Do you suffer from the 'double typing issue' on the BlackBerry Q10?

Double Typing Issue BlackBerry Q10
By Kevin Michaluk on 27 May 2014 12:14 pm EDT

If you jump into CrackBerry's BlackBerry Q10 Forum and sort the topic threads by popularity, the second most-viewed topic is about the BlackBerry Q10 'double typing issue'.

For those who have experienced it, you know the 'issue' I'm referring to. Sometimes when you're typing and you press a letter on the keyboard once, instead of one letter showing up on the screen you get two. When it happens, it's frustrating as all heck. What's also frustrating is that when it begins happening frequently, there doesn't appear to be a quick fix for it. Updating or reloading the OS doesn't seem to help, which points to it being a hardware malfunction of some type. Swapping the phone for a new one appears to fix it - though, for some owners on CrackBerry who have done just that, eventually the problem has ultimately reappeared.

What's DIFFICULT for me to say though is what percentage and just how many Q10 owners out there have actually experienced this issue. Based on the 66k views on the forum thread and 1200+ replies, it seems like a big number, but also maybe a small one in the grand scheme of things. If a really high percentage of owners were experiencing the issue, I'd expect to have heard even more on it. Personally, I have owned and used four different Q10 models now and have yet to personally experience the double typing issue. I should also say this isn't a brand new Q10-only phenomena. Over the years we have seen this issue get reported from time to time on other full keyboard device models, including the 9900.

That all said, I've received some tweets and emails and noticed some comments on recent articles here asking us to bring some more attention to the issue, in the hopes that it will get addressed or acknowledged one way or another. So that's what this post is about. If you're a Q10 owner, be sure to vote on the poll below. And if you're a Q10 owner who has experienced the double typing issue, be sure to take this opportunity to really describe what you've been experiencing. Maybe we can make some magic happen.

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Do you suffer from the 'double typing issue' on the BlackBerry Q10?



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Checked! Task Pro: You have to try this app out! Believe me its amazing!!

Lol - it's super annoying, I thought for a long time there was something wrong with MY typing..

So, yet another reason the Bold 9900 is still better at communications (email composition, making phone calls, no missing/double/triple contact bug, etc. etc.)
No "double typing" issue to speak of either!

I hope the upcoming Classic Bold with BB10 will migrate the complete Bold 9900 experience, along with a large capacity *removable* battery!
(Just swap in a 2nd battery and you're good to go.
No recharging dongles to hold you back.)

I agree. I had few problems with my 9900 over years of heavy usage. I haven't even had my Q10 for a year (and is very well taken care of) and it's giving out already. Between this and the PlayBricks I purchased, I've lost faith. Didn't pay anything for my Q10, thankfully. Can't imagine spending $$$ for a Q20 given the past few years. If they want me, a nearly 10 year user of BBRY, to continue using a BBRY device, I have two 64GB PBs that I'll offer on a trade... but cash? No way José. "Fool me once," as the saying goes.

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In my opinion, I don't think the newer keyboards are as solid as say the Blackberry Curve 8350. My Bold 9900 had issues too after a while, like for instance, some letters wouldn't even type so I would have to constantly have to go back and the push the key harder to get the letter to type.

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LOL - and here I was thinking it was just me! O2 UK are fed up with me asking to fix this!

Slainte, Knowledge is power... Posted via CB10

Woah! You might want to get that checked out. Lol!

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  )  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The holy grail of phones! Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! LOL! #longestsignatureever

I haven't heard of it affecting curve models or the Q5. I've only heard of the Bold and Q10 style keyboard suffering from this problem. My belief is its dust and other grit getting stuck in there because if you replace the physical keyboard it fixes the problem

I've never seen this on any keyboarded device.. Looks almost like a debounce circuit failure.. It would make sense that you wouldn't see it on a touch screen... BUT, on touch screen devices, I've had word-doubling instead.. Ie, instead of having a single letter repeated, on both a Z10 and a Z30, I've had instances where the entire word I was typing would be duplicated (ie, soso itit wouldwould lookllook likelike thisthis).. It mostly happens typing in text fields in the web browser, but I've had it happen while typing an email in the hub and also a BBM as well..

Go to service center and get it fixed. I got it fixed and no problem at all after that.

No matter how you play it, forever i'll be in it.

I've noticed it affect more and more letters as time goes on. At first it was only letters at the edge of the keyboard. It slowly expanded to almost all letters. Sometimes it's worse than others. I notice it a lot in BBM. I tried keyboard forced-air blowers, vacuuming the keyboard with a mini vacuumm, banging the keyboardd against a surface, everything but wipe the OS.

