Do you actually use Documents To Go on your BlackBerry smartphone?

By Bla1ze on 6 May 2014 02:51 pm EDT

Ever since OS 4.5 BlackBerry and DataViz have been including the free office suite Documents to Go with BlackBerry devices. Overall, it's a great suite to have included and arguably makes up the lack of Microsoft Office products on BlackBerry devices but given it's not something everyone, everywhere is bound to use, so we have to wonder how many folks out there actually use it on a daily basis. No better way to find out then to ask in a poll, so sound off below. Do you actually use Documents to Go on your BlackBerry smartphone? If not, let us know why. If you do, let us know why.

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Do you actually use Documents To Go on your BlackBerry smartphone?



As a university student I'm always using it to study especially when my laptop's / computers have been sent to get repaired during exam season! You can do everything on them, and I'm pretty sure I woulda failed an exam or two without Documents To Go!

And the good thing is that you can plug via HDMI into your TV and use a wireless keyboard to work on the documents. :)

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

I do that all the time.
Though docs to go is very useful.
I wrote my entire english essay for grade12 on my phone, cuz I didnt want to open my laptop lolol

I did an essay for my Japanese culture, literature, and film university course entirely using documents to go on the iPad mini. Surprisingly it was much better of an experience than I expected.

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As a teacher I have two main uses for it.

1) I do all my marking for oral reports right there on my phone. Using Documents To Go allows me to look at the student's previous scores and watch them update immediately. That's great come final exams where I can tell my students their final score for the semester as they leave the room.

2) By carrying a HDMI cable with me in my bag, I give myself a backup plan should the school computer have problems. As long as the projector is working, I can still display my powerpoints straight from my phone. Believe me, this has saved me a couple of times when other teachers have wasted 5-10 minutes (or much more) of their lesson waiting for tech support to come along and help them.

For my daily driving in class though, I use Open Office Portable. The ability to control it with Impress Remote makes it worth the hassle of connecting via Bluetooth. And the students (and other teachers) are often really surprised when they see the presentations changing slides without me going anywhere near the PC.

I only wish their was a native BlackBerry client, rather than having to sideload the android version.

I also download and watch movies the same way. Especially if going to my buddies house, mobile has 6 movies download at any one time.

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

Yeah, it's super convenient for me too as a university student to read and edit on the go... though it need more features.

Shelly, from my white Z10 in Kenya

I track my business mileage on a spreadsheet (stored on the cloud), use another spreadsheet to calculate mortgage qualifications, and several other purposes. I love that I can work on a spreadsheet on my device.

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I used to use it all of the time on my 9900. Text selection was so easy with the trackpad. Can't be bothered on the Q10. I find navigation without a trackpad such a poor experience, I either wait until I'm at my laptop or I'll use my iPad mini if it's an ASAP thing.

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I do all the time. Perfect for pdf and word documents and easy to email back an forth.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy white Q10.

Not really. But that's only bc I don't type much with it. Usually if I'm typing something it's a note and so I use Evernote, that way it's synced with my playbook, desktop and laptop

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I use it, it's useful. The version that comes with BB10 appears to have more functions. I however believe that if BlackBerry wants to be taken seriously, they need to further improve these apps. Phones aimed at 'prosumers' need this kind of professional apps, so bring it!

And on a side note: what happened to BlackBerry Express? It's still in beta??

Only to open attachments, but i wouldn't go out of my way to start a file on it or edit a document. It's mostly a reader to me

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+ 1. Same here, I just use it to view documents and attachments, but not to edit.

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Yup this here. Or a slight edit but overall a reader more then straight powerhouse. I prefer a computer with a keyboard and MSFT Word.

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Same here, I'm on a Mac and save stuff to OneDrive and can edit on Mac or BB10.

I use a Mac for the same reason as a BlackBerry. More secure, less breakage, generally reduced technology worries.

I haven't used a keyboard with the BlackBerry, but am intrigued. I'll test it out. Guess a mouse wouldn't work, eh?

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If you have a Z30, you can buy a USB On The Go adapter, and plug in a USB mouse and keyboard. Makes for a fairly nice 'desktop-like' experience. Only downfall is the lack of landscape mode across certain parts of the OS when you have the phone connected to an HDMI or Miracast compatible device.

