Ditto for BlackBerry - Turn Your Device Into an SMS Chat Room with Group Text Messages

By Adam Zeis on 8 Apr 2010 12:37 pm EDT

Ditto for BlackBerry is a very cool app that turns your device into an "SMS chat room". If you have a number of friends who haven't made the jump to BlackBerry and thus can't take advantage of BBM, Ditto may be worth a shot. The app allows you to add multiple contacts to a group chat, tag them as either a listener, speaker or both, and fire off an SMS to start a conversation. This lets you choose who can read the messages as well as who can reply. This is a great little tool for setting up your night out, messaging your employees and coworkers, or just having a chat with your friends and family. Once the chat is setup, the participants receive an alert via SMS, and you're up and running. Use Ditto to send off your SMS, and from there all of the participants will receive the message. When a message is received, a user simply replies to the message and it is sent out to all the people in the conversation. All in all a very cool app for cross-platform messaging that is sure to have tons of uses. Shoutout to Jane rocking that sweet 8700 in the video. Ditto sells for $2.99 and is available from BlackBerry App World. Check out the link below for more information.

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Ditto for BlackBerry - Turn Your Device Into an SMS Chat Room with Group Text Messages


it appears as though only the person wanting to start the group chat has to have Ditto. Hopefully someone else can confirm this.

But her replies wouldn't get forwarded to Sam.
Cool app but I don't want all of the replies to me constantly getting forwarded to every member of the group. Sometimes I want to have a sidebar with one of my friends in the middle of a conversation.

This seems like a handy application at first, and correct me if I'm wrong because I may be misunderstanding the way this works, but my concern is, what if Jane had wanted to reply only to Tom? For example, if she had something very personal that she wanted to say to him only. Because of Ditto, the message would automatically get sent to Sam as well.

Is there any way for people to stop their messages from being forwarded to somebody else? It seems like only the person who initiated the conversation through Ditto has the power to do that.

Yes, preceding a message with some character (i.e. placing an ! as the very first character of the reply) to make it a private message, would make sense to do. Good idea, maybe they'll notice this.

It seems like a fairly useful app but I do have one question. Would this app even work with OS 5.0 because they were showing it off on a 8900 running 4.6?

"Is there a free trial??"
Currently there is no free trial for Ditto.

"Do all members of the group need to have the Ditto app?"
Only one member of the group needs to have Ditto to host a conversation.

"Sometimes I want to have a sidebar with one of my friends in the middle of a conversation."
In this case you can temporarily disable the member of the group who you'd like to have a sidebar with and then re-enable them when the sidebar is finished.

"what if Jane had wanted to reply only to Tom?"
"Is there any way for people to stop their messages from being forwarded to somebody else?"
The member running Ditto could either temporarily disable Jane in the conversation. They could also change Jane's speaking ability to OFF, which would prevent her messages from being forwarded to the others in the group.

I see, but in that scenario Jane still has no control over her own messages and she must depend on Tom to stop her messages from being forwarded.

couldn't she just send a new SMS to Tom? I may be wrong, but group txt appears to be based on the "reply" function. If someone in the group initiates a new SMS without replying to a text within the conversation, wouldn't that be treated like any normal SMS? I'm just speculating...

i've purchased it but it won't text the people i've chosen to be in my conversation, i'm on a 9700 on 5.0 operating system 545. Have emailed support, hope i can get it working as i'd really like to make use of the app.

but has potential.

I didn't see where the people not running Ditto know that they are in a group "chat".

Am I missing something? Missed that part of the video...my bad. It does notify you.

yeah, i will be nice in the initial ditto sms to let the others know that they are in a group chat and who else is in the group chat with them.

and i hope if someone without ditto wanted to have a sidebar conversation they can just start a new sms with that person and not have it tied to ditto anymore.

this app definitely has a lot of potential.

there is another blackberry site out there that is offering 100 free copies. I just downloaded it for free just now and will try it out.

This app definitely fulfills a need. It is NOT the same as a normal SMS message with multiple recipients, please read the article before commenting...

However, this app really does have privacy issues. In general it is simply less practical than organizing the data yourself through regular SMS/BBM messages. It needs to be a standalone messaging app like BBM. It then should have it so that messages sent from Ditto have the auto-reply all function, but regular SMS messages act as normal. This would greatly help the host in usability...however, there is still the problem of recipients sending private messages to everyone. Thus, there should be a signature of all sent messages from this app with a warning saying that replies to this message wil be sent to all participants.

If something like that were implemented, you would have a lot more success. Additionally, a free trial should exist so users can test to see if it works with alternate SMS apps.

And its not bad. I'm on VZW, one person had ATT, the other on TMO. Both would occasionally get duplicate messages, which may be confusing. My guess is they were running 4.x in the demo is because threaded sms makes this app more difficult to use, as you have to follow multiple threads to keep up. The popup in the SMS helps but its still difficult to catch up if you set the phone down.

Overall it works well. It could use some improvement for sure, but it adds functionality that I did not have before. If most of your friends are without smartphones, and you need/want to hold group chats, then this app is worth the 3 bucks.