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CrackBerry Asks: Do you buy movies from BlackBerry World?

By Adam Zeis on 4 Dec 2013 10:06 am EST

With all of the great promos BlackBerry is having leading up to the holidays, many users are grabbing some awesome movies at steep discounts. A slew of titles were knocked down on Black Friday and BlackBerry is continuing their promotion with the $.99 Winter Sale. There are some great movies available on the cheap, making it easy for users to add some titles to their media library. 

I've personally never been one to buy too many new movies on my device as I don't really watch them frequently, but I did grab a few this past week. We're curious to know just how many of you actually buy movies from BlackBerry World though. I'm sure that many love the convenience of a few taps on the device to get your movie fix while others may go with alternative methods (whatever they may be).

Drop your vote in the poll below letting us know if you do or don't buy movies from BlackBerry World, then hit up the comments and let us know why you do what you do. 




Yes I have a few movies

Posted via CB10


I wont "buy" but will download the free ones that are on offer. I had too many issues with Rovi on my PB and it left a sour taste in my mouth.

Just Me

I'm with you. Rovi is not the easiest to deal with. I still down understand why I can't download the movie on my laptop.

Need some pow.


I keep downloading movies them and it's completely frustrating. The only reason why I do it is because I spent the $$ on a 64 GB Tablet for a reason! But I hate that I can't even put the movie on my phone and viceversa. It's a damn BlackBerry product! So lame and frustrating. It's honestly kind of a big waste of money. The good thing is I have the HDMI cable and put it to good use. But still. I hate not being able to not @ least have it on both devices. Can anyone tell me if Pavtube can strip and covert the file? The movies on Rovi are more expensive than any other digital store. And @ least with Amazon or Vudú I can get on more devices (BlackBerry not included)

Posted via CB10


It's a shame that BBRY uses these sub-par services. I've been using BB phone for nearly a decade now and as sad as it is to say, I've given BB10 an honest shot and I think I'm just not really interested in looking for work arounds and dealing with these type of services. Do you value your customer or not? I hate the ideal of becoming an iSheep but if I buy a movie or music from them on their devices, it's on every apple product any time. I complain about Apple prices but I have two 64GB PBs and they're as good as they're going to get. Looks like the real waste was spending the money on BBRY product. The only reason I didn't make the switch to iPhone (or Android) is because I received the Q10 at zero cost so I was willing to use it (just like I am willing to download free content from Rovi). But to spend money on it? Nah, I think I'll pass. I'm hoping that BBRY will be strong again in the future and will be happy to come back but I think my next move will be to the dark side. I just wish they had an iPhone with a physical keyboard!

Prem WatsApp

Get that clip-on landscape keyboard with bluetooth for your iThing and you're set

My name is Prem, and I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Prem WatsApp

Did I say ... e b a y

Hope your "leave" to the iWorld is only temporary.

My name is Prem, and I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...


Wasn't aware that there was a landscape BT keyboard. I'll have to check that out. Thanks. I hope that the move will be temporary too. BB had just a great thing going. BB10 sure has the potential.


For 99 cents I do...

Posted via CB10



You are now in my Bingo Book


Exactly!! I wish I could buy most of them that are being offered for $.99 but I only have so many micro SD cards and it is a PITA to have to keep transferring them back and forth.

Posted via CB10


You can get a 64 GB microSD from Amazon for $50! 50% off. You should be happy you can add more flash storage to your BlackBerry. iPhone users can't.

RP Singh

Really ? And people buy Apple Iphones anyway?

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF


I brought this up with one iPhone user. His response was that a person doesn't need memory cards when they have the cloud.


My sister in law said that until she ran out of the free space and had to pay for more. Not to mention the streaming charges if your already limited on space and in an airplane.

Posted from a phone....


Issues with that:
When you use the cloud you pay for the trafic (unless on a wi-fi but you are supposed to use you phone when you are on the move not at home)
Storing personal stuff on apple's servers? (or anybody else's servers for that matter of fact) that is not wise...

Definitely having memory cards is the way to go!

Posted via CB10



Posted with Z30 via CB10


Exactly! I bought a few. I only watch a movie once and for 99 cents, you can't go wrong.


Even for $.99 - No . The DRM is too restrictive for music and movies.


Yep. Normally no way because of the DRM, but at $0.99 even if we just watch it once, I may as well.


