CrackBerry Asks: Did you update to the leaked OS 10.2?

By Adam Zeis on 5 Aug 2013 10:03 am EDT

It's been a few days now since OS leaked for all BlackBerry 10 devices. The forums have been buzzing with questions and comments about the new OS, as well as those who are still hesitant to give it a shot. 

I loaded up OS 10.2 on both my Q10 and Z10 over the weekend and I have to say that surprisingly, things are running very well so far. While there are a few bugs here and there, nothing major has popped up yet that makes me want to drop back down to an official release. We'll see how things go over the next week but for now 10.2 is where it's at.

OS 10.2 brings some sweet features like toasts, lockscreen notifications, a new copy/paste popup, priority inbox and much more. The new features are a big addition from what we've seen so far on BlackBerry 10 and are being welcomed with open arms.

We're curious to know just how many of you took the plunge as well. There are many "official OS" diehards that simply won't install a leaked OS at all, but for those of you that have, how are things going so far? Any big issues? 

Hit up the poll below and let us know if you did or did not install the leaked OS (or if you're still not sure) then head to the comments and let us know how it's working for you.


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CrackBerry Asks: Did you update to the leaked OS 10.2?



Asphalt 7 immediately crashed for me. Supposed fix was to wipe your phone then install from BlackBerry World. But I'm too enamored to try it. This leak is to awesome to do over for 1 app. It was first thought that Gameloft games had issues, but Let's Golf 3 and Six Guns work just fine for me.

Facebook hub integration wasn't working. Reinstalled that and its A OH OK!

Instagram 4.0.2 wasn't working. I removed and sideloaded via the debug token method. Works great now - recording vid is still weird and not working , it opens the cam tho. Other than that I could post pics just fine. Watching vids, well I don't think i follow any vid posters. LOL, i couldn't find one to test.

Overall those were the only apps I had issues with.

Hey how did you get instagram to work if u don't mind sharing. All my side loads work except for instagram. I deleted it and side loaded again and still not working...U said debug token mode how do u do that...

Posted via CB10

What worked for me was side loading the latest working version of IG then side loading the 4.2 version. Mine started working after that.

Did it, love it!

Used Autoloader: turn off handset, plug in usb, launch autoloader, turn on device, let the magic happen!

What I particularly like:
improved battery life & less heat
lock screen previews
improved browser
improved facebook
multiple alarms!
four digit lock-code
camera improvements and preview/share function
new message notification pop-ups
improved speed and smoothness of everything including non-native and side-loaded apps

what I didn't like:

Have to re-install password keeper and the **** Blackberry Link won't let me restore from the backups I've made!

I did but had to go back to 10.1 since non of the ported app were working for me including the ones from app world :(

I hesitated on 10.2 for fear of this, but so far all of my ports have worked without issue.

Posted via CB10 / Verizon Z10.1

Skype for me now work almost flawless with 10.2. on 10.1 it was completely sluggish and would most time crash my entire phone. I updated my wife phone to 10.2 as well and she love it. Skype works well for us also.

I love the enthusiasm with all the leakers in CB Nation but i will wait patiently until 10.2 is available as an update.

Living vicariously through my CB friends.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10!

Yes I have and I am definitely loving it so far as well!!

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10 SQN100-5 w/ 10.2 OS

I did it on two phones Q10 it works like a charm :) but on my wife's Z10 STL 3 under settings Display options there is no Miracast neither does she have WIFI direct :( not sure if anyone else with a Z10 has the same problem.
Also can't seem to connect to our exchange servers to set up work email which we had set up prior to updating :(.

Posted via CB10

I saw somewhere in the forums that Miracast and WiFi direct were not available on the Z only the Q with this leak.

I just noticed that.
On 810 I had miracast and wife direct (not that it worked)

Now it's gone.

Posted via CB10

No leaks for a couple of weeks till I have the time to set aside in case things go south and I need the day to fix backup phone.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

The updates works very well but I've got a few minor gripes. For example, in Whatsapp, when you add an emoticon to a chat, there's a lag for a few seconds.
Lock screen previews show up without clicking on the notification icon. I would prefer they only show up when you click on the notification icon.
When you reboot the phone, WIFI comes on automatically even if it was off before rebooting.

