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CrackBerry Asks: Do you send more voice notes or photos in BBM?

Voice Notes
By Adam Zeis on 30 May 2014 11:41 am EDT

BlackBerry 10 has come a long way since we first got our hands on it. Many of the burning issues and gripes we had at the start have since been fixed, leaving little room to complain. It's only when I start really getting nitpick that I can find things that still irk me within the BlackBerry 10 OS.

Last night I was sending a few photos over BBM and noticed that when hitting the attach icon, BBM defaults to something that I never do — sending voice notes. To get to the camera, Glympse or attach a photo you have to tap another icon. I just find it hard to believe that voice notes is the default option here, as I would think more people attach photos or use the camera. BlackBerry is all about speed, so perhaps a setting for the default option would be best, or maybe just the last used option.

I'm curious to know however what people send more in BBM — voice notes or photos. Pick the option that best fits you in the poll below, then hit up the comments and discuss!



I've never once sent a voice note on any BlackBerry device

Posted with a Verizon Z30 running and CB10. [URL="bbmc:C0004F9BB"] My channel with zero subscribers but has Frenchie pics :) [/URL]

Alvin Loh

The step to hear voice note is quite annoying.
U need to tap the voice note and open a new window then hear it ...
Why not just make the voice chat like wechat which is more simple and intuitive :D

Posted via my Bo$$ BlackBerry Z10


Good point.

Posted via CB10


Yes... as simpler as wechat and whatsapp... the worst voice note for bbm is we didn't know which voice note we haven't hear and which is new or old voice note...

 BB FANS via Q10 


I agree. If they implement Push-to-Talk (PTT) like walkie talkie, then I would definitely use more. Especially in combination with group chat. That would be awesome. Perhaps this will be a feature for Enterprise BBM, or a future version for everyone. Fingers crossed.


Absolutely. PTT would be a hit. I know plenty of people that would jump on board for that one option alone.

Posted via CB10


It's super easy on Whatsapp, but I almost never send voice notes on Whatsapp either!

Voice notes should not be played "in the open", they should only play when the phone is close to your ear.

If they worked like that, my GF and I might actually use them since they can work better than text if you need to send a longish message super fast.

Posted via CB10

Dave Bourque

Correct. The Wechat implementation is better.



Agreed. Come to think of it, I would like to see an update for Wechat too!

Posted via CB10


Same here, rarely send out voice notes. I also rarely use the attach option in BBM and normally invoke sharing from the gallery.


Same here. I send photos through BBM virtually every day, but never once even recorded a voice note, much less sent one.


Neither have I. Then again my BBM contacts are down to 3 people, even after it was available to ios and android users. However, I understand this gripe completely. For voice notes I use the heytell app anyway.

Posted via CB10


Don't really send anything but txt's


Another poll.. yey

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Very rare that I attach anything but I have used each option except the voice notes. I love Glympse but wish they would integrate or add voice guided navigation to the location being shared with you.

Posted via CB10


Having BlackBerry Maps guide you to the location would be a great feature.

BBM Channel: The Group Ride C00055B7C



Posted via CB10


I used voice notes a few times but the novelty wore off mostly text and share photos at the moment.

Z30 and loving it!


Photos. Never voice notes.

Posted from my awesome Q10 via CB10.


Only Photos, but would be nice to have the option to send only HQ pics and not have to send every picture twice.

Triple D's 4G on BB!


+10.3 to that

Posted via CB10 from my Z10STL100-1/


Loud pictures and graphic voice notes for me.

Q10SQN100-1/ CB10'n


I do send both but definitely more photos.

Photos captured using BlackBerry devices - C00016D81


Ya that drives me nuts!

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

Photos for sure.

Posted via CB10


By far I send pictures more than voice notes. In fact, I have never sent a voice note!


I've sent a couple of voice notes and have received a couple from and iOS and S4 users. They thoroughly detest the voice note feature as it doesn't give them an opportunity to edit the recording. As soon as they let off the record button it automatically sends. I know this is supposed to be a feature for speed, but they should give an option to either automatically send or option to edit. That and I can't listen on the handset (defaults to speaker for me) are the reasons I don't use it.


