CrackBerry Asks: Do you think BBM should go cross-platform?

BBM is going cross-platform this summer - do you think it's a good idea?

By Adam Zeis on 24 May 2013 10:49 am EDT

Last week at BlackBerry Live is was announced that BBM will finally be going cross-platform this summer. Android and iOS users will soon be able to get in on the best messaging service around and easily keep in touch with their BlackBerry friends. At first it will just be straight-up messaging, but soon to follow will be full features like BBM Voice and BBM Video.

We've seen arguments both for and against cross-platform over the years. Some argue that it's a bad move for BlackBerry, while others think it's a great move for many reasons. Whatever your stance, it's going to happen in just a few months, so only time will tell.

Nearly two years ago we asked you if BBM needed to go cross-platform. Out of all the votes, an amazing 71% of you said that yes, BBM should indeed be available to everyone. Only around 25% said it was a bad idea, while almost 4% were undecided. 

Now that it's been announced for real we want to know your thoughts again. BBM is going cross platform soon - we can't change that. What we want to know is if you think cross-platform BBM is a good idea or not? Let us know in the poll below then sound off in the comments.




Yes and ASAP. As feature rich as possible too.


This. I wasn't sure how I felt about cross platform prior to the announcement but once it was announced I was genuinely excited and started talking it up. All of my friends who are former BlackBerry users couldn't wait to download it and start using again.

We're back and nothings gonna stop our climb to the top to reclaim the throne!!

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Agree! It's not the killer feature that can hold customers on BlackBerry anymore, but potentially a great way of solidifying the BlackBerry brand.


You took the words out of my mouth. :-) And guess what once the brand recognition is there, people will start buying BlackBerry.


Exactly.. some people think this should have been done a year or 2 ago and I think THAT could have been considered killing the company.. now that the CURRENT blackberry owners aren't holding on to their blackberries for BBM, it is the best time to make BBM go cross-platform and allow it to solidify the BlackBerry brand! Gooooo BlackBerry!

Plazmic Flame

Hilarious this poll and the one before seem to be the true gauge of what people think in the forums. Also shows that the haters in the forums are much louder than most.

BBM going platform will be a good thing guys, don't worry. Now you can get back those friends you lost when they switched platforms.


Looking forward to having BBM contacts again! I will soon have back one of the reasons I loved BlackBerry in the first place!

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Yeah might as well since it means the death of blackberry so we need it feature rich now when they have no more money to continue to work on it. Worst idea blackberry has had is making BBM cross platform without a way to monetize it

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Please, tell me more about how BlackBerry will have no money....

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Please tell me how giving out their best service to their competition, for free, is good for the company? If they had ways to monetize it then fine but bbm was a major hook in keeping customers. Why would I keep my z10 with limited apps when I can now have my favorite part of blackberry on other devices?


Umi sums it up well.

Nobody in North America buys BlackBerrys for BBM anymore. That boat sailed a long time ago.


+1 and on TOP of this just because we don't know Blackberries business model on monetizing bbm DOES NOT mean that it is not in the pipeline. Think additional services not offered out of the gate ie. Screen Share, BBM Voice, BBM Money, BBM Video, BBM Channels, BBM Music (possibly) etc


I agree +10. Hole in one! That's what exactly going to happen.

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All I want to see is BBM destroy WhatsApp, Skype, etc.!

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I think it should, I used to have hundreds of contacts and have now only got about 30.

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What they should do is make BBM more social enough to make new friends not sell it out. It can be a whole huge social network with movie maker as some of its features.


I have NONE left. I plan to contact all my friends and tell them to download the FREE app so we can be in touch again! I'm sure some of them will come back to BB. I know this will only work if it is free like the other messaging apps.


Can't see the poll in the cb10 app

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Worked fine for me... :s

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BTW, where's the poll?


I'd like to see BBM on my PlayBook before I see it on another platform first.

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THAT! I think they forgot about PB users :(


You can always download the Android version!


Wrong, android version of BBM requires android 4.0 and up playbooks android runtime is only 2.3

Kendall Oei

Good point! There they go ignoring their Playbook users...again.


Considering the PlayBook specs, and how bad bb10 ran on the dev alpha As, I doubt the PlayBook will ever get bb10.

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Pen Billam

I totally agree, pb support and promises seem to have gone out the window. Maybe by this length of time with no bb10 they think we have accepted it. I was a devoted bb user for 6yr not long compared to some I know, but I supported several nee handsets. Had to move over to win phone 7 and now 8 but miss the BBM very much. I would pay (yes pay) to download BBM for win phone just to get back into speaking with family and friends, who seem to not want to use 'free' network texts but only BBM. So come,on Blackberry pull your finger out and support everyone don't disappoint AGAIN.

btw I recently cracked my pb and whilst I still works refuse to buy another because of the lack of support to upgrade to bb10.