I emailed Michael Clewley who forwarded it to Customer Loyalty at BB. Incidentally, all my personal shortcuts no longer work. I was wondering whether the autocorrect was tied in somehow. *shrug*

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I have three friends beside myself who have Q10s that have had this problem. All three corrected the issue as follows: Two slowed down and were more careful and less lazy the way they typed. These mobile keyboards are not for high speed touch typists who think they can type like on a quality full size keyboard. The last guy found that all he had to do is stop answering the phone when he was in the shower. Every time he got a new phone he exposed it to the steam in the area of the shower. Shorty after from dust or whatever the problem happened. So it is pretty much an operator error situation. Problem fixed

The poll is skewed though. The majority of people who do not suffer from the issue would not even click on the article, much less vote in the poll...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

God yes it sure is. I have had this problem starting on my 4th month of ownership on my Sprinnt Q10. It's unacceptable. To the point that I've purchased a non BlackBerry device because the Q10 iss all that sprint offers in tthe 10 line. I typed all this on my Q10 and this is the most accurate it has been in. Weeks. But as you. Can see, there. Are errors all over the place. Hardly professional and super hard to enter any legible passwords!

I plan to send it in for repair. This has been the least accurate keyboard I've ever used of any fashion. I'm beyond fed up withh it.

Posted from my CB via the power of "Q", or something that was powerful...

I got mine last May when the Q10 first came out and didn't suffer from this problem at all until the last couple of months. Have started suffering some major battery drain too recently, don't know if they're connected.

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I thought it was due to OS upgrade when it happen. I brought it to service center and it all fixed now.

No matter how you play it, forever i'll be in it.

I do but I've been suffering in silence because I don't want to draw any negative attention of press for blackberry lol

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Thank you, because I know the media behemoths have been monitoring you for any opportunity to bring down BlackBerry.

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Thanks God I have BlackBerry Z30... =)

The next one will be a Q for sure!

Sent with my amazing Blackberry Z30.

Nope. No issue here. Didn't know this was an issue until reading about it here. There aren't Amy folks I know with a BlackBerry. Good to know CB is on top of this situation. Sorry to hear about this. What's the solution, replacement phone through carrier or direct with BlackBerry?

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You can get a replacement but even then you have a 50/50 shot of it happening again. Some devices end up with it, some don't. Tis the way of the keyboard lol. Personally, I don't think its an issue, it's just a side effect of having a KB device. I replaced my 9900 three times because of it but eventually got one that it never happened on.

Wow that's really annoying.

That shouldn't be a side effect of "KB" phones. BlackBerry needs to get on top of this and iron the culprit!

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z30

We cannot currently edit our blog posts in CB10. It is a requested feature for a CB10 update though.

Posted with my Q10, SQN100-2, Radio

Requested, much like the "tiny" vote... no one @CB gives a hoot.

Hey look, another Android game (no, it won't work on your Q)


It happened on my 9780, and two 9900 's when they age... Seems to happen only to the bold models and the Q10. I didn't experience any of that on my Q5 and curve 9360. That's frustrating as heck since the bold models and the Q10 look better and are supposed to be hardier (I think). Perhaps it's due to an inherent flaw in bold-style keyboard designs? Just throwin' out my two cents worth on this issue.

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My 1 year old Bold 9900 suffered this a few months back but just the M key. Sadly I am on an iPhone until the classic comes out :(

If the Q5 had 16 GB storage (or allowed apps on the SD card) and an 8MP camera, I'd switch from the Q10 in a heart beat.

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Me either. Or I never noticed it.

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  )  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The holy grail of phones! Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! LOL! #longestsignatureever

Hmm.. thinking back to iPhone Antennagate... maybe the issue is that people are TYPING WRONG! Lol.

I mean, I could see something like that play a roll here... certain ppl actually push at a different angle or on a different edge of the button than it's ideally designed for, and the outcome of that is that occasionally you get a double press.

I mean.. that would explain why it's affected some people over the years and others not at all. Typing style.


I don't think this is the case. I bought a Q10 on 9/1/2013 when it first became available from Sprint. 5 months later, out of nowhere, I started experiencing this issue. I always hold the phone the same way and type at the same angle. What I noticed, as the problem appeared, is that the keyboard became slightly less springy. I had Sprint replace my phone. They replace with refurbs and not new devices. The second phone was less springy out of the box and I had this problem within a week. I replaced it again and the 3rd device's keyboard has a springy feel. I've had this one for about a week and a half and will have to wait and see what happens.

I've tried all software solutions including toggling word prediction and autocorrect on and off. I disabled auto language detection as well, but still had the problem on the first two devices.

There is a noticable degredation of the springy feel to the keyboard over time. I use my phone heavily for messaging and tend to type without using the word prediction therefore, I'm typing more actual characters than a user who uses the word prediction.

I wouldn't dismiss the possibility that typing style might contribute to the problem. On such a small keyboard the margin to accommodate differences would be quite small, I suspect. I wonder what the variations in force (lbs/sq in) and attack angles are between users.

Most likely posted via CB10 from my amazing Z30, but may have been posted from my awesome PlayBook.

I bought my Q10 from sprint around the same time and haven’t experienced and keyboard issues. It's completely random seems like.

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That's probably why it has never happened on a Q5.. because there's actually boundaries between the keys

Posted via CB10 from my Z10STL100-1/

Users typing at different angles???

No offense, but even if that were true, it would be absolutely ridiculous that blackberry can't make a keyboard correctly... they've been making them for how many years now? they've had enough experience with keyboard to know how to make one that accepts a user typing "at an angle".

