CrackBerry Asks: Do you need LTE?

By Adam Zeis on 27 Aug 2013 02:45 pm EDT

With the latest BlackBerry 10 devices one of the big selling points is that they are LTE devices. While I've never really cared too much about how fast my data is as long as it's "fast enough", having LTE does make a big difference for some users. I actually don't have LTE service in my area but a few towns around me do, though I've never really noticed such a huge difference that makes me wish I had LTE coverage more often.

I've tested out BlackBerry 10 devices on Verizon and AT&T where I live and I've never really had too many issues are far as speed goes. Coverage is great for all carriers here for the most part and more often than not I'm somewhere (usually home) where I'm just cruising on Wi-Fi anyway. 

A thread popped up in the forums that got me wondering just how many people actually get LTE service in their area and also if it really matters all that much. I suppose it depends partly on how you use your device - if you're constantly streaming media, browsing the net or using your device as a hotspot you'll obviously want the fastest speeds you can get. 

So for me the answer is no, having LTE service doesn't really matter. For others, LTE is all or nothing. So what we want to know is do you care about LTE? 

Do you have LTE coverage where you live? What are your speeds like with or without LTE? Hit up the poll below with your answer then lay it down in the comments. 

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CrackBerry Asks: Do you need LTE?



I wonder why? Given that it's AT&T, I can only guess it's some pro-bottomline, probably anti-consumer reason.

Edit: slow day, figured out why. If you're on LTE, you're likely to burn through limited data faster. And that means overage. Profit.

LTE is much better than 3G at managing cell congestion (number of mobiles connected to same cell tower), so I imagine that it is "locked" so they can give customers better coverage / support with the existing infrastructure.

The comment about "saving data" I don't get at all. You don't consume "more" data using LTE over HSPA or GSM, you get the same number of bits just at a much faster speed. If you 'browse more' because LTE is faster, then you "use more" - it is akin to saying that yes, if you drive faster down the freeway, you will consume more gas, but still reach the same destination.

"You don't consume "more" data using LTE over HSPA or GSM"

Well, yes and no.

1MB is 1MB no matter how fast you dowload, but on the other hand, one hour of browsing can download way more data on LTE than on GSM. Therefore, with the same amount of usage time, you will likely burn through your data earlier in the month.

Also, faster data speeds encourage more streaming and cloud usage, which burns through data as well.

I liken it to driving a luxury vs. a non-luxury car. Guess which one you're more likely to speed in? ;)

In ALL areas I have tried I have found LTE to be a bit of a farce. It drains your battery and for what? I have never got as high speeds from LTE anywhere as the 4G tower in my little hometown, which can be as high as 13 MB/s. It appears that the towers/radios/bandwidth/backbone or whatever does not have the capacity to support true LTE speeds generally speaking. I think most people don't even realize it. They just think hey cool I'm on LTE,

Well LTE, 4G and 3G are all different. So yeah LTE is a big difference than 3G. LTE and never switch off. No need my plan is big enough I don't worry about it. Running my iPad ,Zed10,Q10 and soon z30

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Same on the Verizon version. Very annoying because 4G LTE reception in certain areas in my work location is poor and the darn phone is not falling back to 3G. I basically can't send/receive multimedia messages or browse websites for 8+ hours a day.

Posted via CB10

I wouldn't mind the ability to throttle back myself. Then I can use the LTE when I need it and not burn through my "cap"! :-)

I use this feature fairly frequently. T-mo has 4G (not LTE) in the nearest city to my town, so I activate it there, but drop the connection to slower speeds at home, so the radio isn't sucking my battery looking for a signal that doesn't exist.

This. 1000x over. I don't want to run LTE all the time. Just Idling around getting random emails, etc I'd prefer to drop back to 1XEV/3G.

If some rogue app goes nuts at 40 Mbps, I don't want to get stuck with the overages. Or if switching to Wifi doesn't work... same thing.

Verizon locks this out. I usually just turn mobile data off since I am usually near wireless anyway.

Fighter pilots only kick in afterburners when necessary. It's like that for me and mobile data. I wish.

Posted via CB10

I also have the Verizon version which doesn't allow you to turn off LTE. Can we get Kevin or someone from the CrackBerry team to ask BlackBerry or the carriers about this? It seems like a fairly high priority issue.

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Agreed. While I've noticed a decent difference in speeds I would like to be able to save on battery while not using it.