Pete The Penguin

Same here.
And BlackBerry need to fix the lag and syncing issues before releasing it.

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I'm still on the fence with mixed feelings about this. I'm just glad there will be more exposure to BlackBerry and hopefully I'll regain most of my former BBM contacts again.

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Yup. I think it should.

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ASAP! So we can delete WhatsApp

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Gord Cluthe

I concur. The only messaging ecosystem needed will be BBM!

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also whatsapp is great

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Not for me. I don't care how popular/hype any app is, if it asks for more than it should, I will never install it to my BlackBerry. Period.
What I hate most is app that insist to have all access or it won't run.

At least not from an app that got legal case going on Netherland or somewhere else in Europe.

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Erik Lehman

It sucks

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Speedy McKrash

I deleted WhatsApp awhile ago. I never saw the value in it. All my ios and 'droid friends use sms to communicate with me. I'm in favour BBM going cross platform. The more exposure BlackBerry can get the better.

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I think it is good that blackberry is releasing BBM to Apple and Android. I think BBM should cost money on other platforms and be free for BlackBerry users.

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Absolutely yes!
BBM on IOS? Very matching..
I'll sell my Z10 and replace it with newest iphone when BBM officially release on IOS :D

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This is exactly why I'm am completely against BBM on other platforms...


Let me bet BringSick's statement won't happen ... ;)


Which one?
Sell my Z10 or BBM on IOS?

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Gord Cluthe

Why give up true multitasking? :)

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"I'll sell my Z10 and replace it with newest iphone". But that's just a guess ;)


You can't hold people hostage with BBM as they will go eventually. I think BB10 can stand on its own. It should be opened up.

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It can, but do we get imesasge? FaceTime? Google Maps? Now? Anything at all from the other platforms? I get BB is moving to a services provider, I just don't like it as I see them moving away from hardware one day. I love BB hardware/software and want it to continue to grow. Selfish? Yes. But I don't ever want to use iOS or Android. I'll have to switch to WP. *sad face*


Yeah, downgrading your hardware is always the smart way to go...

Michael Magliocchi

And then you'll come back B******G about how you hate the stale UI, Miss the Gestures, Can't watch embeded video etc. Stop Crying WOLF

Plazmic Flame

So you're saying that you bought a Z10 just for BBM?? Now you're gonna buy a iPhone just for BBM? Soooooooo, if not for BBM you should have just gotten an iPhone in the first place, no?

I sense confusion here.


I bought this z10 only for bbm, i playing game on my pc, using multimedia and play phone games on my xperia z, and sometimes watching youtube on my ipad when im outside.

Am i confuse enough for u?

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Yes it should but also would like to see some love for the PlayBook.

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Yes. Miss my BBM buddies

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Shub Singh

Yes cuz nthing else is coming to blackberry that we can use to talk to people on other phones.
Bbm can be a onestoptalk thing :)

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It should it will clearly give BlackBerry the exposure it needs to make a difference in the messaging world and ultimately Giving BlackBerry the edge.

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It'll be great. Spread the wealth! I want to be able to talk to all of my friends using BBM voice. It's better than an actual phone call and it leaves Skype in the dust.

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If they don't make money off of this or hold back future features (whatever they may be) to entice people into switching over than I think it's a terrible idea.

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They'll make money from Channels, potentially payments etc.

And from every iPhone or Android phone used with BES10 enterprise of course :-)

With Channels there's a very real chance that BlackBerry could compete with Facebook and other social platforms on mobile over time. Does Facebook make money?


I think BBRY is confused and going down an unknown path which will turn badly for everyone concerned. I know everyone will disagree but that's where this is going.

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Yes ! I don't like when apps are not cross platform.


Hek yea

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One Messenger to rule them all!


I think other platforms should PAY for BBM features... give them the basic for free.


That makes sense. Give basic communication but have a charge for additional items. All it takes is to get them to try and then have the services good enough to keep them hooked.

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Agreed...shoud be a source of income for BBRY as it goes galaxy wide.


There's no point in releasing BBM to other platforms unless the apps are eventually fully featured and free.

What BlackBerry need is consumers who drop other apps to use BBM.

Then they can sell services to business, because they'll have global reach.

There will always be advantages for BB users, because we'll our apps will be able to communicate directly to other BB users. The development tools are just being released.

Kendall Oei

Make BBM free for basic chat. Charge a dollar to add VOIP. Charge another dollar for video. Suck 'em in.


There should be an option for not yet... my gripe with it is that I think people won't even bother giving BB10 a try now. If BB10 had a solid foundation then opening up BBM would be fine.

