Discover new places with WhereIs...? for BlackBerry 10

Discover new places with WhereIs...? for BlackBerry 10
By DJ Reyes on 7 Dec 2013 05:18 am EST

Looking for an app to discover food places, or specific shops wherever you are? Why not give WhereIs...? a try - a great app when you're on the road or in unfamiliar places. Having used it for a while, even in my own home town. I have discovered a few food places I never knew existed. So, the app looked promising from the get go.

The app is pretty straightforward to use. It's just a case of running your query and the results will be presented to you. The types of venues you can search for are Food, Party, Fun and Shops. With each of the those categories you can add a sub category to be more specific. For example, if you just wanted to find a bakery or burger place, or antique shops or clothing stores. You can even select the radius you want to search within. You can then have the results given to you on a map or in a plain list view.

WhereIs...? utilizes Foursquare data to find the locations for you. However, no FourSquare account is needed to use the app.

WhereIs...? features

  • Completely native programmed BlackBerry 10 app
  • No FourSquare account required and complete anonymous search
  • Preparation of FourSquare data to the well known filters food, party, fun and shops in neatly arranged lists
  • Graphical display of list-elements on the interactive BlackBerry 10 map including navigational Support
  • Search-mask with exact categories and radius-limiter
  • FourSquare user tips, pictures and info to locations nicely readable prepared and easily accessible over the map or the app-menu
  • List-sorting of locations in relation to current position
  • Implementation of locations as targets to BlackBerry 10 maps and navigation

WhereIs...? has proven itself to be quite a useful app, certainly one I shall be using every so often to find new places to visit. Definitely an app I recommend - especially if you travel a lot. It reminds me a lot of the Poynt app from back in the day. WhereIs...? is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and will cost you $0.99.

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Reader comments

Discover new places with WhereIs...? for BlackBerry 10


Foursquare does it for me. I'll be interested to read about the comparison and difference of this app and foursquare.

Posted via CB10


I'm the developer of WhereIs...? and I did not find the official foursquare app really helpful for finding interesting places. So I thought about doing some kind of other visualization to the data and present the locations on a map, where I can tap each marker to get more informations. That's something I really missed in the official app. I want to see exactly where is some good restaurant or bar in my near.

Please have a look at the screenshot at the top of the article to get a first impression of what it looks like. I also would recommend you to have a look at the screenshots at the BlackBerry World. They show more than only the map view. :)


I think this is a very useful concept.

Especially since Foursquare prioritizes data acquisition and building of profiles on each individual's travels, I am very happy about the ability to ANONYMOUSLY use that data without being sucked into their data-mining project yourself. :)

Thanks for the heads up on this app.

Just downloaded it and already have found several restaurants near my work that I didn't know existed.

Posted via CB10

So let me get this straight
It uses foursquare data
Foursquare tips
And discovers stuff like foursquare right?
Minus the check in ability

It says you don't need a foursquare account to use it but after a few updates back neither does foursquare

Foursquare allows you to use their app without an account and access all that stuff without signing
It's their whole discover explore thing.

So what I'm saying it's this app is trying to charge you to do something that foursquare already does for free

Posted via CB10

Foursquare does not offer this kind of visualization. :) As I mentioned in a comment earlier today, I was just trying to build another user interface for people like, who are regulary watching for interesting locations in the near and who just want to see where they exactly are, on a map. That's something the official Foursquare app does not offer.

It turns the foursquare data somehow into a point of interest list. Somehow like a extention for BeMaps and especially the built in mapping software. I find it extremely useful.

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Poynt were in bankruptcy protection and are quite probably out of business by now and their searches have become unreliable, the ones that work that is. They were trying to refinance and find a way to monetise the app but that was over a year ago and still no word. Shame, was one of my favourite apps on legacy BB.

After a fast comparison it is native and shows the results directly on a map. So you can easily avoid the italian restaurant near the highway and pick one at a more romantic place... ;)
But for free Poynt does the job still very well.

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It's currently a little bit tricky. You need to change to another category and save it as default. Thereafter you can switch back to the original category without having a sub category selected.

Will try to make it easier in the next release. :)

Actually, it would be nice if CB would post a number of full-resolution screen captures for software being highlighted or promoted. Furthermore, using an HDMI recorder would be nice a touch to get a better view of the program in use.

Thanks for the hint. I just downloaded Poynt but I'm not rally satisfied. It doesn't feel like a native BB10 app and doesn't show where I could find what on a map. I'm only able to show single search results on the map but it opens the browser for this. Hmmm... why not the built in BB10 mapping software?
Well, I just uninstalled Poynt after some testing. I will use thankfully this native App instead. Absolutely worth the 99ct. :)

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Got it. Like the map view as I don't have to figure out where the place is from the address. Works fast too.

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