Discovery Channel app for BlackBerry 10 available for download

Discovery Channel for BlackBerry 10
By Michelle Haag on 29 Jun 2013 03:55 am EDT

We watch a lot of the Discovery Channel in our house, so I was really excited to see that there is now an official Discovery Channel app for BlackBerry 10! Though it's only available in the US at this time, this native app is full of all the features you've come to expect in great applications.

You can watch thousands of clips and selected full episodes from Discovery Channel shows like Deadliest Catch, Gold Rush, MythBusters, and more! The app allows you to check out custom-curated playlists, watch the hottest clips from all of Discovery’s shows, and check out behind-the-scenes content and aftershows! Use the built in schedules to make sure you never miss an episode, and star your favorite shows to find them easily. Best of all, the Discovery Channel app for BlackBerry 10 is free!

More information/download Discovery Channel for BlackBerry 10

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Discovery Channel app for BlackBerry 10 available for download


I'm from the US and downloaded it. It's a phenomenal app. No lag and everything runs real smooth in native.

The question is.... are you jealous? :)

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Aw you are jealous! You are so adorable! :D

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Nice to see our American BlackBerry people getting something first. It needs to happen more often if BlackBerry is to reclaim some share in the States.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Your comments are VERY extreme. The "are you jealous?" was followed up with a :). It was poking in fun - nothing for people to get this upset over.

Ignorant comment. That's a good way to represent the US BlackBerry users.

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Takes a [B]REAL MAN[/B] to admit that. Thanks bro.

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Not available US only

Here we go again blackberry poor customer engagement. You can have this app because your here others well......

Ya just have to wait

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Complain, complain, complain , complain....

This is Discovery's app, Discovery's content, Discovery's decision to country target in App World, based on contractual and legal restrictions surrounding that content.

Blame BlackBerry for things that are their fault (ie canceling PlayBook BlackBerry 10) not this

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BlackBerry allows it to happen, therefore doing a tremendous disservice to their worldwide audience.

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Unless Discovery Canada plan to develop the app, Canadians are not going to get a chance experience the content, as licensing restriction are based geographical. So its not BlackBerry fault, it's the content provider.

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What a ridiculous stretch, Birdman. What's next? You blame BlackBerry because Netflix won't allow me to access the US tv shows in Canada? Or for not allowing me to watch american shows because the CRTC has regulations on who can play those same shows in Canada? Or CBC for not letting me watch CBC programming when I travel to the US?

Truly, you will yell at Blackberry for anything. What's next, a car drives by you, runs through a puddle and soaks you ... and it's BlackBerry's fault?

Non-US customer here as well. Sad to see the app isn't available here, but I'm not gonna sit here and complain quietly. Visited BB World, found the E-Mail Application Support option ( and will be sending them a very polite e-mail to let them know how disappointed I am to see this app is only available for the US. If more of us do that, we might get somewhere.

Now this is the right way to approach the problem. I did the same thing with CNN recently and they told me they were looking to improve the global availability of the app.

Ranting about "BlackBerry alllowing it to happen" when it isn't their app as some have done is complaining to the wrong source.

RubberChicken76, you don't hold BlackBerry accountable for anything, and therefore seem happy to observe their demise. You're doing more harm than good.

Thanks RubberChicken76, I do agree with you. And your comment made me remember to also send CNN an e-mail. Was planning to do that before but totally forgot about it.
The thing is, this is an environment where we deal with a lot of different parties. BlackBerry, carriers, developers and content owners. BlackBerry isn't the one who decides on which geo-restrictions to apply, it's developers and/or content owners. Just as it is on other platforms.

I also happen to have an iPhone. Don't use it as a phone at all, but it is my mp3 player and I have a few apps on it. I wanted to install the Ellen app, only to find out it wasn't available for my region. I didn't complain about Apple, I contacted the developer.
On old BB devices the Kindle app was only available for US customers. Again, I contacted the developer. The latest Kindle app now is available worldwide. Sadly it's not available yet for my Q10, but once more, this is not because BlackBerry has blocked it's availability, it's because the developer hasn't made the changes yet to make it available for us.