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Kendall Oei

I worry about adoption rate as well, but plan to nag my family and friends heavily.


The poll is available in the CB10 app. It is in very, very small print at the bottom of the article. It cannot be enlarged but it does work. Just good luck trying to select one of the options.

Perchance a fix in a future CB10 release?

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I can enlarge the Poll in CB10, but I'm using BlackBerry Magnify :)

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Yutse Lee


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Why waste our time with such nonsense, it's not up to us to make that decision it's BlackBerry choice.

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I don't think they should
That sound like they're trying to prove something...
I think BBM should be exclusive for BlackBerry devices

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Yes. It's a no brainer.

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Yes. It should also go to windows phone too and any other smartphone os

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cross platform + playbook + a proper desktop version of bbm asap


No to the desktop version, yes to the rest.


Go for it

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We can't cling to the past. That's what the BlackBerry of old did. BBM is no longer an advantage and making it cross platform will give many people a chance to experience BlackBerry for the first time

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T Blizz

It's called BLACKBERRY messenger for a reason.. smh

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Yes. BlackBerry just have to be smart about the services they allow within it for cross platforms. We need everyone using bbm asap! This will be a long term benefit.

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Texting will be a thing of the past! BBM is the future!


I think people leaving Blackberry and going to Iphone or Android ... Correct me if I'm wrong ?


I agree, will see a bigger exodus!


Me with those people..

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I have experienced the opposite. People using iPhone because everyone in their family has Facetime can now move to their preferred device (BlackBerry) and still capitalize on an excellent video chat option.

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Sooner the better.

BlackBerry should have done this a long time ago. There are ways of monitoring BBM if it can get some scale and I will push it on all my friends toting Iphones and Android phones.

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PS. I do not own a BlackBerry for BBM.

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Yes, this will open more markets for them, but it could also bring us advertising in bbm.... have to make money somehow

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Poirots Progeny

I think it should go cross platform - would love to get rid of whatsapp, really don't like that app digging through my contacts. I want to add a contact and I want choice on what that app sees... am worried how BlackBerry will make money from this though. don't want adverts. But that I think anyone on bb10 has paid so they get it free and EVERYONE else can pay something...?

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T Blizz

I really think this is stupid. It's not called BBIPAM.. blackberry iphone android messenger, no its called BBM because it's for blackberrys. Stupidest shit.

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Lol, then why don't i have it on my playbook? Blackberry is a brand.


It's a great idea but will do little to help BlackBerry regain its market share.

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I for one was a former opponent to this. But only fools can't change their mind.
It matches perfectly with the "social marketing" brand promotion F. Boulben has set.
More, with the Channels, it could return piles of $$.

Now, I'll add: to be complete, this should also happen on desktops and ... PlayBook.


Yes, as I have said to people
BBM is a brand of its own! Everyone knows what those acronyms mean.

BBM does not sell BlackBerry anymore, so get the money another way by dominating the people to people market, and not just communication.

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Still mixed, i mean how will they fet money?! By selling sticker?! Selling PIN?

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What would be the financial impact to BBRY?

Juan Lopez6

YES!!! BBM is to big of a app for just blackberry users!! I See it becoming a bigger social feed then twitter or instagram!! Especially with "Channels" everyone could have there one social feed going!! From every platform! And it give us a chance to show off our new Z10 flow moves!!!

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In Orlando, when Thorsten Heins started talking about BBM as a main feature in the general session, I was hoping the announcement for a cross-platform BBM was coming, and it's great news for BB users!

Since BlackBerry won't get any revenues from carriers BIS service with BB10 devices, they need to stay relevant with BES. BBM is a good way to add value to BES (from which BlackBerry get service revenues), enterprises already use BBM but with BYOD coming to BES, they needed to open BBM to Android and iOS. WP isn't BES supported, so that might be the reason why it isn't BBM supported either at the moment.

For the consumer, it's just great news, our contact lists will start growing again and BBM will be stronger than ever. I only add 4 contacts left on BBM, nothing to keep me using a BlackBerry device, iMessage would be more appealing if looking only into number of contacts using an iPhone.


Very, very, very few people are going to stay with/come back to Blackberry just because of BBM, so why not expand it so true BB users can actually use the app with their contacts? I literally have 1 BBM contact now - my wife because she a 'Berry through work. Everyone else left 'Berry.

If this will allow me to communicate with all my friends/family w/o having to use text and emails, then I'm 100% for it


So what happens to all the loyalists who stuck with BBRY through thick and thin. Will their fate be the same as that of PB owners?

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My family has either android or ios, so yeah I approve. BBM list empty currently.

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This blackberry secret weapon.

