DirectFix tears down a Blackberry Bold 9900 for the greater good

By Bla1ze on 29 Aug 2011 08:50 pm EDT

Device tear down videos are as common practice as device boxings however, tear down videos serve a greater good. That of course being, should you ever happen to need to fix your device or replace parts, you can do so with a visual guide for reference. The folks over at Directfix have taken apart a BlackBerry Bold 9900 for us all, though -- we hope you never need to make use of it. But either way, good to know it's there should you ever need it.

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DirectFix tears down a Blackberry Bold 9900 for the greater good


Now if we can get some OEM parts that would be great. I wish they would come out with the Red numbered keypad like I had on my old 9000.

BTW, First.

Exactly. I've been watching truesupplier dot com. They have a few OEM parts, I'm waiting for some after market colors - anyone know of another source for finding such parts please share - thanks

I like how when he's down assembling it , he presses the power and it does not come on lol then video ends haha

haha yes! that's why they have the ton of disclaimers at the beginning.
i didn't see an anti static wrist strap!

I have taken apart several 9700's and the design is almost exactly the same yet so much more refined at the same time. I almost spit out my drink when I saw the screen slide down to expose the other screws. Nice design.

With exception to the first part he takes off to expose the 2 screws bellow the keyboard. not a huge fan of it being held on with adhesive.

I actually watched it a few times to see if I could pick up why it did not work but he attached all cabled back correctly. I am a little confused however as to why he connects the LCD back to the main board before putting the LCD back into the case. It looked very clumsily they way he put those two pieces in and almost seems forced, perhaps that pulled the ribbon cable loose for the LCD. Aside from that the logical answer is it was a dead battery, however the odds of a battery being 100% dead is a little low given they come with charge if this was a new unit, and would probably have SOME charge if this had been used before. He cuts the video when plugging back in the keyboard, and the next shot shows him still plugging that in, so wonder if he botched the pins on the connector by not pushing it in correctly the first time around.

Either way, i have taken apart and put back together many 9700 and have had them not power on, take them apart again to verify I did not miss anything and upon reassembly the second time it works.

And Jesus, why must he call it a Button board! made me cringe every time.

If I ever get my 9780 replaced I would be upset if this ends up being the guy that works on the refurbished phone that I'll receive.

That's why this phone is so LIGHT not to may parts to take of ! and o.O you didn't see how freaking small thous chip are ??
Grate no i wanna see a torch One to !

What's the point ? Let me guess how to Un-warranty your 9900 and how too spoil it...
Affter the re-assembling, the phone didn't work

It's pretty clear that the phone did not work when he was done. Did anyone catch what he did or what he forgot to connect that caused it to not power up?

T-Mo customers (non-business) can't even get their hands on one and this guy just broke one. SMH :-)

Is it even operational in the first place? i don't see him showing us any display before he even dissemble it.

Excellent design for manufacture and repair! It has only 8 sub-assemblies and 6 screws! It's much better than the 9800, which had odd-sized screws, a million tiny parts (several of which were glued together and had to be disassembled to get at the LCD), and a bezel that was almost impossible to replace without destroying the LCD.

At the Blackberry fan day (or what ever it was called) in Toronto, Kevin or the guy from RIM took out the battery of one of the phones, it started to boot up after more than 25 seconds of inserting the battery... Correct me if I'm wrong on this one.

I remember taking apart my Bold 9000, I could literally take it apart and re-assemble it like a Marine cleaning his rifle... This is my Blackberry. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My Blackberry is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life... The Rimpire needs a Blackberry Creed!.