Discover new music on SoundCloud with SoundNine Beta for the BlackBerry PlayBook

SoundNine for PlayBook
By Bla1ze on 3 Aug 2012 08:32 pm EDT

*UPDATE The recent PlayBook OS update broke the log in mechanism for the app, so until the developer can fix the issue he's pulling it from App World.  *

Much like discovering new apps, discovering new music to listen to can often be a hard task. Sure, there are a lot of services out there to help you like, Pandora, Rdio and much more but one of my personal favorites is SoundCloud. With SoundCloud, you get a tonne of artists adding their content. Some you've heard of and others, not so much but that's the best part. You get to discover artists you may never heard of and enjoy their music as they create it.

SoundNine is an app for the BlackBerry PlayBook currently available from BlackBerry App World in beta status that allows you to access your SoundCloud account on the go. Despite the beta status of the app, it's fairly stable and has a few features built into it with many more on their way. Current features inlcude:

  • Browse tracks based on category
  • Search capability
  • Stream music
  • Follow users and Like tracks
  • Fun and easy to use ui designed specifically for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ 

No, you can't upload your own music yet or view or add comments but again, the developer is looking to add those things into the app eventually and for now, it remains a great way to listen to SoundCloud content on the go. So, if your music collection is getting a little stale and you're tired of listening to the same songs over and over then give SoundNine a go. It's available for free from BlackBerry App World via the link below.

Download SoundNine for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Reader comments

Discover new music on SoundCloud with SoundNine Beta for the BlackBerry PlayBook


it doesn't work ;(
I downloaded it and it says to "Connect" to my soundcloud account...
then it just loads forever and forever! D;

Clearly it works, you see it working in the picture.. and I'm using it right now lol. Beta = bugs though. Keep trying. Helps if you already have a SoundCloud account already as well as the Facebook login is kinda janky. :)

Doesn't work for some people. I uninstalled many of times and tried logging in with my buddies Soundcloud accounts as well on my PlayBook and the app won't load anything but a play button. I can log in using this app using my buddies PlayBook though. The app on his works perfectly fine. I am already communicating with the developer through email.

Lol yea. Loved the app though when I was messing with it on my boys PlayBook. Keep up the good work Blazzzzzze! \m/

It doesn't work ! Just keeps loading ..... and I am stearing at a white screen ! Too many of the Playbook apps are trash ! :(

Guys I contacted the developer and he explained that the login issue arose with the new playbook software update to He is very aware of the issue and is working on a fix. Until then he took It down from sale.

I found a workaround however to logging in. Open the app with wifi turned off and click connect. When it times out and shows a 'Try Again' button, turn the wifi back on and click the button. That should work.

Paratheo, I tried your work around but the app never timed out. It just spun and white screened.

Oh it will You just gotta be patient cause it takes some time. But it's a one time thing cause u don't have to login the next time you open it. Just wait till it times out.

I can get my SoundCloud account to work fine from the http browser but like many others I can't get the login of the app to get hot and the connect button just sets the app into a spin and white screen. I installed it once I upgraded to 2.1 os.

Paratheo, the work around worked for me, thanks! However I can not find a search feature on SoundNine. I want Country Music or Classic Rock, not the garbage they call music now!