Ditched Windows Phone for a Z10 today!

By Adam Zeis on 24 Jul 2013 01:25 pm EDT

In the CrackBerry forums we typically hear about users switching to BlackBerry from iPhone or Android and not so much Windows phone, but one of our new members beachhoppr did just that. In what is nearly a live blog of his first few days with the BlackBerry Z10, beachhoppr has given a play-by-play of his pros and cons with the Z10 as compared to Windows Phone (most recently the Lumia 810). 

I really enjoyed reading over the thread both for the posts from beachhoppr learning all about BlackBerry 10 and for all of the awesome CB members that are jumping in to help out and offer up tips for a brand new user. 

Love this phone! Wife unhappy with my obsessionbeachhoppr, CB Member

So far beachhoppr has fallen in love and has a slight Z10 obsession - and we wouldn't expect any less.  He loves the Active Frames, Hub and overall speed and has already begun sideloading a ton of apps, noting BlackBerry has WP killed in this category!

He has also made a few comparisons to Windows Phone thus far.

Comparisons so far:

  • Keyboard goes to BB
  • Hub goes to BB! Love this
  • Camera speed goes to BB
  • Battery life still under test
  • Screen tied
  • Intuitiveness gotta give it to WP out of the box
  • Apps WP wins at the moment
  • Live tiles vs Active frames...gotta go with live tiles
  • Style...ooh I dig the utilitarian BlackBerry form factor
  • Navigation goes to WP...only 2 screens to deal with
  • Speed...phew...BlackBerry by a hair
ok just discovered peek and compact sidebar! awesome!beachhoppr, CB Member

In his first post if the thread he asked, "Am I a crazy person??" We can assure you beachhoppr that the only crazy thing is that you didn't switch sooner. It's always a tough decsision when it comes to picking the device that's best for you, and while you've obviously been through quite a few devices over the years, we're more than happy to have you on Team BlackBerry. 

We'll take any and all BlackBerry lovers here - not matter what device you've come from. We especially love fans as excited as you are. So welcome to CrackBerry!

If you want to join in and help out with some tips, be sure to hit up the forums thread below.

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Ditched Windows Phone for a Z10 today!


I wonder if I would have made the switch to blackberry if my first device wasn't the curve but an android device. Love my Z10 though (sometimes)

Sometimes? I LOVE my Z! Of course, I hope to move to a more powerful BB10 device but the A10 needs to excite me. I do like the larger screen, while the device itself isn't much larger. I also like the improved specs but the fundamentals are too similar to the Z - 2GB RAM, 16GB internal memory, similar pixel count,

The A10 reminds me of an iPhone "S" device -- nominal improvements.

agreed sometimes??? are you nuts i love mine 24/7 i even kiss mine goodnight and made it its own blankey

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I just came from iPhone, the Z10 is my first BlackBerry.
I became interested in about 09 when BlackBerry started making acquisitions, including QNX. As soon as I could, I went and got their first phone running the new OS.

Great move. I don't see how I can ever go back to iPhone.

The Hub and keyboard are amazing! I can't wait to see how BB10 evolves with what I believe QNX capabilities are and BlackBerry's vision of mobile computing.

I own a few thousand shares and have a 2 year time frame.

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If I may add to that interesting point you make, I wonder if this guy loves the battery life he is getting from his z10 among the other things on his list? I know I don't.

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My last phone was the HTC titan 2, HTC one X was about 6 months before that, and iPhone 3gs before that although I did have a iPhone 4 for a little while before I returned it to wait for the one x

I'm on 2009, and mine is horrible! Will the .4*** OSes make that much of a difference? I really don't want to have to resideload everything again!

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Like reading those first hand accounts from members that weren't CB regulars before.

This is how you CB10, son!

For keyboard I don't agree ! On WP, you make a mistake, click on the word, it give us few words to choose ( in case of the word is a real word but not the word wanted). Make a real difference.

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So this has been on BB10 out of the box. There's even the option to add the word to your personal dictionary.

