Disney Pixar Collection and Baby Boop stickers arrive in the BBM Shop

By Bla1ze on 4 Sep 2014 11:36 pm EDT

I'm really starting to wonder just how much money BlackBerry is actually pulling in from adding stickers to BBM. It seems each week we get at least two brand new sticker packs for BBM and this week is no different.

Now appearing in the BBM Shop is the Disney Pixar Collection consisting of many of your favorite Disney characters such as Wall-E, Lightning McQueen, Mater, Dory, Nemo and more. If that's not really what you're looking for, maybe Baby Boop is your fix? That would be the 'baby' version of Betty Boop in case you're wondering.

Each pack is set at the standard $1.99 and available right now in the BBM Shop, so if you're interested in either one you can load up BBM and grab them. Keep in mind, they might be showing in all regions as of yet.

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Disney Pixar Collection and Baby Boop stickers arrive in the BBM Shop


Seconded! If purchased from BBM store, they should be usable to the purchaser throughout BBM, including Channels.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

I'm sure that will happen in a future update.

But yes, I can see how that sucks for now. Wonder why it wasn't setup to allow this from day one.

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We need some more free stickers. Messenger has so many and I hear complaints all the time about the cost of BBM stickers

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I just noticed them and then came here to see if it was posted... You're quick Bla1ze! Respect.

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I noticed this after I updated my BBM a couple hours ago. Bring me Star Wars stickers and I'll give you my money

Still stuck on T-Mobile USA :(

I still want NFL stickers. The season is now in effect. They could be making some money off of that.

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i need Coca Cola stickers!!! i have the ones from Coca Cola Indonesia... but come they are all football related

I've bought every single pack. Ok. I'm kidding. Perhaps if I had more than one contact that used BBM I'd be tempted. Everyone I know still uses WhatsApp and that is a shame.

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If stickers helps BBM claw its way back to a dominant messenger app, bring it on.

People are still using the Facebook messenger app even with the lack of privacy. I honestly don't understand it. A friend of mine told me that even BlackBerry Messenger gets datamined which isn't even true.

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Kevin keeps the Passport giveaway for himself and gives you the Baby Boop sticker pack... nice boss you've got! ;)

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Héhé, well done, youy didn't waste time to buy the Disney Collection !!!
me too, this is a good one !
When will we have the "Mobile Nations" Stickers in the BBM Shop ??

I know they don't cost a whole lot or anything, but there's a lot of stickers I want that I probably will never actually buy. It would be cool if there was another free sticker pack...

And penguins. Free the penguin.

BLACKBERRY, you should offer a 24 hour free use period when packs are released. It would spread the word and probably the purchase of of stickers immensely. After 24 hours, the next time you use the sticker, make it easy to buy, have a pop up to say thanks for using, and to continue to use, click to pay here. Let the money roll in. I only ask for 5% of any additional revenue from this approach.

Otherwise, the only way I know about new stickers is via Crackberry.

Some stickers are fine, but euro 1.79 for a package is a lit to pay. I mean many good programs are half that. Stickers take little to produce, and take no maintenance costs for the provider! A rip off, really. The only one I think is worth the money is Popeye, but that's only because he is about my age...

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I just started buying stickers I love them lol. Anything I can do to support BlackBerry I'm on it! Going to get all of them just like James from berryflow lol

Uhm, is it just me or do the Betty Boop Stickers look a little - I don't know odd? They've dressed her up as provocatively as ever, but they aged her down. The combination is a little disconcerting. Maybe it's just me.

I got most of the stickers as well as some of the international ones I could find links to. Though the international ones i bought don't show up in the shop bbm as purchased but rather not at all. I hope I still have them if I switch to a new BB later.