Can't they just slide to the side of the button to cancel, like we do on BB10?

Posted via CB10


If you don't want to send the voice note, instead of releasing the button just slide it to the left to discard the note.

Posted via CB10


Don't know if they can or not, but I will look when I see them tonight. Would still like a way to listen to it before sending


I sent a lot more voice notes when you were able to listen to the voice note before sending...


Voice notes. Always when driving

...we are all connected...


I use Voice Notes quite a bit, but definitely send more pics.

Regarding default, though, I think the way it is currently designed is just fine. Attaching pics/files/ or allowing Glympse all require additional steps. Files or pics need further navigation, and Glympse requires further input. They "flow" nicely after choosing the icon from the BBM attach menu, not slowing me down a bit. Voice notes, when you use them, are "quick" actions : push /talk / release (or slide to delete). When you have a use case for that, the setup is perfect. Especially when using VN back and forth, it makes it as fast as Push-to-talk.

Posted via CB10


Bingo! That's why it's set up this way. If you are sending a picture by attaching it, other steps will be involved anyway, so pressing the icon to do so is not really much more, but voice note, to be push to talk ish needs to be direct. It is an in the car type of thing so less button pushing the better.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10


I like sending pics or videos.
When I wanna talk to someone, I just call.
Voice notes are kinda creepy!

Posted via CB10


Hey Slash, what would you say makes voice notes creepy? I never liked then much myself...

Posted via CB10 (Z10STL100-1/


I mean, if you have a cute girlfriend an she sends you a voice note:
"Have a good night!" - that might be cute.

But if a male friend would do that, I'd be like: "uhhmmm.... " ;)

Posted via CB10


I used voice notes several times, but mostly I send pictures, articles and videos (movie trailers, how to...)

Posted via CB10/Z10

Prem WatsApp

Mentioning videos, not even a 9-pic story made with Story Maker will send over BBM, not even real photos used, just web screen shots in 720px, together with some music it's just under one minute, but 49MB!

Of course it won't send on a 16MB limit, but I can find an option to reduce movie resolution and quality, or an option to give best quality with the 16MB limit.

Any idea?

Now using time consuming Video Shrinker, but that defies the whole purpose of quickly making and sharing simple stories with Story Maker....

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....


Since the decrease in demand for Blackberry phones, everyone that I know from BBM has left and gone to other phones. None of them have added BBM back. So I have no one to be messaging with. I still think BB has much work to do to convince people to return to actively using BBM again.


I use photos more, but don't think about getting rid of voice notes. Closest thing we will probably ever see to PTT on a OS10 device. I'd say my usage is 70/30 photos / voice.

Posted via CB10 with my Z10.


Nobody really uses BBM much. If they send something, it will be a picture and rarely a voice note. I receive a lot of voice, video, and pictures on WhatsApp because that is what most people use, besides regular texting. I asked one friend for her BBM and she actually refused and gave me her number instead. She refuses to use BBM. Another friend has a Q10 and when I borrowed his phone, he had the WhatsApp active frame open but not BBM.

Posted via CB10 on the Zed Ten


I understand what you are saying, but to say "Nobody really uses BBM much" based on 2 individuals you know is not very accurate. For me...I have people I know who use BB, iphone and Android, and they all use BBM. I know 1 person that uses Whatsapp, but only because her cousin in Italy has a windows phone and that's what she uses. That person uses BBM with everyone else. Everyone else I 'text' with is on BBM. So yes, in your experience you are not seeing many people using it, but to characterize that as 'nobody really uses' it, is not an accurate statement. Last count I heard, 120 million people use it (I could be off, it's a Friday and my mind is set on my after-week-beverage right now :)


Fortunately, I'm not basing my opinion on two people.

Posted via CB10 on the Zed Ten


Photos by far. I've sent like one or two voice notes since owning a BlackBerry

Posted via CB10


Voice notes needs to be quicker. It's quite cumbersome and annoying. I hate to say this but whatsapp hit the nail on the head with their voice notes. One touch and that's it. BBM should do the same.