Beat me too it. For. 99 I'll buy them all day.


Five of these so far. Had to get a 64g because I don't see myself not buying the cheap ones.

Posted Via my second Z10


There isn't a "haven't yet" category on the vote list!


BlackBerry doesn't provide movies in Asia Pacific

Posted via CB10

zeon mohamedd movies or music store in Asia........i hope It come the near future

Posted via CB10


I get music in Australia, but no movies.

Posted via CB10


Same in the EU :(

Posted via CB10


Not available in the EU

Posted via CB10


no movie store here in germany


Might be tempted to, but movies aren't available on BlackBerry World Italy

Posted via CB10


Doesn't provide movies in my area either.....

Posted via CB10


Useless if you don't say what area...

Posted via CB10


Yep. All the time. I rent more often though.

Posted via CB10


no movie in china.nothing available here....

Posted via CB10


Just ordered a mini HDMI cable from CrackBerry on Cyber Monday to start buying.

Z10 and Q10

Posted via CB10


Ooooh! That didn't even occur to me. I'm thinking about buying the Q10 and was assuming there'd be zero reason to buy a movie with that size screen...buuuuuut oh yeah, that totally works.


Plus you can 'PlayOn' if your have a smart TV or DLNA BlueRay Player...

I have the DLNA BlueRay from Sony, it works well. I can even have a phone call while streeming the movie over WiFi.


I could never get my DLNA to work with my  Z10. Got it to work on my wifes old GS2. She know has iPhone.


No, I don't want to watch on a tiny screen.

I do have a micro-HDMI cable, though. Will the purchased movies play over that?

Motorola V3xx --> Nokia E63 --> Nokia N900 --> Nokia N9 --> BlackBerry Z10


Certainly...just plug your Z10 to your tv through HDMI and enjoy.

Posted via CB10


You can 'PlayOn' if your have a smart TV or DLNA BlueRay Player as well.


+1... I PlayOn all my recorded movies on my 55" smart TV, works awesome.

Posted from my Q10!


when they're 99 cents, hell ya i do



Posted via CB10


Me too.

Posted via CB10


I probably would if it where available in Sweden.

Posted via CB10

James Juliano

No movies available for BlackBerry world Philippines.

Posted via CB10


Ain't Nobody Got Time For Dat

Posted via CB10


No because I can't download the same movie on the PlayBook as well as z10 at the same time.

How come iTunes can do that?

Posted via CB10


Download it to your media card (apple doesn’t have). Then just transfer the file to the PlayBook via Wireless connection over your local wifi. Again something apple can't do

Posted via CB10


For 99 cents why not? Haha

Posted via CB10


Not until now that there are some great offerings for the $0.99 special price.

Unlocked Z10 on AT&T, OS


I purchased a couple but now I realize I can't transfer them to my PlayBook or other media devices (PC, PS Vita, PS3), I'm thinking of not.
But for $0.99, can't be beat

Posted via CB10


You can transfer them to your PC (I download them to my Micro SD card and then move them to my PC), you just can't watch them on your PC. Still is pretty cool to have a handful of movies on my Z10 that I can connect to my HD tv and watch..

Posted via CB10


But can you then transfer them from the PC to a PlayBook and have then play on the PlayBook? I tried it and it wouldn't work die to rights issue. Still, I guess transferring then from a phone to a PC frees up space on phone, and is especially important since these 99cent movies have to be downloaded by 1 January 2014.

Posted via CB10


Hold up. So the movies don't play on the PC will they play on my Kindle fire. Are they just stuck in my BB only to play on the tv with a HDMI. smh. Here i thought i was getting a deal.


Movies are not available in France.


Not available in my country...

Posted via CB10


I can't buy movies from BlackBerry World!

Posted via CB10


I didn't before. But for. 99 cents you can't go wrong.

Posted via CB10


Now that they are a dollar, of course!


I don't buy movies because it's not supported in my region, Saudi Arabia.

Posted via CB10


Picked up a pile of the 99 cent movies for both my Playbook and Z10. Moved them onto my computer to make room. But in have to say I had previously rented a few movies and TV shows from BlackBerry World. Use the HDMI to the TV and all works well.