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I have used my Gigabyte Laser Mouse on my Q10, it's a small laptop gaming mouse with Bluetooth. (M7700B, Compact Bluetooth LaptopLaser Mouse by Gigabyte)

Works well. About $29 retail here in Australia. Gives you an idea what Q20 with trackpad will be like...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I've been using this software to view and create documents since 2008 when I started using BlackBerry. I've actually purchased 2 licences since that time, until it became bundled in BBs.

Yes I pretty much download all my notes for class on my phone. Also I type essays a lot on this baby

Zee coolest flicking smartphone ever

The ability in the BBOS version to see comments and track changes is missing in BB10 :(

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Yes, every day.

Not only do I use it, I want to see some drastic improvements.

I use the Word & Spreadsheet apps the most and they are a far cry from Microsoft Office. That's fair enough as Microsoft has been in this game for many years, but I still want improvements.

I'm z10ing. Yes, I invented a verb.

Not much but it's because I don't use office software anyway on myphone even ifi it had ms office I wouldnt use it

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I use sheets, but I really need to be able to insert/remove cell rows/columns!!!

What a basic feature!

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It's Sheet To Go that I use daily; driving for a living & keeping track of several vehicles means updating speadsheets many times a day. Although it doesn't have all the functionality of Excel - when necessary, I'll email what I'm working on to my desktop, do whatever (major) editing I need to do there, then just email the results back to my Q10.
Way easier than hauling out a laptop to make a quick entry when sitting in the car.

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Should they build some kind of sync into it, so all your connected devices stay up to date without having to email. Or is this a potential BES Cloud prosumer service allowing secure syncing of docs, version control, Comments and edit history? The whole shebang? Is there a partnership with Open Text that would make sense here? Just Brainstorming....

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

I store my files on One Drive, so when I make changes to my quoting spreadsheet, the updated version is accessible from all my other devices.

I no longer use D2G all that often, though, since I bought a Windows tablet with full Office installed. There is simply no comparison, and that's very regretful. I wish D2G were more functional so that I wouldn't need another device to compensate for its shortcomings.

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One reason for using Docs to Go on BB10 device, is the device is always switched on and ready to work. Wheras my laptop / tablet is inevitably switched off a lot of the time, which could mean waiting for it to start up.

I don't use it terribly often but only because I don't have things that require an office program. When I do, it's my goto, either on my phone or PlayBook!

Straight Talk Z10, .2179

It's the best native office app on BB10 so I used it whenever I want to open up and view any office files. It works just fine.

He'll yes, especially to show presentations on a big screen via miracast.

But I am waiting for the Microsoft apps that I can use with onedrive.

Especially I would like to use onenote!!!

Posted with a sexy Q10

I used my phone for work and make use of all the apps. It's often for viewing rather than editing.

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Every single day...

I have all of my anatomy and physiology pharmacology and nursing PowerPoints on my phone and it has literally saved my several thousand sheets of paper and ink I'd otherwise have to pay for in ink costs, paper costs not to mention the added bulk of carrying all that around.

It is my most used app second only to the browser.

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I use it to open documents that are sent to me while I'm not bringing the office and see if there is something that I need to review / change when I get back to my office. I can open a lot of different file types. I love having it included on my z10.

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No, because it has no web-based PC access, unlike Google Docs/Drive.

BlackBerry is so anti-anything not mobile. BBM, Docs to Go, Remember etc should all be available through a desktop browser!!!

BlackBerry needs to look outside of mobile every now and then.

On the Q10 screen using it for anything more than a reader would be an inconvenient stretch.
Spreadsheets - in a pinch, yes, and again just viewing. But I can see the usefulness mentioned above for some occasional numbers input instead of whipping up the laptop.

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I used it on my old 9000 and use it on my Q10. Not daily, but it is a useful app for reading and editing as well as writing.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

I do allows me to glance over documents while I am way from my desk with the thought that I will do a more thorough review when I have access to a laptop or desktop.

Works really well in BB10 and the formats transfer great from mobile to desktop. I use it a lot being a student and on the go typing out papers while fresh on my mind.

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I'm an avid Docs to Go user since the Palm Pilot/Treo days. Although I use it more on a tablet, I often need to use it on the Z10. It's a life saver.

