Do you care if BlackBerry 10 devices have removable batteries?

By Adam Zeis on 26 Apr 2012 02:31 pm EDT
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I came across this post from our good friend Al Sacco yesterday, and it got me thinking a bit. BlackBerry 10 is heading our way soon and there are lots of questions left unanswered. In just a few days, eager developers will get their hands on the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha prototype device during BlackBerry Jam, and while we've been reassured it's not a final production unit by any means, it will give some sense of what is in store for BlackBerry 10.

One thing I love about my BlackBerry is that it has a removable battery. I like that I can charge up 2 or 3 spares when I'm on the go (at BlackBerry World for example) and easily swap out a new one instead of having to plug in to charge. I know many of you feel the same, but with devices like the iPhone, Droid 4, HTC One X and plenty of others heading the way of non-removable batteries, it leaves us wondering if BlackBerry 10 will do the same? BlackBerry 10 devices will be modeled after the BlackBerry PlayBook which itself has no removable battery.

So what we want to know is if you'll still want to use a BlackBerry 10 device with a permanent battery. I say if the battery life is good awesome then I have no problem, but if I have to constantly plug in my device during the day, it may be more than a bit frustrating. Let us know in the poll above, then hit up the comments for more.

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Do you care if BlackBerry 10 devices have removable batteries?


I like the removable battery for the simple fact that if my phone is frozen I can pop it out easily and reboot the phone. Not to mention yes the having 2 or 3 batteries is a nice option.

I think this is a bigger issue than simply having battery life. If BB10 devices don't need to be hard booted like OS7 devices do (often) then I could care less.

+1 to that

Mostly worried about the usefulness of battery pulls on OS 6.0.
If BBOS10 is more stable/ has a crash recovery set in place, I could do with a non removable battery (it wouldn't be a deal breaker)

That being said, I would prefer a removable battery; same goes for a lot of the hardcore BB users I know (but that don't have time for CB)

The PB has shown us the new QNX-based OS has ditched these hard reboots as @RenownedAnonymous alludes to above. That was actually an inconvinience and an archaic trait of BBOS.
The only other reasons/justifications for removable batteries were
1) Rechargeable batteries inevitably start holding less & less charge with each recharge cycle & need replacing.
2) Some people (I've never done that) prefer lugging several battery in name of ready spare juice. I'm sure nowadays they are a minority.
RIM needs to move with the times. Removable batteries are no longer a must as long as they can be made to last longer & support more recharge cycles.
Removable batteries wreak havoc with component packaging & I suspect bump up production costs as battery covers can not be used to contribute to device stiffness/rigidity. Another unwelcome side effect being heavy & bulky devices.
I really think a removable battery should be way lower on RIM's to-consider list for BB10.

While I agree the Playbook OS has shown you no longer need the hard reboots as often, the more I use Android apps the more I find myself restarting the Playbook to free up the memory leak. The Android runtime probably isn't the only culprit but it is one of the major ones along with the browser - at least this has been the case with our two devices.

The way I see it is that it won't kill RIM because that's what everyone's doing but for consumers, one concern would be that it would shorten the life of the phone substantially since the more powerful the system, the quicker the lithium battery is worn down as lithium battery loses capacity every time it is used and also has a pretty much fixed shelf life....the batteries were never meant to last, that's why they were never integrated into the equipments in the first place

The other components will certain outlast the battery substantially so that's sort of like wasting good components...since a lot of the users here on crackberry commenting very often uses older phones...

The main concern of the battery is that degrading happens usually around 3 months for normal consumers...while the battery may only have lost some of its capacity, if the battery barely lasted a working day, then it would not last a working day after a very short time...that would be a problem for a lot of users...

so solutions: either give us a huge battery that is so exaggeratingly powerful that even if the capacity started degrading, we would still be able to use the phone without worrying about power...or don't bother with ditching the removable battery...because I genuinely don't think general consumers cares about 3mm of slimness of a BB and swappable battery will certainly be valued above that....

If a BB10 device ever freezes in such a way that the BB7 devices did RIM will have failed. You should never need to reset your device, period.

haha - really? Never have to reset your device. Well that is rich. In my experience, every device should be reset occasionally. Now BB7 and earlier need resets way too often, but never?? I mean come...on....