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If you're on you should be okay for LTE usage and battery life for the Z10. My area is blanketed with both HSPA+ and LTE. I routinely do several tests and for me personally I have found that LTE doesn't take a huge hit on battery life on this build compared with HSPA+

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It really is awesome. I don't have LTE myself but whenever I get a hold of a colleague's device, it's like crack cocaine or like sugar: "One taste and you're totally hooked!"

Going back to 3G is like becoming sober again. Anyone who knocks LTE obviously hasn't tried it yet :)

Why would you not want it anyways? It's like when we made the switch from 2G (EDGE) to 3G.

Haha, yeah 'when they let me'.

4G is advertised as having massive availability in my city in Australia, yet I have only EVER been able to get it for one 5 minute stretch on a train, took so many screen shots and sent it to everyone.

Luckily 3G is fast, very very fast, with Optus Australia.

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I never thought I needed lte... until I got it. Now I complain when I fall into an hspa service area.

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LTE is way better than just having 3G.. It's always nice to have more than enough! My wife has an iPhone on Sprint with only 3G and I always give her my hotspot so she can do certain things when we are out and about. LTE is awesome! Especially on Verizon!

I like it coming from HSPA to LTE. I like it a lot. Mind you when I'm in an area where it drops to 3G it seems to work just as good on the z10.

Once you've tried it, it's hard to go back... the latency is so low and makes connections very snappy

Posted via CB10

My thoughts exactly.

LTE kills my battery too quick and I don't mind waiting a second longer for a website to load. What I do mind is my battery dying too soon in the day.

Maybe with the Z30 I'll be able to get through the entire day on LTE, but for now I'll take battery longevity over Internet speed.

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Hmm, I don't find a difference with battery life when the LTE signal is nice and strong. But, when I'm out of the city, my battery gets slaughtered if the signal is weak.

That's because the phone automatically puts the radio into a lower power state when there's a strong signal. When the signal is weak it gets boosted to high so it can latch onto the signal. Sort of like how you can carry bricks around all day if you hold them closer to your body, but if you try to carry them at arm's length you'll get tired pretty fast.

Q10 and Canadian all the way!

Me too. I rarely have it on because no LTE where I live, and at work the signal strength is not great and it kills my battery. Don't usually have an opportunity to make use of the speed anyways.

Got full LTE signal right now and I love it. The only thing I don't like is when it switches down to 3/4g constantly because LTE coverage is limited. The constant switching and searching for signal does impact battery life. I have turned it off on a few occasions to preserve battery before. I'd love a quick way to enable/disable LTE from home screen. Any Devs listening??

Posted from my incredible Z10

If you surf the web a lot, you'll actually save more battery if you have LTE (less time downloading).

Ride in a car, turn on HotSpot on your BB10 with LTE. Fire up Citrix Receiver on your PlayBook. Work to clear support tickets. Now you know what LTE means.

OK so that's not part of your life. Fire up PlayOn and stream a few Top Gear episodes to your Z10 while sitting on the beach. Does LTE matter now? You betcha.

This, kinda. I read webcomics and whatnot on long (1+hr) bus rides, and the only time I fire up LTE is when I'm not covered with wifi and need to bridge my Playbook, as it feels like it gives me that little bit of an edge loading comics, though I'm sure it would work just as well with 3G turned on.

I also turn LTE on when I'm at work and the wifi isn't working, as the LTE coverage out there seems slightly better than 3G.

I don't know how I lived without LTE.

It's as fast as many broadband providers.

Though the coverage seems restricted to major cities.

It's a new network standard after 4g capable of higher speeds. Its very prevalent in urban city centers, even in canada and is expanding rapidly. I was kinda ticked when the Q10 came with "LTE max" capabilityZ

Posted from my incredible Z10

I don't get the need to have LTE on a small device. Too much speed, more so than most people can get at home. At home you tend to share on top of that, not on mobile (Unless you hotspot). Especially with the incredibly low (1,2,3,6gigs) limits imposed and high overage fee. In Canada anyways.

Plus it kills the battery, more so when you go in and out of LTE coverage.

I'm in LTE most of the time but my battery life is great.

And LTE is fantastic. I use the browser a fair amount and the speed is as quick if not quicker than my broadband connected desktop PC.

T-Mobile recently turned on LTE in Cleveland. It's faster than HSPA and the latency is lower. LTE coverage is great, but I wish T-Mobile would improve their coverage outside the urban areas of Northeast Ohio.

Posted via CB10

+1,000. I inherited a cottage in NE OH which I love except the TMO signal disappears once I cross the county line. No 4G, much less LTE. (They wonder why businesses don't want to locate there.)

