Diplo shows off the BlackBerry Bold 9900 in another commercial ... Kind of

By Adam Zeis on 28 Dec 2011 09:01 am EST

If the commercial above looks a bit familiar, it's most likely because it's essentially the same ad used for the BlackBerry Torch 9810 last year. It seems that RIM just recut the spot to show off the BlackBerry Bold 9900 this time around. It does make it hard to believe that our buddy Diplo is using a Bold 9900 now and you would think they'd just shoot another ad to change things up. Tisk tisk RIM for being lazy :-)

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Diplo shows off the BlackBerry Bold 9900 in another commercial ... Kind of


and disrespectful too...RIM has embarrassed itself enough with BBX, BBM and now even its own commercial. If they keep on these things, I'm not so sure I would even keep my current BB til the end of contract; I don't want to use a product from this company.

Disrespectful to who? If you don't like your BlackBerry, go get something else. Why are you here? For therapy?

I love how the line "BlackBerry Bold keeps me connected" sounds so obviously choppy and edited in like some highschool editing project and how the commercial is even worse than the original. Yes it has messaging capabilities like any other phones, and then everything else in the commercial is not relevant to the viewer at all whatsoever.

This must be the new marketing push Mike and Jim talked about on the last conference call...

Who cares. It's a good commercial. They didn't really push it last time and few poeple saw it. Diplo most likely now has the Bold - it's his voice in the ad and he clearly says he's got the Bold. Why should they waste money on re-doing a good commercial? You guys are unreasonable. Some people just look for new ways to bash RIM. Go BlackBerry. All the haters can go to _ _ _ _.

I agree. A commercial for BlackBerry is just that. Its like a Ford commercial they want you to come and look at all thier vehicles. It might also let some people know that there is more than one style of Blackberry. Lighten up!

+1 People who don't own one yet will never notice.. I'd rather see them spend the cash on running the add more often then shooting a new one.. #goodmove #goodbusinesssense

I thought this looked familiar! But that doesnt matter, at least its an advert for Blackberry!
Any publicity is good publicity!

I think you know you're in trouble when your message is "Look! Our phone does e-mail and messaging like every other phone in the universe".

Some people can't be happy. Either you want to see more ads for the products or you don't. Why spend the time to write this post Adam, tsk tsk on you sir. Its money well spent. I saw so many ads for bb over the holiday that become proud for once and then this dumb as blog popped up and I feel let down by the one place that I thought had RIMs back guess not.

Adam you are off the mark, really dumb.

RIM finally puts out a Bold commercial and you criticize them for recycling an older commercial, your criticism should have been what took them so long, these commercials should have aired in September

Who cares as long as its out there and getting people to see the brand and then buy the product. Some people here are never happy!

You can't even use spell check when writing your posts on a a commercial site ("stabalize"? What the hell?) and you're calling out RIM for being lazy? And it's spelled "tsk tsk."

Every one of you needs to be replaced by writers who can compose at better than the 5th grade level. It is incredibly embarrassing to send people here for BB news when the posts are riddled with infantile spelling errors (e.g., not one of your staff understands the difference between "its" and "it's" even though you learned it when you were children, and you pull phonetic spellings out of your asses in pretty much every review).

To all the morons who call me a "grammar Nazi" or whatever: THIS IS NOT A PERSONAL BLOG. This is a professional, commercial site that is ad-supported and that is referenced BY professionals. To ask for the most basic standards for writing--and for proofreading--is not asking too much. You're ADULTS. Write like adults.

Just curious, if Apple put out the same exact Mac v PC ads and changed a line to say "now w/ Thunderbolt" what would you say?

It's an ok commercial but it still does not show why I or anybody else should get a Blackberry over an Android or an iPhone.

Know what I'd really like to see? A commercial in which Diplo talks about how he worked with RIM to help RIM understand and implement the kinds of features that would allow RIM products to be indispensable tools for music professionals like him. The kind discussed in the Forums at http://tinyurl.com/c5a5cp3.

RIM's main problem still exists - they fundamentally don't know how to market their products. Here's what I mean:

With these abstract ads, showing a DJ guy rocking out, jamming with the crowds, and just a few screenshots of the actual DEVICE and its associated capabilities, they're still not resonating with someone who knows nothing about BB. Contrast these ads with the typical Apple ads, which go to great lengths to show the functions of the device, and little else - THOSE ads from Apple appeal to someone who's thinking 'yeah I could use that app, or that voice control thing, or that aspect of the iPad'.

My point is that RIM assumes the average person 'gets' the functions of BB. They assume everyone 'just knows' what BBM is, or whatever else they're trying to market. Someone like my wife or mother, who know nothing about technology, get nothing out of those RIM ads. But the Apple ads - they get the point with those ads. Apple makes it simple. They dumb it down for the average consumer. RIM can't seem to understand the need to do that.

(I think Mike and Jim think everyone else is as smart as they are, and want the ads to be the same. Unfortunately, they aren't smart enough - evidently - to see their market share sinking like a rock). Sad really.

My 2 cents:
* Have you looked at any twitter posts from @diplo? If so, you would see that he ALWAYS posts mobile updates using a BlackBerry (he uses ├╝bersocial rather than Twitter app) so why would you question whether he has upgraded to a 9900 ?
* The original commercial was for the Torch 9800, not the 9810... Who's being lazy?

I haven't looked at Diplo's twitter posts but I do know that he has an IPHONE APP and not a Blackberry one.

So maybe he is like a lot of people now who have a blackberry for "work" and an iPhone/Android for their "personal" life ;)

Is there really a difference between 9800 and 9810 (not really!)

Out of a 30 second the blackberry handset was shown for a whole 5 seconds and that included him throwing it in the air at the end.

who's diplo? lmao

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technics 1200's are better, like c'amon


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

Agree with johnnymac, even the new Bold Bike ad tells you nothing if you don't own BBM. Now yesterday I used the score mobile app to add an event to my calendar and track a bb ball game including start time, halftime and final score updates. I thought pretty cool. Maybe it will do that on Android and iPhone too but still you could make a cool ad about it, guys out, you get the score delivered to your home screen etc. RIM THINK!!!!!!