That's odd, I haven't had that issue with the lock screen preview. Mine only show when I tap the icon. I also found you can swipe right/left to show/hide them.

Yep, I can hide it if I swipe but the next notification I get, as soon as I activate the screen, the messages appear right away without the need to tap the icon.

Are there any new features that justify the risk/reward? I don't think have locked screen notifications does it for me. Why not just wait for the official release, and for now, unlock the device and read the messages.

The live notifications--that can be answered in place without exiting whatever app you're in--are definitely a cool new thing. Battery life APPEARS to have improved. Priority Hub is an interesting idea (though I haven't used the leak long enough to confirm how well that works).

There are isolated apps that seem to have issues with the odd phone.

Biggest ones for me:
- Hub starts up like, as soon as your phone reboot is complete. No 30-60 second wait.
- everything is much faster
- umm... my keyboard tap sounds are back, strangely enough.
- the tutorial is much more clear; plus, it's something i can relaunch individually, so that when i show others, they can get the gist of things.

It's just... worth it!

Did it and happy. What's interesting is that the browser automatically advances in CB before I get to the end of the page. It will even go two pages at a time. Has this happened to anyone else?

My Z10 has a flow

Are you referring to the CB10 app skipping pages? If so I was having the same problem, and reinstalling the app took care of it.

Posted via CB10

This has been a problem since 10.1 days. I had that issue before I loaded 10.2 so that's not a 10.2 issue

Posted Via My Most Used BlackBerry App

Indeed, in the 10.1 it was present this bug. I can live with it
10.2 it's awesome in battery life and another major change in STL-1 it's the option to set 4G in Mobile Network. I'm not sure though, that STL -1 has the hardware to support 4G. APP manager it's also a good addition.

I did not loose my txt but I did loose my BBM history and Pin History however when my wife sent me a pin message my history returned for pin messaging. Not the case for BBM History it was lost.

I did it and loving most of the new features. Just awesome. Only minor problem I had so far was the icons on the main bottom launch bar the phone, search and camera icons froze and the only way to use them was to open the standalone apps. Also wish that the bbm chats could be cleared or that I could view the chat history separately if I wished to.

Posted from my Z10STL100-1/

That doesn't help, they disappear after swiping to the right or after moving an app or trying to delete an app. It's like it needs a refresh.

Posted via CB10

I have updated to 10.2 and simply loves. The new features are very welcome especially the pop up notification for new e-mails and messages giving me the opportunity to review at a glimpse. Dual alarms are Kool as well. New tutorials when loading it up for the first time and have not discovered any issues at all, not using Facebook so don't know if there are issues there as somebody claims.

Smooth as hell.

Haven't side loaded any of my favorite apps yet bit will do that when I have some free minutes.

What I love the most though is the opportunity to have a four digit code when locking my device. I hated the previous code because it only supported letters and the keyboard was hard to hit while driving and on the move, now it takes micro seconds to unlock.

Again, I really loves 10.2.


Posted via CB10

hard to hit while driving and on the move

Hmmmm there's something that stands out about the difficulty. LOL

You don't have any of your Macs dualboot? You could also run a virtual box of windows and install through that.

I downloaded it the second it was announced, and it has been running fine on my Z10 on Verizon. Happy with the updates to this version of 10.2. I have to do the leaks, because my phone would never get them if I waited on Verizon to release them.

I never miss a leak! This one is close to being the best to date. I love the toasts, the message previews on the lock screen, the speed, and better battery performance. I also like the Bluetooth interoperability with my vehicle. Just awesome.

Yep. I used an 8 year old WinXP netbook. It took over 4 hours, but I'd do it again.

BlackBerry 10 Slider where are you??

Dont pull the battery, this is OS 10 not BBOS 6/7.

Try this:

Delete your FB account in setup
Delete the FB app
Do a Hard reset i.e. Hold the power button down until you see the red light come on.(don't let go)
After reboot, go to BB world download the app and setup.

Hope that works for you.