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I disagree. I came to the Z10 from an HTC 8X, and while the WP8 virtual keyboard is superior to the iPhone keyboard, the BB10 keyboard is still another step ahead in functionally. I've written texts with one letter touch and the rest are swipes. It takes me far fewer keystrokes to write on BB10 than any other phone. It is so much easier.

My 1st "smartphone " was the Sony P800 running the symbian OS. I got it from the review Sumi Das gave on ZDTV/Tech TV (showing my age) That phone let me down on so many levels yet I tried and tried other Sony products with similar results. Finally got frustrated and took a chance on BlackBerry Torch and I've been hooked ever since.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 or PlayBook!

Awesome ? For an ex user, it was a good thing I don't forget ! (french guy, hope you understood ! )

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I simple and useful tip would be:
- Press +/- volume buttons at the same time to take a screen shot.
- Press and hold volume button to skip to next or previous song. This needs to be enable in the in main volume setup.

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Thanks for the volume/skip tip. Was fumbling at the gym today, and didn't realize this option was turned off by default....password lock is a pain when you want to skip a song while on the treadmill.

Didn't know about the screen shot! Thanks! I wish there is a list out there for tricks and options for z10, also does anyone know how to keep the date displayed in the top of the screen when you are in active frame or hub?

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Found it in settings, sorry been lazy. Bb10 is great! I got all I wanted for a (smart)PHONE. Hope bbm add push to talk but I got side loaded We chat. Pretty happy with it. (off topic :)


Awesome choice, your life will greatly improved with every button you press on the Z10 keyboard!

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Sideloading is cool. The average non tech person simply wants to search and install stuff from BlackBerry World. This is an issue that needs to be addressed. Have you seen any BlackBerry commercials about sideloading? If not, how will they know its even available?

I guess I'm your average non tech person. I dunno how to sideload....tried a little search on Google but I'm still kinda clueless. I wouldn't mind help. :)

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Its funny that 'Intuitiveness' want to WP. I used a WP device for about 3-4 weeks while waiting for my Z10 LE to arrive. One of the things I hated was the navigation. I just hated the fact that I could 'back into' an app that I had previously left.

I guess its just me... :-)

Maybe it is just you. The WP Nokia Lumia 95 has the ability.
Hold thearrow that points to the left on the bottom of the phone for a sec or two and you can see all currently running applications. It is pretty sweet. Kind of reminds me of the way the Playbook shows open apps. But with the Playbook you would swipe down.

Honest review which I like. Hopefully 10.2 will pick up more of those tests. I heard a new WP8 update is coming out soon too. I would like an honest review of those 2 when released as well. Apps hopefully will start coming to 10.2

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My last phone was Nokia lumia 920. I'm now with BlackBerry z10. I'll switch back to Nokia Lumia 1020 if BlackBerry A10 is just a big z10 with the same specs.

Posted via CB with my Z10!

I switched from I phone 4, and never going back, love my z10,
And much love for crack berry team,

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Crackberry is truly filled with people who genuinely get excited about helping others. Blackberry should gather their customer service employees' here. Just a thought?

I switched from Samsung android, and it was the best thing I ever did.. the Z10 is my 1st BlackBerry ever and I love this phone. I never have a problem with freezing or errors..and now I feel I'm part of something big, a whole new world..lol #teamblackberry

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More people will figure out that the one thing missing from Windows Phone (and Android) that BlackBerry (and Apple) do possess is class and ingenuity. When you own a BlackBerry, you have something you're proud to hold. BlackBerry isn't a corporate machine pushing generic crap on you; they want you to have fun and conduct business all on the same device, and they want to improve it based on YOUR feedback. They're a company that adapts to their customers versus forcing their customers to accept change or eat shit (Windows 8 Start button). You can't help but love a company that operates that way. Welcome to the club and enjoy being a Berry Junkie like the rest of us.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

You are so right about not pushing things on you. Just like they didn't push that BB10 onto my Playbook.