Posted via CB10

Perhaps that's why I haven't used LTE since the beginning of February when I got my Z10. I need battery life during my workday, not whatever the Advantage of LTE is.

Posted via CB10

Lte around canary wharf, London, is a saving grace! Transferring files and the like - the speed helps ease the pain. The only issue is that it's a little sketchy around London, depending on where you are.

Butt then it's being rolled out so I assume it will only get better, and the price will come down.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

Never used it, no opinion. But what I will ask is, in Canada, do you need a data plan to access LTE? I don't have a data plan and I'm on 4G with Rogers on Vancouver Island.

Posted via CB10

Yes. LTE is pure packet-based data, even the "voice" part (that no one has really deployed yet) is voice-over-IP (VoLTE). If you don't have a data plan, you won't connect to LTE networks because there is no "non-data" service yet. You are using UMTS for cell-switched networks (voice, SMS, MMS), and you likely drop down to GSM periodically for the same thing.
Once Rogers rolls out VoLTE and IMS (SMS/MMS over IP) then I expect you may start to see this supported, but not sure if that will require a new handset or just a SW update for existing BB10 devices to use.

I'm not one of those that demand LTE, or octo core processors, 1080p displays, 8gb of ram, etc. I usually have 4G, but was always satisfied with 3G. Just gimme an awesome qwerty and I'm sound :)

I've only used LTE once. I'm in a non-LTE service area and my phones 4G is faster than my home Internet. Use phone more than PC

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

This is my first device which is 4G LTE capable. The LTE does make a bit of difference. On T-Mobile in SW Washington/Portlandia.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

I've actually disabled the LTE "band" on my Z10 and limit the network speed to 4G/HSPA+. With LTE on, the battery seemed to get drained a lot quicker.

Agreed. LTE service in Canada is mostly a joke and the battery drain is not worth the aggregation. I use 4G and WiFi.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

I easily get a day out of my Z10. Tend only to use the LTE when I'm driving to work though - to listen to internet radio.

On Sprint, definitely (at least in my area). Sprint's 3G tops out at 0.5Mbps whereas LTE ranges from 2Mbps (usable) to 30+Mbps (amazing).

Disqus doesn't work without wi-fi now: BB10.2.0.1047 - even 3G is not enough for it, even in London :|

[...] BBs always for young professionals - new BYOD hero:

4G is lte.

Unless you talk to the marketers a couple years back who decided to label 3G as 4G. (including HSPA)

Technically, lte speeds are still not true 4G, but that's a different argument.

Posted via CB10

Marketing Bullshit.
You are using UMTS (HSPA+), and depending on your provider, you will see that as "3G", "H+" or "4G". LTE is a different technology (OFDMA vs WCDMA) but still technically part of the ITU "3rd Generation Networks" because it didn't meet all the criteria of their "4th Generation". It does however meet the important one of being a pure-IP based network (packet switch only, not mixed circuit / packet like GSM, CDMA2000 and UMTS).

If you are (for example) on AT&T, your HSDPA rates will get to 21-42 Mbps (peak), whereas their LTE will give you 75 Mbps (peak). LTE on AT&T as well as VZW should be more power efficient than UMTS because they are using Bands 13/14 which are in the 700 MHz range. Requires less transmit power to cover the same distance.

If you've never used LTE then you would most likely say you wouldn't need/want it. I'll tell you though.... since i've had LTE, there is no going back, it's THAT much faster.

I love using LTE if I don't have wifi access. The only downside to LTE IMO is that devices tend to run hotter and drain battery power quicker.

Posted via Pilot's Q10

LTE is required just to stay current. If no LTE then is another nail in the coffin. BlackBerry would then look old and out of date. It is NEEDED not WANTED

Interesting question. I wonder if BlackBerry would be willing to put out a BlackBerry at an even lower cost without LTE. Even though my LTE coverage is pretty good, I can live just fine with HSPA+/3G. As long as it is fast enough for my use, I'm good.

While I have LTE coverage at my home office there is no significant impact on data transfer speeds which are pathetic compared to those reported on the forum but the speed of 4G is sufficient for me.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

LTE makes a *huge* difference on T-Mobile. Their non-LTE data service had horrible performance, horrible latency, and often would simply not work (despite having good signal coverage). With LTE, the service is very responsive and works very well. In other words, it works as well as everyone else seems to advertise that any smartphone data service should work.

LTE is unnecessary. Battery killer. I'll likely never use it until battery tech improves. In my region bits spotty and I can't even tell the difference. I can stream HD on my 3G just fine.

