Dilbert Seeks Help for his Smartphone Addiction... Not!

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Mar 2009 09:55 am EDT

Lol... now how many of you guys reading this agree with 'ole Dilbert on this one?!

Thanks to RazrRob for sending in.

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Dilbert Seeks Help for his Smartphone Addiction... Not!


If a man is talking on his Bold in the forest, and there is no women present to correct him, is he still wrong?

- It doesn't mind if you cheat in it with other smartphones.
- You can change it's skin alot easier.
- It's less high-maintenance (unless it's on Sprint)
- A blackberry only takes a minute or two to turn on.
- It will help you get home from the bar if you're too drunk.
- Readable error codes.

My wife calls it my "girlfriend" and says she's going to buy me a dress for it. And, truthfully, I am not even that bad with it!!! I am sure a lot of members on here are far more addicted than I.

at least I can pound my girl in the vag every night i cant have sex with my phone. i rather have crazy sex with my girl instead

My co-worker cut this out of the paper and brought it over to my desk yesterday. Hi my name is Phil and I'm a crackberry addict...

If i had said this to my wife i would have gotten B*tch slapped. But i would be so worth it. Classic Dilbert!

I am a total Dilbert fan, and had to laugh when I read this one.... I know exactly how this is and feel the same way... Ok nothing can replace a good woman, but the Blackberry is close... LOL