I really wanted to like Windows Phone when it came time to get something modern and supported (as opposed to being stuck on an island clinging onto my webOS phones). I kept going back to the HTC 8X and really liking the hardware, and a couple of the features, but it just seemed like so much of a toy OS. Not really sure how else to put it. I think BB10 has the right amount of utility and power, and has a nice clean look. I'm glad I made the jump, and have been pleasantly surprised at the rate that development has been happening on BB10 OS. The prospect of having sideloadable 4.2 compatible apps is very nice indeed!

Im sure the goo-crew will be around to make sure any new people know how much they think bb sucks and we should all cherish the droid even though its a free-ware hackers paradise. They can be seen every thread having a goo-gasm about negative bb news, telling bb fans how much they dont like bb, talking about droid activations, how much money apple has in the bank, Its hilarious, so entertaining.

So its been 2 weeks since I left blackberry. I have a BB Curve 8900 which I was using for 3 and a half years straight. Strong phone but over time I grew tired of it seeing what the other platforms can do. So for $230 I got a Star N9500 Chinese clone android phone with jellybean 4.2.1. Best thing ever with a quad core 1.2 GHz mtk 6589 chip, 5" IPS 720p screen. Love the selection of apps and games. But with all this I still miss one thing about my Blackberry, its keyboard. Can't wait for BBM to get on Android. I still am a blackberry fan.

Welcome to BlackBerry.

I've used most of them. Also WP7.5 and iOS (all versions). Just minor playing with Android and WebOS. Back in the day I used Palm and PocketPC.

These days it's Z10 for me, though in all likelihood I'll be using A10 when it is released. Q10 is nice but I prefer the bigger screen, and I am partial to the BB10 touch keyboard.

- Developer of NeverMaze

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"For battery life, somebody better tell this guy how to load 10.1.4651." I have the file but not sure how to load it.

Why did I ditch WP? 1) Because I am a tech geek so I had to check out BB. 2) It was starting to get stale. Many thing were missing that MS just didn't seem interested in adding: Other Storage fix, Notification hub, Live tiles that didn't die, ability to sideload/root, and so on.

"Its funny that 'Intuitiveness' went to WP." There is no question the WP experience is more intuitive out of the box. Not better, just quicker to adapt to it since there is no gesturing per se.

I briefly considered a Nokia Windows phone after my BlackBerry Curve 9360. But that was "briefly " indeed...once I got my PlayBook and a hint of what BB 10 might entail, I pretty much gave up on that idea right away. Seeing the Z10 in action, sealed the deal.
Personally I think that BlackBerry should still give thanks to the PlayBook and it's owners. In my case at least, it played a significant role in upgrading to a Z10.

PS I hope I'm in with BlackBerry for the long haul, but if they keep stumbling, muddying the waters and generally f * * king up their comeback, then my patience will run its course...and suddenly that Nokia phone will seem a lot more attractive!

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Hear hear, that's exactly how I ended up being a BlackBerry fan. So disappointed that the Playbook was abandoned but the Z10 is the cure.

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I use both a Lumina 920 and a Z10. I haven't quite ditched the 920 because it does have great battery life. One thing I haven't noticed mention is that the 920 does not have a file manager. It also doesn't work well with Box or Dropbox. The Z10 doesn't work well with SkyDrive, however. Skype works much better on the WP whereas it is barely usable on the Z10. In the end, it is the form factor and the fact that the Z10 has a file manager that keep me going back to the Z10. The 920 is just too big and heavy a phone.

I switched from Samsung s2 to the z10. I love it. It is a small computer to the extent it even maps your internal and external memory on your computer as physical drives. So many ways to access the phone.

Connects on GPS flawlessly. Had a nightmare connecting with my s2 and still a have a nightmare connecting with my galaxy tab8.9 right now.

My big problem with my z10 is rebooting!!!! But still will not find anything better than this phone right now.

Battery life takes me 2 days and 6hrs on 1 charge and latest official software update on SaskTel. That is on getting 50 emails most of it just junk from those who advertise anthing. Several texts, phones calls directions...ah well let's just say a medium user.