@trinichindian - I followed your steps but still no go. I checked the account settings in Z10 settings and Enable Notifications and Sync Messages are both greyed out. If I exit settings and come back sometimes its ungreyed, so I switch them to on but the immediately flick back to off and greyed out. Any ideas, anybody?

NO teh first leak was fun and all.ut now its pointless just wait and enjoy fully featured OS and new features much better,

Bet you can't guess.... but I upgraded!

Few small bugs, but nothing serious enough to stop me from running it.

Posted via CB10

Been working pretty darn good so far with just a few hiccups... much better than 10.1. finally copying and pasting isn't a pain the butt anymore... if bb10 would have launched with this functionality, the reviews would have been ten times better I think.

Posted via CB10

I've always have the same dilemma with 10.2 releases: they run great, but I lose my beloved Spotify app. I'd usually last just a day or two before reverting back to 10.1.

But with this OS, I'm determined to stick with it no matter what - I even side-loaded Rhapsody for good measure. Four days and counting...

Posted via CB10

There should be a poll choice for "loving it, with reservations".

It promises some spectacular improvements for the OS when it finally releases, absolutely, and PERSONALLY, I'm very happy with it, but I can't guarantee that all users will be. For one thing, Skype won't launch for me now, even after uninstall/reinstall. This doesn't affect all users, apparently, but if that's a crucial app for you, it's worth bearing in mind. I've seen isolated reports of other apps having issues as well.

If you've got a fair degree of "risk tolerance", and you don't have any apps that you'll die if you don't have, then go for it. There are definite improvements in stability, battery life, and the live notifications are fantastic.

I uninstalled and reinstalled skype and it's working great for me. Much smoother!

Shame it's not working for you - mine is from app world.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

Improvement in stability? How can my Q10 get more stable? I purchased it on Canada Release day & I have not had it crash once. The only problem I have had was last week when I installed the latest BBM Channels Beta. After installing the Beta I had no sound on my phone. A quick reboot fixed the issue. This "Stability" issue was directly linked to me installing a buggy beta app & nothing to do with the OS.

I installed the leak after the disaster of losing my text messages, with 10.1 MR.

I've found the leak to be surprisingly fluid. I've not had any issues with apps - however the hub froze. I pulled the battery and haven't been able to repeat the freeze.

I found the MR to not be as fluid as 10.2. Generally, I'm really happy with the leak.

Now, if I can have my text messages back, and if this leak could support openvpn - then I'd be really happy!

As is, I'm impressed, so far.

Thanks to all the leakers - may you keep leaking lol ;-)

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

Downloaded, and running daily! No issues with sms, or Facebook. Sideloaded apps running smooth and I have working copies of instagram and vine for the first time. Love the copy/paste now. 10.1 was nice, 10.2 is way better.

Posted via CB10

Yes! It's awesome. Minor bugs, very minor for me. Staying with 10.2 until the next leak!

White Z10 Verizon

This is the first leak that has truly tempted me but I'm holding off for a bit while all you wonderful beta testers find the bugs ;)

Posted via CB10

Finally took a plunge into the Os leaks on Z10. Happy so far with the updated version but ported apps such as poynt don't work. It's a small issue but worth it Os is going in the right direction.

Posted via CB10

hi this leak has very good reviews but may be i am unlucky for this leak i was running on Z10STL100-1/ then i have taken full backup via link and upgraded to this leak and after that i am not able to restore my backup i tried restore 4-5 times but this leak is not let restore my previous backup i have also tried restore data by wiping device so 2-3 times but still no restore ........ and one more thing when ever i am trying to restore data BlackBerry link says preparing to restore and as the restore process begins my z10 gets restart automatic this is the end ......... Device Disconnected ................ is there any solution for this i have also tried removing device in link resetup in link but no result any help

Loaded up over the weekend using AutoLoader. Took a while to get things going, as BBM did not want to work and ActiveSync accounts could not be set up. Thanks to CB forums, I quickly got it sorted by doing a security wipe and restoring from backup. The most pleasant surprise for me, was to discover that I had rSAP protocol for Bluetooth again!!! Getting the most from my car's built-in phone again!!! (better reception, BlackBerry battery lasting longer because radio is off, and no more message notifications - I prefer not receiving texts, BBM's and other distracting messages while driving). Also, and not for the bigger audience, is the return of Afrikaans language! This is on top of all the other great additions that is discussed in forums. Well done BlackBerry!!! Cant wait for the official release!!!

