Digging into how carriers roll out BlackBerry OS updates

AT&T BlackBerry Z10 10.1 update
By Simon Sage on 27 Jun 2013 11:02 am EDT

Last week, AT&T cut short the rollout of a 10.1 update to the BlackBerry Z10. This is no doubt frustrating for AT&T customers who only have to glance sideways to their Z10-toting buddies on T-Mobile who are enjoying a generous batch of new features. So what’s the deal?

The short answer is that BlackBerry had pushed out the update before AT&T had completed their technical approval process (which is why BlackBerry was the one issuing the statement about it and not AT&T). It sounds like the snag was based on a process formality, and not an issue of some disastrous bug that required a clawback. It's entirely possible that the exact same update will go public with no changes after AT&T's done looking at it. Ultimately, very few users even had the chance to download the update since push notifications weren’t sent out, meaning it was only available to those that had recently rebooted their device or happened to hit their monthly update check during a small window.

Here’s what AT&T told us about their overall device testing process.

"Every handset launched is subject to weeks of external testing to assure every device delivers a quality experience for customers. Before a device reaches AT&T labs it goes through testing with independent labs. Each device must be PTCRB certified in order to be submitted for AT&T’s Network Ready testing. PTCRB is the North American standard for testing wireless products and gaining PTCRB certification is a requirement for a product to work on a GSM-based wireless network. Testing includes (but not limited to), radio frequency testing, UV exposure testing, water testing, drop/impact tests, abrasion/scratch tests, chemical tests, application tests (streaming quality of apps), bandwidth usage on network, and field testing (voice quality, simultaneous data/voice, usage time.) "

Obviously a lot of that involves the physical body of the device and applies to its initial launch in addition to software rollouts later, but you get the picture. AT&T also said that even with this structure in place, testing time can vary device by device, and one can imagine that the sheer volume of Android devices they have to go through might slow down the process for everybody involved. After talking to BlackBerry about OS testing, it was clear that carriers can have dramatically different standards for testing. In fact, the 10.1 build BlackBerry had sent to AT&T was the same one that was sent to T-Mobile.

BlackBerry’s primary interest is in maintaining positive relationships with carriers, which is vital to maintaining in-store visibility.

Sometimes carriers will bounce back something to BlackBerry that simply has to do with a buggy implementation of pre-loaded carrier software, but whatever happens, it’s clear that BlackBerry works closely with service providers to make sure they get everything they need. This has been a long-standing approach for BlackBerry, and exists in stark contrast to, say, Apple, which generally rolls out iOS updates on their own watch. BlackBerry could technically operate this way if they wanted to, and in a high priority situation where a vital update needs to be rolled out quickly, they very well may. Barring that rare scenario, BlackBerry’s primary interest is in maintaining positive relationships with carriers, which is vital to maintaining in-store visibility.

We’re hearing that Verizon’s 10.1 update is coming down the pipe very soon, which could leave AT&T with quite a few more jealous Z10 owners, though an official update from AT&T should be made available very soon - rumors in the forums are suggesting July 1 is the day to look out for. More impatient owners may want to shoehorn a leaked build onto their device, but at least they can rest assured that they aren’t left altogether in the dust by their carrier, as is the case for many Android users. 

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Digging into how carriers roll out BlackBerry OS updates


I was one of the few lucky AT&T users to download the new update before it got taken down :D.

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The reboot issue was for the most part a hardware and not software issue. I bought the first batch or Z10's to fo out and was having that issue constantly. I waited about a month and exchanged it for a new one and never had the issue again. Both phones are same build and software.

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I agree. If it were hardware, then how did installing a leaked sorftware version fix it for me. Also, if it were hardware, why would BlackBerry acknowledge that the fix is to load a software version with a certain build or higher.

Exactly, clearly not a hardware issue. Just because one phone had the issue and another didn't, doesn't mean that it was hardware.

It's been largely discussed in the forums that the latest 10.1 releases/leaks have resolved the reboot issue. A lot of people can testify to this.

I bought my Z10 on launch day here in Canada (Feb. 5th) and have never experienced the reboot problem.

You can't say it was a hardware issue just because two different devices with the same OS didn't have the problem.

