CrackBerry Asks: Do you let other people use your BlackBerry?

By Adam Zeis on 3 Oct 2012 02:28 pm EDT
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Yes, this is kind of a random question, but I really want to know if I'm along in not letting people use my phone. If you didn't already know, I twlight behing a bar twice a week, and I constantly have customers asking if they can use my phone for a "quick call". My answer is always no, but often times my guilty-conscience gets the best of me and I'll give in. While I do have certain people (my wife, family etc) that I'll allow to use my phone, I really try to keep a handle on it and not lend it out to just anyone.

Back in the good ol' days when phones were just for calling I was more prone to let other people use it, but now that people can get on the web, check out your photos, play a game or whatever -- it's a bit more shady to just hand it over. I know that when I get my hands on a BlackBerry 10 phone I'll most certainly not let it out of my sight, let alone have someone "borrow" it. 

So do you let other people use your BlackBerry? Let us know in the poll above, then sound off in the comments! 

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CrackBerry Asks: Do you let other people use your BlackBerry?


i dont let people use it unless they need to make a phone call certain stuff that i dont want anyone to ahve access to i store on my bb as its so secure... whats the point of letting someone in to see it when my bb keeps them out lol.

h e L L M u t h a F u c k i n N o! Can't nobody touch my phone!
Not even if its locked.
Not even if its powered off.
Not even if the battery is removed.
Not no never!!!

I can count on two hands how many times I have left someone use my three BlackBerrys. My brother got so mad at me one time he called me a CrackBerry &*ck! Looking at it now thanks for the compliment bro.

I am willing to let others use my 9530 but I don't recall anybody actually asking except my best friend and that was only because his battery died.

Last time I let a stranger use my phone I never saw it again. It was at a party and I was drinking so yea I lost sight of it and forgot.

Family and close friends only.

I work at a verizon kiosk and I get people asking if they could use a phone to make a quick call. So I pull out my handy dandy blackberry Bold n I end up having to do everything for them because they have no idea why its spelling things out as they dial.

I only let family and friends use my phone, usually if they left their phone at home, have no reception, ran out of power, etc.

I've had a few strangers ask to use my phone, and I usually tell them I'll dial the number and relay the message on their behalf. I also block my caller ID when I do it.

There needs to be a Valet setting, only dial out use. It could be accessed multiple ways, including a different password at unlock. Then, you could tell someone the code to unlock, but it would just be to make calls.
(This multiple user concept should be implemented, its currently not).
Also one for your significant other, so pictures, emails and texts are locked but internet/ apps are open ;)

I agree 100% with the Valet setting, not so sure about a 3rd mode (2nd being totally open) with the pictures/emails/and text :p

There is always the risk of the stranger just stealing it all together (or trying to). Thats more what I don't normally let strangers borrow it unless it is someone in class or a friend of a friend.

You know that BB OS has this feature, right?

If your device is password protected, on OS7, Options -> Security -> Password, check box next to "allow outgoing calls while locked"

1) Did not know. thank you.
2) But what I want is not to give my keys to anyone who picks up my phone (sticking by Valet theme), just who I want to give permission to.

(e.g. I have a separate passcode on my house alarm for contractors, so I don't have to change mine all the time, just change that one), and it only gives access to certain parts of the house {in this case, phone})

My wife gets to use it for anything she wants. Otherwise, I will occasionally lend it to someone for a couple of minutes if they need to make a phone call (if they're from out of town and would be charged long distance, for example) but I'm always still near them while they make that call and then give it back.

not usually, and not very often do I let it out of my reach. But typically, no. No one can use my 9900. the playbook i'm more lax about, but i still am kinda weary about it. its fun to let people take the playbook, and then use remote control and mess with them. or if my friend happens to take my berry and hide it, i use protect to make a loud noise. always a good time.

but being in school with iphones, no one knows how to use my phone...

I chose 'a certain few'...but in general, no one touches my BB unless it's someone I really trust and they need to make a phone call for a brief moment.

I lost the love of my life because she could not understand and respect the fact that I would never ever let her or anyone else use my phone. At most, I would hand it over to her under "strict supervision" and I would intervene if she did anything "wrong". Seems silly now that she's gone, cuz I never had anything to hide...