Posted via CB10

After a failed attempt to update to and being relegated back to, I could not resist the temptation to try 10.2 which installed quite well on my STL100-1. There are a few bugs but they are not pesky enough to justify downgrading. Evernote, Skype and a few other minor apps do not work for me but I can do without them for the time being. I'm hopeful that those issues will be resolved in due course with another update so I'll be patient. There are some really great improvements and extras in this update, namely, the long overdue time in Remember and various tweaks to Calendar, Contacts, Hub, Phone, Weather, etc. Overall, this is perhaps one of the best updates so far.

My skype wouldn't work either - I deleted and then reinstalled from app world and it works now!

I'm guessing you have probably tried this - it has worked for some and not for others...

Hope this helps!

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

For evernote just reboot your phone, Skype uninstall it and download it again and everything will run smoothly...

Posted via CB10 on Z10 STL-1

Evernote still doesn't work even after several attempts at rebooting, reinstalling and reinstalling 10.2 twice. On each occasion I got a message to update Evernote in BlackBerry World. When I hit the Update Now button another message is displayed "Evernote Unavailable for this device". However, I have now exhausted all efforts and I'll just wait for another OS or Evernote update. Surprisingly, Skype is now working but I think it's as a result of updating 10.2 for a 2nd time and I left it as the last app to install. In the 1st OS update I had tried your suggestions including a reboot before and after install, download and install again, then reboot again but all to no avail. Eventually I gave up and tried to reload (downgrade) the OS from BlackBerry Link but the installation failed after about 3 hours of downloading OTA OS At that stage, I decided that I couldn't wait another 3 hours again to retry so I reverted to reinstalling the previous leaked Once this was successful and without running the initial setup, I immediately reinstalled 10.2 for a 2nd time. As you can imagine, the process has been very time-consuming but maybe it helped in the end to get Skype running again. I know that a leaked OS is often buggy so it doesn't matter once I can get it running satisfactorily. So far 10.2 is the best and I don't regret installing twice.

I did and I'm lovin it. I was even able to side load my banks app successfully. It wouldn't work before on 10.1. Also noticed emoticons in Twitter posts appear correctly. Btw, running a Z10 on Verizon.

Posted via CB10

yes I evernote, and blackberry remember doesn't work....hoping for a fix for that soon

Posted via CB10

Yup, loaded.

Nice improvements but still miles away from the competitors.
The lack of many, many basic bundled features keeps this amazing product on the underrated zone.
C'mon 6 months has passed and still waiting for the real BB10 experience...
Patience is a virtue, but not infinite.

Posted via CB10

Thanks Elite team!

I am on Singtel (Singapore). Installed it on my Q10 and so far so good. However, took a full backup using BlackBerry Link but now it refuses to restore after upgrade to 10.2. Anyone out here faces this issue?

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry protect is not able to restore data of BB10 device. It is only able to detect the backup data of my old phone 9900

Posted via CB10

I love the toasts especially, and the lock screen notifications. I also like the feedback on the virtual keyboard, but am not sure if I'll keep that turned on. Skype had already gone wonky for me before I upgraded, so can't blame 10.2 for that in my case. But, the typing on Instagram went from difficult to completely impossible. So, I've started typing out Amy comments I want to make in a blank email, then pasting it into Instagram. Lame, but it works. Not worth downgrading the whole OS for certainly.

Posted via CB10

I will tell you if anyone is one the line of installing a leak or not...this is THE ONE you should at the least try. You can always go back to whatever you are using now.
I got my Q10 and my girl's Z10 purring on this one!
My girl is in Real Estate, so functionality (making/receiving calls and contacts) is paramount for her. She is also hesitant about having a leak on her phone...well, not anymore.
"Wow, it's like overnight my phone grew up!".