If we can't rely on blackberry to make the keyboard correctly, why should we assume that they can make the rest of the phone??

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Lol had this on BB9780. Can't believe it's still happening in 2014. Sad BlackBerry tried to burry this instead of fixing it when it first happened. I used to get it replaced thru warranty when it happened back then so OBVIOUSLY they were aware of it.

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I do and it seems to be getting worse as time goes on. At first it was just a few letters but now it is even placing a period in after I hit the space key. Just in this reply I have had to correct 6 errors from this issue. I sure hope the next BlackBerry keyboard device doesn't do this.

Go to service center and get it fixed :)

No matter how you play it, forever i'll be in it.

I had an issue with 10.0 or 10.1 but after a wipe and fresh install all was good. No problems since then. On now.

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I got my device shortly after launch, and last month I sent it away to get a couple nagging issues fixed up before my one-year warranty was up (double/triple typing issue, the white messaging box for sms and bbm was causing burn-in, leaving a slightly yellowed bar on the screen... didn't think that was possible with AMOLED) and now my device is working perfectly. I found it odd that there wasn't much info on this issue, I thought it was super rare.

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Burn in occurs after hundreds of hours of a static image on the screen, like a bank teller screen that displays the same welcome message 24hrs a day. It is very difficult to imagine such a thing on a phone» ».»

I've replaced my keypad once already. The problem came back however though less sporadically. So I'm not sure where the issue lies but it is quite annoying.

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... sounds like an abusive relationship to me ...

Blackberry is dead; long live Blackberry!

Had the issue with my 9930 and my 9650. It's a big part of the reason I went with a Z10 and now a Z30 instead of a Q. Glad I made the switch. Seems like they really need to address the issue once and for all

Yes!!! And really it pisses me off!!! Always have to go back and correct everything I write... (lately it sometimes does some triple and quadruple writing.. I press one time and 3-4 letters appear...) getting really tired of this problem..

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I just got a new Q10 about a month ago because of headset issues. Haven't had this issue thank goodness!

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Happens to my 9900 spacebar. So super annoying as it adds a period and space and capatilizes the next letter to start another sentence. Never happened on my 9000 or 8700. So I can see it happening on the Q10.

I think this is a deliberate part of the software for convenience and should be able to turn this off if I'm not mistaken.

Powered by BlackBerry Z30

I think you misunderstood my comment. I love the double tap of the spacebar when I want a new sentence to start. My problem is just when placing a space between two words and the 9900 double taps automatically starting a new sentence on its own.

Normally yes. But when your spacebar has the double typing issue, this convenience becomes a problem.

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Nope..good hear on my Q10. Had an issue on my 9900 with keys not registering or intermittently registering though. Had to replace the keyboard and it's the same for this issue.

Pimp slappin iGeeks and Droinerds with my Q10

I do have itt constantly on my Q10. Sometimes it corrects itself by auto correction. Most of time it doesn't. It's very annoying.

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No to the double typing issue; YES to one letter ("o") being extremely sensitive... hovering on it almost activates the letter.

I never had the 'sensitive keys' issue and my keyboard has always been nice and firm. I got the double letter issue just after updating to Q10SQN100-3/ Not holding any hope for a software update to help from this and other threads. :(

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Yesss!! This started for me 2 weeks it's just a huge issue when typing and is pressing itself apparently. Device is repeatedly asking if I wanna set speed dial 4 'this key', which happens to be the "O".

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Glad to know that I'm not the only one having this issue and yes it keeps asking if I want to set a speed dial for letter M. It doesn't go away until I click Yes and type a letter other than M. I wouldn't call mine double typing issue though. Most of the time when I want to type m, it doesn't want to type m. When I don't want to type m, it types m. Most of the time it's the letter m but i have issues with other letters too. I just tried to type the word line and here's what it typed, "liaaaaamaA." Everytime I bring up my SMS screen, there's already at least one letter M. Sometimes when I slide up the screen I see letter m typing across the screen even though I haven't touched it. I wish I could attach a screen shot. I sent a text with 3 lines of letter m when I was trying to type the word meeting. I send the messages anyway so the recipients know why I don't reply right away. Backspace sometimes doesn't work either. So I only use my BlackBerry to read incoming messages and the news, when I need to write to someone, I wait until I log on to a PC so I can either use email or Facebook. :(

I work in a well known hospital in Ontario.. Of the 70 or so Q10 users, 10-15 of them have had this issue and have required a replacement. And at least 4 have migrated to the Z30. :)

Heavy Q10 user since release. Had my fair share of software and hardware related issues (HDMI-audio out is driving me crazy!), but the 'double-typing' issue has never happened to me.

One reason why outdated clackety keyboards should be banned from any new cell phones! Hehe! ; )

Just joking folks! Honestly, I am sure it is annoying as having a leaky umbrella in a thunderstorm!

Careful! Z10 in action!

Glad that Crackberry finally address this issue. Hopefully it gets resolved soon.

