A discussion with Dan Dodge co-founder and CEO of QNX Software Systems

By Bla1ze on 28 Sep 2010 04:51 pm EDT
Dan Dodge

A lot of talk has been happening at the BlackBerry Developer Conference regarding QNX Software. More specifically, the OS that will be running on the sexy new BlackBerry PlayBook. The official BlackBerry blogs were able to catch up to Dan Dodge, co-founder and CEO of QNX Software Systems. In the talks, they discuss QNX, the OS and it's role in the new BlackBerry Tablet OS ecosystem. If you're interested in learning more about QNX Software be sure to give it a read through, rather interesting in how the OS works.



Will QNX software eventually be on blackberry phones?


Yes. As I read at intomobile.com and bbleaks.com


I think the success of the PlayBook will determine if QNX will make its way to BB handhelds.

But I think I speak for all of us when I say "I HOPE SO!!!"


I remember running an older QNX OS on my old PC years ago... I have forgot all about QNX until now.... I also do wish they would release an OS for the BB as this OS will be great on a handheld..


I absolutely LOVE that people will be able to write their apps in Flash or AIR and won't have to learn anything new to hit the ground running with great content. It's also great to see that devs aren't limited to just those options either. This is gonna be a winner for sure!


I absolutely LOVE that people will be able to write their apps natively and not have to go through a VM. Good programmers will be able to do things that are truly outstanding.


I agree, I think QNX will live long if the playbook is successful in user hands


This is really cool, that old c,cpp is back on BB with QNX,
Now folks can use really native apps, so you really don’t have to learn new, except Neutrino runtime.


It sounds like RIM is planning on using QNX to solve the paradox that Mr. Balsillie talked about on the last earnings call. The potential is great.


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Lovely because 6.0 sucks and the whole BB OS is holding them back, if you are not blind/loyal you know this.

Good move RIM, should have purchased PALM


well... anyone who has used BBOS will know that BBOS6 is a natural progression of the os and as such is a much better for use with touch and physical keyboards, something other mobile os would fail to do.

Looking at QNX from the videos, would buying palm done much for rim? QNX has a history of 30 years of building operating systems for all sorts of things, so I think they've done well. buying palm, they would still need to integrate the OS into its systems and that would have cost more money. BBOS6 isn't hopeless and continues the eco-system without spending extra money on it. QNX on the playbook will integrate well with OS6 apps using their webworks application... or whatever rim called it.