One platform will replace dozens of crappy instant messengers, dozens of crappy payment processing sites (PayPal, payza...), dozens of voip/videochat providers...

Bold move new RIM! I love it.

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Are people so naive? BBRY is going to enter a market where they don't have a presence and completely disrupt it? This is just dumb. I know I know everyone thinks that because apple did it BBRY will do it. What they don't remember is that apple had a killer product generating a strong cash flow - the ipod. It's only after a lot if work and research that the iPhone came out. So BBRY needs to have cash to burn while they go on this give it to everyone kick. If they can do that then cross platform will be fine else it's going to be curtains.

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I carry four phones for testing service and cross platform BBM is what I need/want.
BB 9900 is still my go to device for doing and Z10 for relaxing. The other two (S3/iP5) get used when I need to use them.



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In my opinion, Apple does not bend or break for anyone. So why is everyone so eager to make apps for them when they don't give us a shred in return. Just my thoughts.

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Because they make product which the world wants. That's why everyone bends for them. If u r not once ios u may not be relevant. No on care about bb10 that's they they want to go cross platform with bbm.

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BBM is arguably the best messaging application available right now, i think it's a good idea especially since when i make the switch to android this summer i will still have access to BBM. The announcement came as a surprise but it was excellent news.


Says who? The numbers don't bear it out.

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Bad idea unless they can get revenue from it.

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Vivek Praveen

I am eager to see how it turns out be. Good luck to BlackBerry!! :D

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No. Not at all. BBM should remain exclusive to BBY's.


I just enjoy using BBM. It will be fun filling my BBM list back up.

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Please come quick so i can get everyone to ditch slowapp


I have mixed feelings but I'm comforted knowing that Thor is leading the way.

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Absolutely the right decision. That the service will be free means they have a long term strategy to monetize it indirectly. Increasing the subscriber base will be key.

Relax everybody. Enjoy your device and trust the guys in Waterloo!

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No!! BlackBerry it's a suicide.. don't do it..

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Wait a minute, does BBRY get revenue from BBM now?


Yeah from every phone that is bought. Are people so dense to realize this?

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Himanshu Mehta

Yes yes a 100000 times yes :)

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Absolutly BlackBerry needs to get people thinking how great the BlackBerry features are and this is a great way to do it, and there next maybe a BlackBerry


I think it is very good that BBM going cross-platform so that BlackBerry can talk to IOS and Android. By doing this, it gives BlackBerry more chance for more sales. Why? Because people who really like BlackBerry UI (HUB, Peek, Flow, best Virtual Keyboard and Video sharing screen) will not hesitate to buy BlackBerry 10 anymore since they know full well that they still can talk to their friends who are using IOS and Android.


don't care, too late, i got iMessage, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, LiveProfile, Kik, skype, Tango, facebook messeger, yahoo messenger, etc etc etc......! and i own a blackberry Z10 as secondary device. sorry but no enough apps so is right my paper weight in my desk. True Story!!


I don't think BBM should go cross platform but maybe OS 10 might go cross hardware as many have alluded to the OS10 on an HTC One would be probably a rockin phone. To me that would get more BlackBerry OS into the general public.

Posted by my awesome Z10


BBM cross platform is the true essence of networking and marketing. Go blackberry Go, Go, Go, Go,Go,Go,Go.

From my Z10 A.K.A knight Rider.


It's the best news ever since I've been apart of BlackBerry! I know it's going to awaken some izombies and literally change some stubborn pigheaded trolls from hating on BlackBerry so much. Iphones, S4 and HTC one are good phone but BlackBerry is where it all started.

Bradley Mckay

BBM has to go cross platform other wise it's going to get left in the dust, whatsapp is slowly talking over, I'm sure like many of us we now have more contacts on whatsapp then BBM which is sad as BBM is a much better app so BBM need to sort this out and the only way is cross platform

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It would be awesome to see it across other platforms... I'll get rid of Skype, what's app when it does come out on Apple and android phones... since they are non native and buggy apps...

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See call me immature but bbm should have been exclusive to blackberry but its already official so NOW it should be free on blackberry os (be it legacy or 10) and chargeable on other platform like a subscription a nominal amount will do


@ first I was against it but now I am more optimistic! All of the features that comes with BBM including Channels will further enhance the cross platform instant messaging experience. Hopefully it will encourage users from other platforms to convert to BlackBerry 10. Our platform is the most underrated and hopefully this will be the segway into attracting more customers.

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Kendall Oei

Mind you, they had best have a plan to generate revenue through BBM before they give a major feature to other platforms. Some users might cross platforms right with BBM.


How about throwing it on playbook so some of us might actually know what it's all about.