Posted via CB10 from my Q10


I've never once sent or received a voice note on any device, and never intend to.

Aman Shah Alladin maybe time for video too in bbm group?

Posted via CB10


My friends on other platforms with the BBM app have questioned the same issue...too many clicks to make pic attachments...

Posted via CB10


I do voice notes when driving in an attempt to be a safer driver.

Posted via CB10

Prem WatsApp

They should integrate that into the "quick reply" call screen. Something I'd definitely use!

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....


This poll will show limited results. Can CB get the data from BlackBerry and post it here for discussion? That will show the current trend.


Pictures by far is why i love BBM. I send piles of them. Then close chat and history is gone forever ;) . I'll send the odd voice note if we're all partying and someone didn't show its fun for everyone to remind the loser what they are missing out on lol.

Still rockin my PlayBook and a Z30


They only did this to resemble a PUSH to TALK experience


While we are on the subject of picture sharing, how about the option to send more then 1 picture at a time
Send one picture to many ppl at once.. save me a few minutes of individually sending to different people.



Posted via CB10


Pictures all the time every day, voice notes maybe once every few months.

- Disco Trooper CB10Z10


Doesn't matter to me :-)

ChannelX C000D3759 We promote channels



Posted via CB10


Never used voice notes, just call them up, but as for a photo it speak louder than words ;)


#1 Glympse, #2 photos (and if someone can please tell me how to attach multiple photos in one BBM that would be great), I almost never use voice notes.


Use BBM for Video Calls.....

Photos and Text I just use regular old "texting".


Neither! Because I am the only one ,out of all the people I know ,who owns a blackberry.


Epic Fail, Its available on Android and IOS!!!!!

Prem WatsApp

Blame BlackBerry marketing. :-)

Hope they get the message out, as soon as the new phones are ready for prime time and the promised campaign starts...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Shannon Stauffer

I'm the only BlackBerry owner out of everyone I know too! I only use BBM for the channels.

 OS 100-4/Verizon Z10


Photos forsure but I really wish they updated the method of sharing photos! Allowing for multi photo share would be great! And also similar to whatsapp allow for the user to click the contact and it will show all photos that have been shared between you two. Or better yet when you go to your profile it shows all the media that has been shared to you and you have shared. I would love to easily find all my photos in one spot. I hate when I receive 5 photos and have to long press each to save and choose a location to save too then do the next.

That being said. Allow the user to control whether they send and receive hq photos. Whatsapp can do all that why can't Bbm!

Posted via CB10


instead of sending voice I use bbm voip


I send pictures all the time, especially useful when shopping and I want to confirm that the item I am about to pick up is the correct one the wife asked for :-). I actually think the "take a picture and send it" button should be in place of the "add participant" button at the bottom under the text entry. I have pressed that a number of times thinking that is what it is. Why not make it a user preference what function resides there?

Prem WatsApp

I go shopping with BBM Video, my wife can "follow" me through the aisles and I can show her the specials, while she's already cooking dinner.....

Don't drop that phone in the spaghetti pot...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....


I have never sent even a single voice note on BBM. Can't send multiple pictures on BBM its a bit frustrating so I use WhatsApp for that.

Prem WatsApp

Would you start using BBM again, if that feature was implemented soon?

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....


Photos fa sho tho

Posted via CB10



Zed, I say, it's pronounced Zed, Z30


definitely more photos

"Data" the new Greed


Voice notes suck. I want PTT

Posted via CB10

Kevin Michaluk

PHOTOS!!! I would have been shocked to see Voice Notes winning this poll.


I have sent images in the past - I don't think u ever sent a voice note.
Why would one even send a voice note in he first place?

I mean, images can be worth a thousand words - but a voice note one could type out just as well...

Posted via CB10

Prem WatsApp

But typing requires multiple key presses, this is only two, or three if you count the extra one to get back to the keyboard mode

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Prem WatsApp

Depends on the situation. Just pulling over on the highway and two of three taps is way quicker.

Or for those who grab the phone quickly while waiting at a red light. Not recommended for safety and legal reasons. ....

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....


Just text nothing else...

I think the next poll would be voice calls or video call..