@Arock10, I can attest to the fact that I bought 2 Z10's on the day it launched on T-Mobile, 1 for me and the other for my wife. My wife phone never had the reboot issue, however mine did. Since the 10.1 update, I never experienced the rebooting again. I can safely say from actual experience that it is more a software issue rather than a hardware issue. I wanted to believe that it was more an issue with the android sideloaded apps because my wife do not have any sideloaded apps, but I do.

Your experience suggests a hardware issue, unless your wife didnt have her phone on all the time or unless something like handover was involved. That is, you move around, your wife doesnt and the software on the phone gets confused when you move around.

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I have to respectfully disagree. I am still holding one of the phones that was rebooting and it stopped once the update was applied.

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Might have worked for you guys but not on mine nor my wife's. The os update didn't do anything and so did many other users as well. Which BTW is nothing strange as many makers have the same issue with first batches.

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The original 10.1 OS update (probably 273) was listed as still having the reboot issue, that is probably the update that you got.

Scientific analysis requires an objective view of the facts. Most non-scientists are notoriously unscientific in their assessments of things like this, using tiny data samples and then making unwarranted extrapolations based on that.

Suffice to say that the body of evidence collected from at least hundreds of people that I have personally read accounts from, and likely many many thousands in the field, is that somewhere north of 95% (may be over 99%) of the people who installed the RECENTLY updated 10.1 builds of Blackberry 10 have ENTIRELY ELIMINATED their random-restart/self-restart issues, if they had those issues to begin with on the device in question.

So no, it's not a fundamental flaw in the hardware.

(Even if there were some unexpected idiosyncracy with the hardware, sometimes software changes can oftentimes work around that - but if in the end you end up with a combination of hardware/software that is reliable, then it's hard to argue in the final analysis that "the hardware is at fault" when you now have a perfectly reliable system.)

Exactly. And Blackberry has specifically stated that this issue is resoved in release or later. So either this is a software issue, or Blackberry is lying. It is highly unlikely that this is a lie as it really isn't in their best interest to do so.

Found your reply humorous. Computer scientists and engineers arent't scientists. ;).

Blackbox thinking is a powerful tool in debugging system problems.

If it were true that some devices experience the problem, then some aspect of the hardware
is also likely involved to account for the difference in behaviour, assuming the phone is being used in the same way and tgat tge host neteork didnt change between tests.

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It is likely a combo hardware and software problem. What often happens is that a certain set of hardware can have a borderline out of spec hardware problem. If it happens enough, the manufacturer can write new software to work aroubd that flaky hardware, or handle it better.

Years ago, I ordered 100 servers for work. The machines would reboot quite often. Through extensive troubleshooting, it turned out that the hard disks had some more than usual bad sectors. It was within spec, but on the border. Now, most disk controllers know what to do with bad hard disk sectors, however this particular controller had a bug that only happened when multiple bad disk sectors happened in a short period. We were able to remove the bug by either changing the hardware (disk drive), or by changing the firmware on the disk controller. There was no need to change both.

Not a hardware issue so you are clearly wrong. I have had a non rebooting Z10 since I bought it several months ago.

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You have a phone without the problem and you still believe no hardware component is invokved?

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find it interesting that i had no problems on 10.0 then the leak reboots every once and awhile so can't be hardware furthermore I bet Verizon will be a higher OS number considering Blackberry says or above and I'm on .2009 leak

BlackBerry should worry more about maintaining a good relationship with their customers and not the carriers. If they take Apples model then customers will ultimately want their products and go for them and the carriers will place them in good locations in the store as they do with Apple products.

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Part of the problem with your suggestion is that at this point BlackBerry is playing catch up. BlackBerry is not apple therefore the need to tread softly with the carriers is important. If carriers such as ATT. And verizon don't carry the device, the BlackBerry customer base would be significantly smaller. Not every consumer will jump to another carrier for a specific BlackBerry device.

Agree, customers should be BlackBerry concern. When customers change to a different manufacturer because they are fed up, the loss will be to BlackBerry. For carriers it will be business as usual.
I do not see why BlackBerry insists with this model, imagine if you had to wait for a ISP to update your system.

Blackberry does not "insist on this model". The way the software updates work with Blackberry and carriers is the way it is with NINETY FIVE PERCENT OF THE MOBILE PHONE VENDORS IN THE WORLD.