Many unix systems don't need reboots for normal operation. You need ib if you have a hardware failure, and kernel upgrades. Even then some systems like Solaris may even support hot-upgrade for the kernel.
If you have an app that eating memory, and the os isn't handling that issue well, eg kill and recover without affecting stability, then there's something wrong with the os design.

Given qnx's track record outside the blackberry domain, and its design, this should be a rare occurance. If android player is chewing through the ram, it should eventually kill it. Could be just this specific set up with qnx that needs work.

Removeable battery; micro sd slot; app storage on sd slot; full Flash compatability; FFC; hdmi out. Lack of any of these, means that RIM has failed to learn anything. Given the rate of their production (or un-production); they don't have the luxury of holding ANYTHING back. These devices must take the best of what differentiated RIM and the best from other platforms and take them a step further. Trying to line up with what's currently available is not a winning strategy.

Three Things That Keeps Me Coming Back To BlackBerry OS 10:

1) Removable Battery. A 2nd battery for ensuring enough juice.
I *refuse* to buy a smartphone that dies on you in 18-24 months, because it is cost prohibitive to ask factory to replace built-in battery by then. Not environmentally friendly.

2) Keyboard. That infamous BlackBerry keyboard. Enough said!
(I want a horizontal landscape slider for the record.
Large 4"+ screens mandates horizontal keyboards, otherwise device becomes top-heavy and flips out of your hand).

3) Reasonable professional investment apps. For example:
Citi Foreign Exchange App--it is not on BlackBerry platform :(

I would say having a removable battery is preferable as it allows you to replace it over time if any issues arise. That flexibility alone is a great asset, and while no removable battery is "ok" it always urks me because of the loss of this.

+1000 And that right there is the main advantage of having a removable battery. I use to rock 2 batteries on my 9700 and have 2 on my 9900. But I find its usually more of a nuance then anything else. However after a year batteries start to die it's handy to be able to put in a new battery & keep on rocking :)

Yes, like the many, we need a removable battery. I like having a spare back-up for heavy usage as an option to swap, but if RIM goes built-in, that better be one kick-ass super charged battery that last a full days worth! ^DHB

I'd like to think RIM is at least smart enough to maintain the removable/replaceable battery feature of BlackBerry.

I don't think a removable battery is a must. Look how well iPhone and some Android devices do without one. That said, I'd really like some great battery life either way - at least 8 hours.'re joking, right?

Everyone I know with an Android of iPhone takes a charger with them so that they can plug it in anytime they're stationary for five minutes.

That's what you consider to be "how well they're doing"?

I love when my friends have to leave their phones behind because it is plugged in and all I do is a quick swap. Invaluable.

You.... you're joking, right?

RIM's market share is below that of iOS and/or Android, and shrinking (North America). I agree that a removable battery is ideal, however, slimmer designs can be had when moving to a fixed battery which would presumable allow it to be larger (e.g., Droid RAZR Maxx).

As for carrying around a charger, this seems commonplace in today's society of power hungry mobile devices. Luckily, RIM has signed on with the standard of microUSB which allows me to only carry one charger for many devices. Which I often use to charge my BOLD 9900, because its battery performance is stellar.

This is true however when iphone 4 first came out its battery life was impeccable running ios 4.0-4.1 i left a iphone 4 on and it lasted more than a week on standby. it wasn't until ios 4.3.3 where everything started going to hell.

Android has always been pretty s*** battery wise though.

I would gladly appreciated if RIM make this BB10 with a removal battery, in my part i have 3phones two 9810 and one 9800 my old BB9800 is always in the cradle charging, and as soon as i get home i swap the battery and put the used one to charge. in that way i reset the phone and clean it from all the use i had with it for next day to be fresh.
So yea that would be a good to continue with remove of batteries.
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The biggest benefit to having a removable battery on the berry is that removing it and putting it back is the only way to get the damn thing to work sometimes! Shocking that this is the case, but until they fix that, they HAVE to have a removable battery

Given my experiences with the PlayBook's OS, I'm pretty sure this problem will be non-existent in BB10. I seriously think the only real issue will be with battery life, both in terms of runtime and device longevity (they do wear out over time).

I'v had my PlayBook completely freeze multiple times.. Bezzle swipes doing nothing, etc. Most of the time holding the power button down for 20 seconds restarts it, but even sometimes, it doesn't.. I had to leave my playbook to just sit for 20 minutes for me to get a response out of it.. Sure, that time if I recall correctly that time it was the android player's fault, but still, it does happen.. Not as much as the BlackBerry, OS7 or anything tho.