Posted via CB10


I bought Sky Fall for $0.99 last weekend and watched it on my TV through HDMI. I'd consider buying more if the price is right. Download was fairly quick & quality is very good.


they are more expensive then walmart. if they a a few bucks $1 or $2 i would. its just as easy to download off vuze for free.



I'm MongezaurioBerry


Won't buy movies that are tied to my device or chance! I need to be able to move them to my computer, PlayBook, etc so I'll keep buying dvd's and ripping them myself, or even buy from iTunes.

Posted via CB10


I have and love the HDMI output. Great for when I'm traveling.

Posted via CB10


I purchased 1 movie but it wouldn't let me download. Emailed BlackBerry World support and have not received a response

Posted via CB10.


I have about 3 movies loaded

Posted via CB10


I would like to but no clue if those movies are HD or not


They're full HD.

Posted via CB10


What a stupid question made just for The americans because only There i think you can buy movies from BlackBerry World in Europe Asia india Africa you cannot

Posted via CB10


Bratravzan, you can buy movies in the UK. Surprised you can't in europe.

Posted via CB10


Then just în UK and us fuck this

Posted via CB10


And in Canada you can buy them! And for $.99 you can't go wrong!!

Posted via CB10


Where movies (and music) are available has very little to do with BlackBerry. It all about the content creators/owners and licenses (or PREVIOUS licenses) that they have in the individual countries. No need to get all ignorant about it. Why don't you go buy the movies on your iPhone or Android device?


No,we have youtube for download it :p

Posted via CB10


I've never really considered it until the recent offers. Often they looked more expensive than buying a dvd. However, I have got the bug. Bought about 8 and rented another 6. All bar one was for 79p. Been very impressed with the quality and actually found much easier to use than online downloads. After the offers are over I suspect I would look at the blackberry library for rentals - especially if they have new releases out.

Posted via CB10


Note that DVDs are not HD. BlackBerry movies are usually cheaper than BluRays but yes, there are more expensive than DVDs.

Posted via CB10


For the prices yes. Also if you look these up in the PlayBook video store, most are in there for that same 99 cent price.

Posted Via CB10 using the power of "Q"


Movies aren't available in Ireland and in Poland:(

Posted via CB10


Rented a few, when I was in Mexico movies/music were NA.

Posted via CB10


I buy but only off the video store on the PlayBook. I find the quality playing through an hdmi cable from the playbook is better than running off my Z10 phone. My TV is HD so I want the best image quality I can get.
Anyone else find a difference in quality between the two?

Check out Canada Business News. C0003C17C


I've only bought 1 on my Z10 and haven't tried it out yet but I was curious about this as well. The quality from the PlayBook to a TV blows me away.

Posted via CB10


While we're on the subject can Crackberry please put together a guide to watching movies on other devices whether they require hdmi cables/dongles/miracast/file conversion/hacks/whatever? I just don't believe that I'm limited to watching movies on my z10 or an HDMI connected tv. Can I connect to my large imac screen via hdmi for example? Don't have a tv so that is not an option.


Agree. That would be nice and would certainly help educate me since I've not bought any movies before (until the free ones this week!)


I purchased a few, but don't think I will get anymore. You can not move them from your BlackBerry to PlayBook or computer.

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


Why isn't torrents a choice?

Posted via CB10


It is a choice, just not necessarily a legal one. It is also a hassle. I usually rent movies for my kids/family and we can decide what we want to watch right on the spot. Saves time over torrents and money over renting other ways (e.g. my VOD service). Recent sale was also awesome, bought many. The quality is better than your typical torrent unless you are one of those downloading un-re-compressed distributions...

Posted via CB10


Ma' friend you can download bluray form The torrent

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


I bought some of the 99 cent ones. None played. I use my playbook for movies on the plane but will try one of these when the occasion arises.

Posted via CB10


I did yesterday for. 99 cents. Haha

Posted via CB10


Not available in my region sadly

Posted via CB10


Bought about 8. Mostly on my PlayBook. Can't believe how awesome it looks on a 42" tv through the hdmi cable.

Posted via CB10


At. 99 I would be crazy not to!

Posted via CB10


I have purchased many, and with this said it doubled. I am disappointed that titles purchased on my Z10 are not available on my playbook. A few did become a valuable on both but it's not the norm. All my titles purchased in blackberry world should be available on every device I use automatically. And why aren't the sales being promoted on the playbook bbw? That's how I truly want to watch my video's and find usefulness in myplaybok.