Apple is one of the ONLY companies that managed to circumvent that common cellular industry practice. Acting as if Blackberry uniquely "chose" this way of doing things (in your words: "insists with this model") is ridiculous. Not even the mighty Samsung has been able to bypass this system yet. (Though they are rumored to be trying to do so.)

Although that would be ideal, it is not realistic. In BlackBerry's current state, they need to please the carriers in order for their stores to carry the new BB10 phones. If BlackBerry does not do what they ask, the carriers can simply choose not to carry their phones and BlackBerry could have been in a worse position than they are now. BlackBerry's concern is to put the phones on as many shelves as possible. I'm sure they took a page out of Palm's playbook on what a struggling phone manufacturer should not do which was to limit the number of carriers carrying their make or break devices. Apple is a different breed and is the only company who dictates terms to the carriers. Android users suffer the same predicament when it comes to software updates like BlackBerry.

Instead of thinking about placing the phone on as many shelves ad possible think of placing the phone on as many hands as possible. If there is a demand the carriers will never say no to business they will carry it as their concern is to sell products people want.

Also remember Apple was not always in the position they're in now but they cared more about being innovative and creating products that people will love and want thus causing all carriers wanting and begging to carry and sell iPhones.

The carriers will follow the customers.

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Sorry but please stop comparing BlackBerry to Apple. Apple had something of a hit product called the iPod which helped carry the company forward and allowed them to wait out for the success of the iPhone to play out. The reality is what would BlackBerry have had left to bank on if they were on a limited amount of carriers and had to wait out for the other carriers to follow suit with their flailing popularity? They already went through two years of this transition to BB10, how many subscribers would be left in another two years if subsribers' carriers have not yet decided to support BB10 phones? Anyways, it is what it is until BlackBerry's mobile computing strategy turns into the next iPod.

Re: [Apple] "...cared more about being innovative and creating products that people will love..."

Are you serious?

Do you honestly think that every other company in the world other than Apple actually just wants to build products that people "hate", but keep trying to sell them anyway? Good god man.

I think one of the Apple Store "geniuses" might have slipped something into your latte..

Aah but we are not customers, according to @blackberryhelp twitter account the carriers are their customers...

Swoosh... swiped from my Z10

Don't really care what the carrier or some bloated government agency wants, Fact is Verizon gave us a buggy, unstable and outdated build and has been dragging their heels intentionally.

I won't wait months on end with no ETA for an OS that doesn't reboot on it's own, overheat the phone and crash a vital part of the Android system on boot up. That is an unreasonable expectation on Verizon's part.

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It appears the Verizon stages rollouts of updates. My Z10 was updated to on Monday. I know others in the forums have stated they have received the update as well.

If you got 2014, then you don't have the restart issue fix. As I understand it is fixed in .2050 - correct?

2014 is the Software release. BlackBerry refers to OS version .2050 in their article. I'm not sure which OS 2014 ships with, but I'm hoping it's >=.2050. Maybe trricciardi can tell us?

The article says that Verizon is pushing the update soon. How do you know that to be true and where did you hear that? It sounds like you might be drinking the Kool aid too.

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BlackBerry PR told me Verizon passed TA on Monday. Check the comment above, some users are already getting it, but it's being rolled out in stages. 

Simon - there has been raging debate about this in the forum for weeks now.

I have seen NO concrete proof that anyone who claims that VZW released .2014 actually have it. I think it was a rumor started by people who got their hands on screenshots of people with Z10s on a Canadian carrier like Telus that released .2014, and whipped a bunch of people up over it.

Have you EVER known Verizon to release the EXACT same build of Blackberry software as one of its US competitors, much less the Canadian carriers? I just don't see this as plausible. For one thing, Verizon's network is almost entirely unique in the world (Go look and see how many carriers in the world run FD-LTE in the 700Mhz band), and then there are a few of the proprietary VZW bundled apps, which at the very least would mean the Software Release version would be different, even if not the core OS version number.

I'm sure they are on the verge of releasing 10.1, but I'd be willing to wager significant money that it will NOT have the same version numbers as any other major carrier's build.

Monthly update check??????? Are u for real? I do a daily check just to see whether anything new is there? Once in the morning and once in the evening. :p

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Haha, yeah, there's that too. The monthly thing refers to an automated check made for updates - obviously geared towards folks less diligent than you. ;)

The article sums up that the update is coming soon.... The wait isn't over....still time to go...