When so many parties are involved you always have to question where the responsibility for the issue lies before pointing a finger. And when you figure that out, in general it doesn't do you any good to throw tantrums. A respectful polite message, explaining where you're coming from and what your wishes are will generally deliver more results than demands and threats do.

Keep in mind, the reason why it might say US Only is because that's how DISCOVERY wants it. It might have ZERO to do with Blackberry. I can't access CBC, CTV, or BBC content on my phone down here in L.A.

Exactly! +1

It's highly likely the Discover channel restricted access to the app for reasons of their own, most likely due to legal issues surrounding the sharing of content across regions.

I don't have a problem with it being US only and I know it has nothing to do with BlackBerry or Crackberry, but I wish when apps like this with restrictions are posted on the Crackberry blog or in BBW, they would state right up front that it's for one specific country only, or at least give a reason why it's not available everywhere.


If in your country you are able to get Discovery Channel (or programs thereof) as part of your cable programming... it is most likely due to exclusive distribution restrictions imposed by the local cable providers... so people should go b*tch at them, not discovery... and certainly not BlackBerry.

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Ahhhhhh as I said, I don't have a problem with it being available in one specific country, all I was asking is that in the advertisement of the app, it's clearly indicated that it's available only in one specific country! I don't call that b*tching!!!!

I have an android tablet and the Discovery Channel app is available in my country. This means there are no distribution restrictions. Not by the law, not by cable providers. It's fine though, i wouldn't have used it on my phone too much anyway, i use my Q for communication purposes.

It is not us only
Search for the name on BlackBerry World and download it. Just did and I am in Lebanon.

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When i did that I found a different, paid app, and the reviews describe it as a glorified YouTube link. The App Michelle wrote up is different.

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CrackBerry, please put "US only" in the headline, or specify that in the first sentence. Thanks.

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It's in the 2nd sentence. :/

"Though it's only available in the US at this time, this native app is full of all the features you've come to expect in great applications."

Ha ha second sentence is too far in for those that can't comprehend.....

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That's not the point. When a reader sees the headline, they think "App is available. Download it". I don't recall reading the second sentence.

If a high quality app lands on our platform and can be enjoyed in only 1 of 200 countries, CrackBerry shouldn't even promote the title. The world doesn't revolve around the United States.

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OMG get a grip and quit judging a book by its cover.

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It amazes me how little reading skills people have. People seem to read what they want to and hear what they want to. This, sadly isn't the first time that people complained that crackberry didn't identify something in the headlines. No need to if people spend a second to read! That's even more frustrating than BlackBerry bringing another bb7 device to market. Can we just have an app that zaps people when they complain that information wasn't provided. I'd have fun zapping a few people. Shock them I to adulthood. :).

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Guyyyyysss please read my previous comment Kevin whenever we use crackberry link it gives the message that it is only available in us but if u search for it on BlackBerry World you can download it in all regions
Can someone at lease try it?

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WHAT!!!! Only avaliable in the u.s!!! So unfair on all BlackBerry users around the globe :(

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You can sideload the App to your BlackBerry 10 devices if you are outside USA. I'm from Singapore and I just did the conversion from APK to BAR and load it in. Can play video too. =)

I was thinking this. Is it possible for someone to get the .bar from their device for everyone? Or would it still have the restriction even if side loaded.

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Does not work in UK. Do they think we don't watch discovery? Oh I forgot they will release a version in English. Takes so long to dub and translate...

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I think CB should state any regional limitation instead of sending all readers to App World hunting for it only to be disappointed. Need to manage readers expectations. Don't repeat mistakes of TH.

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I agree! Oh wait, we do. :)

"Though it's only available in the US at this time, this native app is full of all the features you've come to expect in great applications."

Michelle. You guys at CB have way too high of expectations if you expect people to actually read the entire blog before making a comment.


Lool did anyone else think this was an app to discover bbm channels?..

Kind Regards, C0008DDD1 TechCraze Featured Channel Check It Out!

Complain to Discovery then. They made the app. The targeted the countries in App World. They abide by contractual restrictions on distributing content internationally, legal restrictions on distributing content internationally.