Posted via CB10



 Z30 ™  Best mobile platform.

Alexandru Teodorescu

Sending voice notes is not so easy. Where you take it? In the crowd maybe? Where you listen it? Also in crowded places? It's more simple to type something and send it. Normally BlackBerry users know to type, they are used to. Voice notes more suitable for other kind of users ( Crapple, druids and bill's fans....)

Proudly Z10 owner


Work well when driving


I am not trying to be a smart ass but just who would I communicate with on BBM? I only one I know with a BB. Any iOS or Android user that even bothered to download and still has BBM on their phone has the app so buried they would never even notice a message came in.


Buried? Android and iOS users get notifications whenever a BBM message comes through, just like on BB. Plus, on Android at least there's a "BBM Connected" ongoing notification that one can turn on which keeps the app just a swipe and tap away wherever you are in the OS.


Voice notes??? Lol

Posted via CB10


Photos! Photos!! Photos!!!

iRock crackberry via my super-z10

zoe sun

i do. send picture and voice notes.

Posted via CB10


Lol, the results are hilarious.
I send pictures more than anything
And I can't wait until BlackBerry finally makes the multi pictures sharing available to BBM!!!!!!
Who's with me?

From my lovely Z30


Just requested the same thing...

Hope they are reading our requests!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!


Voice notes are very useful too if you know how and when to use it. But (always a but) it's awkward to listen to the voice notes when you get several of them, because sometimes you forget which one you already heard

From my lovely Z30


Nope, sending pics in BBM is a pain in the butt cuz you can only send one picture at a time whereas the competition allows you to attach several at once.

Hope that changes so I can enjoy bbm more!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!


I send more photos for sure, but I've gotten into the rare "voice note conversation" before. Those were pretty fun!


Photos. Never tried voice notes.

Posted via CB10

Glenn Biddle

Never use the voice message but Glimpse is awesome. It would be nice to add a navigation option but but I really like it the way it is. I don't know if many people know this, if you send your location and the person that you sent it to sends their location back, both peoples location shows up on the screen and constantly up dates. In a park,on a beach, or shopping down town you can walk or drive towards each other rather than having one person wait in one spot and have the other navigated to that person. My wife and I use it often to find each other in all kinds of places.

Posted via CB10


Taxts and photos.

Posted via CB10


Just add true Push-to-Talk to BBM.

Posted via CB10


Photos more often than voice for me.

From my  phone.


Voicenotes are great when driving

-via CB10 w/ Q10


Photos go out more often than voice; although I might send a voice note if necessary once or twice a month.

Posted with a drop of Awesome Sauce!!!


Of course the voice button is only there for ease of access. First of all because BBM needed to compete with other apps, and those all have a voice button easily available. Secondly because voice notes are a 'mostly hands-free' type of message, so a one-button approach suits it.
Pictures already have a more expansive method before sending (like editing) so I do not see how the single extra step is such a bad thing.

If anything for images the focus should be on multi-selecting. And easier sharing of HQ. And improving display picture quality.

And of course video calling for xBBM should be the main priority if you ask me, else the competition will once again be ahead of BlackBerry. Just look at what Skype just showed for their roadmap.

BlackBerry 10 signed.


I never use voice notes and I do not send Pictures as it sends them compressed. Now I know they can request HD picture but it's the extra step.

Whatsapp send the picture as is.


I'm a truck driver and I usually send pictures of what I see on the road, and I usually receive voice notes.

Uncle Sky

It's about 100:1 for me (pics:VN) I use to send more voice notes before bbm video and bbm voice integrated right into bbm but I occasionally still send the odd voice note.... especially when I want to drive the dog crazy at home

... shot from my z30


wish I could send more videos but the limit is still way to low to send anything more then 5 seconds long


Picture all the time, never use voice note..

Posted via CB10/O.S.


I used to use voice notes all the time to send messages, especially when traveling, and especially when there was no cell service. Now with BBM voice, I don't use it as much.


Texts, mostly. Followed by photos. Never sent a voice note on BBM.