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LTE makes a big difference with web surfing. But if you really want to see its power, download something from BlackBerry World.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

I don't even use my cellular network cause nobody calls or SMSs me! Forever alone

Lol just kidding I'm mostly at home so I use wifi so I don't really have a need for lte, I only receive calls and SMSs

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I've got LTE in my entire area which is a vast improvement over the 3G by the house, 2G ten minutes down the road situation I'd been living with until my Q10. Say what you want about Verizon, but their LTE implementation has been brilliant. I've been everywhere from the mountains of Southern Pennsylvania to the California/Nevada desert and had a nice LTE signal.

I need LTE. That's why I have it. It's faster than a lot of my friends landline connections, albeit they're not on the top tier landline speeds though, but still - LTE is sweet. I love it.

One thing I noticed, however, is that my provider is advertising the Q5 as just "4G", and when I picked mine up, they even gave me "non LTE" sim card - which was totally weird. I noticed when I got home with it how they simply didn't give me LTE because they actually believed the device as not LTE. That's bizarre. Needless to say, the Q5 is LTE.

Posted via CB10

I have Verizon and love LTE. I am also on unlimited data (lucky to be grandfathered in) and there are many times where the LTE is faster than the available wifi. Also, my battery is no worse on LTE.

Me Too. Love my unlimited. On 4G LTE here in Daytona and it is faster than a sneeze or a blink. Lol. What's WIFI? lol. jk. I never use it though. The network is so fast and reliable and with unlimited data, well, wifi at this point just becomes a risk.

I like LTE when it works, I am in an area where it comes and goes. Works perfect at home where I mostly use my home Wifi but when out on the road about 10-15mins from home I have lost it. And what upsets me is that I questioned my carrier ATT about it and they informed me that all they provide is LTE service. My old 9930 on Sprint at times I would hit an area with week coverage but at least I could still make a phone call. Recently I was in a town 10mins from home and could get nothing zilch I was not very happy.

Posted With My Z10 or PB

ots1960 - have you tried setting your network speed manually?
Settings --> Network Connections --> Mobile Network-->Network Mode:
You should have options like:
4G LTE & 4G
4G <--try this?
4G & 3G

(I just read above that this setting may be locked down for AT&T folks) :(

When I got my Z10 it connected to 4G network, and a few weeks later Rogers turned on LTE in my area. I really don't notice a difference between the two. The biggest difference for me was the jump in speed going from my iPhone to the Z10.

I love LTE speeds. It's like being on you home WiFi all of the time. Plus, I don't feel AS bad paying the exorbitant AT&T prices.

Posted via CB10

Do we NEED always-on always-connected email in the pocket with GPS, Mapping, Internet?
But... as it's there....

Yes, mobile hot spot is free with my plan, and LTE came in handy when the hotel tried to demand $15/day for Internet access.

Posted via CB10

I almost never use LTE, but I do enjoy the faster data speed on HSPA+ that I get without the slow compression of BIS and faster hardware. The speed I get on my Q10 with HSPA is leaps and bounds ahead of what I got on the 9900, and that's good enough for me.


Posted from my brain to your screen via CBQ10

This is such a hard question to answer. I guess if the LTE network was further along in development then it would be more of an issue. The fact that in any given day I could spend more time outside of an LTE area makes having it useless. I do admit that when it is available it is fantastic though. I really enjoy the speeds for surfing and streaming. It does make a big difference then. For now I can get along with a 3G phone quite well.

I really like LTE speeds but I remember reading that is the reason or part of the reason we lost BIS. With losing data compression and the true push email i'd trade LTE speeds in for BIS on to get those features back.

If i'm wrong about that being the reason we lost BIS then I wouldn't want to lose LTE speeds obviously, it is quick!

No LTE coverage here, and only 150mb data anyway so useless to me. Just a battery waster.

Posted via CB10 on a Z10 root device!

I have LTE where I live and work so it's awesome to have those fast speeds when not connected to wifi. You can tell the difference when I'm somewhere with only 4g. It's not a big difference but it is a little slower.

via CB10 on my AT&T Z10

Turned LTE off on my phone, I live in an area with limited LTE coverage so my battery dies way too quickly otherwise. I can see why some people would want the speeds, and that it makes things like videochat, tethering, and downloads quick and easy. Having used both, I don't see a personal need yet, especially without cheap and plentiful data. Nice having the option to crank up the speed on an 'as needed' basis though :)

Posted via CB10

IM sure its great but with sprint im sure they dont know what LTE is, lol and since i am on sprint im out of luck

No LTE = useless phone for me. I'm on the go a lot and need the phone to perform. Also, until recently, I lived in NYC my whole life. So,by default, I have no patience to wait - for anything.