Posted via CB10

Is there any means the BlackBerry team leak the number of BB10 devices actually running 10.2? I'm sure Kris can get that kind of information! :)

I'm ok with this new OS but I can't wait to move to the next one . Why ??? you will ask and here are my reasons: Skype is not working , BBM channels I had to re download from the beta website (I was sure on 10.2 will come standard with the OS) , sometime trying to open a link on the browser or other inside applications links give me the new spinning wheel and if I just go back and click to re open that page or in app link the page opens right away . This are some little hiccups which are understandable with leaked OS but for me the big one is call quality is lower then any other 3 OS I had installed on my Q10 from Verizon . We use to be able to call *228 and update the roaming capabilities on the other BB but on Q10 seems we don't have this options and I was thinking that will help with call quality .

The star 228 is no longer needed on 4G phones is what I was told by Verizon they said just turn off and on your phone.

Posted via CB10

Loving 10.2! Going to load sachesi and load. 810 runtime today so that I don't need debug tokens anymore. Hopefully it's pretty easy to do. Thanks elite team!

Posted via CB10

I did not, and don't intend to install any more leaks after my recent experience. I had put the (I believe) leak on my Verizon Z10 a while back and, while it worked well, certain apps would no longer update.. When the time came to upgrade to Verizon's official 10.1 release, the installation failed and no amount of wiping and retrying through the various methods would get it to work. After multiple attempts, the device stopped even recognizing that an update was available and, on top of that, my hub disappeared.
Verizon looked at it and determined that they would ship me a replacement device, but I am anxiously watching to see whether they wind up billing me for having altered the software, as is warned of in the warranty information that came with my replacement.
The leak may have had nothing to do with the failures I experienced, but I don't need that anxiety. Not to mention, it's a company phone that I shouldn't be experimenting with in the first place.

Does syncing with caldav iCloud still work on this leak or did they break it again?

Posted via CB10

Yes and everything is good. Media on card in tact, contacts from cloud in tact...amazing update

Posted via CB10

I did it but my only problem is I did it because of wifi calling but no way to use it anyone get it to work? Just curious if I'm alone

Posted via CB10

there's a small bug in the camera, if you go to the preview of the pic you just took it says there are more pics than what you took and hdr mode takes two slightly different pics each time now. FB home takes over and makes fb not appear in the hub, Uninstalled that and reinstalled the original from BB World to fix that issue. But other than those two things, pretty smooth. Loving the long battery life.

I am waiting for a official 10.1 MR, is there any way to get a 10.1MR leak? I want a simple password on my BB

Posted via CB10 from Q5

Installed day of leak (STL-4) and all apps are working (including Skype). Only issue is that after a reboot the wireless, interactive notifications and sort contacts by last name all go back to default settings (off, off, first name).

I love this build and I won't be going backwards from 10.2. Generally my apps are working including Instagram with exception to making video and posting it which crashes the app. The photo part works fine on Instagram 4.0.2. This is a better change from which crashed by just trying to upload a picture to Instagram..

how did you get that to work? I had to upload the .810 android player to the .1047 leak i got instagram working without the debug token but all Im able to do is see pics and comment, i cant even upload a picture , let alone a video

I'm on Verizon so what I did was load the autoloader labeled Z10 STL100-4. I then created and loaded a debug token and proceeded to sideload apps including Instagram. I tested it by uploading a picture and no problems. I was unable to upload a video.

Posted via CB10

No I haven't updated to v10.2 that was deliberately given to individuals with the clear knowledge it would be re-distributed via Crackberry. An official release is fine for me.

This is the best leak I ever installed! There's some minor glitches but it's nothing compared to instant previews and notification on the lock screen

Posted via CB10

I'm sick of waiting for Verizon to get a move on with these OS updates but I'm paranoid on putting a leak update on my z10 mainly because I fear I will screw it up

Posted Via CB10 on a Verizon BlackBerry Z10

I tend to stay away from leaks. I'm on Verizon so I've got the wonderful CDMA variable to deal with, plus my phone is my business when I'm out of the office, so as long as I have the performance I need I'll keep with it.

That said, 10.2 sounds very promising and as solid as BlackBerry 10 has proven to be so far I'd trust the leak more than I'd trust Link to give me a reliable backup to roll back to in case of issues.