Still on the fence, I have a feeling this may be a shot in the foot but here's hoping. At the very least we will get some of our bbm friends back. It's gonna be very difficult competing with instagram, tumblr, and twitter. (bbm channels). I just hope this choice won't backfire.


I think it's brilliant!!

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I think that 2 years ago it would have been a horrible idea because BlackBerry didn't have a really competitive device for the masses. People would have ditched BBOS 5/6/7 in a heartbeat if they could have had BBM on iOS and android back then. Very few would have stuck around for the keyboard.
Now enter BB10 and it's a whole different story. Now BlackBerry has devices that can compete well with other smartphones. At this point, they can use BBM to get people's attention on other platforms while making some money from services in the process. I think it will be good.

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Yes, being able to communicate with anyone, anywhere, is what smartphones are all about (or at least should be). BBM is the "class act" of the messaging systems and this move will help it remain that way; It will make BlackBerry more relevant to more people and a much stronger player as a result. Once people get a little taste of that BlackBerry goodness, they'll be opting for the full meal deal in no time. ;)


I think it's a great idea, but be extremely careful that there is no drop in efficiency / features for existing and future users

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Yes and definitely it has to go cross platform,it has capabilities and security much beyond any apps in the current segment and many non BlackBerry users are waiting to have bbm on their phones.

But BlackBerry has to work in fixing the delayed deliveries and pipelined deliveries and slow response of bbm on the BlackBerry 10 OS it is way slower than the BBIS enabled device.

If all fixed this will be the best and most possibly would hit the record downloads and usage then the rest.

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I think it should. Why didn't apple agree? It would benefit those who use a blackberry work phone and you can contact them on it when they don't have their iPhone handy.

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Anthony Cushing

Cross platform would not sound BlackBerry's death knell. It's a classic marketing example of brand propagation kind of how Apple sold way more Macs after they opened up the iPod for use with windows. Users got a taste of the Apple experience and purchased Macs. BlackBerry can share their signature consumer software to a much wider swath of the mobile market. Will this sell more hardware? It's possible. Will it convince potential hardware buyers that they don't need BlackBerry hardware? No. No one buys into a mobile platform and app ecosystem for ONE app. That's a ridiculous assertion.

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Whenever available in other platform. I'll sell my Z10 and buy Samsung.

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I am one who wants it so I can drop carrying 2 phones. I need BBM for business, but the Z10 won't survive the cut when this happens.


Short answer: Yes!
Long answer: Absolutely!


Yes, it def. should be available cross plat,. but-

Id keep a couple of the "better" features to BB only- give the rest a taste, but if they want the whole deal. Buy BB.



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Asyrul Idzham

Yes,if BBM on other platforms(apple and android) sucks so bad that they will consider buying a Blackberry device.

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Yes, it should. And it is. So, what's the difference if somebody does or doesn't want this to happen? It's happening regardless and it's great for BlackBerry to expand it's reach. It is already the best IM service and it will eventually be the best social networking service too, precisely because it is going cross platform.

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Think it would hurt BlackBerry if they limited this to North America and UK only?


BBM is better than anything available, even without the word "instant" added to it's name. It is the best M client available. What's IM? Shouldn't all communication be I (instant)? Yep.

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If BBM Go cross platform nobody will buy blackberry

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BBM will be a competitor to all other "social networking" options. And it's just an IM client? Nope, it's way more than just IM. BBM is so good, this is an excellent choice for BlackBerry. I also believe it will actually cause users to want to own a new BlackBerry device eventually too. So, this is great. I'm pretty sure BlackBerry sees BBM as SO MUCH MORE than just IM...

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In the U.S., going cross-platform is the only thing that can possibly make BBM relevant at this point. Apart from some corporate installations, I suspect most BB enthusiasts are like me, having found everyone that was once a BBM contact to have dropped off one by one in the last few years.

I really want to use BBM, but I don't because there's nobody on the other end. I'm looking forward to that changing this summer.


BlackBerry 10 and BBM are seriously SO awesome. The opportunities for BBM are almost unimaginable for most people. Greatest communication tool ever, and even better with a BlackBerry device. Keep up the excellent work BlackBerry!!!

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Luke Coughey

How about this option? Yes, for a price.

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nature boy

i think it's a good idea IF it's not to try to "win" ios and android users over/back to bb, which a LOT of ios/android users seem to think. over on imore i read so many people saying there's no way they'd even look at bbm for their phones, almost as though for no other reason than to boycott anything with the blackberry name on it. sad, really.

but if blackberry is doing this to *improve on the great communication from an already great communication device* then this is probably the greatest move they ever made. as in, blackberry people like to communicate and keep in contact with their friends. that is clear with bb's great email and messaging services (and not to mention the kick ass keyboard). in opening bbm to other platforms, loyal bb users can experience the great messaging experience with all their friends, instead of the shrinking number on their bbm list.

in other words, this is a great move if bb is doing it for bb users. maybe not so much if bb is doing it try to attract new/returning bb users.