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I never once had that re-boot issue and I got my Z10 the first week it came out. In fact, my sister got her Z10 on day one and has never had a problem. I'm glad there is a fix for anyone who does have that problem though.

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I grabbed the update from AT &T when it went up and it's working smooth. Rumors says 10.1 officially will be out July 1st 2017

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Good article that gives me a further perception that the US carriers are in no hurry to support BBRY. Unfortunately, BBRY needs the carriers more than they need BBRY.

Separately, I gave up waiting for VZW, and installed I realize this is only anecdotal evidence - I have had zero uncommanded dedicated, random reboots since installing this build. Additionally, the performance, particularly the battery, has improved.

I'm thankful that BBRY makes a phone where I, the end user, can update my OS if I want too or need to should the carrier blow me and others off.

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I can +1 that. My girlfriend and I both were up at 7:02 A.M. and grabbed the AT&T 10.1 update for our Z10s before it was pulled, and reboots are history. It's now the phone it should have been from day one.

Man I tried to wait for the official release but I just couldn't wait any longer so I ended up loading a leaked version of it, best decision I've made no regrets and I haven't had a random reboot since *knocks on wood*

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..."Barring that rare scenario, BlackBerry’s primary interest is in maintaining positive relationships with carriers, which is vital to maintaining in-store visibility."

I think BlackBerry's primary interest should be in maintaining positive relationships with their customers.

I'm not. I bought my phone independent of any carrier and use whichever carrier gives me the best deal. Lots of other people buy their phone from Amazon, Best Buy or some other retailer. The carrier is a service provider. They do retail sales and in that instance they are the supplier. But, BlackBerry ultimately sells the phones to individuals and enterprises. Those are the people they should be most concerned with.

This does bring up an interesting question though.
How does Apple do it so that all their devices roll out updates at the same time? Or is that not something they do. What about Android devices?

Do they just have really good timing by sending the OS out to Carrier exactly long enough before to get them pushed out at once?

This has been debated endlessly, there are tons of threads in the forums dedicated to it.

My personal opinion based on what I hear versus some educated guesses.

A) Apple drove a hard bargain with carriers at the initial launch of the iPhone when they were in a unique negotiating position for various reasons (including the state of the entire marketplace at that time) that no other company since can replicate. (That negotiating position also allowed them to extract subsidy deals with the carriers that have been notoriously costly to carriers. This is one of the reasons why companies like Verizon are always looking for alternatives, because it costs them more money to sell an iPhone than it does most competitor's products.)

B) Apple reputedly maintains a full-fledged carrier-level RF testing laboratory in-house, which makes it easier to do standard test batteries on their devices and software releases BEFORE they submit them to whoever needs to approve them. This probably is of particular value to smaller carriers who most likely outsource that sort of testing to 3rd parties anyway, and who generally release more or less "generic" builds of device firmware too.

The testing time taken by the USA carriers clearly point out that the BB10 launch in the USA was delayed due to the carriers and not BlackBerry.

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"Sometimes carriers will bounce back something to BlackBerry that simply has to do with a buggy implementation of pre-loaded carrier software, but whatever happens, it’s clear that BlackBerry works closely with service providers to make sure they get everything they need. "

This indicates the delays could be a joint effort.

Nobody gives a shit about "digging" anywhere , what people do give a shit about, it's their devices being updated in time... without "digging"

So how did the iphone 5 pass the dent scratch testing???
People were getting them dinged out of the box...

Also how was it that the gs4 was available not long after its unveiling. Citing a mass of android devices and then saying a product that was announced and released after the z doesn't make any sense. ATT is full of it but BlackBerry isn't much better.

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Monthly update checks? Try hourly. Daily at the least. On Verizon. Have 'check for updates ' problem here. Lol.

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How about a detailed article identifying the steps that a carrier such as Rogers or some of the other foreign carriers take and compare the steps to the USA carriers. Put their steps side by side and let us see the comparisons. I for one do not believe a high tech company such as AT&T with the thousands of employees can not provide an update in a timely manner. This article is just more bla bla bla and not helping to improve the overall BlackBerry experience in the United States. No matter who is at fault the bottom line is that the opinion of BlackBerry as a company and as a product takes a direct hit. The consumer wants results not excuses or comments that at least it is better than having an Android. We paid for the phones, we pay for monthly service, we buy apps. and we should not have to come to CB to find leak versions to get these results. I was fortunate to get the update before it was pulled. Let some one from AT&T or BlackBerry give some concrete information as to providing us consumers with what is available in the rest of the world. GSM is not something unique to only the AT&T network.