I know it goes off topic slightly, so please forgive me. What I would like to see and find more useful is Print To Go with the ability to actually Print a hard copy from my device to a printer. The same would be nice for Docs To Go.


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You can print documents with PrintHand although admittedly I have only printed PDF documents. Unfortunately it seems PrintHand cannot handle files from Docs to Go.

Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Q5

When working I always have mi laptop with to load plc software. Of course that's my favorite device for office stuff too.
Working on a document is not that comfortable on any smartphone. I try to avoid but when I need it DocsToGo does a perfect job.

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I use it almost daily. Especially when I am out and about and don't have time to head for the desktop or laptop. People can't believe how productive I am on my BlackBerry.

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It's okay, just wish it would better match 8x11 format, so it would better match what is seen on a PC

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I use it regularly, but it's not even CLOSE to the (unfortunately VERY buggy) Kingsoft Office.

Kingsoft Office would be my main document editor except it's SOOOO buggy as to be completely unusable.

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For sure. Especially since it's free. Wish the spreadsheet viewer was updated to deal xlsx files better, but other than that it's great.

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Yes, I use it I would say all the time. If I'm not using it for work I'm using it writing/editing one of my two books.

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Yes I do. As a worship leader I use it everyday while on the move to write songs, learn songs and refresh on old ones etc... can't live without it.

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Couldn't live without it. PlayBook tethered HDMI with multiple types of files open. Using Bridge I can quickly flick between all the docs without wasting valuable time. As mentioned, using a keyboard as device is tethered to big screen means discussion points can be written and everyone can have a copy of a nice document afterward. Having or creating files on my Z10 means even when I don't have my PB with me I can be functional. It has saved me a number of times. Brilliant, and I look forward to future development.

When I have a lot to do, I still gravitate to my laptop and a full keyboard. I am faster then.

It's the most used application oN my device. I write my day end report on my device as well s view report and document.

I'm actually really attach to my device because o worK.

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Yes definately I do. I typed a 4000 word essay back at university when I had my 8520....#justsaying!

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my work joblist comes as an xls file so i use D2G as a means of noting dates of jobs done and then hiding completed jobs. i also have a sheet with timesheet info which i fill in every week to keep track of hours worked,ot,expenses,holidays/sick and van mileage.
i couldn't work without it tbh

At school, at work or in my free time to spend some time in writing a little bit - I use it several times every day. Docs To Go fits perfect with the identity of a BlackBerry. In Germany you would say, it's just a "Arbeitstier" - a "workanimal". I'm just not sure, if anyone would understand it..
It's something which just works as it works. You haven't have to think about it, you're just able to do with it everything you need for your work between your office desk and your couch at home

Typed on a BlackBerry Z10.

I had used it on my legacy device really often... on my z10? never, not sure why

Wenn du mir sagst, was dort draußen richtig ist, werde ich nicht mehr versuchen dich zu küssen... (Sayumi Whisp)

Yes! I recently typed and decently formatted a 4 page essay using only Docs to Go. Several times I have been on a ferry or plane and created a spreadsheet on the spot to capture an idea immediately rather than waiting (and forgetting).

More features would be very welcome, but I am pleased with what is presently offered.

Via CB10 on  Q10

Works well for me used it regularly for years but it's even better on the larger screen of the Z10, Z30 will be even better.

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I use it occassionally. Its convenient for editing documents stored on dropbox.
Its pretty basic, so I don't find I can use it extensively.

All the time, to create and edit documents. The BB10 version has diminished functionality when compared to the legacy versions, which makes things very frustrating at times.

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Everyday...word excel and power point along with BlackBerry express

Rocking the Z30 Regina SK Canada

Tried to vote, but tough to do from the CB10 app. I use Docs To Go almost everyday.

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The app is wonderful, and I'm using it everyday. But they need to update it and add some critical features like Footnote view.

My fellow worker has an iPhone, and I see that Apple is serious about Pages, (the apple answer to MS Word), its awesome, and gets even better by the day.

If BlackBerry does nothing, I'll have to reconsider my choices.

So BlackBerry, Please Work on this. Please

Yes BlackBerry needs to get serious again about the business features. It's sad that my Bold 9930 could out perform the Q10 when it came to Docs To Go.

