Distimo monthly report breaks down BlackBerry App World

By Ryan Blundell on 26 Nov 2010 08:45 am EST

Recently, Distimo has released their November 2010 report that helps companies, and individuals, gain a better grasp on the analytics of the mobile app ecosystem. If you aren’t familiar with Distimo, the company provides in-depth coverage of emerging trends within the mobile application industry. The services that Distimo offers include the monthly Distimo Report, which covers the following mobile application stores:

• Apple App Store - iPhone • Apple App Store - iPad • BlackBerry App World • Google Android Market • Nokia Ovi Store • Palm App Catalog • Windows Marketplace • Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

They also offer a monitoring service for developers; which allows them to see daily downloads and revenue, as well as review their app ranking and the ranking of the competition. Within the free monthly reports, readers can compare the top free and paid applications from all of the app stores above listed; as well as view price point comparison. While this report does focus more on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, there are still some interesting facts to be seen from BlackBerry App World.

Distimo Average Price

This chart indicates the average price of the top 100 paid apps, and all paid apps, from each store. For BlackBerry App world, you can see that the average price for their top 100 paid apps is just under the $2.50 mark (second lowest across the board). As far as average price for all paid apps go, we are actually smack dab in the middle.

Distimo price distribution

This chart breaks down each application store and compares what percentage of paid applications fall into which price point. Approximately 56% of the paid apps in BlackBerry App World are priced under $2.00.

Distimo Highest ranked free apps


Distimo Highest ranked paid apps

These two charts indicate the top 10 apps for the entire month of October. For BlackBerry App World, it was interesting to see that the Top 10s were arguably dominated by free IM/Social Networking Apps and paid Themes. It seemed as through Android users were more about News/Weather apps and other Tools. I thought BlackBerry was supposed to be about productivity! Don’t feel too bad though; iPhone and Windows Phone 7 users were all about paying for games, so we know who’s going to procrastinate more. Note that the stats for Windows Phone 7 were taken from November 1st to November 22nd.

I was still surprised to see the types of apps that were the most popular on App World. What does this mean? Are our BlackBerrys so efficient that we just need apps to make them pretty? Or is it the fact that BlackBerry users are waiting for something else? My money is on the fact that everyone is heading to our own CrackBerry App Store instead! Sound off in the comments!

Reader comments

Distimo monthly report breaks down BlackBerry App World


" I thought BlackBerry was supposed to be about productivity!" ???

Generally the idea a today styled theme is to help busy people be more productive and since they're so popular companies don't offer as many free ones so my guess is the majority of themes bought were today styled therefore a productive app.

As to the social networking apps the 8530 for sprint comes in black, purple and red with pink buttons. Who in a business atmosphere would buy the second two? They wouldn't but a 15 year old who sees mommy and daddy has a bb and wants one would. That would be where the majority of the social networking apps go.

Also my husband just pointed out there aren't a lot of businesses around who don't have a twitter, facebook and run a foursquare or maybe all three. I can tell you one company I worked for would post sales on their twitter my manager never knew about but I always did because of my bb. Any app that helps me get that info more quickly then the native apps is productive.

In the CrackBerry application store you get updated apps faster. It can take weeks for BlackBerry App World to approve and get an application update to your phone. That's the main reason I use the CB store over App World. Also license keys don't work sometimes, and support is impossible to reach.

As a developer, I can tell you that Mobihand/Crackberry is a much better experience on the delivery side as well