For a variety of competitive reasons I think neither the carriers nor the device makers want to make that process particularly transparent. I'm quite sure there is a significant amount of "dirty laundry" that neither of the parties want the public to see. Including bugs in the device discovered by carrier testing, as well as foot-dragging on the part of the carriers.

As others have mentioned here, in the USA, the device manufacturer's ACTUAL customers are the carriers, for the most part. There is an infinitesimal unlocked/unbundled hardware market here in the USA due to the laws and commercial relationships here. So obviously there is a lot of mutual back-scratching that goes on with those 2 entities.

I'm with you, rcab. I call BS on this article. There's absolutely no reason AT&T can't conduct their tests as quickly as T-Mobile. None. I can't imagine even the author of this piece, Simon Sage, bought that line of hooey.

I was one of the lucky ones that just happened to check for updates and it was available. Download and install took over an hour, but runs smooth and seems faster.

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I am on 2009 and still get reboots. Not as often as AT&T original software. Mine seems to reboot after being plugged into legacy charging cable. Is that the problem? I can't be certain but seems to be some relationship.
I am hoping AT&T puts out a build that is new enough to solve this. We shall see. If not I will return it and get a newer model of the Z and see if that works.

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.2009 is the SOFTWARE RELEASE version, most likely. If the OS VERSION is or higher, you should have the reboot fix. Check Settings/About/OS and see which is which.

There is only 1 blackberry that will make them the best, it's the Porsche design blackberry..........if blackberry only makes that with a much bigger screen and Keyboard then.......it will kill everyone

Posted via White BlackBerry Z10 baby

maybe it takes so long to "test" because no one bothered to build an auto-loader for Prizm?

/sarcasm, I hope!

I have yet to really see the advantage of BlackBerry maintaining positive relations with these carriers. . .quite frankly they are slowing BB down and with no real noticeable upside. . .I guess it's all a behind the scenes type thing. .. who know what the advantage really is. ..

You need to learn more about the relationship of smartphone vendors and carriers and then you will not be making statements like "no real noticeable upside".

In short, the "upside" is that without this relationship, Blackberry would have NOWHERE TO SELL THEIR DEVICES.

So you're saying that if BB decided to rollout their own updates without carrier testing then carriers would respond by no longer selling their devices? (P.S. . .when I say noticeable I mean to the regular consumer. . .from my vantage point it looks like BB is simply groveling at the feet of the carriers at the expense of the customer. . .of course I could be wrong . . .but your condescension is duly noted)

All of these companies have detailed contractual relationships, and if you breach your contract terms with them by doing something they don't approve of (ie releasing unapproved software on your devices before allowing them to do their own testing on it), why should it come as a surprise that you might jeopardize your business relationship with them?

This does make sense, BUT some of that testing is for the actual device and not the software update. I work in the testing and R & D field. Impact testing, drop testing, abrasion testing is all done once the device is about to hit the market but has nothing to do with the testing that is required for the software. The testing required for the software is application tests (streaming quality of apps), bandwidth usage on network, and field testing (voice quality, simultaneous data/voice, usage time, and radio frequency testing. Seems like they are making excuses for why it is taking so long.

Agree with AT&T fully. Carrier needs to be satisfied before rolling to users. was rolled out to Pubic in Bahrain without carrier approval, and what a mistake it was. I am for one facing a lot of snags. Local incoming calls showing numbers and not contact. This can be very frustrating at times. Plus of course other problems. I think it's essential for the upgrade to pass through carriers so that someone at least takes responsibility.

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Stuck with a similar problem in Canada. It seems that only Telus released the latest OS update and it apparently solves the reboot issue. Looks like I'm sol on Fido and will have to put up with the reboots for a while. This is my main reason for wanting to reduce the influence of carriers on OS deployments.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

So, BlackBerry does it this way to appease AT&T so that AT&T will carry their devices. That's the deal?

Kind of a bum deal.

It would be different if AT&T would actually push and advertise the BlackBerry. I mean, really advertise it. Wasn't there supposed to be some big push back when the Z10 was first released?