I have had mine freeze but it always responds to the power button being held. It is a lot better than at launch in ways but I feel like they should just remove android player. Seems to be more trouble than it was worth. Not many good apps and it eats ram, causes hangs, increases os size, and its another thing for them to work on. Hope it gets taken out eventually.

No, asthetically it would be better looking without the removable battery. But, if they go that route, I want battery life to be akin to the Driod Razr MAXX.

If I dont have to pull it out to free memory, fine.

But its useful to have the option to carry spare batteries if you dont have the option to charge.

I'm torn...

a) if making it non-removable means they can shoehorn in a funny looking shaped battery that goes all day long, then i'm ok with it non being removable

b) not trusting that the battery will go all day, i NEED it to be swappable

c) going with removable keeps RIM strong to their roots in terms of going for utility first

d) making it not removable allows for arguably a better looking design.

so torn..... i just want BB10.

I'm more curious to see if you make the transition to an all touch device. You seem to really like your keyboard. Will BB10 be everything you hoped for with the first device launched?

To be honest I want a removable battery for that time when the battery stops holding charge as well. iPod did that.... or something similar but they wouldn't replace it -.-

I didn't like the playbooks non removable battery but I have yet to encounter a truly great tablet with a removable battery so I will let that slide.

I would like to think that a non-removable battery would make it easier to make a larger capacity battery and allow for a thinner device. RIM could always mix it up and have their flagship device have a keyboard, touchscreen, and removable battery (for the seasoned blackberry customer that wants an upgrade of a 9900/9700/etc) and a series of Torch/curve devices that have non-removable batteries with full touch etc. Personally my vote would be for a permanent battery but I wouldn't want to ruin it for those people out there that depend on their bb like a pacemaker and need that option.
PS to those who who depend on their extra battery option: there are portable battery chargers that u can bring with you that instantly charge your device (if RIM goes with the non removable one).

I wouldn't call it instantly. Battery swap is full power in minutes. Portable chargers are no different than plugging it into a wall, only slower to charge. You gain the flexibility of not looking for an outlet though.

additionally often such portable charging devices can damage the device-/battery.

for my old 9000 I had i mini-usb 1800mAh pack and when I charged the 9000 with it the charge where draining faster and also the second battery charge (then with the wall charger) was influenced. Also I know of one andorid device which got a kaputt battery of such a charger.

Of course a certified device could probably do no damage, if there is one for the plattform...

But for a non (easy) replaceable battery I would be very worried about it.

I don't care on the one major condition that my battery can last at least a waking day, say 16 hours, of moderate use. If the battery is as bad as my 9900 or worse like many high-end Androids, I definitely want a removable battery so I can buy a spare and swap.

Manufacturers of cell phones have lost the purpose of people's need of cell phones when you read some are hoping for an 8 hour battery life. I have an older phone that is as reliable as the day is long and doesn't need to be plugged in every day. I know it's not good looking but the guy at the other end desn't care if he gets what he was waiting for.

For the ones who don't care about being able to swap batteries, you have obviously never had the luxury of having a spare battery & charger. Try it out and see how good it feels not having to ever plug your phone into a charger if you don't want to.

The people who think you need to be able to do a 'battery pull' with BB10, that won't be necessary on QNX devices. Take the PB for example.

From what I have seen in j the UK these "popular" phones are used by people whose device usage is 1 email address, facebook, twitter and they are a fashion, status. I have 3 email addresses a sync'd family calander, a few rss feeds plus my bluetooth lives on.

I need to keep spares AND it means my. Device last longer than a faulty battery.

Thank you. I was thinking the same thing. IMO, to accurately read these poll results, you need to compare #2 against the sum of #1 & #3, otherwise it looks like removable battery wins by a large margin. With all that said, I like hamburger B :)

MUST HAVE a removeable battery.

I always have a fully charged backup with me, especially when I travel.

Sacrificing battery replacement for fashion is not a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

I hope they put the magnetic connect charger with it like the PlayBook. Then you can do a quicker charge.

Do whatever you want with the upcoming BB10 slab phone but for Gawd's sake make the BB10 qwerty Bold with a removable battery

Even if a sealed battery is great, I prefer a removable\replaceable battery.