I don't get an option to watch any films at all on my PlayBook :(

Posted via CB10


BB really screwed up by not having BB10 on the PlayBook. At the very least, the music and video stores should have been merged. I like the PB's larger screen but since the PB has no future, buying a movie for it from its separate dead-end ecosystem means it will be short-lived.


I would if they connected it to ultraviolet. Otherwise I wont

Posted via CB10


Movies are not available in my country (Poland in EU)

Posted via CB10


I need a way to transfer them to my PC or stream them otherwise it's not worth the hassle, if you buy through iTunes you can watch on your device but also PC.


I stream them onto my smart TV. Works flawless.

Sent from the future on my  Z10


I voted no because I normally don't at the astronomical prices (higher than an actual dvd in a lot of cases for the latest releases, they must be crazy if they think I will pay more for a version that's locked to a limited number of devices)

Posted via CB10


If anything I expect to pay less because they did not have to manufacture, deliver and store physical items. Server maintenance can't cost more than that

Posted via CB10


I bought and rented a ton with the recent amazing sale. If they were always such great value I'd do it constantly. I love watching films on my Z10, in bed or on the go.

Posted via CB10


I really don't watch movies...


Yeah if they are on sale. I usually rent. Not paying 20 bucks for a 480p digital copy

Sent from my Z30


For the same price, you can get an HD ultraviolet copy through various storefronts (or get UV as an additional benefit to a physical purchase in many cases). For SD, the prices are generally too high.


No thanks, I'll just keep downloading from piratebay lmao

Posted via CB10


I will buy movies from BlackBerry World but the service is still not available in my country.

Posted via CB10 by Z30


Its not avaible in my country...


Lol alternative methods ;-)

Posted via CB10


Would really really like to, but no BlackBerry Love for Switzerland as we have no music or movies in BBW...

Was in the UK last weekend where I've seen the astonishing movie choice but when trying to download I got the error message that you can't download the contents while on roaming... though I was on wifi...

Anybody knows if you can have movies in Germany or Italy? There I travel a lot and will then buy a local SIM and try... or is the offering related to my BBID registered in Switzerland?

Ferrari ZetaDieci_10.2.1.1055

timmy t

So these movies become useless if I no longer use a BlackBerry device? I guess for 99 cents it is worth it but for $20, why would you bother?


For .99 cents heck yeah. And I did rent a movie one other time. I'm just not a big movie person.

 BBM Channel: TheGroupRide C00055B7C


I would like... like music but in Switzerland, the service is not available


Really I usually buy them on my PlayBook but during the 99 cent sale I went on & purchased a couple on my Q10. So I guess the answer to my vote is yes.

Posted via CB10


I bought a few movies at 9.99 previously, and picked up some more on sale for .99. The problem is I can only watch them from my Z10. They won't work on my PlayBook (unless I buy them from that separate video store, which then can't play anywhere but on my PlayBook). They won't work from a computer. So it's a bit off-putting to be so tied to the platform when the platform isn't very pervasive. I've mostly been getting online movies from sites that utilize UltraViolet. That way I can watch them from my computer and multiple different devices.

BB should allow you to download/play movies from BB World on a computer with BB Link. I'd actually like it if BB World movies were UltraViolet. Or if there were no DRM so I could format-shift as I want and there's no concern over BB gong away some day.


I often buys movies and shows. the z30 is great to watch them on or I plug in the hdmi for larger viewing. All good! The sale is great!

Posted via CB10


Nope. I don't watch movies on my phone.

Posted via CB10


Having so many other media outlets and not being able to transfer the movies to my other devices no I don't download from BBWORLD.

Posted via CB10


Not yet

Posted via CB10


I have purchased three of the 99 cent movies, plus one other a few months ago at full price. The 99 cent movies have to be downloaded by 1 January 2014, so that is a bit of a restriction. I usually download them onto my PlayBook, plug that into the TV via HDMI, and use my Z10 as a remote via Bridge.

Posted via CB10


I should add that it's disappointing nor to be able to download then on both the phone AND PlayBook. I'd purchased on PlayBook through the separate video store, they are not download able via BlackBerry World on my phone, and vis versa. I asked BlackBerry Twitter help about this and they just said, "not compatible ", which is B'S.