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I've had two Q10 devices. With one of them, the double typing issue showed itself quite early on it my use. With the second one, it was months before the issue presented itself. One thing I did notice on both devices is that the keys that had the issue were the same keys on both devices, give or take a letter or two. For me in particular the keys D, M and Y, give me double typing.

I thought I was doing something wrong. They should fix this ASAP. After all, the only reason people buy a Q10 is for its keyboard

It was driving me crazy. Happened after 8 months. Had a replacement sent from my carrier. Haven't experienced with this one so far. Hoping it doesn't have the same issue.

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Thanks Kevin for bringing some (serious) attention to a bothersome problem. The double typing issue (or just the possibility of one) is stopping me from getting a Q10. I live in a country (Vietnam) where repairs via the Blackberry warranty can be problematic.

I hope your attention will bring some clarity to the issue soon.


The 'a' keg on mine was super sensitive. I'm now on a Z30 but it happened a lot with my Q10. Random, sporadic, an draft to duplicate.

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Intermittently yes. Some days its off its rockers with double typing, but ive gone weeks between the issue popping up. Like kev said, I think there is a typing style that is more prone to the issue.

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I just got my Q10 back yesterday. I sent it in to Fido on May 5th to get the keyboard fix and they replaced my Q10 with a new one. A month left with one year warrenty!

No double typing issue! Yah!

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Can we also do a poll on blown phone speakers. I replaced my z10 twice and one z30. My Q10 hasn't had the problem. But my dad q10 has.

Apparently according to CPR (cell phone repair) in Cambridge Ontario said this problem is a big one.

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I have this problem! For the longest time I thought it was me, then I stumbled across the forum thread(s) about the problem so I'm relieved to not be the only one. Too bad I found the thread about it about 2 weeks after my one year warrantee expired...

I selected yes but I have also noticed that I've accidentally hit the key twice on occasion. So for me it isn't as bad as others have it but it does happen. I can go for awhile without incident which probably means it will get worse over time.

emPowered by 

It's a shame I would like for BlackBerry to give everyone a free upgrade to a device of there choice lol I want the windermere Idk why something about the keyboard

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I had the Q10 several months without issue. At about month 4 it started with just the "a" key. Gradually got more frequent and included more and more keys. There was a 3-week period this March where I didn't even bother using it for work email, it was so bad. After those couple weeks it has slowly gotten better. It still occurs occasionally, most frequently now with the spacebar (leading to periods and caps where I don't want them.) I have the issue maybe 3-4 times a day now, as opposed to once per sentence as it was at its worst. My previous device was the Style, and in the 3 years of heavy use (and some physical abuse) I never had an issue with double spacing or other keyboard problems.

Posted via CB10

I'm back on my z10 b/c of a rogue "R" key that would insert itself twice or even if my fingers brushed up against the key (without depressing it), or striking a key surrounding it.

If I wanted to spend half my time correcting, I'd just use a ts or any-other-brand phone.

Awaiting my refurb replacement from VZW as I'm still within my manufacturer's warranty, but it's annoying as all hell. Took a few months for the issue to present itself. Also happened on my 9930 space bar, which was the main reason I moved to the z as I waited for the q.

Tempting fate but here goes: only had the Q10 a week and no double typing (yet). Many years ago I had an electric typewriter (ask your granddad) and double typing was a complete pain until I mastered a lighter/faster touch on the keys. I do hope it's not going to be deja vu all over again

Yep, I do. It started out of nowhere and made the BlackBerry Q10 unusable for me. I told gold care of the keyboard too!

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It's about time that the #1 BlackBerry site paid some attention to this.

Q10SQN100-1/ CB10'n

Good job Kevin! Although I don't have the keyboard issue - I and many others have the dropped wifi issue. Please write an article on this and maybe BlackBerry will address it. So glad to have you back!!

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It's annoying but my BlackBerry love erases all the frustration

Incurable Q10 Syndrome.....Keep away!!!!!!

I've had my Q10 for a little over 9 months and so far (knock on wood), no keyboard issues whatsoever. But since many people have reported double-typing issues cropping up after months of use, I suppose it could still happen one day.

My own theory is that there were certain keyboard batches originally manufactured with this weakness, and that the improved replacements are coming from a different job lot. It would be interesting to compare part serial numbers of the affected keyboards, to see if they were all manufactured in the same time/place.

Posted with my Q10, SQN100-2, Radio

I started seeing this after the 10.2.1 release. It doesn't bother me as much. If it's just a software interrupt issue, it can be fixed in a later update; if it's a hardware issue, then it is obviously a bigger problem for BlackBerry.

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I'm on my 3rd Q10. First one had the double typing issue, then speaker died, so got it replaced with AT&T warranty. Second one did NOT have the double typing issue and fell into the ocean with me on a jetski, so bought the (beautiful) white Q10 direct unlocked from BBRY. No double typing issue on this one either.

I did notice that the screen brightness on the white one was WAAAAAAY better than my previous two black Q10's.

I strongly believe that they have solved some manufacturing issues on the new device production run because the overall quality of the keys, screen etc is noticeably better on my new white Q10

I have experienced it on Q10 , it doesn't really bother me all that much when it happens , and it's not nearly as annoying or frequent as when i had it on bbos. I think it was a 9780 that had the issue.

