Do Not Panic PlayBook owners... Android App Player still looking to be on schedule

Android App Player Still on Schedule...
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Aug 2011 09:37 am EDT

A rumor hit the internet yesterday in regards to the much-anticipated Android App Player for the BlackBerry PlayBook stating that the feature won't arrive until "late fall" despite RIM previously stating that it will arrive late summer. The information was said to come from a "reliable source."

I've been keeping pretty close tabs on this one since getting my in-depth App Player walk through during my recent trip to Waterloo, and from what I'm seeing/hearing things are still on track. As it stands now developers should be getting access in the next two to three weeks, and from there it should just be a couple more weeks before owners are officially running Android apps on their PlayBooks (devs will need a bit of time to bring over their apps and I'm sure RIM will want to ramp up a bit of marketing hype behind it too). So late August/early September still seems to be in the cards vs. late fall. 

So as of now, I say don't panic! If for whatever reason by the end of August we haven't seen RIM roll out access to developers, then I'll more seriously start to worry about delays.

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Do Not Panic PlayBook owners... Android App Player still looking to be on schedule


Is RIM going to avoid the SUN/Oracle JVM litigation mess that Android has fallen into by including the app player with QNX?

^ Second that.

All these 'Analyst says', 'Report claims' nonsense needs to stop. Sort it out BGR!

Saw a tweet the other day, "Apple may sell 8 quadrillion iPhones in Q4, including 350 billion sprint phones, friend of agriculture analyst says'

CrackBerry FTW

Yes, BGR's "reliable source close to RIM" has proven time and again to neither be reliable or close to RIM. BGR needs to find another source for their fairytales.

This was simply Engadget's way to appease the Apple Gods... They put up a positive article about RIM (the new phone launch) and then instantly counter it with something extremely negative. I LOL'd when I read the Playbook article.

This is uncharted territory for RIM.... while they leverage virtual machines a lot, it's a different game when you're building your own emulator/vm. I'm surprised they could get it out so quickly.

Go back to our August podcast last year, where I predicted Android Apps would run on the RIM's new tablet (this was before the PlayBook was every officially announced to the world)...  that wasn't just rumor, but was hearing it was already being done at that point.  So pretty sure this was something the QNX crew has been messing around with for a while... long prior to the decision to actually do it.

This is good news. Although I'm not concerned about app availability too much, I do enjoy good technology.

Thanks for info Kevin. Looking forward for it :)

I was really excited when rim announced the capabilty of running android on pb. And later days go by and using pb almost 15hrs in a day, I think I won't be excited for player even if it releases tonight itself. The playbook qnx os is one awesome platform. Far beyond than android. Yes, apps are flowing in adroid market but I really go wild if developers make specific apps for playbook rather than importing android's. I'm waiting for Tat works along release to SDKs & recently acquired JayCut media works. The day we got a leaked Android player, I felt pitty for android tab users paying equal $$$ for single os while we're treated with the whole ui within powerful qnx. I don't know how many will agree to me but yeah we're one lucky bastards to own a blackberry playbook

Got that right. It's a shame that more people don't fully understand what the PlayBook is capable of. I suppose QNX is beyond the average consumer's comprehension

Right, why should we all believe earlier as opposed to later?? RIM has a well documented history of being late to every party-even their own. October at the earliest, even if they roll out access to developers in August.

The sooner the better. Whenever the app player is released i'll be loading it onto my playbook more eagerly than when new OS's are leaked for my 9700, but until then i'll continue doing what i can with the leaked app player. Thanks for the calming reassurance Kevin!

Eh, it is what it is. People are gonna complain no matter what so I'll just be happy to play around with this app player whenever it comes out, late summer/early fall. Whatever it is whenever it comes out it will make the Playbook that much better, until then I'll be just as happy using what I have available on my Playbook now.

I trust kevin's word on anything berry related over the douche bags over at engadget, bgr, gizmodo, fuck em. Crackberry FTW.

I think the Android app player is an important piece but, I'd really like to see the PIM apps first.

I was discussing the Playbook with an employee of a large bank and she was not interested in the device due to this shortcoming. This bank is a HUGE BBerry user and so I believe her comments have significant credibility.

It also means just saying "the Bridge software solves this issue" doesn't have the impact we might hope for with these large corporate users.

Thanks Kevin. Any possibility we can get an estimate on the Native PIM/e-mail? Before, after or with the release of Android Player?

Hey Scroat you D-bag Apple fruitboy, WTF are you doing on Crackberry? Go back to BGR where you belong you f'in turd!

Why would we panic? Playbook stands alone. This is just another cherry on top of the sundae. And I'm sure there's many more cherries coming.

The pb is a great device and will be an even better device when the android player is released. Glad to here some info from a true reliable source.
I still want / need spell check on pb and auto correct to work.

If they actually WROTE "Don't panic" on the PB then it would be the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

What ever happened to not counting your chickens before they're hatched? Or announcing stuff before its ready? People don't like to be put off indefinitely. How can we be impressed when we will have waited for like 6 months? Isn't that the device lifecycle nowadays? Unless they have an even more awesome "PlayBook II" hiding in the works, this is of no interest. I installed the leaked beta & installed the apps I need. Tired of waiting for RIM. Also tired of the negative press. RIM needs to pull a Toyota fast.

Really we need other things first. Like how about a spell check option? My PB knows when I've spelt something wrong, so why can't it help me correct it? Than maybe native email should come next. The Android interface, is not a big deal right now. Oh look I can run android apps on my PB book. Ya so an Android Tab does that as well, and its got spell check too. Sorry I love my PB but I just think resoures could be better used in other places. Like a video chat that works with a PC.

I'm wondering is once this is done does that mean if I get a google voice number number can I have "google in a box" on a playbook? THAT would be fantastic and finally let me make the leap to buy a playbook.

So here we are on 9/11 and still NO news on this from RIM. They are so incredibly mismanaged. I mean really, still no email or PIM apps (remember the Balsillie stating it would be available "in 60 days" - that was in April - what an idiot!!!) and no Android player even though they showed all of these working in the Spring!

I really like the PB but the constant deception from the co-presidents is disturbing. They need to update their customers or their customers will become iPad customers (or most likely Amanzon with its new tablet soon to be released - I may switch).