BlackBerry is more relevant in the US than people think. Sure there are a lot of regular consumers in the US who have some weird opinions on stuff, but there's room for upwards of 8 million smartphones in the US DoD alone, BlackBerry already has over 6 hundred thousand of those, which is by a long shot WAY more than any other platform. AND the BlackBerry 10 platform is the very first to reach all of the DoD security requirements. So, ppfftt on BlackBerry not being relevent in USA, it's pretty obvious that it is. Also, American consumers and economy are pretty close to a "fiscal cliff", no? Prove to me otherwise.

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Matt J

Yes! Destroy all the other IM apps!


Oh, and WOW is BBM ever awesome on these BlackBerry 10 phones, for realz.

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Keep the faith and share the awesomeness!

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For all those who think BBM going cross platform is a bad idea think again! Watch When you see when Whatsapp, Hook,viber,skyp, etc.. will start going down one by one! All of those apps were made because you could not get BBM on ios an android. So they all had no choice but to use those apps or they would have to come back to blackberry jus for BBM. I do know a lot of those other messenger app users do not like useing them! I here it all the time they wish BBM was on iPhone or Android and how whatsapp sucks hook it always crashing on them.... so it's a no brainer they will be happy they can keep there same phone and still be able to BBM us BBM users In order to become bigger you need to spread your wings and going cross platform with BBM blackberry is surly spreading there wings!

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Yes, because I freaking hate whatsapp. Better way to communicate with ppl.

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It's gonna make the sales of blackberrys go down because people want it for bbm, but I also want it to go cross platform

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I'll be happy most of my friends went to andriod and iPhone, but all told me once bbm goes cross platform they ditching all the other messengers. I bet whatsapp wish that they didn't decline Google offer

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I can't even believe how people were believing BlackBerry 10 was going to have such a hard time competing against the launch of that HTC One / HTC First disaster. I bet they're (HTC) kicking themselves for not buying either WebOS or partnering with BlackBerry instead of Facebook (ROFLMAO @ Facebook phone). HTC One running BlackBerry 10 with BBM would have been a far wiser business decision than partnering with friggin Facebook. Anyways, I think I'm rambling now, a tad off topic... I think I reeled myself in at the end though. peace.

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It will keep blackberry users who have spouses on other platforms

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Yes and bring all the BBM features too. Make it available for tablets also


yes... of course.. do it... hurry... go for it... how many other ways can I say yeah ____________ «« insert here

BBM CHANNEL C000EF854 < stocks*C0004ABC9

Daniel Montanaro

Yes I think it's a good move for BlackBerry.

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BBM is a dream! Now is the time to make it cross platform; BB10 is solid enough on it's own to attract new and old customers alike. This is a great move to solidify the brand. I'm ALL for it!


Yes but dont offer all the goodies BlackBerry users have.

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I only have two contacts left on BBM. We need cross-platform to show everyone how great it is...



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I don't hate whatsapp but thinking BBM cross-platform is amazing, it's impossible to have all of your friends using the same platform, because none of us can think or like the same features blackberry ios android or windows phone offers... So this is a HUGE progress in IM imo!!

Shawn Hunter

Sexy time!!!!! Nice!!!!!

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I can't really see the negative outweigh the positive on this one topic goin cross platform with BBM will give other platforms the ability to enjoy and experience what we do on our BlackBerry phone so why not share the experience and take the lead on the IM social movement

From my t mobile Z10


I do think BBM should go cross platform, but not before the PlayBook gets its version and the 10.2 update comes out and the app gap is fairly closed. We need BB10 to be rock solid in everything before one of our flagship services is made available to other platforms.

BBX - I Said It!



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Needs to be, right now the company needs to bring Back to BlackBerry all those costumer that went to other platforms due to all the stuff android and iphone offered that BlackBerry didn't. They need to feel back what BlackBerry is all about and going cross platform with BBM is the way to make them notice that right now we have what they wanted but with the reliability of a BB device and the innovations of the newest platform around.

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Without question

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sajan varma

If BBM goes cross platform

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Only if it will be as good on other platforms as it is on BlackBerry atm. 'coz if it's some lesser, stripped down version that only works half the time, then it'll just further strengthen BB's reputation of being a joke.

When it launches, it HAS to be better than what's app/skype/viber. Or all we'll ever hear is "typical half-assed BlackBerry releasing unfinished crap"

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I vote yes: 'approve'.

As a BB stock holder I have a financial interest in BB's program for BBM.