BlackBerry for life or until the internet dies, whatever comes first

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I have double typing issue with my Q10. It only occurred occasionally at first but now it happens frequently.

I have had this issue with my previous phones too 9000, 9900, 9970, 9930 - I always assumed that this is a hardware issue and occurs after you have used the phone for sometime. Q10 is relatively new (< 1 year) and it is already showing double-typing.

** This problem is pain-in-the-a$# when you have to type out your passwords! Really frustrates me at that time.

Though, similar, my issue was that the W key became touch sensitive. you didn't need to depress the button at all. If you just glanced across the key, it would type. You could "rub" the keyboard across that letter and it would type. Definitely a hardware issue. A replacement device fixed and we haven't come across the issue yet again (40 Q10's deployed).

You're just lucky and have the advanced touch keyboard coming with the Q30 already! Haha

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If BlackBerry wants any chance at all to sell the Q20 and Q30 (Classic and Windemere) they need to fix this and the PIN watermark glitch.

Posted via CB10

this guy is finally posting about the double typing issue now?? this has been going on for a long time and has the most replys in regards to a q10 subject. keep talking about bbm stickers

Posted via CB10

It's so annoying! I need forever to write a short text... not fun to text with my Q anymore.
However, it is sometimes there and sometimes disappears. Haven't found a pattern yet.

Posted via CB10

I'm a BES Admin, and haven't heard of too much 'double typing' but have had a couple of Q10s with 'hyper sensitive' keys. Even lightly brushing the key results in it spewing out the character. Replaced one under warranty only to have it replaced with a Q10 with same issue on different key. Now having same issue with another Q10....

I used to, but then I replaced my keyboard and the problem went away (I voted for the third choice because it's essentially the same thing). It started after about 10 months of use, and it was kind of sporadic (2-3 times a day). Mostly it would be the spacebar. The new keyboard feels a lot more clicky as when the phone was new. Now I can love my Q10 again :)

Kevin, maybe you should try using one Q10 for 8 or more months. The problem develops over time.

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You guys get the double letter on q10 but on Z30 if I type too early it doesn't put my first letters. So if I typed hello it would say ello

Posted via CB10

If it's out of warranty, fix it yourself. Replacing the keyboard is not very difficult to do at all :)

Posted via CB10

Thank you! About time. Now we will get some form of somewhat reliable data on the issue.

Posted via CBQ10

Yes. We got 3x Q10s in our family. 2 of them got the issue...I want to buy the Classic, but hope that BB will solve this issue on our Q10!! If not, I think I will wait till 2015 to see if there is this issue again in the forums!

I don't so much as have the "double type" issue with the single letter as I do with the last part of a text still being in the test box when you send of a couple of texts in quick succession. I noticed this to be an issue when I upgraded to 10.2 so my guess is not so much a hardware issue but rather a software one.

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We have about 20 Q10's at work. I've had 3 that suffered from overexcited keyboards.

In each case, the button(s) in question were oversensitive. Even brushing them caused multiple characters to appear.

In each case we sent it back for repair, which fixed it up.

do you know how they fixed it/what they did? a colleague of mine is now onto his 3rd Q10 with exactly the same problem you are describing.

Pretty sure the only way to fix it is to replace the keyboard itself, which is a pain on the Q10.

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

Don't have a q10 :-( but you can never tell how big an issue is from actual posts because of the vocal members posting more than once. Then again that's any forum.

I don't care if other people want a bb10 device I wanted one and that's all that matters.

i don't have a Q10 but a colleague of mine does and is on his THIRD which has now developed the same problem that caused him to return the first two: a key, in each case, the 'e' key, became hyper sensitive to the point where it would be triggered simply bytapping or brushing the key and without depressing the key at all. It seems like a similar complaint to that raised by this thread. Last Friday he told me that his current, third, Q10 developed the problem and, even though he has been a BB loyalist for a long time, he is royally pissed, thinks the build quality of the Q10 is junk, has been telling other partners here NOT to go with a BB10 phone, and he is thinking about bringing it back and getting an Iphone. This is the type of "shoot ourselves in the foot" garbage that i hate.

I know that this issue happened to a lot of developer's Dev Alpha C devices, including mine. I always figured that the Dev C was using lower quality parts and this wouldn't happen on the Q10's.

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yes i've started to get it, can't remember for how long, and don't always recall if it is the same key that might be "stuck", don't always get it, something i've not contacted blackberry or crackberry or anybody else about until now, for now i can live with the odd repeated letter

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Lost the majority of my post for some reason so I'll retype.

I experience the Q10 double-typing issue, mainly with my e, ii (

Get the ClipMan app, and copy (without pasting) once you got a good chunk together.

I do that on the desktop on websites too, where - if you click the wrong thing - there is no CTRL-Z

Then, in case of emergency, just paste again what you got in the clipboard

(of course you can do that without the ClipMan app, but it has endless clipboard slots. Just use teh one you've got in the built in clipboard, if you want more and you're cheap, you can keep Remember open, paste it in there temporarily, but it deletes spaces between separated paragraphs)

- just did it with this one!!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Thank you for highlighting this issue!