Posted via CB10


If only we could do it the other way around... i.e. us the Playbook as the pointer. That way I could also use it for Netflix and Crackle and the 0.99 movies. Great Promotion though. I picked up Skyfall and I will likely watch it with my HDMI cable


I won't buy them anymore. They got their last $12 from me. I got them to play on my computer and can only play them on my phone. I shouldn't have to tie up my phone to play a movie. It's a ridiculous system.

Posted via Jiggy's Z10


Mostly rent. Rather BlackBerry get my money than cable co.

Posted via CB10 on Z30STA100-5/


Not Available in my region....should be an option...

Cuz i had to vote No, but its not because I didn't want to.


I bought 1, but you can only play it on the Z10. You can't transfer it to your computer or a tablet...So that will be the only one I will ever buy...



Yes, a few when they were on sale.

Posted via CB10


Ya for $.99 I am I would by more if I could put them on my SD card and not on the phone memory.

Posted via CB10


I have saved all of the ones I purchased to micro SD. Check your settings for download.

Posted via CB10


No. Why buy when you can download it illegally. Lol

Posted via CB10


I did today for the first time, Wreck-it Ralph for 75p is undeniably cheap.

Posted via CB10

Drizzt R

Only home alone 2 when it was free with the 25 days of gifts deal. Awsome movie and superb quality. Thanks to that free b. I will start buying movies. BlackBerry should give away free B's every now and then.

Posted via CB10


Now and then.

Posted via CB10


Don't provide in middle East we download theme for free hhhhhhhhhhh

Posted via CB10


"Interested, but not available in my region" should have been a poll option!

BlackBerry 10 signed.


for the ones who said are missing out on the. 99cents movies

Posted via CB10


I do know and it had been great. Especially HDMI via my big screen TV. It has been awesome.

Posted via CB10


First time buying during the sale, very impressed with the hd quality.

Posted via CB10


Are movies available just in americas?


I do but not overly happy. I paid 20$ for a movie same or even more money than a dvd in some cases. I know u can put it on up to 5 devices but if you load a leak or update your OS that uses your download. So I bought a movie on my Z10 went to a Q10 then a Z30 so I should have 2 more downloads right? Nope I installed my leaked 10.2.1 and I also did a leak on my Z10 thats my 5 downloads and I no longer have access to the move I paid 20$ for less than 8 months ago. So I wont buy full priced movies anymore. .99c yeah I dont care then.

Posted via CB10


No I am going to but music

Posted via CB10


I don't buy them as simply can get them cheaper via laptop

Posted via CB10


I have rented a couple of movies from BBW, but didn't consider buying one until the recent $0.99 price on some great titles. Now I actually can stream via Miracast to my TV or good ole HDMI Cable, I will consider doing this more often.


All the time when they are $0.99!

Posted via CB10


Yeah occasionally and when there is a sales like the one going on now

Posted via CB10


Best $5.94 I have spent on six films ever.


I bought movie once, then tried to transfer it to my Mac and it was a windows media file and would not play. Haven't bought another movie since, it's as though mac users are completely neglected...

Posted via CB10


Picked up Anchorman for $.99!

Posted via CB10


Not at $20 a pop but for $.99 I do.

Posted with a Hammer and Chisel


I think it is a fantastic service -- BlackBerry World. Wish more folks would use it as there is lots of content to enjoy.


Don't get the movie store in South Africa :(

Posted via CB10 from my Z10


A few but they're usually way too expensive.

Posted via CB10


I didn't vote since I feel I would skew the data Ha! Ha!
I had never bought a movie from BBW, tho truthfully I almost never buy any movie & don't watch that many. However, the 99 cent deals worked. They got me looking thru, buying, liking the ease and increasing the likelihood I will buy more. I also feel appreciated as a BlackBerry customer. Smart business model.

Posted via CB10 with *Z* BEST!


99 cent and I'm buying them for waiting around times.

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


There should be an option for people who don't have access to the movies.

Posted via CB10


Yes, I picked up a half dozen (@ 99 cents each) to watch on my plane trips to/from home over Christmas. My PlayBook is almost full so used my Z10. Tried one on my TV using an HDMI cable and was pleased with the result.

