Dillo Hills for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Kerri Neill on 12 May 2011 10:13 am EDT

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to fly like a bird? Well little Dillo, the armadillo, and a few of his friends are ready to find out! If you have an iOS device then this game may seem a bit familiar. Dillo Hills is a new game for the BlackBerry PlayBook by Justin Smith. Within the game you have the option to choose between four characters, an armadillo, penguin, turtle or squirrel (whom I personally like to think of as Sammy from the legendary AppVerse video).

Dillo and his friends want to fly but have no wings so the whole concept of the game is to make the character fly through the air by sliding or rolling down various size hills. Along the way you can bounce off mushrooms & birds flying in the air to give yourself a little more of a boost. As you slide, pick up the diamonds you see and use them to purchase different hats for the characters & upgrades like Drop Speed & Damage Reduction in the shop. Your character is only happy when he soars through the air so you have to keep him moving before the Happiness Meter expires and you die. The scenery and music are perfectly paired and add to the whole game instead of being a distraction.

There are some known bug issues like flickering screens while going to a new zone (it's for a brand new device so who wouldn't expect a few glitches here and there) but the majority seem to be fixed in the latest version, 1.2 (8 MB). The game is highly addictive and fun for all ages.

After a few perfect jumps, I know you'll be just as addicted as me. Get flying!

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Dillo Hills for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Don't forget sin(surfing) and pilot winds! They're all built on similar principles, but they all play very different, sort of like how all shooter games are built on the same principles, but they each have their differences.

Having played both Tiny Wings and Dillo Hills, I really think they both have a lot of different things to offer.


I like the word doofus.

Ugly is also a classic, especially when you're talking about you're sister's friend's ugly baby.

Can't we shoot the squirrel off of a sling shot to begin the game?
Looks pretty good .... but I think I will bank my $0.99.

Thanks for the review!

Why does it have to have lag? Why does anything BlackBerry need to have lag? I know it is very small amount but why does it have to be there at all when other platform deliver lagless performance at event lower specs!

Looks fun,but what we seen in the video must of been the squirrels imagination after he started mixing gunja with his acorns

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