I experienced it, and had my device replaced... now I'm typing like mad on this Q10 to see if it's a wear-and-tear issue, or just a manufacturing defect.

OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! I kept on asking my friends if they have this problem and they looked at me like, what???

Well, this is crazy, whenever I type anything it types few times and it drives me crazy

The worst part is that when I make a phone call and typing in the number and I don't look at the screen and I make the phone call and booms, I see its a wrong number. Also when someone gives me a number and I put it in to make a call and then I see its a wrong number but I don't know the real number

Any solution????

Posted via CB10

Use the on-screen touch dialpad.

Then calling (even if you hang up within a second) will at least save the number in the call log, or you can press the "+Person" icon to save the number with a name.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I had this issue with my first Q10 which I got at launch. I tried to make do with it but it was getting progressively worse and spreading to more keys. I returned it for a replacement and I haven't had any future occurrences. :-)

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I'm a hhuge keyboard user (I did not enter 2 h's) and I'm seriously considering going to a full touch phone.

I know people in the forums have had their keyboards replace and are not experiencing the double typing but I can justify not having a BB10 device for any period of time.

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I'm in that boat with you too. I'm a keyboard die-hard, but my experience with the Q10 "double-typing" has made me think that maybe it's time to go with a touchscreen-only phone.

The danger is, once you turn a loyal keyboardist away from keyboards, they'll start to consider devices other than just BlackBerry. I don't know about others, but the main reason I picked up the Q10 was specifically for the hardware keyboard. The OS is nice, but it had nothing to do with my decision.

Thank you so much for posting this!! I have read ALL the posts on the Q10 thread, but BlackBerry should be reading them too.
I voted yes. This is what my phone does:
I have had my phone since it came to AT&T last June - almost a year. It started about the same time I got 10.2 in April, but in the beginning i thought it was my fault as it was so infrequent. So I don't remember which came first.

1- it sometimes double types a letter.
2- it sometimes gives me a double space, period, cap - in the middle of a sentence.
3- sometimes puts a space in the middle of a word, especially when i type v or b. (could be my fault).
4- the strangest thing is, twice, when I flicked a word i got 2 words! (same words).

It is not bad enough to go through the hassle to get a new phone, especially since many people reported that it recurred. Also, no one can say exactly what the problem is. But it is annoying.
I love the Q10 and would be happy if i would just hear from BlackBerry that they are working on it. I think they should exchange my phone for a Q20!!

Here here on needing to hear from BB on this issue.

But expecting a Q20 ... I'd love one too, but that's about as likely as me having a warranty repair on my 2012 Acura that entitles me to the 2015 model ... ;)

I don't have a Q10, but I did have this problem with my 9930 once it got some age on it. I always just assumed the keys domes were gunked up and sticking down for a moment too long. Has anyone tried taking their keyboard out and washing it?

I am on my third Q10 and it is starting to happen again. Not as frequently as my first two devices.

Terrible hardware quality. Never happened to me before. 9700, 9800, 9900.

WOW if we had smileys on this app (something I suggest you look into) I would be giving you the clapping one Kevin. THANK YOU! This is an issue and needs to be corrected or rectified. If it wasn't for auto correct I would havve oops never mind. I'm leaving that mistake to illustrate the issue. It happens on every single message for me, and I just want it fixed (software or hardware).

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Same problem here, one of the main reasons I stop using the Q10, 95% is made on my Z30. I know folks who just quit BlackBerry, this is a issue who have years and BlackBerry is not fixing it.

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My wife had a definite hardware issue with her Q10, where typing one key would also enter in the key next to it. I'm getting the double type occasionally on my Q, but it seems that using a lighter touch on the keyboard makes it happy. It's sporadic enough now that I haven't thought about doing a warranty exchange, but I have a fear I'm just on borrowed time.

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It happened a lot when I first got my Q10 about a year ago. The "O" (letter "oh") key would do it a lot. I got frustrated once and pressed it really, really hard for a long, long time and it seemed to have cleared up. O never gave me trouble again. Recently the space key has started to do this. Causes. Sentences. Like. This. Which, as I hope you can imagine, could cause trouble if things are read the wrong way!

Indeed. A lot of us purchased the Q10 to communicate more accurately. Talk about irony! :)

I have a z30 same problem I am facing double typing blackberry need to fix it I am facing this problem last 2 month

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Are you for real? Is it your typing style, a software issue, bug or a funky setting?

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I got my Q10 last June or July - the double typing didn't start right away - I noticed it happening occasionally by last October and by January of this year it has settled into a pretty regular issue. I thought enabling the autocorrection would help this but it doesn't.

I hope people that usse either a Z10 or a Z30 aren't participating in the poll.

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You should have seen how many people tried convincing folks facing this issue that it was probably just a small percentage of us with this problem. It was almost as alarming as this poll :)

I believe you now. This is bad.

I am not affected. Can't say I'm not using this phone enough, maybe my typing style is soft and gentle to the kb.