1) It will bring give fanatic Apple and Android fans an interest in the BB products. Then, within a year, after their present contracts expire, they will THINK ABOUT BB as their next phone. <Product Sales.>

2) BBM will bring interest from expanding world markets (China, the Far East, Brazil, Africa) since the relatively 'free' option will be better than high network charges. <Increased Interest.>

3) There is no word. I assume there will be charges for BBM on other than BB devices.
Presently all BB products must have some sort of paid BB service. <Paid Services - BB's money maker, especially in expanding markets.>

BB's model is to make a profit on service contracts (they provide).
Apple and Google model is to make a profit on apps (they re-sell)

Doug Berry


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Let's put an end to all these third party chat apps. Bbm should be the De facto standard, all other OS devices can have it as an app and we BlackBerry users will have it nicely baked into our system.

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no one is gonna download it anyway. If iMessenger were to go cross platform, would you download it?


IMessage is not known for its reliability and immediacy, unlike bbm which imo is. Also, there are a lot of ex-bb users who would feel comfortable switching back.

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WhatsApp and Skype are probably dying already since the news came out! I can't wait for BBM to go cross platform... I am already urging my wife (who ditched BlackBerry last year for the S3) to download it as soon as it hits. She sais she won't but I'll force her and all my WhatsApp contacts by simply deleting WhatsApp. Wanna text me? Ping me!

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Exactly my feeling.
For our family, BBM is the primary phone communication tool.
Neither me or my wife use text messaging, only BBM. My daughter uses BBM and text, but, BBM 'wins' in message count.


honestly still don't kno how I feel about this. I love BB and own a BB I hate iphone. d only switch I might make would be to android. none the less, if I can get a phone wit more internal storage, better camera, more apps, etc n still get BBM then I would go for that phone. on a side note. I was glad when some people changed from BB phone , got rid of they gonna be able to add me bak. lord NOOOOOOooooooO!!!!!!!

and this really is only gonna kill whatsapp. .... sorry for them


What's the point of having a blackberry if bbm hoes cross platform I wouldn't want to own a BlackBerry honest opinion

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Everyone has their own personal preferences. I like BlackBerry because I love the way the OS flows, the security, gaming, efficiency and it's a Canadian product.

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Yes I think it should. BBM is the best chat/video chat there is. Going across platforms would bring in a flood of new users who have friend with blackberry who will bug them till they download it lol, I for one sure will.

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Absolutely. I respect others choices in the platform they want to use but BlackBerry Messenger is without a doubt the best Messaging app there is and with BBM Groups you can't beat it anywhere. I'll be very happy to have my Iphone and Android friends back on BBM and BBM Groups.


The only reason why people want bbm to cross platform is because they can use it on better and cooler phones. I have a BBZ10 but j know i would rather a different phone if bbm was available on something else

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I think they should just keep it exclusive to Blackberry users, and make it available on the PB. It's sort of a way to recognize those faithful to Blackberry. If you want to stay in touch with non BB users, I use Google talk, which works well, but does not have all the features of BBM. If they go cross platform, then Android and iphone users won't have a reason to switch devices.


Would love to have also a Windows Version so we Do Not need a Lynx Server or other solution anymore.

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I think they should keep it exclusive to Blackberry users and make it available on the PB, sort of as a way to recognize those faithful to BB. If you want to stay in touch with other friends, I use Google Talk which works similar, but without all the features. If they go cross platform, then there won't be a reason for Android and iPhone users to switch devices, causing lost revenue.


If BlackBerry is not gonna have the guts to extensively market its new platform and render its only app that happens to be the number one reason most people hold a blackberry then, it's perfect for me to ditch my Z10. After all, itunes has more content than BlackBerry world. Plus I will get every app including bbm. The rest will probably follow suit. Although the others don't matter, they just gave out bbm, the others don't even mean shit. If you don't believe in what you have no one else will. That's what apple operates. They don't care bout any competitor. They make what they feel is right. Thank you.


I wouldn't even have had a problem if they had a plan of using that to lure old users back. Their plan is a dead end.


Yes it should

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I think it should, and I can't wait to see how people who have been gone from BBM for so long take to it...

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It will be the BEST! BUT BlackBerry will be forgotten!!!!!!

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I don't think it should because all it is really doing is getting rid of other multi platform messengers like what's app and hookt blackberry makes over 300 million off bbm alone and they are willing to give it away to get rid of a couple small time companies

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Yes, yea, yep.

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Of course. No question about it.

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Yes, but it needs all of the features to compete and win the hearts of those on other devices. Voice over IP (VOIP), video calling, screen sharing, and channels at launch, no more of this coming soon garbage we keep getting from BlackBerry. Otherwise adoption will be lackluster at best.

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YES! but ONLY if they cripple the other OS versions..