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Wait it costs money.. fork that... lol, and the feedback seems bad. I don't think it's the official app is it? Hm.. people saying it just links to you tube and crap.. hm. Not going to take the risk sorry! But still love BlackBerry so whatevz

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The paid versions are not from Discovery and are available for more countries (crap links). The official Discovery app is US only.

The suggestion by Morched Aoun to search for the app for downloading outside of the US will lead users to another Discovery Channel app that costs money and is not very well reviewed.

For now it looks like US only as per Michelle's article.

Thanks for sharing this article with us, Michelle.

For anyone who does not live in the US and wants the discovery channel app and is not afraid to sideload the android version, I tested it, and it works on a non-US Z10 with 10.1 OS on it.

There are great instructions in the forum on how to sideload, so here is what I can contribute to help you find the .bar:
1) Browse to
2) If you are checking this comment within minutes of me posting it, you should see Discovery in the list of "Last Converted Apps". Download the .bar by clicking on the name Discovery. Follow forum instructions for side loading.
3) If you do not see Discovery in the Last Converted Apps, you can TRY the search feature for Discovery, but as of a few minutes ago, the search results do not show the Discovery app in their results (there are some other results, but they are not the same - the converted app is "Discovery v1.4.1185.0".

Hope that helps the non-US.

Oh and for the naysayers... The ability to watch one country's content in another country has been subject to trade laws and licensing since before cell phones existed... "Not available in your country" was not invented by BlackBerry... but mobile amazingness was. :)

Your last paragraph merits its own article, to reduce some of the ignorance around this issue. If it was already written before - repost it CB staff!

Lol. It's a trick. :D. You did it with good cgi. Hahaha. :D. Ok that's what your supposed to say :D hey did i mention that in the article it states us only by you in the second line. I didn't quit read that so I'm complaining now that it's US only :D. :).

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All you crackberry idiots, read before posting stupid comments like not available outside USA Right now.

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Please I have z10 stl100 and this app and the cnn app says that they are not available for my device! What happened?

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I don't think the fact that it is unavailable in Canada is a BlackBerry decision or a Discovery Channel decision. I am pretty sure it is because here in Canada we are under rule of the Taliban,... er... I mean CRTC. We can't have this app because most of the shows are American content and the CRTC wouldn't be able to regulate it, or Discovery Channel is not willing to meet the CRTC requirements for Canadian content.

Canadians only think they live in a democracy...

You mist be deported for using the "t" word. I second and third that. Mr Harper will accompany you. Thanks :D. Lol

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BlackBerry is not to blame. It may just be a test run in the U.S first then available to other countries later.

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Will this help sell more phone in the U.S if it does I don't care if we get it in Canada,

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It's not blackberry's fault that the content is given away for free in the states (much like everything else)

In Canada we get gouged out of our money just because the average wage is higher. Do you think after having the loonie par with the green back for the past 8 years there would be some price adjustments? Nope, the only thing that is adjustasted are little things like removing the American price of off items such as magazines!

Oh well, It would be nice to see if I could download this app next time I'm in the states to buy dairy and eggs at half price and get gas for 20cents cheaper a gallon (whatever a gallon is haha)

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If blackberry 10 continue this division between blackberry users around the world it's the worst plan they have. Besides the apps are really simple and poor. Mmmmm seems like the green robot is coming to my life.

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Why are people so dim...

The Discovery channel controls the regions they release this app in, not BBRY, and they do this because they show different content at different times around the world.

Can everyone stop crying now, please?

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Yeah, can't blame BlackBerry that a US channel is releasing it's content in the USA only.

There are all sorts of broadcast rights and contracts, etc.

Here's to seeing a Discovery Canada app shortly.

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Saw this app and I had contact the devs to say thank you!!! really is a good app and the support is definitely appreciated!!!

Annoyed, mother base company Waterloo should have the apps always first or same time to release

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Because you're looking at a different app. There is one by the Discovery Channel (free for US, not available elsewhere), and another by a 3rd party. The 3rd party app costs moolah and got bad reviews.

Users on cdn carriers can get this app once you cross the border. Worked for my Q10. The app itself is awesome!

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