Posted via CB10


Normally no - but at 79 pence I got three that I considered of potential interest.
(Not a big film fan in general)

Posted via CB10


When they are free I do

Posted via CB10


I would if they would sell them :) yet movies are not available in Lithuania :(

Posted via CB10


I tried ....for 99 cents. But who can watch a two hour movie on a phone screen? Not me that 's for sure. And hooking it up via Hdmi doesn't really work. Too low quality. Maybe on the PlayBook but guess what? They don't offer anything up for those poor buggers.

Z10 with Awesomeness


You're wrong about the quality when playing thru the hdmi cable. On my TV it is better quality than watching cable HD PPV.


No movies section in BlackBerry World for Poland...
Does it mean 'no' in the vote list?

Posted via CB10


I would definitely like to buy movies from BB world, but do not know where to check.

Can anyone help?


Look under movies in BlackBerry World home screen and select a title to see price.

Posted via CB10


Wasn't planning to, but at $0.99, bought a few. No reason not to grab a couple to have when waiting in airports etc.

Posted via CB10


Sure do!

Bought two!



Make them available in my country and I'll do

Posted via CB10


I would love to, but I can't - no Movies in BlackBerry World Germany...

Posted via CB10


I purchased 15 movies from BB WORLD over the last 6 days. Never purchased one before that but at. 99 cents it was a breeze. I just have to figure out how you can share it on up to 5 devices as it states.

Posted via CB10


No I can just download for free aha :)

Posted via CB10

Pilot Prop

I'm using a Q10 and I don't have a HDMI cable for it so i'll have to say no.

Posted via Q10


This is tough (at the current offer price yes). Normally no just purely because of the download limit, if you could download it infinite times to infinite BB (doesn't have to be PC just BB is fine) then I would buy more.


I want to but the video quality is unknown. I.e. Am I buying SD or HD?

Posted via CB10


Only got twenty dollars in my pocket. I'm gonna pop some tags.

Post via CB Z10


Bought a few only because they're 99 cents...not really convenient otherwise. I connect to my TV or pioneer receiver via hdmi out.

My only issue my pioneer receiver is processing the audio as "PCM". Not Dolby only my front right and left speakers are playing..not sure about surround..but center channel is definitely off.

Would this be the movie file not having the proper audio encoded ? Or a setting in my phone?

Apple TV rentals and Netflix play dolby digital without any issues.

Posted from my Z10 using CB10


When Skyfall is just $0.99 in BlackBerry World how can you not buy movies?!?! Loving these new prices and the sound is stunning on my new Z30.

Posted via CB10


No because it's not available in my region


Not available here. Malaysia

Posted via CB10


I bought some at $0.99 because although they're a "buy", they're really more like rentals in that:

1. I will probably watch them once.
2. They're not portable to another device, mostly BB10 to PlayBook and vice versa.


I'd like to , but the service is not available in France !

Posted via CB10


I want more apps not movies!

Posted via CB10


I had never bought any films and only a couple of albums from BlackBerry World as it was never competitive... so I would usually download to my PC via somewhere like Amazon and copied them to my Z10...

But due to the winter sale I bought and watched Iron Man 3 last night.

I'm going to buy a few more on offer.

I hope that BlackBerry World can compete with the other providers so it can be my first choice for downloads.

Posted via CB10


I bought Brave, Monsters Inc. , Sky fall, Jack Reacher and The Heat. Thank you BlackBerry World!

Posted via CB10


It' s not possible in Germany. No Movies available in our BlackBerry World...

Posted via CB10

Tung Vu1

Definitely not.



I don't buy any digital download movies from anywhere so it's not a BlackBerry problem. Saying that, seeing these movies for 79p, I think I'm going to make a pig of myself!

Posted via CB10


I buy TV shows all the time. Even if I delete the movie from my phone, I can still download it for free as many times I want as long it's the same device. With that said, I would like to see blackberry create a media player that runs under blackberry link. This way Blackberry users can enjoy watching what ever they purchase on the Computer. Even Better, BlackBerry should create I media box that connects to your TV and you can watch movies and listen to music from blackberry world.

Posted via CB10

Jimberry Storm

Keep a micro hdmi in the car take my movies anywhere

Posted via CB10


I haven't bought a movie from anywhere in years

Posted Via CB10 - Q10SQN100-1/


I purchased MI Ghost Protocol from App World. No more movies for me until I upgrade my media card.

Posted via CB10


N/a in Germany

Posted via CB10


I'm in the same boat as many others. I do when they are .99. Wish they would also work on the PlayBook.

