BlackBerry 10?

By Adam Zeis on 10 Oct 2012 02:20 pm EDT
 BlackBerry App World  

BlackBerry App World has been the go-to store on BlackBerry for apps and games for over three years now. As we move forward to BlackBerry 10, things get even better as App World will introduce both movies and music into the mix as well. Previously we were offered with various music and movie options, however they were split from App World, making for a poor user experience. In BlackBerry 10, the redesigned store will have apps, games, movies and music all in one place - making for a great experience, all tying into one BlackBerry ID.

With the new additions, the BlackBerry App World name doesn't quite seem to fit anymore. It's hard to imagine that RIM will change it up since the name and brand are so strong at this point, but do you think that it should be renamed for BlackBerry 10? Maybe just BlackBerry World? BlackBerry All Store? BlackBerry Media World?

Let us know in the poll above what you think, then drop a comment telling us know why you chose what you did. Thanks @pelletium!

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CrackBerry Asks: Do you think BlackBerry App World should be renamed for BlackBerry 10?


I think that RIM needs to change the name to reflect the various types of content in the store now.

Perhaps App World could still maintain it's moniker under a brand new "BB Marketplace".

If the "App World" offers more than apps than it is not appropriately named. If RIM is basically doing a reboot with these devices changing the name of your marketplace won't do any harm especially if you are renaming the marketplace to showcase the wider variety of content.

You might be onto something with BB Marketplace as now it is much more than just apps, only it is too much like the ditched Android Marketplace nametag.

BUT I would stay 50Million light years away from Marketplace. It's just too much like Android to be associated for BB.

My suggestion: Simply drop the "App" and call it BB World.

Should change. Needs to differentiate itself from other plain "app stores". It is not a location to just buy and download apps. With the integration of Multimedia downloads you are no longer just downloading "apps".

Still beats itunes that sells books, movies, music, and apps. You've got to come up with a better name first, like BlackBerry Mall or BlackBerry Superstore.

Like the "World" in the name, but it isn't easy to fit it in anything: "Store world"?

"BlackBerry World" does sound good and a bit more modern...and Google did change the name of the Android store without too much trouble (not to mention I think "Play Store" is a super lame name). But I do like BlackBerry App World as RIM's app storefront.

I really, really like BlackBerry World for the name. It is a very simple change and iis similar enough to BlackBerry App World, but it shows that BlackBerry's new world is revolves around the apps (If they learned from their mistakes, which I think they did).

Now, hopefully one of the 2 people in their marketing department sees this! :P

"World", by itself, is kind of vague. You also have to accept that BBW is an acronym that some find suggestive and offensive (no, not me, but to me it does come across as unprofessional).

Yes, they could rebrand, though Apple hasn't bothered changing "iTunes" despite the fact that they likely don't even make most of their revenue from music anymore.

Frankly, I'm good with "AppWorld".

You should have put the story above the vote... I pushed "Stay the same", forgetting that movies and music are going to be included when Blackberry 10 arrives. Now I do think they should change the name. Just "BlackBerry World" sounds good to me.

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Yeah that slipped my mind too. Since BlackBerry World is currently an event annually, that might cause a problem. It's a shame that RIM already used the term "hub" because my vote for the renaming of BlackBerry App World to simply be "BlackBerry Hub" It connects you to all content. Apps, media, and more. It's a Hub. :)

I'm curious, does each individual comment count as a click/hit that can be used to increase revenue? If so, that would explain why there are so many of these type posts. This poll, that poll, this contest that contest, name this name that etc.

Nope. We just post the polls most times to hear what you guys have to say and get some feedback (depending on the post). Same as any other post but with a poll as a bonus :) 

I said "No", but maybe shortening to BlackBerry World wouldn't be too far fetched. However, if they're gonna do that, it should include a full BB accessories store too (cases, chargers, t-shirts, boxers, stickers, teddy bears, etc)

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I like the idea of them including tangible items like that rather than just software intangibles. I don't think anyone else is doing that either so it would be new and innovative.

I think Blackberry World sounds good and is a logical extension of Blackberry App World as we know it. We could then refer to the different "worlds" within it - App World, Game World, Movie World, etc... Then again, that might not sound as good as just referring to them as Apps, Games, and Movies.

Considering Apple has iTunes with more than just music, and Google has Google Play with more than just games, maybe we are OK with just sticking with App World.

Blackberry App World is cool but it would be nice to see a little change. Blackberry World does have a nice ring though. maybe there can be another contest for coming up with a creative name. either way just bring on Blackberry 10 i dont know how much longer my torch can hold on lol

blackberry10. believe.

I think ALL of the names should be changed. I don't even think the new phones should be called Blackberry. Fact is, "Blackberry" is now a damaged name. I know that us BB people might not want to believe it, but it's true. When I tell people that they should see what the new Blackberry will be like, they roll their eyes. "I thought Blackberry wasn't around anymore..." they say.

Let me put this a different way. Imagine if Ford came out with a new car. An Un-REAL car. Amazing design, amazing engine, killer power AND mpg, everything. Oh, and you can buy it for $10,000. Best car ever for a STEAL of a price Ya, we're calling it the "Pinto10".

Did I just equate the Ford Pinto to "Blackberry"?!?! Yes... I did. In the eyes of the people who've written us off, that's what Blackberry is. RIM could have done this as a whole new re-invention, and I think it would have been seen in a different light. now it's just the "Next Blackberry". (or the "next version of that tired old phone")

I know where you're coming from. I'll also add that the origin of the name was because the knurled scroll-wheel on the original models resembled a blackberry, and that hasn't been relevant in years.

