Digital Theme by Hedone Designs

Digital Theme by Hedone Designs
By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Aug 2009 11:03 am EDT

Here's my pick for theme of the week... Digital by Hedone Designs! The best thing about HD's new Digital theme is that's available for most BlackBerry smartphone models, including the 83xx, 88xx and 87xx series phones (on OS4.5) and newer devices including the Curve 8350, 8500, 8900, Bold, Tour and Storm (sorry Pearl users). As for the theme itself, here are the official words on it:

Elegant and simple, however sophisticated and advanced HedoneDesign Digital theme combines fast performance of your BlackBerry, usability, reliability, yet graphic sophistication and as many as eight color backgrounds, that will change your blackberry to exactly that image that best suits you.

Higher models (8900, 9000, 9500 and 9600 series) allows the closure of navigation panel (icons) on homescreen. That allows you to have a better view on the desired wallpaper.
The higher series have enabled a quick navigation to specific content. You can quickly get to the button for clock (alarm), options and manage network connections, as is reflected in the attached image. Eight different colored backgrounds can be downloaded free of charge from HedoneDesign website.

The Digital theme sells for $6.99 and is available via the CrackBerry App Store. It's definitely a classy theme for your BlackBerry. If you're heading to a fancy event this weekend (wedding, ball, gala, soiree, etc.!) it'll definitely go nicely with your dress attire. :)

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Digital Theme by Hedone Designs


we are planing to release new theme from our new female designer tomorrow or the day after... includes 8200 and 8100 BBs!!! ;)

Its my favorite theme yet! I love it. :) Its a very sick design. To the whiners it costs too much. You put your time into something you expect a little pay back no? If you don't want to buy it then don't.

I say its worth 7$ personally.

People put a lot of time into these themes, so tired of hearing people complain about when themes cost money.
Obviously there's demand for premium themes or they wouldn't be able to charge that much.

I don't know what you do for work, but why don't you offer your services or products for free....

I still wish there was a way to preview themes. I've bought a couple of themes that are absolute garbage. However, I bought this one and I like it so far. The only problem I have with it is that the text in menus seems to be a little garbled. Almost like it's transparent and you get some stuff from the background showing through. This is on a Bold. Anyone else noticed that?

I have the exact same issue. Uninstalled it for the mean time. I tried writing that in a review, but apparently it either hasn't been approved or they've black-listed my comments. I'll probably try contacting someone at the theme maker when time allows.

This was the ONLY problem I could find with the theme, so thank you for hopping on a solution so quickly. Looking forward to the update.

I'm a girl, so I don't mind the default background color being pink, but it messes with my OCD in that I can see the pink ribbons through my menus.

Thanks again!

New version is out!!! 1.01.02 for Bold have fixed problems with text on menus and dialog boxes.
log in to store and download latest version!!!

Just a heads up for Storm users. There is a bug I found which I now find very disatisfying. If you change your homescreen background from the default image. It will NOT change the backround image of the BB menu. It stays the same pink default render. So really its not worth it yet if you are a Storm user.

I emailed support and they said they will try to get a workaround for it. But until then I am not happy :(

as far as i can provide help, problem is not in theme. Plazmic doesn't fully support some features of Storm.
And if i understand u right, the only problem u have is that u can't change wallpaper in horizontal view of app screen. is that the case?

Right in landscape, no matter what wallpaper you have set it just shows the theme default. I agree it's a plasmic issue. Wasn't a deal breaker for me. :)

Once you have bought a 5-7 dollar prenium theme you'll know the difference. This theme is VERY well done, and has little or no memory loss on my Storm. Lots of hidden menu, and the icons are clean and nice.

Well as far as I'm concerned its a nogo for this storm user because I don't care to have that pink default render as my app screen background.

If I had known this I wouldn't have purchased it.

Eligible for a refund?

Oh by the way thats just not for horizontal view but for vertical view as well. It just doesn't change period.

My horizontal view wallpaper changes just fine. :) I love all the other goodies it provides, hidden menus, fast access to options, the clock & manage connections, and the clean look of this theme. AND it's very fast, does not leak memory and it works with ;)

I've never found a theme where it allows you to change the background on the applications screen. Only the home screen. Let me know if there is one out there that does.

That's a limitation of the theme development software/OS rather then the theme developer. It's just not an option unfortunately. I'm pretty sure most theme developers would offer it if they could.

This is a beautiful theme, but no theme is ever worth $7. I'm not rich enough to waste money on stuff that should be free (or at least reasonably priced at $1.99, which frankly I still think is overpriced.)

Another awesome theme from Hedone!! Dude I love your themes... I could care less about the price... I'm not a rich guy by far but I will strongly support great theme developers!!!

So I decided to throw down the 7 bucks for this theme for my Storm, and I gotta say I'm pretty happy with it.
The guys at Hedone Designs really know what there doing!
Keep it up!

Hedone Designs are the ONLY themes I'll shell out cash for.

I'm wanting this one in a bad way but will it work with the new OS update for AT&T?

I'm having enough trouble with the OS update, so I'm forced to wait a bit on this theme. Beautiful though and I LOVE the hidden menu.

so far i am loving this theme...i like that you can collapse the bottom icons on the home screen...thanks for including the wallpaper expansion pack...i'll probably take on into photoshop and change to purple since that's the color i'm into right now...haha...

great job =)

I normally like Hedone's themes, but this one isn't as nice.

The text on the Hidden Today part is very hard to read, white text on a white backbround. Also, slightly blured. Also, the pop up windows like "Yes / NO", the words are cutoff and it appears as "Y.. / N.."..

I emailed him to see if he can fix, but it's the weekend and haven't heard back yet. Hopefully, he stands behind his themes.

If you have previously purchased themes from Hedone Designs, you (sometimes) receive discounts in the emails announcing new themes.

I picked up this theme for 30% off.

I normally would never pay this much for a theme especially as there's very very good ones for 2.99 or even free.

However I decided to splurge (my bad!) and go for it.

All the text on the menus are blurred except when highlighted..this is on my Bold.

I find this really annoying and regretfully will go back to my policy of finding the ones for 2.99 or free!

Check out the Themes forum for some really cool ones!

hey man!!! we found the bug in Bold version and u have now new version 1.01.02 out! download it from store where u bought it free!!!

ever theme i've purchased has had bugs or turned out to be crappy. there is no way i'd spend $7 on that theme without a demo

Can someone please explain to me how I get the expansion pack into my phone. I downloaded it to my computer (vista) and I got a couple of the files opened and noticed that they are in sizes (I put the 2 I opened on my comp desktop) how do I get them into the dm and my phone. I'm still running 4.5 on my computer.

I'd appreciate if someone could help me with this, I love the theme but getting somewhat frustrated. thanks - k