I don't go snooping around through her business. Why she gotta be all up in mine?
For all I know, she COULD be hiding something, but I'm not dwelling on that idea. I don't be accusing her of it, and I certainly don't be looking for it. I stay out of her phone, her business, her "stuff".
I only take in what she's willing to share with me and go on that.
All I ask is that she does the same for me and show a little more respect for personal space.

:D you should come to my place then. people here tend to be very..ignorant about their things, lol. they put their stuffs everywhere and got confused all the time when they forgot where they put it lol. which made some of us very itchy to teach them a lesson because telling them not to carelessly put their phone everywhere proven to be useless because regrets always come after they lost it. so every time i see a blackberry lay on random table or couch etc, the owner will have a surprise in their accounts. random crazy bbm status, pranks facebook status updates or tweets, and the owner will be busy telling everyone that their blackberry has been hijacked because they leave their blackberry alone at public place (Office is considered a public place right? :D).

a blackberry should never be neglected even just for a second. a blackberry must be kept at our sight all the times. THIS IS SPA-er-BLACKBERRY!! those who leave their blackberry will be punished by pranks updates on their social accounts :p

but eventually the pranks ended when everyone locked their blackberry lol.

That's like letting another man touch your hat. Why not share your boots too.


No one touches my phone. I'm glad to show off my PB, but my phone is tabu.

Personal Details on mine but luckily for me people don't really know how to bring the memo's up.. lol

if i got something on there that i don't want to see then i'll say no.. if its my family i know they just wanna make a call at most as they might not have their phone on them but its friends you gotta be careful of their the ones who might start going through your phone. lol

I used to allow my niece and nephew use my playbool AND phone (for games) but I would cringe everytime they used them. Nowadays I just hide my electronics when they're over.

I was showing a friend a place off the map app and she said, "I keep trying to touch the screen and it doesn't do anything"...

In another occassion, I asked a friend to proofread a doc I typed up on my 9670, and the first thing she said was "how do I scroll around?"....touchscreens, ha

only for making phone calls, in which case, I dial, then lock the screen.

I don't let anyone else touch it. no one. never.

No one touch my PlayBook.
Reason: People usually press the screen too hard instead of a soft touch.

I get annoyed by greasy fingerprints as well. They then want to start comparing it to my iPad or whatever other tech gizmo laying around.

My PlayBook is my main PIM device. Even more so than my phone. It's only when I'm using it they want to kill my battery playing Angry Birds.

If someone needs to make a call and I know them or trust them then I hand it over. If I don't then I will dial for them, and put it on speaker and hold it up for the person. I have been known to pull the ol' "oh I'm sorry I'm out of minutes" to avoid letting a sketchy person use my phone. I will also let friends "play" with my phone if they want to. If they get into my "private" pics, well whatever hope they enjoyed the show!

It is not frequent but not exceptional in my work environment to hand the phone to a colleague or client's manager (or be handed a phone) to contribute or take over a discussion. Nobody bothers about it, we trust each other. I work in an industry where honesty and integrity are paramount, the worst a phone would suffer is a few fingerprints. Besides, if the phone or any other equipment gets stolen or damaged it simply gets billed to the job.

I don't have many friends or have anything incrimanating on my phone. If they want to surf the web or make calls and I don't need it. Go ahead. As long as I know you.

NEVER. Knowing my luck, they'd manage to delete my latest novel-in-progress off of the device in a freak accident involving a glass of beer and some butter.

Nobody ever asks, but if they did I'd say no. Asking to borrow a phone is like asking "can I fuck your wife/girlfriend? It's just for a minute."

Well, I only let people use my BlackBerry if they point at it and say "wow, that looks like such a cool phone! Can I see it?" I mean, a little publicity couldn't hurt.
But other than that, NO WAY. My phone can never be out of my hands or else I get nervous.

I had to vote "yes" but the only time I ever let anyone touch my BB is if I hand it to a family member or friend to maybe check out some pics or something, but I'm right there next to them. I'd never hand my BB over to anyone otherwise. There's no nasty stuff on my BB- yet.

Voted "only a few" because only band members, friends I knew/know for a long time and family can use it. Nobody else can. I don't need to risk having it stolen or anything done to it via social posts, etc.

I could use an old bluetooth headset/earphone to allow strangers to be able to make LOCAL CALLS ONLY and not long-distance, but I haven't bothered since I'm always using the wired headset and I bike frequently. Haven't had anyone ask to use it at all recently.