Posted via CB10

You know I wouldn't have said yes a few months ago. I was on Sprint and was generally fine with my 3G. Then I found out they weren't getting the Z10 and jumped to AT&T. I hit 50 mpbs once and just could not believe that I dealt with Sprint for so long. I'm cool with HSPA+. But LTE is always showing on my device so I gotta have it now

Posted via CB10

I have an lte plan, but they gave the wrong sim when I purchased my phone, that's been over 6 month now and have yet to get an lte sim. For me it's fast enough without, and I hear better battery life as well.

Posted via CB10

I guess it depends on where you live. Quite honest, we live in an era of technology where SPEED is essential for our devices. It seems like we need to be up to date or else we're not in the game. So yeah, LTE services are great and super fast.


While I do love me some LTE I do also wish I could shut it off and force 3G when I don't need it. Browsing is killa fast compared to my 9860.

Went to the UK....was using a 3g sim from O2.... hated using data as I'm use to my LTE speeds in Toronto. I didn't enjoy my z10 as much having to wait for data transfers etc. For people who don't have lte of course they don't miss it...because they don't know what they are missing but for me personally who has had lte since I bought my zed back in feb.....i couldn't see myself using it without lte... just isn't the same... even 4g is slower than lte in toronto

Posted via CB10

I personally don't use any mobile data. I'm already paying for Internet at home and my city has lots of public wifi. I only spend 25$ a month on mobile service before taxes.

Posted via CB10

The only thing I wish is that in areas where there is no LTE that my carrier would let me manually set what speed I want to be at. When I am in the country, away from the city, my phone struggles to maintain LTE, eats up the battery, when changing would be simpler and better. It's an AT&T thing.

Posted via CB10 via my Z10

Considering I am grandfathered into Verizon's unlimited data plan on 3G I don't really see the need for LTE.

I used to not care, because I had HSPA+ and it was fast, but then T-Mobile turned on LTE and it is so much faster. I wouldn't buy a phone that doesn't support it now.

Posted via CB10

I don't use it. We don't have full LTE where I am so it tends to use more battery then it's worth constantly searching for an LTE network, so I stick with 4G. Don't notice a huge difference

CB10'n it.....via my Z

In Germany and being on Vodafone, LTE (aka 4G) coverage is not good (at least where I tried it so far - and Frankfurt is not a suburb).

In general I am getting pretty good rates with 3G and I might drop the LTE part of the contract soon given the low value it provide.

LTE Speed is great when everything is working properly. I still find locations where the network says LTE, but you cannot get any data transfer and I will have to drop the network down to 2G to get any response.

Got my Z10 and promptly turned off my LTE. HSPA+ is plenty fast enough for anything I need to do (not streaming videos or anything like that anyway) and it protects my battery and my 1GB of monthly data.

I turn lte off to preserve battery life. Most of my use is email without large attachments. Works fine live this.

Posted via CB10

I moved from a huge LTE area (Los Angeles) to a non-existent LTE area (Anytown, Ohio lol) and all I can say is that my BB is still pretty fast with just 3G but I don't even worry about that because I am mostly connected to WiFi all day anyway.

LTE, 3G or 2G...... all I want is to be able to sit on the train from A to C without my call being dropped at B.

A reliable service is what I want.. and at the moment that's not happening on 3G, yet they want to jump to 4G!! I say, fix what you got before you move on to other things, or before you know it, you have a shed load of crap (says the dude sticking his WindowsCE back in the draw).

Posted via CB10 on my Q10 running

LTE is fantastic! Is it life changing? Perhaps not but I do see a difference moving out of an area that doesn't have LTE. Smaller data plans may consider disabling it though as you can rip through smaller data plans quite quickly.

Posted via CB10

I do have LTE in my home city. But I keep my Z10 set to HSPA+. The way I see it, the only thing I do on my phone on cell data is twitter, Facebook, cb10, and browsing the occasional website. All of that is done just fine without LTE.

I'm on bell with 2gb of data a month. So unless I am on wifi, I'm not streaming anything. I wish I could but I'd eat up my data in no time. But I bet it would be nice and super fast. Just not economical in this market for me.

Additionally, I work 100km out of town where (despite Telus claiming they are improving rural cell service and service along major highways, but when they say "rural communities" they mean Hamilton and nothing west of Ontario) I don't have any cellular service at all. So LTE does me no good there.

Posted via CB10

I have turned mine off. Adds about 30% to my battery life. I am usually connected via wifi for speed.