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I only had a double typing problem on my 9900, and it was only with the letter A. By then the Z10 came out, and I replaced my 9900 with the Z10.

Months later I got the Q10. The only problem I had with it was the random restarts. Back to my Z10.

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I don't have the double letters issue. What I have is the keyboard goes into Cap Lock and some time it double space to add a ".". And these can be a real pain.

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Adjacent letters! The e triggering an extra w? Is there a pattern emerging?

Does it happen in normal course of use? Does it also happen when depressing only one key with the other end of a pen, so you can exclude your thumb triggering it?

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Yes, I have it too. It's sporadic which I find puzzling.

There are days that I can go without double lettering. Then it will happen for a while again. For a time, I also thought it software specific. Then, I thought it was my typing style. All of this is the danger of trying to make sense of sporadic/random errors.

As I tend to re-read and re-write, I don't find it a huge problem. (For example, it never occurred while writing this note.)

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Ignore my other reply. Came back in the middle of reading and didn't recheck your original. :p

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I had this on my 9900. Not all the time, but once in a while
Thought it was me, but maybe it's a flaw in the design.
I hope they get on it before the next one

What type of switches are in the keyboards?

If they are metal dome type switches (used in cases where you want something that combines a low pricepoint and very low build height, with still providing tactile feedback (sacrificing durability and higher ergonomy demands)); those are quite infamous for eventually (sooner, rather than later) losing their monostable shape, and either not springing back at all (remaining closed circuit permantently), or doing so very indistinctly (requiring only a light tap, which may intermittently "run on").

They are distingusihed by their "resistance, resistance, buckling, dead-fish-yet-I-feel-I-should-keep-pressing-as-hard-as-I-can", feel and the little "snapping tin plate" click noise they make, when the domes collapse under pressure from your finger; and usually come integrated in monolithic panels, with each button a little "bubble" in the unbroken front surface, which is basically just a membrane over the domes (EDIT: ...without any separate key cap part, like on a BB keyboard).

Then there is the classic matter, with any mechanical switch, integrating with digital equipment, requiring "debouncing", to deal with the uncertain moment when the switch goes from one state to the other -- a bit of temporal filtering with optional operation amplification -- something that can be done electronically, or in software, or both -- I wouldn't know what's on the keyboards, nor in the IO circuit, nor how the BB10 keyboard sampling process does its thing/is prioritised)

I thought I was actually "double pressing" but now I see I'm not the only one with this problem. It's so annoying and slows me down a lot. I hope it gets fixed soon!

I'm on my 4th Q10 since last Junes release by Verizon for this issue.
Specifically mine lost the tacticle "click" with the keys involved.

I have this problem regularly on my Q10. A full hardware reset cures it temporarily. Aas soon as you mistakenly accept an occurrence it also ends up in predictive text. I also experienced it on my regularly on my 9900 and a hardware reset didn't fix it. However, I have passed my 9900 on to my daughter now and she doesn't see the problem (yet). For her, after the reset a different BESx profile was loaded.
My Q10 uses MS Activesync rather than BESx, as it's a little more flexible for the way I use the handset.
It mostly seems to affect Q A & S keys...
The example above in the text is genuine.

It would be interesting to see if it affects any specific language builds over other?
My build is: Q10SQN100-3/ on EE UK

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Haven't had this issue on my two Q10 and neither has my brother, mother or father on theirs. Actually, I never knew it was an issue till I read this post. I know my 9780 had that issue after years of use and it was a simple fix of getting a click pad replacement from ebay for a couple of dollars and replacing it. My niece is still using that 9780.

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Lost the majority of my earlier post for some reason so I'll retype.

I experience the Q10 double-typing issue, mainly with my e, ii (<--), o, n, and spacebar, which are very common. It allso (<--) varies by user's Q10. This clearly points to a hardware variation and degradation by aging. However, the severity of the double-typing varies bby (<--) application, texting being one of the worst for me, other apps being reasonable, and one or more (ExtremeTypist for me) showing no double-typing in thousands of words. This clearly points at a software/firmware issue, most likely related to keyswitch debounce processing. The apps that work better may have additional keypress processing on another software layer.

The conclusions I reach are that:
A. There is definitely hardware variation and degradation
B. It may be possible to repair it with improved keypress post-processing, i.e. a software patch
C. The keyboard may not be poorly designed or manufactured, only that the keypress bounces (all switches have them) are occurring for longer, after aging, than the worst-case expectations of the firmware code.

The issue showed up at about the 6 month point. For the time being, it is manageable with Word Prediction, but I will look for a repair in the next few weeks before my warranty expires. My wife's Z30 doesn't seem to experience any of the problem ;-)

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I voted no because the question asked if I experience double typing regularly. I don't, but It does come up occasionally.

I have noticed that on my device it only affects BlackBerry apps (especially email!). But, I have typed pages and pages of notes in the Evernote app with no problem ever.

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See I thought it was something I did that caused it. It's been happening to me for about a month or 2 now. Bloody annoying! I'm not as heavy a user as I'm sure some of you are, either, so I can't believe I've managed to somehow wear out the keys. Thing is, it happens on all sorts of random letters too! I mean, how often do people use "y" or "z" and yet they double type just as frequently as "a" or "e"!