The z10 is very fast and I like this browser especially when getting stuff from the Web on the move.

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Load the latest Leaked OS and reboot solved and you get a slew of new features that improve the phone even more.

From the Zed of Rockivy

I also moved from the Lumia 810 on T-Mobile to the Z10. The Lumia was a great LOOKING device but was very unpredictable. Text messages would arrive hours, even days late. T-Mobile could never solve the problem. So far the Z10 has been bulletproof and hasn't suffered from the issues that plagued the Lumia.

Love my Z10!

Posted via CB10

I had the same issues with T-Mobile. It's not the phone, it's their service. Glad you love your BlackBerry tho :)

via CB10 on my AT&T Z10

Clinging to my webOS? Hey, I resemble that remark! I love my TouchPad 4G!

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

You just download the leak, and it works. Make sure to BACKUP your device before , because once you hit "INSTALL" it erases all without warning.

You can actually type anywhere you can compose like in an email etc. type myver and hit space your version will come up.

I have been asked by a high street phone shop (no names allowed) to test two phones to see how they compare to my Z10. So I will be given a Samsung and a Nokia as they know I hate iphones as that would not be fair. So next week I have three weeks of testing before I publish my results. Sorry only to them but I will share interesting facts.

Posted via Z10

One of my gripes about the PlayBook was the GPS taking forever to get a lock, especially indoors. That, and the screen being sensitive to the slightest tap and no way to lock it down. Oh, also the windows would move when you would play a game and mess you up at the worst possible moment. Let's not forget the painfully long boot up. Notice a pattern here? No BlackBerry 10 OS on the PlayBook means it's run it course. It was fun while it lasted, and I'll always have great memories of it, but it paved the way for BB10 and we can't live in the past, especially when the present is so freaking awesome (BlackBerry 10). I was mad, and I'll miss it, but the hammer really has dropped on it. I wish they would open it up for modding, though.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

I switch from a iPhone5!!! I now have a z10 and I'm loving it!!! BlackBerry is all about being productive and always in motion dope!!!

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We put z10 phones in at work. Everyone loves them. Their wives love the z10 and lots have them now. We had a company function last night and so many wives all stated how they love the z10 and so do their kids. Since I chose the device for the work place, yes we could have gone with the iphone or Samsung, it was a nice feeling for once. Made me forgive BlackBerry for the PlayBook debacle somewhat. The z10 and bb10 is the best out there. It is a shame that people may not ever get to know this. Apple is so strong, and they are applying huge pressure to keep the lid on this BlackBerry device. As for a Windows phone. We have at least 29 Window work stations at work. What a pain to keep them virus free, and every useless windows version is designed to force hardware changes and nothing else. A freaking word doc and excel spreadsheet is just that. I hate windows and Microsoft with a passion.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

I used to have BOLD 9900 as my primary phone and iPhone 4S as my secondary.. but soon as I got my Z10, I ditched the two and focused on my new baby.. this time, I don't need to have two phones.. cuz I can play games by side loading apps, and get a BlackBerry goodness at the same time!

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Chinese on bb10(10.1) is awesome! Bigger area accurate recognition than iPhone and auto magic flip. Soooo good. I phone users have to try it to believe.


I have a Lumia 920 (in red) and a Z10 (in red). I'm not sure how you compare them, i thought live tiles were useless - but, the simplicity of the UI is somewhat refreshing. Z10 won for me because i work a lot. Lumia is great for social though - grouping people together to keep status and messages together is something i wish my Z10 could do.

I have 2 smartphone that I using everyday / Galaxy S4 and BlackBerry Q10, android and BlackBerry is still friend right?! Hehehe

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Anyone who has a z10 totally loves it, I think word of mouth Is powerful, give BlackBerry some time and watch bb10 get massive

QNX is the future

Must admit I do like tiles. One criticism of BB10 is the UI which now apple have gone to IOS7 is looking dated already . BB10 needed to be different and whilst the hub and keyboard are amazing most non BlackBerry people day it looks like a cheap iPhone. :-(

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Well, I for one does not fancy the new iOS7 look. BB10 could get some nicer icon theme though, but otherwise I really see nothing in iOS7 which looks better than BB10.