Posted via CB10

Yes LTE is awesome compared to 3G....
Cancelled my Comcast home internet service once the Z10 hit Verizon

Posted via CB10

LTE is far and away better than 3G. Things download faster no buffering for high quality video or HD video. The Internet is far more usable than with 3G. There is not much difference between LTE and 4G which is a very good thing.

Posted via CB10

When I first got My BlackBerry 10 we had LTE service where we lived, I couldn't believe that a cell phone could be that fast!

Posted via CB10

LTE sucks up battery like crazy, so I only switch to it when I tether, or plan to do some heavier downloading. Also it slows down phone calls since calling over LTE is not possible and thus needs to switch back first.

I'd rather have full bars and less battery drain by sacrificing some speed, than 2 bars, crappy battery and fast speed.

No need for LTE really. It would be nice to have but Bell won't let me use it because I have an unlimited data plan. HSPA+ is running at approximately 24Mbps down 2Mbps up in all areas where I use the phone the most.

Posted via CB10

Me too, they should show some love to their long term customers, I've been with them for 15 years.

Posted via CB10 using my Zed10

I have a grandfathered unlimited data plan with Bell and although they keep trying to sway me to LTE, I keep passing. The catch on making the jump LTE, means I'd have to give up the unlimited data. I say NO Thanks! Unlimited means more then a saved couple seconds on downloads. And once every other a$$whole on the planet is move to LTE, 3g will be lightening fast once again.

Posted via CB10 using my Zed10

I think LTE makes a big difference. I think it is just the beginning - it is going to get much faster. In fact the whole concept of streaming content will die pretty soon. If you can download a HD movie in a couple of minutes. Why go through the streaming model. Also, the idea of mobile computing will start taking off. You will start see really complex apps that network not the silly first gen crap we see. The question is will Linux or iOS be able to manage real high speeds. Will Samsung switch out Linux and use Android on QNX? Will Samsung go Tizon on QNX? Speed changes the whole game. This bodes well for real-time OSs.

What a useless question. That's like asking, do you NEED a cell phone. Of course, we don't need it but it's useful

Posted via CB10

I like having LTE for stuff like Splashtop and the odd download, but I find it too battery-intensive for general everyday twitter/email/instagram/googling.

I'd like a way of changing between 4G and LTE on the fly that's faster than the six-step process currently in place.

Posted via CB10

When I don't have LTE coverage I really notice a speed lag. Thank goodness Rogers has the best LTE network! Sorry America your service providers and updates suck.

Posted via CB10

My best wireless experience was staying in a cabin up in the mountains in Wales. The wifi was down, but my phone was getting near perfect HSPA+ reception so we tethered that to my laptop. Was more than sufficient for Youtubing, or reading webcomics, internet news, etc. Though I suspect that 3G data might be better in the UK than in Canada, I haven't looked into it enough to prove anything.

LTE I don't really notice a difference in speed with my day to day use, but coverage seems a little bit better.

Yes I have LTE where I live, and with 50 mbs down stream, it don't take long to eat up my cats cap.

Posted via CB10

I leave my setting on HSPA+ as a rule to same battery, only selecting LTE when I'm down loading a small appor I will be doing a lot of Web searching ( when WiFi not available, of course) . That said, when in my North Bay, Ontario home community, I really don't know if it's any faster. I'm just going on faith that it is. Virgin Mobile Canada. P.S. I'm shocked seeing the number of people on this thread who seem to think using LTE requires higher data usage.

Posted via CB10

I'm in NYC - I have LTE coverage most of the time, and all the time in my apartment, and I notice the difference from 3G. LTE is great!

Posted via CB10

I think it's pretty important that BlackBerry supports the newest technology as this technology will become standard in no time (3g was not long ago a unknow thing). In this way I think it's important for BlackBerry to support this new standard, as far as I see it I can't tell because I don't have a LTE subscription. I use sometimes the 3G and it's pretty fast to me ! BlackBerry needs to be one step ahead with cutting edge technology and avoid to use outdated Hardware, like we saw in the Z10 with the wifi-chip scandal !

Posted via CB10

No I don't need lte. It kills my battery and I need to get though a entire day on one charge. Once I leave my house I may only have generator power at the job site. Lte is great, but not practical for me. Z10 all the way

Posted via CB10

I will have to say most consumers will love the speed. LTE is the best can't wait until the next upgrade of speed available.

LTE is where it's at. Nothing better than to be able to download anything you need where ever you are.

Posted via CB10

I love the LTE on my T-Mobile Q10 but I don't need it, my phone works great even when not on LTE.