I see posts above mentioning aesthetics and thinner doors. Aesthetics be damned, I rather have a ever so slightly thicker phone and have the versatility of being able to swap batteries or purchase better ones. Batteries do go bad, (granted not all the time.) would you rather have your whole phone down and have to wait for a replacement, have to take it somewhere for service or have the ability to just go get a new battery and get on with your life?

I'll take function over form.

Good poll topic question, but terrible options as answers. Two of the options are the same, No and maybe are worded the same why. Just ask "is a removable battery absolutely necessary? Yes/no". No need for the thrid option as people have their own reasons for saying it is absolutely necessary or not. Now you are going to get a result that splits the non necessary side giving a slanted response that will give the impression that a batttery is necessary!

Considering that on their current phones that you pop off the backing cover to get access to the SIM card, micro SD card AND the battery, eliminating the replaceable battery would be really stupid. Unless you're going to rejig the entire phone somehow to have access to micro SD cards/SIM cards via side ports?

Having a replaceable battery is one of the main reasons I bought a Blackberry in the first place (besides their high quality physical keyboards).

Seriously, don't mess with a good thing.

Definitely a deal breaker for me, part of the reason I still use a BB, if they seal it like the iPhone, I will switch to Samsung reluctantly and put up with the overheating in my ears !

I need 2 days from a battery and ability to carry a spare, seems silly that some phones have gone the way of sealed it is just a way for them to get more revenue, costs $125 to bring in your iPhone to replace the battery.

Lets hope RIM stays true to what made them successful !

I like the idea of being able to remove the battery, for one the odd time a battery pull may be the article states about having a few on hand for a hard days use. It also make a devide a bit more water resistant by having only one compartment on one side. Having more for a SIM, and a SD card means more cracks in the 'seal' so to speak...and it looks more clean. My 9860 is IMHO the best looking, and sleekest phone on the market...and one thing that makes it this way is by having everything under one cover. Also BB's have always been about options (among other things) and keeping the battery accessible just keeps with this.

BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 1.xx.xxxx

two is one and one is none.

Why not provide it? So we have to get an expensive upgrade if it fails? or more non-standard chargers?
Swapping out batteries is a great thing. Why would you not want that.

If you have a power outage or travel you'll see how important this is.

I want a removable battery, but I'm more concerned with a possible lack of microSD card slot. Anyone hear anything on that?

just for the sake of tradition I'd like to have a removable battery. what would the blackberry be without a battery-pull?

removable battery is value added which makes BB10 different compared to other smartphone.
also microSD is a must since all android phone has it.
if RIMM still thinks to compete with competitor they should provide more feature but
not discounted any less than what every other smartphone has.

Although the iPhone doesn't have a 'spare' battery they have plenty of alternatives to charge your phone while on the go. Probably around the same size(not depth) as a Bberry battery. It works on my iPod touch quite well. As long as I don't need to battery pull like i do on my 9850 i don't need an exchangeable battery.

Not having a removable battery is one way the iPhone fails (although the newer ones are reported to have a removable battery). No, you should not have to reset your phone with a battery pull, but thank goodness for that option.

Removable batteries are a must, in my opinion.

If the 9900 had a non-removable battery it would have been one hell of a problem for RIM. I would have returned mine even earlier than I did. Battery life is critical and since so many current smartphones do not provide sufficient capacity batteries while also being power-hungry I have no interest in buying a phone that I cannot swap a fully charged battery into.

I care, I prefer a battery

a) it's RIM, I need to know I can to a hard pull ;p

b) a second battery charged is always good to have

c) after a year or two I can replace the old one and have fresh battey life without sending my beloved device to RIM (and I doubt support there where I life) to get a way overpriced replacement.

Blackberrys and battery pulls are like bread and butter. New devices have sealed batteries now a days but legacy devices like BB will always need to have removable batteries for the old battery pull.

If there is no removable battery, you will have to pry my torch out of my cold, dead hands. Period. I will not be forced to carry around a charger for fear of battery issues, especially since I bridge my PB to my phone and use a BT headset. Nope.