Last week, the press made some hay over the fact that the Blackberry brand has fallen from a peak of 56 out of the top 100 down to 93rd, illustrating just how far RIM has fallen, but few seemed to consider the fact that BlackBerry is STILL IN the top 100 brands worldwide.

Companies (and brands) have returned from the brink before. If RIM can effect a turnaround then there's a lot of underdog mojo they can take advantage of. Rebranding discards this opportunity.

Actually the name originated because the keyboard keys were considered to look like the seeds on a strawberry. They felt strawberry wasn't "powerful" enough so they settled on blackberry. blackberry became BlackBerry because the "B" was felt to be more powerful and that is why they capitalized both "B"s.

I agree people love to hate BlackBerry. However, BlackBerry is staging strong a come back.

You're being a bit harsh, but i can appreciate your sentiments. RIM will have to sell this to their pissed off grandmothers. They need real help to improve their marketing. I think there are signs that things have changed but we need serious change.

I agree people love to hate BlackBerry. However, BlackBerry is staging strong a come back.

You're being a bit harsh, but i can appreciate your sentiments. RIM will have to sell this to their pissed off grandmothers. They need real help to improve their marketing. I think there are signs that things have changed but we need serious change.

I voted no, but then I read the rest and remembered that other media is now going to be included. So I do sort of like the simple BlackBerry World to capture it all.

Changing somethings name doesnt make it better... Changing it for the better is what makes it better. Improve Appworld and leave the name be. Changing the name would only be silently admitting defeat

Look, we skipping from BB7 to BB10, trading in an OS for a revolutionary new one, skipping from one form factor to another...everything else is being reinvented, why not appworld? It only makes sense, in my opinion. Now, Blackberry World......mmmmm......not a fan, sounds like an event that RIM would sponsor. But how about the "10Spot" or "BBArena" or if it seems we will be able to play android apps and iOS apps, how about "Blackberry Bazaar" or "BBTriplex".......that last one was bad, I know, I apologize. But let's find a new title for the trusty marketplace we use to enhance our beloved BB device.

Here are a few suggestions:

Blackberry Shop, Blackberry Boutique, Blackberry Emporium, Blackberry Market, Blackberry Showroom, Blackberry Access, Blackberry World, Blackberry App World..


Could always just drop the word App and call it BlackBerry World.

Then they'd just need to rename their annual conference to something else... though I guess that's really BlackBerry World Conference.

I posted this in the forums right after the announcement at BB Jam Americas. With more than just apps in the storefront, App World needs a new brand. You lose some established brand equity by changing the name, but honestly there wasn't that much equity there to begin with and a new branding will help RIM distance itself from the current preception that its platform lacks content.

BlackBerry Universe. Apple and Samsung have both used space in its visuals and branding, the final frontier, a place where the most advanced human innovation with technology is taking place. If there is a change do not pick some god awful name like "bizarre" or already used name like "marketplace".

how about these:
- "Blackberry Produce"
- "Blackberry Palate"
- "Blackberry Pallets"
- "Blackberry Bushels"
- "Blackberry Crates"

I tweeted to 1 of the heads awhile back saying it should be changed to BB World.

Blackberry World... simple yet classy.. leave the Apps.. time to move on..
Blackberry Store... again simple yet elegant.

+1 for tangible items from bb be included.. thats a good idea.

This is 963,812th on my list of things to worry about. If you have a BB you use the application purchase system BB provides whether it's called App World or Barney's Pet Shop. If you don't have a BB you don't use it, even if it's called Getting Paid to Eat Ice Cream.

The icon doesn't even have a name on it. I can't imagine any name they could give it that would make a difference. Well, O.K., probably not "Do Not Press This Icon; Phone May Explode". But otherwise.


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I think the logo should be redesign, with a new one for the blackberry 10 as it's going to be bigger and better
And blackberry world sounds fantastic :)
That's my opinion

Please God no RIM will entertain this and take years to come out with some new trendy name. Just leave it the way it is everyone knows or should know what it is.

"Open Sesame BB" ... or "Sesame BB Open" .... it's gonna be magical, right.?. Rolls right off the tongue???

"World" can be a broad range of things. So with all the new features that RIM is adding to BlackBerry, "World" is a perfect name for BlackBerry!

So far, BlackBerry World, BlackBerry Universe, and BlackBerry Central sound best...

Logo update is also a great idea. And although this may not be well recieved, the new BB10 App World demo's and the more limited version on my Dev Alpha do seem newer that on OS7, but it still seems far too crowded and unintuitive.... Its actually almost a step-back from the PlayBook App World in terms of visual cohesiveness, although far more responsive and well fleshed-out.

Just my opinion. Hope RIM have a high bar for quality of their finished software and hardware come the release date.

And also, on a side-note, will RIM PLEASE FINALLY RELEASE THE TAT APPS DEMOED FOR THE PLAYBOOK! These really need to be the default picture viewers, scrap-book and note-takers on BlackBerry 10.

Even now, they're massively impressive....

Keep it the same ... Google changing the Android Market to Google Play Store just confused users and changing appworld to something else would be a mistske. If necessary launch Media World or something similar along side it but chsnging it is a bad idea.