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Same here. .99 is less than renting from RedBox so why not!?


I Would if I could! No movies available in BlackBerry world in Switzerland.

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No lol

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I downloaded movies from B WORLD before and it didn't work out. It downloaded the movie and then wouldn't let me play it cause there were errors with the license download from Rovio. After numerous back and forth with Rovio customer support I gave up, got a refund and have never used it again

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No, pointless when DRM prevents playing a movie I have paid for but can't play anywhere other than the tiny screen of the phone


I bought one once, to try it out, then I found out you couldn’t play them on the computer, playbook, PS3, over DLNA… the only option is to play it on the phone or over the HDMI… then I found out if I reloaded my OS I couldn’t play the movie anymore without re-downloading it… then I found out I could only do that 5 times… I now no longer have the movie I bought and never could play it the way I wanted… wasted $20… never again.


Neither movies nor music is available for me in Czech - O2 (O shit)

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I have and I've transferred to my box account so I can pull it down any time.

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I can't even watch them on my playbook if I download them, what's the point? Focus on the apps before you branch off into movies and songs. Lol just sayin.


Movies aren't meant for the big screen and surround sound. Not a phone.

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Yeah but only cos they've been 80p.

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Normally no I don't purchase movies on my Q10 but maybe if I owned a larger screen BlackBerry I would however at the price of $0.99 I did purchase two movies. I have an HDMI cable so that I can watch it on the full size TV but the picture is still quite a bit smaller than the actual tv., maybe an option to change that but haven't messed with it yet.


I usually get movies for free. But willing to pay less than 4 bux. Any more, no thanks.

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I don't have access to movies and music. I think this function is not available in my region, Costa Rica. Verrrrry sad!!!!!!!


I would love to but I can't as it is not available not available in my region. If it is $ 0.99 per movie it will reduce piracy significantly & increase sales of BlackBerry by leaps & bounds.

This I can be confident.

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It isn't available in holland.

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What is the movie quality when connected to a TV via hdmi? 1080? 720?

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I buy when the deal is too good to pass up, otherwise I would rent instead.

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I bought 42 :O i need like two memory cards

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I do, for my PlayBook.

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No. But $0.99 is ok. Wouldn't pay more than that unless the quality is HD or close to it.

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No movies in European BlackBerry store

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Jeevan Batla

As of now movies are not available to download in India but I'm eagerly waiting for it to be available in india... please make it available soon...

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BlackBerry world movies are more expensive than the same movies on the iTunes store. I wanted to try it on BlackBerry world but couldn't justify the $2 price difference.

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Bought them all... why? Because for $0.99 you can't go wrong and I'm always traveling and will just use my micro HDMI cable to watch on the TV anyways.

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No. DRM is too restrictive ; I expect to play my movies over any compatible device - not just my phone.

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Have rented in the past once, I believe the movie was Flight. And now with the winter sales, I've made 2 additional purchases. It's just a shame the file type isn't supported on my Samsung smart TV for wireless viewing (widi) whatever it's called. May have to start looking into Miracast TVs for future upgrades.

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Russia no movies no music.......

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Not at all I watch online don't keep movies

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Dave Bourque

Need a for 99cents category lol


Nope, because can't put the digital copy on any other device. I can buy digital copies from other providers and put it on phone or any other device.

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The prices are not reflective of market value. Digital copies costing more than hard copies? Why!?!? And we are talking about a few magnitudes more sometimes. Doesn't make sense. If the price was more in line with for example digital music vs hard copy then I would buy


It's not possible to buy movies here.

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Yep... rent quite a lot but have bought one or two!!!

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Not available in Sweden (yet?)

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I would if i could, but here in Austria, we have no music nor movies in the almighty App World. *snief*


Not available in my country. I do download music via BlackBerry World.

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Not possible where I live. But, I don't think I would buy a movie.

Have a nice day


If they provided in my region I would definately buy.

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Parrillas NY

No hay peliculas para comprar para Centro America, que mal pero no importa, porque podemos usar Netflix (Puerto Android) y Clackle.

Not movies to buy for Central America. to Bad but no problem we can use a Netflix (android port) and Crackle!!


I hope that one day movies and TV shows gets to be available in Saudi Arabia

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Yep, just bought 9 movies for $0.99!

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