I currently change my battery halfway thru the day, which resets/refreshes my 99xx plus I never have to plug my phone in.. I guess because I do this daily my phone literally never freezes up or has to be rebooted.. I'd like to keep it this way with future BB10+ devices,, but if they decide to go the other route and have a non-removable battery it won't be a deal breaker,, but I hope they make sure to use a kick-ass battery, and also have a way to reboot the phone.. I don't think they will make it have a 'fixed' battery,, really it doesn't make the phone that much thinner,,
Also like someone else mentioned earlier in the comments.. Having a magnetic charger like the PlayBook rapid charger would be a awesome idea/feature..

I would prefer a removable battery. That way if it starts not to hold a charge, like my last one did, I can just pop it out, and get a replacement, rather than disassemble the device, or take it to a repair center.

If they can come up with a Battery case to hold the Battery to Charge without any USB plug ins like Apple or Android have for theirs, I'd be happy. However, RIM needs to make the best Battery power there is for those who want theirs to last for days and days. Most people want to get in 12-18 hours with one charge. - I get this amount of usage and so If RIM can pull this off with BB10 we will be seeing a Hot Seller!

The guy that sits next to me at work said last week that his iPhone 4S might as well be connected to a landline, as his phone was dying on him with his charger left at home.
I don't believe that critical business devices should have sealed in batteries. The sealed in battery has been one of my main arguments agaist the iPhone but it looks like I may have to swallow that if RIM goes sealed in with BB10 as I will almost certainly be buying one at the end of the year.

I have 2 spare batteries and really like the option of slipping one or two into my backpack. The 9930 battery is not heavy at all. I use the battery recharger that makes a nice case to carry it in. If BB has no removable battery I might think about the Razr max.

I've always been a proponent of the removable battery. I don't want to have to send my device away for something as simple as a failed or failing battery. I actually loved my old 8900 Javelin in that I could swap batteries on the go and I could even use it without a battery by just plugging it in to a charger or the USB of my computer. When I got my 9900 I was not impressed to discover that the phone doesn't work when plugged in without the battery. That means that if the battery should fail, I will not be able to do a simple boot up and backup without another functioning battery. This is a problem waiting to happen in my opinion.

With my PlayBook, the lack of a removable battery will undoubtedly cause me a problem in a few years. I guess I'm expected to purchase a new one before the battery dies. I wouldn't count on that. I get the benefits to RIM in designing it within the case. I only wish those benefits were passed on to the user. Since the battery is always there, it can be assumed that part of the device could always be on, resulting in instant boot up from off. This is clearly not the case, as the boot time on a PlayBook is typical BlackBerry and seems to take forever, so I don't really see much upside to me the user.

My phone is much more critical to me than my PlayBook. If I were going to be in a situation where I knew that I would be either unable to charge for extended periods of time or I thought that I would be power-using my device on the go, I strongly wish to continue the ability to swap out batteries.

I also find the space between the battery and the cover is an awesome place to keep a guitar pick without losing it!

I was on the fence about this at first, but after reading through a few of the comments, some things made sense. Yes, being able to open your phone and take out the battery, or just tinker with its guts in general, should be my choice and not dictated by the manufacturer (maybe I just have control issues, idk lol). But on the flipside of that, a one-piece shell would add strength to the structural integrity of the device (I don't know how many times I've accidentally bumped my 9850 off a table only to watch in horror as the battery and battery door go flying apart from each other).

My only worry about bb10 is: will I have to worry? Who knows. I never remove my battery anyway, I use quickpull to reboot while I'm asleep and that works well enough for me. Haven't had any issues with os7 that required me to pull the battery; and I fixed the loose battery cover by placing a folded up piece of paper between the battery and battery door in addition to taking a pair of pliers and bending the hook ever so slightly so when it snaps in place, it isn't going to come loose.

Build a solid device and make qnx as rock solid as possible. After that, will you still care if you can remove the battery? I know some of us long time users will have some seperation anxiety as battery pulls are kind of a "safety net" just in case of emergency, so its something we'll have to get used to. If rim is confident with having a "permanent" battery installed, then I support their decision. Just have it ready by october! :)

No swappable battery and I'm gone. I will never use another phone without it. The reason for having a mobile device is to be mobile first. Cut the cord.

Battery pulls to reboot phone = design flaw. A power off button will do please! I'd rather never have to dismantle again my phone on the subways when my bberry crashes. Seriously, it makes the phone appear to be crap when a regular step to "fix" the phone is to yank out the insides.

Public displays of phone malfunctions should hopefully be avoided with the new BB10 platform.