Q5, Vodafone

Posted via CB10


I don't even use BBM. Why should I when I have unlimited te

Posted via CB10, Z10

Prem WatsApp

Others might not. Plus other features like Glympse

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....


Photos. And that part is really bugging. It just takes so much longer since u don't the option to send multiple photos at once. Dont know how is the sharing in any way easier.


Maybe they're trying to remind people that they can send voice notes, encouraging them to try/use it.

Posted via CB10


Hate when voice notes save automatically on other's devices.

Posted via my Z10


None of the above :(

Posted via CB10


50 plus voice notes sent per day and I'll estimate 30-40 pictures per day. Voice notes are the ultimate!!!

Posted via CB10


Cannot even read this poll -- terrible.

Send pics the most with voice notes used seldomly.

Posted via CB10


I'm sorry you can't read.


Never voice... I watched all the discussions in the past about push to talk etc needed for bbm.... No one does that... not even on whatsapp.... it's hardly used...

Pictures and docs I do send via BBM though.... but never voice.

Posted via CB10



 does it better!



I'm MongezaurioBerry


I'd have to start using BBM to do either.

Posted via CB10

Prem WatsApp

Hey, get crackin' then!

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....


I sent about five voice notes so far and pictures most of the time.

 CB10 


Pictures only...if I wanted a person to hear me I would call them


Definitely photos. All the time.

BB Proud


I'd like to send more voice notes but the interface is a little below par and a lot of times people can listen to them from work or whatever



Posted via cb10


give us the option to send more then one photo at a time already please


I've only used voice notes once. My sister had someone call my house and leave a very important voice message on my house phone. She lives overseas so to give her the message, which was long and I didn't want to make a mistake, I just recorded it and sent it to her. Much easier. I don't think I would use it much for communications, but I would use it to send a reminder or a NOTE as it is meant to be.

Posted via CB10

Nabil Takla

Yes I do. I find it very useful.

From my amazing Z30


Sent photos many times but never tried sending voice note...

From my Z


I only sent messages on bbm. I used bbm only with my close friends. Because for me it's more private and secure to update my status. But me and my friends used whatsapp to send pictures because we didn't have to send a HQ picture twice. I never sent voice notes in bbm or others. I hope bbm can do as simple as whatsapp to send pictures and able to send some pictures at once..


It should be set up just like the share options, whereas the most used is first one the list.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30!


A bit of both....

Posted via CB10


Animated GIFS... all the time.

Would love if the support for them wasn't limited in size though.

Posted via CB10


Pictures. All the time. BBM gives me the confidence that a picture I just sent can be considered received, including by non BlackBerry, and without the need to resize.


Ridiculous that it defaults to voice's stupid things like this that are slowly ruining BlackBerry and bbm. They need to fix these stupid little errors asap.

Posted via CB10


I sent more pictures! ONE AT A TIME! Fix that!

Posted via CB10


I would probably send more voice notes if I could in a group but as of right now, it's more pictures

Posted via CB10


I record voicenotes when video isn't appropriate but I haven't felt the need to send them via BBM yet.

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.


Whatsapp is the best for voice note I used it all the time not BBM

BB Z30!! Running OS

Rajiv Damani

How far are we for video chat over Bbm platform? Say eliminating Skype?

Posted via CB10


I send both. Voice notes are kind of easier to send for me, depending on the situation. And pictures, everyone sends those... so yeah


Photos only. I should try a voice note.

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  ) new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The Thor's Hammer of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! #longestsignatureeverthatishortenedabit


I've sent 1 voice note - just to try it! :)
I'm curious as to some good use cases for voice notes? I for one can't think of any :(


Prem WatsApp

Sound sample for tech troubleshooting, or to prove you're still alive, just in case your partner wonders whether that's really you who's typing.... ;-)

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....


Got it!
Also thought of sending song samples from live concerts to make friends jealous :)



Pictures by far but a voice note here and there

posted via cb10 on my Z10


My 16 year old daughter sends me voice notes everyday from her Z10 but my wife never does but she does however send me pictures on regular basis from her Z. So for me I use both all the time.


I want to send video clips too and have BBM auto-shrink them!