Only issue I noticed is that I'm no longer an administrator for my BBM Groups. That could have happened on an earlier leak and I only noticed this time since I had to install BBM Channels to get logged into BBM(BlackBerry ID) so I was paying more attention to what was going on in BBM this time. Either way 10.2 is a great uodate.

Posted via CB10

yes I installed it...but I wouldn't say LOVING it...let's say LIKE very much....when they fix evernote/remember then maybe it will be Love

Posted via CB10

I did it on my Z and then I put it on my wife's Q. I always like to try the leaks and this one is by far the best 10.2 to date. My wife is loving her first leak; I think I may have a partner in crime now...LOL
I had trouble with Instagram but I read somewhere about loading an older version then the new version; then hide the icon for the old version. It works for me well enough to open and view pictures. I did not try to restore from a backup so I don't know how that works. I am a very happy camper.

Adam, there's (at least) one answer missing:
4) Had it installed but switched back to an official release/earlier version due to bugs.

For me, the most recent leak turned out to be somewhat useless when I realized that DB Navigator would not recognize the cellular data connection as Internet connection anymore & thus only work when connected via WLAN, which makes the app useless. Fahrplan seemed to suffer from the same problem, so I decided to downgrade as even though I neither use Fahrplan nor DB Navigator pretty often, but when I do it's usually really important.

It completely corrupted my phone!!! Now I have to go back to factory settings and start again!!!!

Posted via CB10

10.2 is buggy.. but nothing to complain about. With this leak, I see how the z10 and q10 are both integrated into one os.

The pre 10.2 experience was great but it was more for an all touch screen phone. i didn't like it on the q10.

I love this one, the new weather app is cool, the screen flashes during a storm when lightning strikes, very cool. It goes into "lock mode" after a few seconds when you connect to your vehicles Bluetooth. I thought it was a bug at first but finally realized it was a safety thing so you weren't tempted to dick with your phone while driving when the Bluetooth is connected. Love the notifications and overall smoothness. But the lightning thing is very cool in the weather app, we get a lot of thunderstorms in ALABAMA

Working we, official apps all working, but many games not working off bat (have not tried work around yet).

Interesting issue with debug token apps; Google Maps crashes when I try to go to settings and the strangest is that the keys are not mapped correctly in "My Fitness Pal". Still looking for a working version of "Map My Run".

Overall very pleased though.

Posted via CB10

Have not put a leaked Os on my zed yet, I just don't have the time like I used to have, but from reading the comments on this leak I might give it a shot, now I just got to read up on the Howto, it was so easy on the legacy phones.

Posted via CB10

Hi, I installed the leak and It worked great for the weekend, today early morning I started the Mobile Hotspot app and found very frustating connection issues, and a pop up message appears less than second and says:
"Regulations in this country prohibit Mobile Hotspot usage."
Does anyone got this message? I have ran Mobile Hotspot with 10.0 and 10.1 and i never had any issues until now.


Loaded over the weekend. I haven't had any time to spot any bugs, bug lots of new cool features. Thanks to the Elite Leak Team for the leak (pilli4) and all the help with my issues(Kris and kwm1337). To anyone wondering if they should load this or not it. If you do have any issues or need help the Great community, Supportive Mods, and the Awsome Leak team have the answers

It's running very well and I'm impressed but there is one problem : none of the applications that use voice are speaking to me: the map app doesn't give voice directions, sayit is not talking to me, etc... kind of annoying

Posted via CB10

Its definitely not OK. White theme in calendar, contacts... WTF!
I have Z10 but as dont like white, I bought Q10 to have black theme. So, are you kidding me BBRY!

Posted via CB10

I have loaded it and its working fine on my Z10 STL1-100 but there are small issues like
Imap mail settings is a problem
Configuration of mails are a big problem

Posted via CB10

Love it so far. I've got one minor issue, when I restart the phone wifi is turned off.

Also I cannot write comments under pictures in instagram.. it just goes crazy

Posted via CB10

I have the same problem. Use voice text to enter comments, it's better than trying to type

BlackBerry for leaders, not followers.