Having a removable battery is very important! First of all it's nice to be able to put a second battery in when the other one gets low because the battery life for one battery doesn't last a full day. And also BlackBerry software freezes sometimes, so we have to remove it or reset the phone for it to work.

My first choice was yes to a replaceable battery but then I realized that with each of my last 3 BBs I purchased a spare battery and never used them. So I switched to NO. I always have some form of a charger with me, on my desk at work, in my bedroom and living room at home and in my car. When I'm not using the phone it charges.

This being said the only reason *I* see to be able to change the battery is if it goes bad.

this is actually really funny this post comes up today. I was at work today around lunch and wondering about if i would switch to a phone that didn't have a removable battery option. I love being able to have a spare battery waiting in the wings to use especially since I spend a lot of the day out side the office at the fields and away from power to just charge up my phone and still have it on me.

Removable batteries are so 2011. Get used to it people! The trend today is is sealed batteries and no more expandable memory.

Darn the battery pull, since my 9930, i haven't done one yet (other than battery change) however there better be a removable battery, that is a deal breaker for me. That's why i carry two batteries b/c one will not do, I don't have time to stop and plug, and its no big deal to carry an extra battery in my pocket.

I am on the road a lot and travel. I don't always have access to a charger so I always travel with a fully juiced spare.

I go through 3 or so batteries a day on my 9900. As in, I own two, but I'll swap up to 3 times a day. I'd second guess buying any phone with no removable battery

Started a thread on this a while back and only got two replies! Glad I am not the only one who wants a removable battery and sd card.

If you can't remove the battery on a BB, then you will spend most of your time looking at a brick...instead of a slow working brick it usually is.

At work i see people constantly charging there driods, but my 9860 last a good bit depends on usage i usually charge on car charger during my lunch or break depends on usage. i would rather have the option to change or replace battery if needed

I say a big yes since I had to pull my battery today because my phone decided to no longer be able to answer or make phone calls. Wtf!

I would say that having a removable battery would be nice BUT not a deal breaker.

For one, I've never truly needed a second battery, not for my own personal usage anyway.

Second, anyone who owns a PlayBook (which is supposed to be an early iteration of the next BBOS) knows that a so-called battery pull is NOT needed to perform a full device reset, not even with a full device software lockup; all that is needed is to press and hold the power switch for a few seconds.

I would like to have the battery removable on at least a few of the new BB 10 devices, if not all of them, for tradition's sake, at least. If batteries become non-removable on a particular BB device that I'd want in the future, I hope that there is enough battery capacity to keep up with a full day of heavy usage...

I use mine while on overnight or multiday hikes and when my friend's iPhones are DEAD I just pop in a new battery and I'm still going. They depend on me to look up GPS waypoints while we are out since they can't. I suppose I could just buy a solar charger but that would add weight to my backpack so I would rather have the spare battery option. It also helps when I am in an area with crappy reception and it drains my battery. No worries, just pop in the spare. I really think that is an area that BB does not have to emulate Apple. Finally, why be forced to buy a new phone when it no longer charges? I'd rather just buy a new battery.

Of course ill take removable battery. Its a lot easier to reset the device. Plus i dnt want to use my phone while its charging.. The cord can be annoying you know. Its way better to be able to swap.

When I was switching from Blackberry to an iPhone 4S, I thought this was going to be a problem.... no removable battery. You see, when ever I would buy a Blackberry, I would ALWAYS first buy an extended battery plus I would have my original battery. There would be no downtime. Fortunately, things are different when... 1) The phone OS is stable and 2) The battery can go throughout the day.

If they can get this with BB10, I say screw it, get rid of the removable battery. Other solutions will be made like the Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone.

non removable is fine. People will deal with it. People with iPhones have no problem with it. If it makes the device thinner, then I'm all for it.

You guy's have it all backwards. For me i don't mind as you be replacing the device long before the battery really dies. Just get a universal battery pack and charge while you use instead of spares. People treat these phones like if there were computers. The only reason you would want to have spares if you bought an unlock phone.

How many people really pay full price when you can signup for a contract to get that smartphone. You pay more on the contract itself than that smartphone which is why most consumers don't care. Phone upgrades is almost like buying clothes lol.