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

I'd like to use the spreadsheet component but it's pretty complicated to do basic things like resizing a column.

Yes, I use Docs to go. It would be great to be able to work with PowerPoint presentation as well since the Z30 is ideal for making presentations.

Posted using my BlackBerry Z30.

My last job required me to use Docs To Go (DTG),(Bold 9930) but I now have a new job and a Q10. I do use spread sheet once a week but unfortunately I was more impressed with DTG on the legacy devices due to being able to insert pics into a doc.

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

I use it everyday, makes it even more useful because of BB10s native integration do Dropbox makes easy to update spreadsheets on the fly.

I use it daily, but still lacks some basic features that have yet to be implemented such as adding new worksheets for spreadsheets. Because of this, I'm still reliant on my laptop.

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I use word to go regularly, and excel to go sometimes. Word to go is good, but not for large documents. Excel to go is too basic but then again, r en on a z30, screen real estate is just too small. Docs to go is good, but could be better.

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I use it to edit excel cells combined with Onedrive to sync. I view attachments.

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Documents To Go is a must have application for my device. hands down- no discussion. I use it as a college student, I use it to get things done for work, and to create personal documents for recreational purposes. When I got my first Blackberry years ago it was a strong selling point that separated Blackberry from other devices and ultimately one of the main reasons I chose it to begin with

It is a piss poor excuse for a spreadhseet application, unless you are viewing only. Power Users are not served by the weakness that is Docs to Go.

Are you kidding me?!

This is one of the apps that gets the most us when I'm out and about on official affairs!

Docs2Go+Adobe Reader+Remember. Killer Combo.

I've only used it to view attachments. Never used it to compose anything. It's a nice to have feature.

I use it often to edit or open documents for work and when I was in school. For example, I had just gotten my Bold 9000 and as one of my professors only issued notes in PowerPoint, I was able to study for exams on the train directly without having to print out the slides.

Always using it because of university, don't need a laptop to open up lecture notes when I got them on my phone. Easy, quick and reliable.

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I used it to open a password enabled Excel document that my iPad couldn't open. The option to set titles or freeze panes allowed me to view across columns easily. The pinch and zoom option to shrink or enlarge the document also worked smoothly to view more of the document. For simple viewing, it does the job.

Use Word To Go the most out of all but now that people have mentioned the wireless keyboard and mouse. I'll try to use it more often like that as well.

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Docs To Go is Amazing, I don't know where I would be without it. Only thing needed is the option to use ODF Format

Posted from my Awesome Z10!

Docs to go-One best app to open docs.

What is the use of having countless number of apps to open one document file?

I'm from BlackBerry world

Posted via CB10

Only use docs2go to occasionally view some documents. I primarily use my phone as a communicator not as a replacement for a laptop.

Posted on the awesome  BlackBerry Q5

I make good use of it, mostly as a reader, but on occasion to edit documents as well. I'm really happy to have it.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z30

I use Docs To Go to read college material such as Syllabus, Calendar, and Excel spreadsheets for the Accounting courses , as well as for writing and editing APA formatted essays in excess of 1200 words and other various assignments all on my Z30. People underestimate just how much can get done on a BlackBerry 10 device. The only thing missing is an official PowerPoint app. I need Docs To Go every day, every week.

I used my almighty Z30 to create this CrackBerry madness!

By official PowerPoint app, I mean one that has the power to create PPT adequately and not just read them (many professors PREFER PowerPoint for projects) .

I used my almighty Z30 to create this CrackBerry madness!

It's the only app with undo/redo, so yes, we're forced to use that to write long emails until BlackBerry 10 supports that very useful feature.

"Snap" is the best stop-gap solution for Android apps while we wait for BlackBerry to get its act together...

I use it quite a bit as a minister to write up my talk outlines as well as other documents.

I also use it to take notes on talks that I hear room other ministers.

The ability to share these documents with the different cloud storage options is very useful. When I'm near a pc I can then go to their sites and print out the needed document.

Posted via CB10

I've used Docs to write or complete essays. I also use it to take notes and make lists.

Great tool to have!!!