Thank you but I've managed to get it working now :D found a website with good instructions on how to install latest Instagram.

I want to, downloaded the OS but haven't made the jump yet. Worried about apps issues.
How is everyone getting along? What sort of bugs the leak has? What sort of apps have issues?

Facebook gave me issues at first. The field to type my email address in wouldn't open so I left it blank and just entered my password and away I went.

Other than that minor glitch, I couldn't be happier with the performance so far. :)

I installed it on Saturday night. Downloading the file took well over an hour, but it was worth the wait. This is by far the best leak I've installed this year.

This 10.2 has been the most solid OS by far! Never going back! This is how the OS should be! I recommend installing this onto your device! You will be impressed!

I did on both my Z10s. I back out to 10.1 on my work device, because of a couple issues. 1) Skype would not run and 2) While moving in the car the screen kept locking (no I was not son was looking something up for me since I could not and I kept having to tell him the unlock phrase). 3) The scrolling was got irritating.

The issue may have been the restore from 10.1, but after a wipe, the scrolling issue was still there.

Not installed yet; still on holiday but will get it sorted on my return - assuming a new leak hasn't appeared in the meantime!

Powered by Z10 on via DTAC 3G

I tried but fongo app not working after side loading. Immediately crashes but works on 10.2 beta 810.. weird.. might give it another try but this is my daily driver lol

Posted via CB10

Do you simply click on the download link? What else is required? I have never loaded a leak.

Posted via CB10

It takes a long time for things to stabilise and the priority inbox to start working
Facebook is completely broken for me. Impossible to get it to start.
Hotspot doesn't work on the Z10 which is a bummer
Miracast is not supported on the Z10
Sideloading is extremely slow

Since my 8310 Curve days I've installed every leaked OS available. It's an important part of the total BB experience and it's free for the asking.

With 10.2 I have a new Z...thanks

I update my Z10 ST100-2 from my official version to this leak, I had to reconfigure all my accounts, and reinstall all my apps again "sideloaded Android" (since my back was corrupted, I could only restore my settings) , my contacts had to be re-grouped, but although it has taken me some work, I see this very stable OS 10.2 version with nice features ( so doesn't come with 10.1 MR features ), Bluetooth works fine with my Kenwood car stereo, Wi-Fi pretty good, LTE also ok, my congratulations to Team Elite. Nice Job!

Posted via CB10

I'm very, very tempted! I was quick to load leaks on my playbooks, but that's because I have two, so one was always a back up in care something went extremely wrong. Unfortunately only one phone and I'm not ready to go back to my 9860 should something go off the rails... But I do love reading about all the goodness coming later this year.

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Seriously, this leak takes the OS way further, it is absolutely amazing! Today I have had my first day of OS10.2 on my Z10 using it full time for work and not only it came up to par, it actually made things way better in management of communications (hub, notifications, lock screen notifications, accounts color code, priority hub... just unbelievable). These are just some of the great lot of things that are new to the OS and seriously, this is a real feature enhancement! If you have not tried it yet, you are missing out!


For sure installing it
Everything is running well, but whatsapp can't connect
Always running verification my phone number and never succeeded.

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Am thinking about loading it up but i have alot of info that i need so from what i have been reading, it seems a bit hit and miss loading this up then restoring from a backup file and also i have quite a few apps that may or may not work. Sadly its a chance i cannot take, i just loaded up the new BBM channels update and it completely wiped my chat history in BBM along with resetting my settings. PITA that was and not at all happy about losing my chat history as i had stuff that i needed to refer to but now its gone.

Think ill just wait for the official 10.2 update as so far installing all the BB10 updates have been flawless.

Did it and loved everything about 10.2 OS with the exception of No Wifi calling for tmobile and the static navigation bar for Q10. It drove me nuts since screen real estate is so limited. Had to downgrade to 4687 because of it.

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I installed it and I really like it but the Instagram not letting me take pictures is getting on my nerves
or my contacts constantly turning on facebook,linkedin and twitter contacts even after i turn them off
and im getting no notifications from facebook
other than that im really liking it
I like the interactive notifications, smoothness of android apps, toasts

I did not and will not install this. I am risk averse and would simply like to read what others fine. I am really enjoying os10 as it is. We do not say much now BlackBerry is starting to get this operating system more mature. It is exciting to see.