I don't even use bbm anymore which is a shame. Imo BlackBerry should do something to make it the go to IM service and stop with the corporate only stuff.

Posted via CB10


Pictures mostly

Posted via amazing professional Q10


When i send high quality/high resolution photos taken with my DLSR, the photos are greatly degraded. This happens when i send them through text message and BBM. Email is the only way to send high quality photos using my z10. It even degrade the videos i send... and this my friends is disgusting.

Z10 T-Mobile


Pictures, lots of pictures

Posted via CB10


My fiancee from Dominican republics sends lots to me. The only problem is I always have to request larger pics which can be a problem when she sends 20ish of them!!!!!

Posted via CB10

Lillian A

How should I send more photos when there is no "add multiple photo"


Photos, but the quality is so poor and it's not the most convenient to request higher quality.

Posted via CB10


Never used a V note haha

Posted via CB10 via my BlackBerry Z10 ;)


Pics! This is not 1939...


Both actually a lot of the guys noted that the we chat implementation us better I've never really tried it myself though.
BBM Should remove the ping restrictions ' ability to copy personal messages of contacts. Ability to send voice note in BBM Group.
Sending HQ photos instead of sending it twice.
Maybe add a recent photo of the display picture. Ability to view all media of contact like in whatsapp .

Posted via CB10


I send voice notes a lot. XMSOMG bytes in car that remind me of people. Lol. Lots of photos. And I LOVE stickers! Too fun.

Posted by me. Just now. With my Z10!


I would send more voice notes if there was an option to automatically play them when they were received and use the mute button for record while in bbm.

Posted via CB10


Same gripe here. It wouldn't be so bad if sending a voice note actually worked for me. Every time I try to send my girl a voice note she says is come to her with no content. She's using an HTC One but it would be nice if BlackBerry would hurry up & get all the cross platform bugs worked out already. They could have many more cross platform users if BBM worked for them as it does for actual BlackBerry users.

Posted with my T-Mobile USA  Q10 via CB10.


I agree every time I send a voice note, the other user just gets static.


BlackBerry BBM workers never use BBM I think. Soooooooooooo bad, we need improve now.

Posted via CB10


Lol every BB worker uses BBM!

Trista Williams

I love using voice notes! Especially when I don't have time to text.

Posted via CB10


Pictures, always. I've never sent a voice note. If I'm going to do that, I'll just call the person and talk to them. That's faster than recording it, sending, waiting for then to listen, then send a reply.

Posted via CB10


Photos yes voice note never..


RP Singh

Really getting nitpick!

Posted via CB10


I wonder how the result from these pools compare to the analytics data that BlackBerry gathers... hopefully the results are not so different.

Posted via CB10


I never noticed this until now. It should default to pictures imo.

Z10 on T-mobile running

Sabrina van walsem

I send a lot of pictures.
Voice notes is not my thing.
If I want to talk then I call with the BBM voice.
Free with Wifi and a good connection.
And if I want to see my sweetheart then BBM video call.
We do that a lot.

Posted via CB10


Haven't sent one since the feature was first added and don't think I will

Posted from my Z30 on CB10


Voice notes are great when I'm driving and someone is messaging me. I like that it is the default option.

Posted via CB10


Pho toes

Posted via CB10


I sent one voice note once. I was about to step on to the underground (patchy reception) and needed to let my missus know quickly that I was on the way. Saved me a few seconds I guess. So that sort of circumstance is a potential use case. Apart from that, no. Photos only.

Posted via CB10


I've only sent and received pictures. I would like to see them improve picture sharing so that you could send more than one at a time. Perhaps we'll see this feature in the recently announced update! Fingers crossed.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 


Photos for sure

Posted by BlackBerry Z10


It just shows how little research BlackBerry actually does. They basically put the voice note feature front and center because Whatsapp has easy to send voice noted. Clearly pictures are 10x more likely to be sent than a voice note.

Posted via CB10


My BBM pet peeve is that it takes three taps once the app is running to access my subscribed channels. (My BBM chats mostly take place through the Hub.) I'd really like to see a way to select the "home page" for BBM!