I need a phone w. a physical keyboard because I have a hand tremor. BB has the best physical keyboard.
So, assuming at least one model will have a keyboard - I am 99% certain I would not buy any phone w.o. a replaceable battery. My business (self-emp) requires I be in contact at almost anytime. On the few occasions where I might be on a couple hour long calls in the morning, I wouldn't want to be concerned the phone would die at 4:30PM. W. my 9700, there are a couple times a month I need to swap out a dead battery.
And batteries do die. What happens when that happens? I assume you are w.o. a phone for a day or more while you find a place that can install a new battery. People w. ipods had (have?) to do that. I don't know any business people w. iphones - so i don't know what they do.
I just use the BB for voice, moderate email, maybe 10-15 texts a day. When traveling I'll make use of reading a book I d'ld fm. Amazon, read news articles, and make use of Google Maps here and overseas. I do use Pandora fm. time to time.

Batteries are, in fact, the most unreliable part of modern phones. I think this is why manufacturers want non-replaceable batteries - after a couple of years your expensive phone has lost a lot of its battery capacity and now you either have to pay $extortionate to replace it or get a new one on contract. So it keeps up the churn.
I didn't worry about it for the PB because I expect that tablets will rapidly evolve and I will want a new one in a year's time. But faced with a choice between a fragile, expensive to maintain iPhone with occasional signal acquisition problems and a tank-like BB with swappable batteries that can make calls in marginal signal areas, anyone who has (a) an active outdoor life and (b) a functioning brain has only one rational decision.

Wow...please don't take away removeable batteries that's one reason I stay with blackberries. Life everyone else has stated we need battery pulls to stay afloat in keeping our devices running smooth, and I like having my back up battery so I'm consistently up and running...if that's the case I will stay with the older bold devices...and I really dig the phone with qwerty keyboards anyway.
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RIM is unvailing new technologies, lets hope battery innovation is apart of it. I like the way playbook handles it. A hard reset simulation can be accomplised with the power button and volume keys. Which works all the time, otherwise its a user error. Also i would like bb10 to come with real premium materials and i dont want to have to be removing battery which would ultimately wear the door. A rock solid days worth of juice from heavy usage should be suffice for consumers.

Thats BB problem.... Why nobody care to iphone for the battery.... The phone hard and software have to be good and battery too....i love my blackberry but since OS 7 the battery life ia to short....BB was the master of battery life.....please RIM weakup please......i need to type with your great keyboard thats why i dont change to iphone or..........

Blackberry OS 10 with front camera , full HD....battery fix and the best life market please no chance for the future appworld...

Quality of hardware minimum like bold 9900 ...or better... OS update the same date around the store for all the user around the world....BB need to give as the feeling that we are a big family around the world same ios or android...... Dont let loose us also against windows phones...they do also a great job volks..

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anyone ever thought about the security issue?

I don't know if I am the only one who hast to take it out from time to time during work or meetings but this is something that is really important to me.

I like the removable battery, a lot of times the battery dies out before the phones usefulness & then where are you left? You could be where my friends with iphones are & have to go to the apple store to have it serviced, but since I have NO idea where a Blackberry/RIM store is here in Florida I guess I'm S.O.L. I'd much rather be able to pick up a new battery IF I'd ever need to or be able to keep a 2nd one on hand if that be the case. IMPROVE the removable battery, don't do away with it.

If they give us a battery that holds more than 8 hours charge and doesn't need pulling out daily to fix the POS software that keeps crashing, then it doesn't need to be removable. If they're not going to fix those issues, then I don't care if the battery is removable or not because I won't be getting another BlackBerry.

Coming from a BB device that sometimes needs a battery pull, I think that having a removable battery would go a long way in my comfort level with upgrading to another BB device, even if BB10 doesn't need battery pulls like older devices.

Maybe 2nd generation BB10.x devices could do away with the removable battery, although I like the capability of switching out to a second battery during the day, if needed.

I am leaning slightly towards Team Removable Bateery, however, if I never HAVE to do another battery pull, it will be too soon. If I was a developer I would develop an app called Digital Enema, which would perform the function of a hard reboot/battery pull, without the hassle. 24 hour battery that does not need to be pulled --- yeah, I'd go 3mm extra thickness for that.

I am leaning slightly towards Team Removable Bateery, however, if I never HAVE to do another battery pull, it will be too soon. If I was a developer I would develop an app called Digital Enema, which would perform the function of a hard reboot/battery pull, without the hassle. 24 hour battery that does not need to be pulled --- yeah, I'd go 3mm extra thickness for that.