6510, 7520, 7100i, Storm 9500, Storm 2, Torch 9850, PlayBook 64gb, Z10...

DTG is nice, but I don't have a need to edit office docs from my phone.

There was a time in the past, and I used DTG on my old trusty PalmPilot...

Yes, I'm always getting .DOC files emailed to me for amendments, etc. Very handy.

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I use it for Word from time to time - keep the resume up to date, edit documents received, etc. Excel is almost daily, literally. I have spreadsheets that I keep up to date with different in formation. I still want more features - like the ability to do Data Filters and the ability to use the find function without having to edit the document. Oh, and if there is a hyperlink in the document, the ability to "click" on it.

I haven't had to use PowerPoint that much but that's because I don't get presentations on my phone and, I haven't had to give any in a long time.

I hope they continue to update the document and for all platforms. Could be a good side stream of revenue.

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Absolutely. I use it all the time to open and edit documents for school project and studying for finals etc. Definitely a useful tool

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I use it everyday to type up my hours for work into a spreadsheet. Makes it easy because I can type it up before I leave a job site and at the end of the week I can email it to my boss within 5 minutes of finishing work. Beats having to go home, type it up, email it, and then go pick up my paycheck. I can go straight from the job site to my boss's and my check is ready by the time I get there.

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I use it a bit for various word documents, love how easy it is to do edits to excel. I mainly use just to chart food prices and stuff though but like it better then Evernote

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I use it quite a bit. Needs greater ability to edit and create PowerPoint slides. I know Docs to Go is Microsoft based, but I also need to be able to read and edit WordPerfect documents. I have found no viable solution. Corel has produced an app which they sell for $6.00, and it is only a viewer! One would think they'd be giving it away to try and stay competitive, but they force those trying to remain loyal to their product to purchase a $6 00 viewer only app if they want to have some semblance of WordPerfect mobility! Ridiculous! BlackBerry 7 was capable of viewing wpd files natively. It would be great if BlackBerry 10 also has that capability. Desktop word processors can handle different file types. I wonder could Docs to Go be made to open WordPerfect documents too.

I use it when ever I attend meetings. It helps me to be more productive and save time. I write on documents to go. Then save the file on my drop box account, which is also synced to my desktop pc and laptop, then I edit it when I go on either machine.

Posted via CB10

It's a must for my business. Takin care of business....every day.....takin care of business......and working all the time.

Posted via CB10

Yes I use PPT to prepare for my presentations when I am on the subway, and Docs to write essays

Posted via CB10

Yes, its awesome!! I build word docs in docs to go and e mail to my pc. It opens just as it was created on my pc. Amazing!!

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I use it all the time to both create new documents and to review or edit existing files. The fact that connecting to my data in the cloud is so easy, makes this app super useful.

No doubt it could be improved with additional features but it's pretty good as is.

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I use docs to go occasionally to read edit document, but my main use is to copy and paste text messages for transfer to main PC via link for inclusion of hard copy into client files.
Really useful tool.

Don't use it every day BUT that doesn't mean that I don't rate it highly.

Very good app. Saved my bacon several times when I haven't had access to a PC.

Should be asking about Print To Go! Never ever used that.

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It's a great benefit having this on my Berry
Normally use it for writing daily block report when I'm patrolling on the plantation.

There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

All the time. But never as its really intended to. I use it to jot down notes notes or lists...things I should probably be using other applications for

Posted with my Z30 on Verizon from Philly

I did, and do, occasionally. But now I use OfficeSuite Pro, so what if it's an Android port, many more features!

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I do training/teaching for a first aid charity and use powerpoint to go for presentations, and now bb10 has animations in it makes it a god send, I have a vga adapter and my hdmi cable in my pocket now just in case I need to run an ad hoc session and just download a pre made presentation off the cloud, only thing it currently misses is abilty to edit powerpoint and the ability to play integrated videos

Posted via CB10

It's been quite useful, specially when giving HEMA lessons. I usually prepare the class beforehand, sometimes on my PC and others on the go with my Z30 (and Q10 previously). Once I'm in the salle, it's quite handy to check my class documents at any moment, no need to print it out or bring along a laptop or tablet.

My only doubt/issue is with regards to pictures attached within word documents. Is there any way to zoom them or save them and view them separately?

