CrackBerry Asks: Do you keep the box when you get a new device?

By Adam Zeis on 13 Sep 2012 01:04 pm EDT
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I came across this thread in the CrackBerry forums the other day, and I chuckled a bit when thinking about the pile of BlackBerry boxes I have in my basement. I am a box hoarder of sorts - never finding a good enough reason to pitch my old boxes, "justi in case". From the looks of the results there I'm not alone either. I don't know exactly what it is, but something compells us to keep all the boxes from our precious BlackBerry purchases.

Are you a box keeper or do you easily throw everything out once you get a new device? Let us know in the poll above which one fits you best, then hit up the forums for more discussion.

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CrackBerry Asks: Do you keep the box when you get a new device?


Always keep the box and everything in it. When I sell my stuff used, you can get a better price and people appreciate paying a 'used' price and getting something that still feels 'new'.


Adds significantly to resale value since, come on, we know you are selling it when the next new device comes out. Also, put a BestSkinEver whole body skin on as soon as you get it. Then, when resale time comes, remove it and the device looks as good as new. I routinely get top dollar for my used devices.

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I generally keep the boxes and I really don't know why really. I currently have the boxes for my Evo, Bold 9930, Style 9670, Curve 9330, Nextel Curve 8350i, and even my old Nextel i880. The rest of them are missing in action. But I still have a drawer full of old Nextel phones. Including the following.:
Curve 8350i, Curve 8530 (Sprint), Curve 9330 (Sprint)
I205, i710, i730, i830, i870, i880, Motorola i1, and the Motorola Clutch.

Now what do do with all of them.

How could I forget the PlayBook. I still have boxes for all 3 of them :)

I keep them so I can sell it with the box when the next blackberry comes. Did it with pearl, bold 9000, etc. Have my 9900 box still to for when I'm selling before bb10 release

im odd only ever had 3 real devices iphone galaxy and BlackBerry i kept the iphone box cuz of the pin required to swap sims.... sold the galaxy 3 month after i got it and the 9900 bold case i kept so yea lol not really much on that.

sometimes i keep mine, sometimes I don't. I currently have the boxes for my bold 9930, curve 8350i ( Nextel ) curve 8350, 64gb Playbook, Playstation 3, and Nintendo Wii. and my last purchased Canon 60D. Mid Hoarder. lol

I keep ALL my Boxes for 15 days in case I need to return it,

I keep 2 or 3 of the boxes for Christmas time because cellphone boxes are well built and I can put other gifts that have crap packaging in them and wrap them

I always sell my old Berries when I can upgrade to new. Even when I buy a new phone the sale washes out what I pay up front. Therefore, I keep the box until it's EBAY time.

Keeping the box helps resale value. Also, I LOVE the Bold 9900 and PlayBook boxes. The Playbook one in particular was SO luxury!

Like alstate I "always" keep the boxes. Usually when I sell it on CL I include it. But when it breaks I still keep it. I found my iphone and iphone 3g box the other day when cleaning

I keep my box for a few months in case it needs to be returned.

I do not tend to sell my old devices because I use my last one as a backup in case the current one breaks. It also gets unlocked and lent out to others for the same reason. I also use the old one as my US phone for when I travel.

By the time the backup one is replaced with the next one in line, it is so old that no one wants it. I currently have a 9700 as my backup and the next older phone is a HTC Windows 5 phone. Anyone want it?

I always keep the box, at least until a while after the device is gone ;) I -just- packed my two PlayBook boxes (complete with all papers, internal boxes for accessories, etc.) for storage as I just can't part with them. Maybe if I EVER stop using the devices, then they can go. I also still have the original box, along with a lacquered, wooden "presentation" box, that I got when the 8800 (which is in the box, never used) was released at an AT&T launch event in NYC. :)

I keep the boxes around for a while for no real reason. I do end up eventually tossing them since I pass down my phones to family members.

Plus the AT&T boxes are crap. You only get the bare minimum in the box. If they could get away with not giving you a battery and charger, they probably would.

I keep mine for warranty reasons and for resale value. I can get twice as much for a phone with the original box then one without usually.

I save the boxes from all of my electronics especially phones, tablets, and laptops. I have every box from every phone I have ever had except for one prepaid because the package wasn't usable one open. That said I have never resold any of these gadgets nor do I plan to.

Always keep all original packaging. Take very good care of my devices, and want to make sure the person that buys it when I uprade feels as if they are getting the as close to new as possible.