Did you win a BlackBerry Z10 in CrackBerry's birthday or redesign contests? Find out now!

BlackBerry Z10
By Michelle Haag on 11 Mar 2013 08:07 pm EDT

The past couple of weeks have been pretty crazy around CrackBerry with our 6th birthday and the site redesign, and that's just the beginning of a whole lot of madness yet to come with the US release of BlackBerry 10 just around the corner.

In typical CrackBerry fashion, we celebrated the birth and rebirth of our community with some giveaways, giving you all two more chances to win a BlackBerry Z10. We put the contest winner picker system to work again and found our lucky members! Find out if you were one of them below.

CrackBerry Birthday Contest!

  • beamolite

CrackBerry Redesign Contest!

  • gritsinct

Congrats winners! You'll be contacted soon with more details and to get your information. And if you weren't chosen this time, don't be sad. There is always an opportunity to win something here at CrackBerry!

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Reader comments

Did you win a BlackBerry Z10 in CrackBerry's birthday or redesign contests? Find out now!


Congratulations!!! I'm not sad since finally US is launching, other wise I'd probably hate you ... just joking! LOL

Unhappy wife, unhappy life......she didn't win her phone......now going to have to breakdown and buy one

Congratumalations to the winners! I high-five you! I hate you! I high-five you! I hate you! I high-five... :)

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU CRACKBERRY!!!!
OK, sorry for the all caps excitement but I am thrilled obviously! :-)

Still wanting to see my login, but congrats to Crackberry on the redesign works great, congrats the winners as well.

Ok, a bit pissed that it wasn't me that won, it seems I would not anything in this life time, was super excited of maybe having a chance to win, but yeah! In anyways! Congrats guys hope u njoy the awesome that is the z10!

Wow, I still can't believe I won!! I was thinking how bad I wanted a Z10 and things are very tight with a wife and 3 kids. I've been a loyal BlackBerry owner since my 8100 Pearl in 2006. CrackBerry you are the greatest. Thanks so much!!!