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Yep. Love the LTE. Although data does get used up. Almost through my first full month on the Z10, and I'll probably have used 1.5 Gb of data. That's with about half the time on Wi-fi. The biggest data usage is the occasional video stream, but I did that maybe 3 or 4 times on YouTube while on the mobile network, so it wasn't all that much.

I came from a 9800 on 3G, and of course we all know that with everything running through the BIS, it just slowed the data down to a crawl. I couldn't even stream a low rez video without it buffering for 4 seconds every 2 seconds. Now, it probably wouldn't do that on the Z since the NOC is out of the loop now.

But, I like what I have. I'm on AT&T and was able to grandfather my unlimited data plan. So even if I ever get throttled (at about 3 Gb if I remember right), I won't get charged overage.

Also, being on AT&T, I can't change the connection type. I get what I get based on coverage. We have a good blanket of LTE all around Baton Rouge, and I don't travel much outside this area on a regular basis.

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I think if someone watches a butt load of movies and streaming then yes LTE would make a difference but for regular users as long as there is 4G speeds I think it's fine. I get LTE in my area of NY and ATT is faster then verizons LTE here

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I guarantee, once you have LTE, you will want it. Whenever I drop to a lower connection OR my wifi, I miss the speed of my VZW LTE speed.

I like LTE. My only concern is the Battery drain. LTE is not fully build up here in Germany so my q10 switches from lte to 3g to 2g all the time. My other concern is the lack of Voice over LTE. It takes about 8 sec to start a call cause it needs to drop LTE (The Internet Connection is gone fully -- Downloads are canceled) and connect to a 3g signal. When i have a strong signal i get arround 70 mbit/s Down and 25 mbit/s up.

Lte is no doubt considerably faster. Do you wanna be in the left lane or in the far left lane. That sir is the question

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LTE is great. If I didn't use the wifi sharing at home as much as I do I'd shut off wifi most of the time.

Unlimited on VZW 4G LTE

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I live in a 4g lte market but keep it turned off. I don't need the speed and all it does is suck the battery. 3g+ is more than enough for me.

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I get ok coverage with LTE but I find I don't utilize it's speed so I throttle it back to keep this Q10 battery going even longer through the day. It is good for media and file transfers but I don't have enough data to burn through and Bell is expensive. I am on wifi 90% of my day most days.

You have to be kidding? What a dumb question. Go ahead and try to compete with a non-LTE device. If you think sales are bad now, BlackBerry as we know it would be non-existant by now.

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LTE is more of a want than. Need, ay least FOR NOW. When I bought my white Z10, I was looking for one with LTE but I couldn't find any so I opted for the Non-LTE after my bestfriend told me that I don't need LTE because: 1) We have Wifi 2) Not all places in Manila have LTE coverage 3) I'll spend more with LTE

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Lte isn't a big deal for me. I find it just drains the battery faster. I choose to run on slower speed and have longer battery life. Been running my 9900 lately which doesn't have lte and have not missed the speeds, or the z10 browser. Mobile viewing fine for me... Including

For me where LTE really shines is in BBM video ect. For most normal daily data ysage HSPA works just fine.

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Well my service provider only has a fledgling LTE network and the coverage area is still limited when compared to the major telecom players. So I almost never get LTE service on my Z10. My mother who is with a much larger carrier does quote frequently, but she has no idea about it nor does she care...LOL!

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I'm more of a reader, so LTE is not that much of a concern for me. But I'd be a liar if I didn't admit how awestruck I was with a 1.3 GB download in 15 minutes. But then again, I've always used a BlackBerry as my modem. And yes, it has worked for me.

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I promise LTE means nothing to the person who hasn't experienced it. I was super content with Sprint Unlimited [Slow] Data plan until I gave Verizon a shot. Sheesh, I can never go back to any less.

I have noticed that I have used way more data every billing cycle than I did when I was with Sprint. Normal usage with Sprint was around 350 mbs each month. Now, whether I've been on Verizon or AT&T, I'm using GBs of data for sure. Not complaining though...

LTE shouldn't be that big of a deal when dealing with HPSA or 4G, but for me, it is. This factor has kept me from adding a Nexus 4 to my collection of play things...Le sigh.

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time is money...lte is the way to go.

kind of funny that some people complain that one extra click or touch is slowing down their production and so i would assume that not having the fastest connection would also be counter productive for them

Unfortunately, I have the STL100-1 ):
Because the middle East version doesn't have 4G LTE .

