Ditto for BlackBerry Updated - Now with a 7 Day Free Trial

By ObiGeorge on 21 May 2010 09:16 am EDT

Ditto for BlackBerry is a very useful application, allowing you to have group chats via SMS. Setup is quick and easy. Simply add contacts to the chat, tag them, and start texting. This saves the confusion and hassle of having multiple one person SMS chats. Overall Ditto is a great solution to BBM Groups, especially if your friends SMS a lot from their non-BlackBerry devices. Due to popular request, Ditto has been updated and now includes a 7 day free trial. You can pick it up for $2.99 via BlackBerry App World. It is available for most BlackBerry devices.

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Ditto for BlackBerry Updated - Now with a 7 Day Free Trial


I've had it for a while and used it a couple of times. The people you use it with get a real kick out having a group sms session.

it means the most person who pay more for texting is tom doe as the person that set ditto.
well I think I will stick with blackberry groups for a while, or just texting in old fashion way, using multiple sms sending

what happens when sam sends a message to jane? i bet tom doesnt get it...
This app is lame... and seems worthless to me

Seems like a lot of set-up just for a group sms, thats wackjuice.

I want things simple, not 10 steps to send a text.

"what happens when sam sends a message to jane? i bet tom doesnt get it..."
When Sam sends a message to Jane via Tom Ditto will automatically forward the message to Jane. Tom will receive the message first and then the message will be forwarded to Jane.

"Seems like a lot of set-up just for a group sms"
One of the advantages of using Ditto is that you set it once and Ditto will work for you until you tell it to stop or it reaches it predefined limits. If you wanted to send a one way group SMS the initial setup with Ditto adds a few steps in the beginning. Once that setup is done you will only need to send a text to one member of the group and Ditto will forward to the rest of the group. Even with a one way group text Ditto saves you time if you need to send more than one message to that group.

Also if you need to send a group text to more than the native group text destination limit Ditto will allow you do so. For example you could send one group text to 20 people instead of two targeting 10 people each.

My friends and I have been using textPlus for almost a year now and it's been working flawlessly. Instead of having someone's phone dispatching all of the texts, the textPlus server does it. Anyone in the group can text the number given to the group by textPlus and the textPlus server will send out texts to everyone in the group.

It's pretty much instant and has been very reliable so far.

We used to use 3jam for group texting but they decided to charge for group texting which is why we switched to textPlus.

Also, if you're in India, it seems like Google has a service called SMS Channels that works like group texting.

BTW, I'm not commercializing, just supporting something I've been using!

Well that's shit when you add a group chat that should become a contact so that you can choose what gets sent because what happens if you forget to turn off the convo and jane later texts you privately asking if you want a bj on sam's bed...?

think about it people

Exactly, how many times could you forget you are in a group chat.

Good idea but done better with Yahoo IM which is exatly what this tries to be.

Waaayyy too many steps for a group chat.

I rather use BB IM group IM instead. Too many steps to set this up, and I could easily forget that I have this "Ditto" set up and propose something naughty to Sam, that Jane was not supposed to read.

i fell asleep watching this video...if you are advertising a product, even low budget videos, should not be more than 30 seconds...porn is a little different

A group chat where all contacts can speak and listen is a basic feature of Ditto. Ditto also allows you to control the conversation by selecting who can speak to the group and who can listen to the group. With these options it’s possible to have a conversation where only one contact can speak to the group at a time.

Ditto also allows you to hide the identity of contacts from the other members of the conversation. You can set a contact to “anonymous” and Ditto will replace that contact’s name with the word anonymous when forwarding to the others in the group.