Love my Q10 but now it's Z30 time!!!

The combination of Docs to Go, cloud services such as Box and my desktop Office applications are key for my business as a writer.

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I am a translator. Except for comms with clients, I can´t really do any work on my BlackBerry, as I have to use special software to get jobs done.

As if I even have to mention that BB needs to make a Mac version. Why isn't there one already?

I use it all the time. Works like a charm for out of office mobility.

CB10/Z10 STL100-1/10.2.1 /Telkom Mobile South Africa

Use them all the time. Like most things, the more you use it the better it is. I've written large and complex reports, and review lots of data sets.

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I am using docs to go to view edit and even create word and excel every day for many years already. I used it on BBOS and then on Android afterwards on BB10.
Clearly the BB10 version has the best UI it's clean practical and nice (could use some changes in some areas but in overall comparison it's clearly the best) but when we talk about features there are many many basic features missing in the BB10 version.
Currently I have sideloaded the Android version on my BB10 and I try to use the BB10 version when I can because it's much nicer and more convenient, but every few minutes I need to switch over to the Android version to get the job done.
And of course that's very painful I really wish BlackBerry should start to look around and see all features available in the iOS Pages app and in the Android DocsToGo app as well as Kingsoft and OfficeSuite Pro and make sure not only they catch up but they should be ahead of the game because productivity is supposed to be BlackBerry's stronghold!

Yes! This is one of the reasons I use BlackBerry, great support for Word and Excel. I'm in construction and store bids and other stuff in OneDrive and Dropbox, with BB10, it all works together great!

Go to important meetings, write discussion notes on the fly, and able to send it to my bosses 5 minutes after the meeting ends, is priceless ;)

Although it could do with some additional features like picture insertion, adding tabs in Excel, just to name a few to make it complete.

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I use a lot of spreadsheets. I wish that the functionality was stronger. There really isn't much that you can do besides look at them.

Posted via CB10

Even though I have a skydive account there has been times I was without network coverage. I learned that if access of an important document is needed to also load on my SD card then I could use Docs to Go even if network access wasn't available.

Posted Via CB10 Using my Great Z30, PB or Q10

Word works brilliantly, spreadsheets works magnificently too, but a possible improvement I would suggest would be to enable you to make slides via your device for presentations, rather than just the ability to view them.

.2141 what's the difference? .1925 still the bangingest til I know any different.

I have an XLS that i use every day to keep my checkbook balanced. It's great....i do wish it had more features, but it still does what i need it to.

Posted via CB10

Of course! Anyone who ever needs to create, edit, read, check, etc. any docs should use it. It's an amazing feature and something I'm so glad comes free on BlackBerry devices.

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A good app but somewhat limited, however, without it on my phone would make life significantly harder. I do little editing due to screen size and 60 year old eyes.

Hmm starting to think a 4- 4.5" screen would be nice: with track pad and keyboard.

Q30 anyone?

Via what's really, a BOLD X....on X.II.I

I write and like to carry my work with me. So, it is easy to send to friends or family and it allows me another form of backup for my intellectual property.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

Typing up word documents on the go is so handy! Love how perfectly the formatting transfers over when viewed on a computer. And viewing word docs and powerpoint presentations from my BlackBerry is pretty cool!

Absolutely! I've been happy to be able to utilize documents needed in the work place, in mobile form! Simple and convenient enough to "keep you moving" Blackberry staying true to being a TOOL, not a TOY.

Posted via CB10

Yep. It was a lifesaver today as I had to wait for a few meetings to get out so I could get my computer set up in my new office.

Just kept on working from my Z10. Email, edit docs, bluetooth printing. No worries.

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@Bla1ze I think you made difficult to choose on the poll between option 1 and 4 because I'm sure many people use it everyday but would still need more features, I think that could possibly be the reason option 4 don't get that much votes.

I'm not in school yet so I really don't use it. Maybe when school starts I can benefit from this app. :)

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Microsoft Exchange reads any files I edit in Docs to Go as a virus, and quarantines them. Not cool for a work phone.

Please BlackBerry and Microsoft: play nice together.

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I actually did a 10k word paper on my Z10. Ironically, typing on a Z10 was easier than using my Macbook pro... love docs to go

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