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I'm not sure I notice the difference other than for video streaming and even then not sure it's that dramatic because I updated to a faster device at the same time. So, hard to tell how much value it's added to my life. I've noticed I sometimes Shut wifi off because data seems faster sometimes so maybe it is better as I don't recall doing that with 3g

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I'm in Victoria BC Canada, on bell. I've yet to see LTE on my Q10.

I wonder though, do I need a special SIM card?

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I turn it off. Will fire it back up once it doesn't gobble up battery and once data plans are unlimited.

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Calgary does have LTE for Bell Mobility, but it is still very spotty as I have had many dropped calls in the UofC campus. For what it's worth, the HD calling is fantastic with LTE. The sound is so much clearer. Internet is even faster, it's surprising.

The downfall would be the constant switching back and forth that my Q10 does trying to find 3G where there isn't LTE and vice-versa.

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No, but I don't need electricity or plumbing, either.

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HSDPA is perfectly fine - and even that can't be had everywhere...

I don't have a 4G plan and as I need to see how bin change my contract, I most likely won't have any 4G or LTE on the coming year either because those fees are extortion - compared to 3G.

I'd rather see 3G and HSDPA done right first - at an acceptable coat. (Currently 26 Pounds per month with 1GB of data, I can possibly halve that!!)

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I have lte in certain areas that I work, but honestly I have it turned off. I don't do much downloading with out wifi, and I find all lte does is drain my battery super fast.

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My device is always on LTE. My battery can't make it through a full day on LTE, but I charge it at the end of the day as I am leaving work so I can keep the fast speeds. I use gNewsReader and Blaq all the time and find that LTE makes a world of a difference for those applications. That and the browser as well.

LTE is mainly why I like the BB10 browser experience as much as I do. Difference in speed is incredibly noticeable.

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In The Netherlands we have 4G, not LTE. I can turn it on, but my contract doesn't include 4G so it won't work for me. 4G is being activated in The Netherlands but not all areas have it yet.

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Yes, of course. BlackBerry is currently being written off by most people as an outdated & dying phone manufacturer without it I'm sure more will write off BlackBerry.

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I just wanted to add a comment which is slightly off topic, since the thread asking the question "Why Do Carriers Suck So Much?" no longer accepts any comments...Hmmmm afraid much Crackberry?
No, they really suck that much! In fact they suck donkey balls! Especially in Canada where any competition and real consumer choice is but an ephemeral dream! There are only 3 real major players in Canada, Bell, Rogers and Telus. There were a few small operators that got swallowed up by these three and any that still operate can clearly feel their boot heel on their necks.

Now that the government is contemplating auctioning off new spectrums of frequencies and apparently Verizon has shown an interest in the Canadian market, what do you know surprise, surprise...Rogers, Telus and Bell have gotten their panties in a twist and are contemplating even going to court to stop any foreign providers from breaking their monopoly on the Canadian market and the stranglehold they have on Canadian consumers.

Canada constantly ranks, whenever any worthwhile study is done, one not sponsored by any of these companies, among the countries with the highest telecommunication fees. At one point only Japan and South Korea had higher fees than Canada.

We have ridiculously high fees, little choice or recourse when it comes to price competitiveness and variety of available services. Worst of all, since their monopoly has never been seriously challenged, these three lumbering telecom giants have grown and really slowed inovation and also upgrading their networks and Canada has fallen behind on that front despite having one of the highest rate of "connectivity" in the world...i.e. people using smartphones, laptops, desktops and/or being connected to the Net.

Worst of all, our pathetically weak federal government finally came up after years of customer demands and horror stories, with a so-called Consumer Bill Of Rights, making it a bit easier to deal with the telecom companies, somewhat levelling the playing field and offering some protection to customers. As expected Bell, Telus and Rogers will fight it tooth and nail...who the hell knows what is going on in Quebec...

I'm fully prepared for the federal government to cave in and water down the new rules...

Canadian consumers are really buggered!

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LTE matters....faster than my wifi at home with 25 megs download and a new EA4500 N Linksys router!...

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No point in using data. Cell phone carriers just give us a good butt raping if we go over our limit. Wifi is the way to go

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I don't need LTE, but I surely wants it. Only concern is that using LTE uses twice the battery as I would using HSPA+. On my Q10, with HSPA+ I can squeeze out 2.5 days with light use, while LTE I can only get 1 day of use out of it. LTE is supposedly already pretty built up in my area (Hong Kong), so I get LTE nearly everywhere.

And for saving data I didn't really care I got an unlimited plan.

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I have LTE but I choose not to use. H+ and 3G is fast enough and the battery last longer without LTE switched on.

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