Then there was supposedly a wait until the other carriers got them too?

Then there was...


Seems like a one sided deal to me. What's the benefit to BlackBerry for letting AT&T dictate how it serves the customer? All AT&T has done is screw BlackBerry every chance it gets. BlackBerry needs to find some way to stick up for itself. Not sure what that will be, but they really need to do something.

Im letting my wallet do the talking to VZ. Im not purchasing the Q10 till they put put the update.

That was clearly a prepared statement from AT&T that someone didn't edit before sending it out.

Testing includes (but not limited to), radio frequency testing, UV exposure testing, water testing, drop/impact tests, abrasion/scratch tests, .......

Really, a software update to an existing device will impact the devices ability to survive a drop test? Water damage? Scratches??
Ooh hey - i have 10.1, now i can drop the device an extra foot into the puddle and it wont damage it!!!!

"Every handset launched is subject to weeks of external testing to assure every device delivers a quality experience for customers. Before a device reaches AT&T labs it goes through testing with independent labs."

Would love to here if this applies to Apple! Some reason I doubt it.

Posted via CB10

It does, it's just a different process than all other OEMs. I worked as a device tester for AT&T, the test plan is smaller and different than the one for HTC, BB, Samsung, Moto, etc. For instance, I received every test device that AT&T was testing at the team whether I was working on the device test or not, but only certain engineers got the iphone to test. Much smaller scope. It could have changed since I left, but I doubt it's changed much. This is why you see so many MRs for iOS after the OS is released.

Apple had plenty of leverage in the market when they launched the iphone exclusively with AT&T in 2007. That leverage and contractual agreement has not changed. All manufactures go through the same testing regiment as BB except Apple. That's just how it is, unfortunately...

ATT's answer is nothing but bureaucratic double speak. To say they have to test the device for an OS update is BS! They are the big gorilla and they want everyone to know it. Once the original OS is approved updates are none of their business. Perhaps with a major update that would effect the phone's interaction on their network then yes they need to get involved, but minor updates, with feature additions, it makes no sense. They do it because they can.

AT&T doesn't get to decide when Apple releases an update do they? Why should AT&T decide when BB can release and roll out an update?

It's all about who's got the bigger d!@# (and doesn't it always?). Apple is bigger than AT&T so Apple gets to dictate terms. AT&T is bigger than BlackBerry, so AT&T gets to dictate terms.

The good news (for me) is that works on my AT&T Z10. No more random reboots, and the android apps I have installed (including Waze and Tetris (I think it's android)) work. Even when an app crashes, it doesn't force the phone to reboot. I've been running right at 2 days now with no issues.

Personally, I'd rather be on an AT&T approved release, but maybe they will get it together. I kept hearing "soon" from AT&T. Unfortunately, nothing's come down the pipe yet. Fortunately, I can wait.

"Testing includes (but not limited to), radio frequency testing, UV exposure testing, water testing, drop/impact tests, abrasion/scratch tests, chemical tests..."

So for a software update, even a minor one, they need to UV and water testing? Am I missing something..?

I'm confused I haven't had to many issues with rebooting problems. Here's d thing I have an issue with. If all GSM carries are required to get PTCRB certification someone please xplain why T-Mobile who is also a GSM carrier released the update weeks in advance? Did T-Mobile not have to receive d certification? Or if they did how they receive their certification quickly? Currently I am extremely frustrated and my patience is extremely thin.

Posted via CB10

I'm a at&t customer and I guess I'm one of the only few that install the update on that morning, which "btw" I'm very happy and pleased with it!!

Unless at&t decide to go with a different 10.1 version I'm going chill and relax until is time to wait again ( like anybody else's ) for v 10.2

Mongezaurio out...

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That makes a whole lot of sense now.. BlackBerry needs to keep the carriers happy so they let them test the OS' to make sure they are up to par.. Just wish the carriers would understand more that the customers need these updates ASAP!! Hopefully they start pushing them out earlier so it can be out when these updates are truly needed!

Big lie!
My carrier told me is BB fault.
Bugs reported and BB takes ages to fix them.
Totally unprofessional service ...
Shame on you BB.

They,the big 3 or whatever, don't want bb10 to succeed and they're making you,my American cousins,the victims. Power on BB10!!