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Discover new music with Hype Machine

By DJ Reyes on 13 Oct 2013 05:19 pm EDT

I had been seeing a few tweets and recommendations for this app a lot, so I thought I'd check it out. I'm glad I did. It is a great way to discover artists and music. Hype Machine scouts the web for blogs that talk about music. It collates all the tracks into the app and you can listen them right from within the app. One thing that really impressed me about the app.

There's a 'What's New' section and songs are added frequently, so it's always good to keep checking the app. You can check out the most popular tracks that people have been listening to or you can just go ahead and search by genre. Every week, you'll also find a recommended album to buy, too. You can also favorite tracks too and they add your favorites lists so you can play them from there. There is even a blog directory for you to be able to read up more on the artists.

Hype Machine features:

  • LATEST: Music being discussed right now, constantly updated
  • POPULAR: Tracks that are getting the most love on the Hype Machine
  • FAVORITES: Your favorite tracks on the Hype Machine. A simple offline view lets you see your recently played favorites when you are in air or underground
  • FEED: Customized new posts from your favorite blogs, and friends
  • FRIENDS: Music your friends are loving right now
  • GENRES: Newest tracks posted on blogs organized by genre
  • BLOG DIRECTORY: Every blog we track at
  • ALBUM PREMIERE: Preview a new album, in full, every week

Definitely an app for music lovers. I have been enjoying the app very much. There are no ads and no monthly fees involved either making this app great value, since it's free. It is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices. 

More information / Download Hype Machine from BlackBerry World



Love this app

Posted via CB10 on my Verizon Z10


Love this app! Hope they keep updating it!

Posted via CB10

blackberry artichoke

Thanks for sharing.

Posted via CB10


Amazing it came to blackberry and free versus 4$ on the Apple app store.

Posted via CB10


And not available on Android as I understand it.. they chose BB10 first :)

Posted via CB10


Adam did post on this app on September. I've been using it since. Great music discovery platform and a well done application overall.


Amazing! Just downloaded it and already my favourite app! Who needs Spotify. It's native!!!!

Posted via CB10


I saw this but doubted it would be good. My music tastes tend to be a bit out there and I spend a lot of time hunting for new GOOD music. I may have to give this a try.

Posted via CB10


Great app! I've been using it all week.

Posted via CB10


This is an amazing application.

Posted via CB10


I use it on a regular basis

An Amazing Z10 Black since Day one


LOVE THIS APP! A must download. We use hype at work all the time. Now I can use to and from work as well.

Posted via CB10


This app is awesome. Love the music and it's great design. Been recommending it to everyone I know with a BB.

Posted via CB10


More great apps coming to BlackBerry. Love it. Keep them coming!

Posted via CB10


Yeah I found out about this app a few weeks back. Love it.

Posted via CB10


how will we be aware of this app if we dont have crackberry... really.. probably I ve downloaded and purchased most of my apps and games learning from crackberry.. thats odd..

Posted via CB10


It's on the BBWorld top banner...

Posted via CB10


" There are no ads and no monthly fees involved either making this app great value, since it's free. "
- I love it when writers derp a bit!

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10 from my BlackBerry Z10


This app is awesome. Already using it and loving it.

Posted via CB10


Been using this app for a few weeks and it's great! Highly recommended it.

CB10 on my Z10


Apparently I've gone a little app crazy lately. Read the article, clicked the download link only to find out I've already downloaded the app but haven't got around to using it yet.

I guess I have something to do after the kids are in bed tonight. ;)

Posted via CB10


Great way to find new music. Once I find something I like I'll throw it into youtube search to find a live performance. I was comparing it to songza the last few weeks and I have say I prefer hype machine. No limits on skips and responsive native interface make it better for new music finding.

Posted via CB10


Downloaded it. Not bad. Has a few bugs and sometimes lags while it fonda music sources. UI needs some improvement but otherwise not bad.

Posted via CB10

Mr Gill

This app is quickly becoming one of my favourites

nick canada

It's a great app and great support from the developer, got an email back right away. If I remember correctly I found this app because of crackberry a few weeks ago

Posted via CB10


I often depends on (Easytune) and side loaded (Sound Cloud).
Anyone think this one is better..!?
Plz advise.

Posted via CB10


When is there going to be an app that replaces what bbm music could do? Streaming music doesn't work for everyone.

Posted via CB10


With all these streaming music apps I rarely listen to FM in my car anymore, just Bluetooth now.

Posted via CB10


Should be more like Crap Machine!

Posted via CB10

R Field

Hype machine is a great app. I use this Skooday and tunein radio along with my music library and I'm all set.


use this app for about a month ! i discovered fantastic remixes in Dance/electro section ! to be honest i use it more than the usual music app ...

btw, with that type of app, i kno why i'm staying on BB10 :)

cheers from France

Oh one thing for the developer : sometimes when nativ music app and hypeMachine are open on my Q10, it crashed the audio part of everything. (not a big problem tho)


Discovered so many new artists on this app. Thanks Hype machine! Keep those updates coming!

Posted via CB10

Newfangled Gizmo

I've been discovering great new music on Hype Machine for the past few years. The experience is even better, now that they've produced this excellent BB10 app.


Iam using skooday, its also free and very convenient.

Hype machine did not have any known popular track when I used it in September.

Skooday has the most happening tracks and dj mixes.

Posted via CB10


Been side loading it for a while As I had it on my old arc s before.
This runs much better, it's a great way to find different music.

Posted via CB10


Isn't it too early to recycle articles?

You are now in my Bingo Book


I find it becomes non-responsive half the time and yet to find a song I like :(


Fantastic. Brilliant. Music is SOOO good. Well done.

Posted using my Q10


My most used and abused app! I love this app to bits...the search function isn't working but I know they'll update this soon.

Posted via CB10


The Search at the top of the side menu? That works for me.


Very nice apps for music lovers

Posted via CB10


This app is absolutely fantastic.

Posted via CB10


+1 for choosing BB10!

Posted via CB10


that app never opened for me, after deleting it and re-installing it


Dave Hong

I'm a fan - downloaded it and left a review!


I don't wanna any new kind of music, pls bring back Heavy Metal or any kind of Metal to wipe all the sh*t going on in this industry now!

Posted via CB10