Since 17 May 2013 I'm using my friends blackberry Z10, I feel that its navigation is slightly differing than my BlackBerryQ10.

Switch from a 9850 to a Nokia 810 (soon to pick up the Nokia 925). I have a Playbook that will be replaced with the Surface 2 or a Nokia tablet.

Wife switched from a Nexus to the Z10 (had it for eight days then she saw my Nokia 810), and Playbook, to currently the HTC 8x and the Dell XPS 10.

Just for eight days? I almost went back to my curve from the z10 in the first few days, then after a week there is no going back at all to any other phone!

QNX is the future


Z10 battery sucks. I don't know how you wouldn't figure this out one day into use like I did when I switched from the Lumia 920.

The screen on the 920 is better, in my opinion. And I can't believe anyone would choose the Z10 form factor over the 920. That thing is sex in polycarbonate. Though I suppose that's a personal preference. Give me BlackBerry Hub and keyboard on my 920 and I'd be set. But the Lumia wins all other categories. The camera is speedier on the Z10, but I'll take the quality of the 920's pictures any day.

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The single most important reason for wanting a windows phone is MS Office. Why can't a reviewer include Office in their write-up? I want to know how they each handle Outlook Calendar, contacts, appointments, etc. Office integration is way more important to me than camera pixels, etc.

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I'm currently using a Lumia 920 and a Blackberry Bold 9900. I've tested out the new BB 10 devices but there's just some features that are missing including settings that i know that will be coming soon so i'm just waiting for the OS to mature. I also want the bigger screen of the A10.

Z10 is an awesome device. Battery life is a bit weak but bb10 is far superior to anything on the market right now. The only thing wrong with BlackBerry now is perception. They must get creative and drive through this negativity that is clearly influenced by those profiting from BlackBerry's struggles. The stock market manipulators and morons at the US retail stores are killing this brand....

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BB10 is way better than Windows Phone, I tried the WP7 and 8 and they went straight to Ebay sold them because their notification options are a mess compared with the BB10. Most if not all have sealed batteries and those Nokia handsets brick very often (just google nokia spinning gears ) they suck! thats the only platform I will never go back to. The only problem with the Z10 are the apps for some people I really don't game so I'm fine with what it has at the moment and the battery is mediocre but at least there is options ! a charger bundle works like a charm with the q10 and z10 swapping batteries my phone will never be stuck to a wall ! BB10 is so private when it comes to notifications and the OS is smooth a messaging machine

It's a love hate relationship with my z10. I wonder if I made a right move by selling my iphone 5 for a blackberry product.

Posted via CB10

I would be curious to see how Windows Phone 8 compares to the BB10, but I'm a long time BlackBerry addict. The new Lumia 1020 and previous Lumia's have great cameras so I'm surprised that the camera would be better than blackberry. My z10 isn't the sharpest tool in the shed in terms of photographs. They are all pretty blurry. I like time shift but I don't like this flash on standard photos, it creates a lot of red eye and is blinding. My favourite camera on a phone is on my One X but the new Lumia's destroys every other camera.

Another thing that would keep me away from Windows Phone is the lack of notifications. I can always trust BlackBerry (mostly) if I have a message waiting without having to turn on the screen. I do prefer the Android notification bar and pane with previews.

No SD card and swappable battery on windows - advantage bb

Typing - BlackBerry hands and fingers down

Judging by the limited selection of apps in the app store on windows 8 computers I would say BlackBerry and Windows are even in this department. At least BlackBerry has NHL Game Centre and MLB At Bat which Windows Phone does not.

Live Tiles versus Active pane - live tiles are pretty cool.

How about the Calendar, Email and Contacts? I hear windows is pretty good at linking contacts. My z10 and q10's at work can't accept meeting requests with active sync and Google apps Accounts. -advantage windows - hope these bugs get fixed with 10.2

Cheers. Long live BlackBerry!

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