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Recently got new hires at work. Hours cut, so I have 4 days off starting today. Thinking about installing my first leak?!?!?! Ahh I just don't know though, sounds promising. I'm not dumb with directions so it should work out just fine right?

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i installed it, reverted to 10.1 because the lower taskbar in android apps sticks there - which is problematic for apps runing in the limited vertical space of a Q10.

The "stuck" lower taskbar is also annoying to me - I'm also working with a Q10.

Love everything else with 10.2, though! Hopefully battery life settles soon.

I can't connect to BlackBerry Link, therefore no backup, no upgrade. :(

Cannot communicate with device. Windows 7.

I lost my BBM, tried restoring to backup of last official OS still missing. How can I delete and install from BBW?

After installation, cellular network dint show up. Tried degrading back to 10.1 but device was still loading 10.2. After multiple trials, was able to install 10.2 which showed mobile network.

Missing things in leaked 10.2:
1. All integrated items in hub don't show color.( remember twitter was a blue bird. Now it's a black bird)
2. Added twitter just once, but in hub it showed twice( reloaded is again. Issue resolved.)
3. When sharing via hub or from anywhere, there is a huge blank space before listed items(through which one can share) list.
4. Few apps don't work. Ex: postcard ( shows a blank screen when opening it)
4. Items on BlackBerry World show as downloading but don't see them getting downloaded( restated device. Issue resolved)

Over all beast of an os upgrade. Super smooth/fast experience, much better battery life(though took hell of a time to be fully charged), possibly the best dual notification thing.

Looking forward for the official release.

Best and have a brilliant day ahead,fellow BlackBerry useds,
(twitter handle: @thepotenza)

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Why do all of the Crackberry polls have such polarizing choices?
There's never any middle ground choices like:
"tried it, had to revert because it regressed some functionality and now i'm crying because it was a pretty killer release"

I did but there are a few issues such as not able to use BBM wifi calling.. contacts disappearing, call log not populating, Microsoft active sync not working.

I'm going to reflash... if it doesn't work I will downgrade

Great OS but still need some work

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I loaded it up and was so shocked at how awesome the changes were that i dropped my phone and shattered the screen! :( Keep up the good work tho BB!

Yes on my z10 and love it only thing don't work is Facebook don't connect properly .

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They say if you're scared say you scared! I'm scared! Think I'll wait on official OS 10.2....i waited a long time for 10.1, it want kill me, I don't think! LOL....but I do enjoy reading about everyone else's success!

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Love 10.2 am having some issues with apps not launching as well. Not to concerned about it.

IROC-Z10 But Mostly She Rocks Me!!

I have installed leaks before but have had problems with restoring previous back ups. Has anyone had problems with this on this leak?

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I read all the posts and wasn't sure upgrading was a good idea but broke down and here is what I did.
Installed over
Security wiped and then restored. Messed up my Facebook. Couldn't get it to load back up. Deleted it and everything else that was suggested.
Finally security wiped again, set up BBID and WI-FI that gave me back FB so then I set up everything from scratch.
Spent the last 2 hours testing every app, even my Side loads installed the 810 radio bar and T-MOBILE WI-FI app and everything works great so far. Thanks Elite Team and everyone who made valuable contributions to this threat.

Z10-STL-3, 10.2.1047

It's awesome. But unlike some comments posted here, my battery drains faster. At 16:00 I'm out of battery. Everything else works perfect

I installed the leak and everything I need works fine (Skype, instagram, Facebook) with minor issues at the start with contacts app

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I did not, and the only reason is because of the black bar locked at the bottom of the Android apps. I use them a lot and it would be annoying.

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I seem to have 2 lots of twitter accounts in my hub? Any ideas how to remove 1 of em?

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- Everything loaded great.
- The restore worked perfectly.

- Wifi defaults to off
- Hub has intermittent issues
- Text message issues
-- did not load at first
-- texts sending twice