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Happens very seldom. It occurs when I do a lot of typing but with my fat fingers I don’t know if it is double typing or just miss hitting keys on my part. I can touch type on a computer or typewriter haven't got the hang of thumb typing yet.

I truly love my Q10... but this issue is killing me!

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My Q10 definitely has this issue. Mainly the letter "a". It comes and goes sporadically. Btw. Where are BlackBerry service centers? I'm in nyc.

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Most often, but not exclusively, it happens with the space key, which of course places a period and the next word is capitalized. So my sentence would. Appear like thiis. Pain. In the neck.

My writing is. Like Hemingway. Or haiku.

Just ordered a keyboard to fix it. Really sick part is it can be great for a bit then all goes south and double typing all over the place. When you backspace to delete and fix the double typed letter, the double letter disappear really quickly. If you want it to do to show someone it won't do it. Hoping new keyboard fixes it up for a few months

Reg Q10SQN100-1/

German language has a word for that: Vorführ-Effekt, or "demonstration effect".

Whenever you wanna show that something is definitely playing up, it works, as soon as the other person turns around and walks off - bang! it's back - but he/she is already gone. Or the other way round, it plays up while you try to show something that "always" works.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I'm actually on my fourth Q10 thanks to this issue. I've had this one for about 3 months now, which means in about three weeks it will start double typing a single letter on the top row of the keyboard and then I can start the process again. Really not impressed with the build quality of the Q10. Would have gone with the Z10, but since I'm a Sprint customer, that was my only option if I wanted BB10. It must happen fairly regularly since they don't even hesitate at my local Sprint store, they just order another one and three days later I start the process again.

Three days?

Is the Sprint batch bad, or are your typing habits out of the ordinary?

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I complained to our IT department and they ordered me a new phone, which has been fine for a couple of weeks now. It appeared to be mostly the lower, left area of the keyboard. My device password consists almost entirely of characters from that portion of the keyboard, and I was constantly typing it in correctly. Thank god for the eyeball, or I have had difficulty entering in my password. I wish that they had only replaced the keyboard so that I knew if that was the problem. Then again, I was having huge issues getting the camera to focus on near objects, and this new Q10 seems better in that respect too.

It's very annoying yet sometimes it just disappears and life is all good! And then out of the blue...I live in a continental climate so don't think it's the humidity as suggested by some, also the fact that it's completely gone most of the time points me rather to a software issue rather than hardware?...

Most people I know with Q10 have experienced it.


I have the same issues from time to time, it can get frustrating, so I try to use the suggestions on the bottom as much as I can

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I am on my fourth q10 because of various hardware related issues and only started having the double typing issue on the third handset. its quite annoying and certainly random. I have also noticed that the space bar sticks a lot of times on my current handset which I have been using for a couple weeks now....Never had these issues with the bold 9900.....

I have had this issue in the past, but it has worked itself out. But being the careful person I am, I've also dropped my phone in the water lots and had to leave it in rice to get it working again.

I had the issue more often though, the double type and not compete immersion, when I used to leave my phone near the shower, face up. I've read that the steam can really effect phone keys. It might be the rice that cleared up the issue.

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Would've been hilarious if Kevin had had the double typing issue during his BBM channels chat lol.

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I have experienced it, but only occasionally and on random keys - not that it's never been the same key twice, but it's not a specific key that does it. Sporadic and random would be the best way of describing it.


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Never has happened to me on my Q10. I have seen multiple forums on it though. I have a retired BlackBerry Curve 9310 and it never happened on that model either for me. Sounds crazy annoying though and I hope whatever bug it is, that it gets fixed soon.

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Hate it! Cann not get through a sentence without it happening! Thinking of changing phones because of it (auto correct fixed 3 words in this one comment)

You should have another poll choice for repair vs. replace. Repairing my keyboard through my carrier fixed it for me.

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My Q10 will be a year old next month and the double typing issue started about 3 months ago. Sending it back is not an option because of the amount of users that have had the keyboard replaced or given a new phone to only have it happen again. I still believe that it is a software issue and not the keyboard. I'm going to stick with it until the Q20 or 30 comes out.

Sent mine in to BlackBerry via Bell just before the warranty expired. BlackBerry fixed the issue and had it back in my hand in less than 2 weeks.

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I also agree...its really. frustrating most times cos it means I have to type twice. Especially when you want to type quickly...

Also the issue of it double-spacing for you. Most times when I type, and hit space, it automatically puts a fullstop and an extra space.....

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There's an option under the keyboard settings: period shortcut. If you hit space two times it results in a full stop. Switch this option off.

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The problem is well known in the electronics industry as contact bounce. Its a hardware problem on the keyboard side of things. This could be due to quality issues during manufacturing og a poor design.

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So will BlackBerry acknowledge the issue and at least institute an extended warranty to cover this issue. These numbers are too startling to ignore.

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My double typing is self inflicted...Damn fingers just get too excited hitting those buttons!