Posted via CB10


Voicenotes, it's like Voxer and is really easy to convey a message

Posted via CB10

Fredy B

I send more photos

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Tried voice notes when they first came out by not really used anymore. Pictures for sure.

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Sending pictures from BlackBerry to iOS/Android users is frustrating. They have to request an HQ photo & you'll have to accept their request. And you can't send a group of photos at once. This sucks.

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Dave Kornelius

Send pic more.often then voice note. Bbm voice note is not nice, I cannot hear what I record before I send. Not like the old version. When I feel my voice bad I can repeat again and again. Thats what I want

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Super easy on whatsapp is that when the servers are always down or when they aren't. That's all I have to say

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As AawWsww

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The real question is who still uses bbm when the vast majority of people are non BlackBerry users. Why would somebody want bbm on an iPhone or Android when they can just text. I personally saw my bbm contacts diminish over time after the release of the iPhone 4s and it won't be growing to the high amount it once was because this company needs something new and exciting; new stickers won't seal the deal lol

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Because texting doesn't work across borders without buying expensive plans as one travels. BBM works anywhere in the world for free. Also you get voice, video, screen share etc which text doesn't have.

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Send lots of voice notes while on the road-big button - easy to get to and use. That and glypse are great-to bad most people don't know about it...

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I do! Sometimes I prefer it over texting on BBM. I do it with close friends. I love to text, but I like to take advantage of all the features that BlackBerry offers.

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I send more pictures. Also I have noticed that there is no multiple selection while sending them.

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Voice is not used so often,but for photos also in our garment industry we have to use WhatsApp as it allows us to send 10 photos at a go,infact in jewellery industry also they use it because of this feature, I think BBM should allow it too

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More notes by far.

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Steven Lin

I do it on whasapp
If BlackBerry fixes the group picture sharing function then I might have a chance convincing my friends to come back to BBM

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Honestly, haven't used the voice feature on BBM just yet, but I'm glad it is there ad an option.

I have sent pictures however and stickers. BBM has pretty much replaced texting fir me. Of course I still text if I must and when I'm not in WiFi areas.

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Pictures tell a thousand words while sound just vibrates ;P

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I used to send voice notes all the time with BBOS but it became much less user friendly with BB10


wish this feature was available in group would be great too, like skype only more secure...BlackBerry needs to step up their game!

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I share people around the world. Voice notes, glympse, we do the whole lot.

Especially since I'm picking up two languages. The voice notes allow me to practice and for the recipent to correct me

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Not a fan of the current set up of voice note. Prefer the old way. Having said, I like the layout/ icon.

I send pics 99.99 % of the time


Yes, l like to send voice instead of typing to my wife, my son like to send voice to his mother as well.

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I dnt have any contacts in my bbm love to see it in india bbm is not that populated

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10 X More pics...

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Absolutely pictures. I love so much Z10 keyboard that voice notes are unnecessary :)


Mark Rahaman

I used the photo sending option all the time in BBm both with contacts and groups. It's funny I never use voice notes but use it quite regularly on what's ap. It must be the ease of use right in the key board. Although I originally thought the BBm version of sending voice notes looked better. When ever I send a BBm voice note no one replies,in the same way they BBm text back. It's different with WhatsApp people always reply back with a voice note.

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I send more pictures. I would rather talk directly than send a prerecorded message.

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The pictures quality is reduced. So I use Whatsapp to send pictures and voice messages and also large files. BBM is good only for location and simple chatting

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Since nobody I know uses bbm it's kinda pointless

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James Green84

I like the voice notes it allows me to talk with out typing. Also it allows you to say what you want to say with out anyone interrupting.

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Definitely send more pics than voice notes!

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Heather De Blois

I send voice notes all the time. We think it's better than making that phone call... also sent pictures, but use voice notes more often.

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Charles van Cleef

Never sent a voice note except as a test, in over a decade of BlackBerry use.

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I do not have the video icon on my BlackBerry z10

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Cornelius Puiulet2

Photos 99.9% of the time. Some voice notes.

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mani kalyan dusi

No what's app is easier

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Since I don't use BBM, I guess neither.