Disney's Frozen sticker pack now available in the BBM Shop

By Bla1ze on 3 Jul 2014 02:15 pm EDT

If you're looking to liven up your BBM with some new stickers, Disney has just pushed the Frozen sticker pack to the BBM Shop and all the expected characters are in place. Just as with most other sticker packs available on BBM, this one has pricing set at $1.99 for 24 stickers. Not one I'm interested but I'm sure many others have been waiting for this one to arrive. You can load up the BBM Shop from within BBM and find them listed for purchase. Grabbing them or taking a pass?

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Disney's Frozen sticker pack now available in the BBM Shop


Everyone is clearly obsessed.....including me. but some of with kids don't really have a choice.

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Come on, Blaize, it's Frozen stickers.

JK....Happy 4th of July and Canada Day to all my BlackBerry brothers and sisters....

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You too Freddy!

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Think I'll wait for something more tempting

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I totally agree with him on that.... $2.00 is a lot for a sticker pack!! apps are sometimes cheaper than that.

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Ah stickers! Blackberry will be a financial juggernaut and be a force to be reckoned with because of stickers!

They had one for Canada Day. I wonder if they'll have one for 4th of July.

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I'm passing here, but they will appeal to some and the more the better.

Some ideas:
Star Wars
DC Comics
Lord of the Rings
Mad Men
Pro sports of most varieties

The stickers also need to be able to stuck with a text input as well.

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I spent almost as much on stickers as apps. Am I weird? Of course I didn't buy many apps to begin with but still :-P

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Oh come on now, put a smile on there beautiful little faces! And help BlackBerry hit that $100,000,000 in bbm revenue!

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Their... not there... where is the darn edit post button?

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I am wondering. If I send a sticker to someone without the sticker pack, do they automatically get the whole pack on their bbm or do they have to buy it still? I'm upgrading my fiancée BlackBerry in Dominican republic. Her phone is still OS6 & doesn't support stickers.


They still have to buy.

The good news is if you send a sticker to a user who lives in an area where the pack isn't offered, that user can get the pack! Kinda cool!

If you send someone a sticker with the recipient not having that particular pack or sticker, He/She will be able to see it, but won't be able to re-send that sticker. In other words to see/receive a sticker you don't need to have them installed; to send stickers you have to have them installed.
OS6 doesn't support stickers? Are you sure? Maybe you have to update her BBM app. I have OS5 (Storm 2) and I have stickers compatibility and have even bought two or three packs!

Hope I helped =). Greetings to Dominican Republic from Mexico!

When will this they start doing some work instead of these damn stickers? Cross plat video etc. Wtf.

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I don't get it either. Stickers? Really? All part of BlackBerry's identity crisis. Is it a business tool with some apps or is it some schmucky childs toy. Hope they make money on it, though. And apparently they are.

What work? The platform is here, artists submit a sticker idea and they sell it... I'm sure they are hard at work at the other areas of importance.

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Thanks for speaking truth. People are quick to talk about something that they don't know about and throw undo blame on people. However, they do need to speed up the process with cross platform BBM video.

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@Thunder, how much can they REALLY make from it? Company changing? No. On the bottom line, what exactly is the money doing? Just equaling out loses.(at a small fraction)

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Rough math. 25% of active users= 21,250,000. Each of these buy 4 packs of stickers = $170,000,000 in revenue. No small change here.

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It's content, not anything that requires a whole team of people programming it. They added the feature now they're stocking the store.

If there were 3 packs available everyone would be complaining that it was a pathetic feature they weren't putting any effort into.

And my nieces were plenty excited to see these stickers this morning. We're having a lot of fun with them.

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You could have one artist doing these stickers give me a break. Update with more valuable info. I don't care if they don't release it "now" but give an update. Something. Grown adults happy over stickers for a damn chat window, shaking MY damn head.

Put these designers to better use.

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Why so serious. Stickers are not going to be the down fall of BlackBerry. Them over saturationing the market with too many phones models and not having adequate demand with prof of being able to make profit from these devices will doom BlackBerry.

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The design of these stickers is done by artists outside of BlackBerry I think. They are not using phone and tech designers here.

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Ha. No, but they sure can be fun. They have my 2.00 bucks with a Grateful Dead sticker pack! No hesitation!

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As I listen to Touch of Grey, I think of the many faces of Gerry and the dancing bears and how they would be a niche, but a good one.

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In other news....BlackBerry revenues jump 1000% on release of Frozen BBM Sticker Pack.... :)

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Not in Chen's world. And I am good with that. I wa BlackBerry to be financially strong and stable.

And once that happens, sure, let the freebies come.

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I wish BlackBerry would spend their time developing, oh I don't know, improvements to the OS instead of trivial shit like bbm stickers.

You're right.
I'm sure it's a team of at least 75 people to put these things out.
Not to mention the cost of maintaining support for them.

They're stickers. It takes no effort at all. What's the big deal?

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They need more free ones. Having only one standard free one is behind the competition, even Facebook offers dozens of free packs. you need to get people hooked first, right now I don't see why I wouldn't just use one of the other clients like wechat or whatever that offer multiple free packs

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those Frozen stickers will sure melt under the sunny summer sky, lol.

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I think more interesting question from CB would be: Have you bought any stickers at all. (well, and if so why).

When the news about stickers came, it seemed exciting. But boy, are most of these of any use to anyone. I mean for this price. Really would like to know. Being in Asian community I know what they can use on Line, still feels a bit sterile to me what is being offered here. And I mean no offense. Was probably having wrong expectations. Or don't understand how mot of the stickers avail, could be used. :(

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I've bought five packs since their release. I just mess around with them and use them infrequently to bug my friends on bbm. I am a shareholder holder and also see it as a voluntary tax to help the business grow.

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You say other have been waiting for this to arrive like we know what is planned for release

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I can see thus sticker pack now in Hong Kong.
Took a full 8 minutes just to load.
Hope Blackberry can do better than that.

WTF!?!? I already paid for the BBM Characters pack before they took it down & now I have to pay for it again?!!? OH hizelll knawwwwwww!!!

So .. today I intend to buy this sticker.
But something strange happened .. when I tried to buy through my Z10, it says not available. But then I checked on my bbm on my android phone, it was available and then i buy it.
Anyone know why? These differences can occur

Whilst £1:50 is not a lot of money nowadays it is a LOT for a couple of stickers.

IMO Sticker packs should be no more than 50p. Surely it costs them a minuscule amount to create a sticker compared to app creation of the same value.

Will not be purchasing though I hope those that do enjoy them.

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They even OVERPRICED damn stickers.

No sticker with laughing Mr. Chen planned? I would send those who are still expecting that BlackBerry will finally do ANYTHING serious to bring it's phones and OS to the masses.