Im not saying unusable but keep some things exclusive to BB... though im not sure what they could /cripple/...


I think its good.. just hate sharing this awesome thing we have to people who didnt buy into BB like we did. But i guess we have to share with the less fortunate.


Good god.....a big Hellz yez!!! the pinnacle force behind blackberry is the bbm experience with the iconic keyboard and flawless email that BlackBerry is famous for! Let's put a trophy on the boardwalk!!!

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BlackBerry's future is in software, best to give everyone a taste now.


Still undecided. Will going cross platform affect security? That's my concern.

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NO. Not now. If anything it should have been done a couple of years ago. But Not now. Make those defectors buy the new hardware.

Now they get to enjoy bbm and the ate not even loyal BlackBerry peeps. Kinda sucks.

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Sorry for my ignorance, I am a Z10 user since launch here at Telus.(btw I updated Os yesterday. Thanks Telus). I have know of BBM but don't know anyone on it. I am aware of BBM having video feature so does this mean I can use Bbm with all my Isheep friends or android? This will be great if so

Oil sands Fueled


Improve PB first then BBM.

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I think this is really good for BlackBerry. It will make BB10 users feel better about their purchase.

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I think its really gonna hurt the legacy bb owners who still pay extra for using BBM when others platforms are gonna use it for free......

i mean..... how could you still pay extra for the service after owning the company made device when others are using it for free on other devices...


Great z10 support new android jelly bean os,but without hang....

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This might sound wicked, but I'd give them a feature rich package and it obliterates What'sApp and has everyone hooked.......................................Tek it back to only BB's. Or make them pay for it if they're not on BB


Definitely not, BBM should stay on BlackBerry, it's too late for them to go cross-platform, fb messenger and Whatsapp already ate that pie, and also BlackBerry is BBM and the other way around.

What they should do, instead, is to try to get cross-app. I mean to make bbm users able to add and chat to friends on Facebook, Whatsapp and other messaging apps through BBM , it would make us BlackBerry users more eager to use bbm as chatting platform.
I am sure that more than 50% BlackBerry users chat more through whatsapp or fb than on bbm.

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Also, the fact that we can use chat on Facebook only in the browser, not the app too, makes me think that i should move back to android.

And I think that it keeps other users from switching to bb10, too.

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If I had known that this would happen, before I did it, I would not have got the BlackBerry Z10 I mean hello BBM is one of the main reasons that I chose BlackBerry over iOS or Android. I think we're being way too arrogant if you say that the Z10 is better than a fifth generation Apple product or a super advanced Samsung product. So let's put it this way. If BBM is a main factor for the majority of buyers, this is a horrible move because they would have it on better platforms anyway. But if the majority of people don't need BBM that much and like the actual phone better than the rest, then this is a good move.

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I agree BBM should go x-platform...Surely we haven't heard all the 411 about all this yet from BB! You don't just give up your 'trade secret' just like that! Surely BB must envisage a revenue stream from the other data points of BBM chat, screenshare I await that but I'm for x-platform BBM...


I think it's a great move but they should just not allow voice calls and video calls to IOS and Android users. Once every one is on bbm they will obviously love to voice call each other and then iPhone and Android users will feel compelled to try a BlackBerry.

PS. BlackBerry os 10 way more advanced than iOS. Apps will improve. Its better than what app store previously wad already.

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This is how BlackBerry will get back in the you say...By showing EVERYONE SOME LOVE!!!..we share.


I love the sound of it! Old users will download the app for sure

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Not forgetting the PlayBook! At first I didn't agree cuz BBM belongs to BlackBerry... but after some consideration I changed my mind seeing as the only person I talk to on BBM is my best friend and she ruined my 21st birthday so currently not using BBM at all. I can't wait to uninstall whatsapp now!

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People buy BlackBerry for the service and BBM, if other platforms have the same service, BlackBerry will loose a lot of established customers and future customers. I'm stuck with BlackBerry for the services not the device or the apps. Make BlackBerry special, I think, by keep its core apps special.
Anyone will go for iPhone, Samsung, Nokia or other phone not BlackBerry if they have the BlackBerry service to use Internet for flat price monthly for browsing, messaging and email. Other platforms it will cost you and arm and a leg to do so.
The message I'm trying to convey is, keep BlackBerry special other wise kiss it goodbye.

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Exactly why I buy BlackBerry for bbm
Not apps cuz the apps suck. I'll be swallowing my pride and have to make the switch. Once my wife heard bbm was going to iPhone she is set to get an iPhone.

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If it benefits BlackBerry more than it costs why not? Is it? That's the question.


I used to think it was a bad idea but now I'm really on the fence I think it's a great plan to extend the brand but I feel as a blackberry community we are losing a feature to us

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