Have you pre-ordered your BlackBerry PlayBook yet?

BlackBerry PlayBook
By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Mar 2011 10:29 am EDT

With the pricing and availability of the BlackBery PlayBook now announced, and retailers like Best Buy and Staples putting it up online for pre-order, the question now is Have you pre-ordered your BlackBerry PlayBook yet?

Be sure to vote on the poll above and let us know where you're at (I received a bunch of emails and tweets over the past couple of days from friends and colleagues letting me know they pre-ordered one). If you did pre-order a BlackBerry PlayBook, be sure to jump over to the PlayBook preorder thread in the forums and let us know which model you got and where you ordered from. And don't forget, ShopCrackBerry.com already has a bunch of BlackBerry PlayBook-specific cases and accessories available for pre-order, and more coming soon!

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Have you pre-ordered your BlackBerry PlayBook yet?


I hope it does. If not... maybe you can win one in a CrackBerry giveaway! I'm sure we'll have a contest or two coming up soon. Stay tuned!

I plan to pre-order from RadioShack. Those guys are commissioned and I wan to do everything I can to help the retail sales people, rather than just the corporation selling the product.

That's the option I was looking for. BTW, got an email from blackberry today saying they were shipping them on the 19th, so it looks like developers won't be getting it early.

hey kevin how many PlayBooks have you pre-ordered. and are you really going to get some to put in the headrests of your vechile. Because that would be awesome :)

I ordered the 32gb two seconds after it was announced that Staples had it ready on their website. I've waited this long... there was no point in delaying the order.

Now I've gotta figure out what accessories to order. The prices for cases, docks etc. are just straight up retarded.

Getting one thru the Playbook Beta program at work. I do plan to buy one for my own, but will play with the work one a bit first.

No I didn't. And do you wanna know why? Because I'm not American and I'm from central Europe and I have to wait. RIM really failed. Apple announced tablet 3 weeks ago and it will be available tommorrow.

RIM announced PlayBook 6 months ago (maybe longer) and he's not able to offer it all over the world as Apple did.

I would pre-order one but Best buy/futureshop don't have the option to pick up in stores and I am too impatient to wait for it to be shipped to my house....so I will attempt to pick one up on launch day in stores.

Theres more to the World than just America :) I *cannot* pre order the playbook yet :( Q1 became Q2 overseas, hope that we won't have to wait till Q3...

You need the option:

I really, really, really want one but have no practical use/need for one. I'm trying to come up with some so I can justify the purchase.

My wife and I have our first baby on the way. That brings arguments for and against having one. I'm really hoping I'll be able to win one. :)

I got one ASAP. 32gb from bestbuy.ca. I think its awesome that its a North American release instead of just the U.S. Like some other red delicious brands. Can't wait to start getting some accessories for it. Any big sales coming to shopcrackberry for the playbook?

The poll results aren't looking very promising... Considering that an iPad poll of any sort would most likely be "YES! Can't wait to get it!!!!!!" @ 99%


I have been a Blackberry user and fan for a number of years, however the more I learn about the Playbook including its pricing the less I am leaning towards buying one. I have the money to buy one, but it seems a lot of money to pay for just a tablet. I could get a pretty decent desktop PC for the same money. The fact that it has no SD card slot is really holding me back, I wanted to load movies etc on sd card so I can carry a small library of them with me - one for the kids and one for me. Pricing it at parity with the Ipad seems a bit of a stretch for a smaller screened unit. I am looking for cheaper options and am leaning towards getting a Nook Color (which does have an SD card slot) and rooting it.

Placed my preorder thru staples.ca. Even managed to use a coupon from redflagdeals and saved another $20.

Now hopefully the otterbox comes out soon. I need one to protect my playbook

Not 100 percent sold on the PB yet so I'll be waiting for some impression to see how it turns out. Flash and apps are my main reasons for getting a tablet. Everybody knows that flash is a giving so 3rd party apps will be a deal breaker for me.

I would love to play with the PB 1st before dropping such a large amount on it, and even then there no guarantee that I'd purchase it until the it went on some kind of sale. That's jus a bit too steep for me d-_-b...and no SD slot is foolishness. I like expanded memory!

Disappointed in the pricing after all the hype. I view this as too expensive for something that is 7". With the size of the laptops getting so small you can pay less and get more functionality.

RIM needs to understand that the PlayBook will be dead on arrival, what they did was show it off back in September and make it seem so much better than the other tablets, but they showed it off for too long and now there's dual core 1.5GHz tablets (EVO View) and the iPad 2 with its amazing graphics chip. It's going to get stomped.

I am actually a very patient person when it comes to electronics. I will get mine toward the end of the year. Hopefully by then it will have native email and calender integration and be running Android APPs! Hahaha. Can the iPad do that? This thing will be KILLER towards the end of the year! I swear it!

I thought about it, Ipad 2 or Playbook and i decided to get the Playbook because I see myself carrying around a 7 in easier than carrying around a 10 in, it has wi-fi and I can use it anywhere there is wi-fi (more or less), if I don't have wi-fi available I can blue tooth it to my black berry phone (I have an unlimited data plan with verizon), it actually multi tasks and not stop the app when you open a new one it runs them all simultaneously, it has an hdmi port so I can plug it into a tv or monitor to show videos to others, it has flash so it shows all animation on sites like adidas.com, I can sync it with my blackberry phone's calendar and bbm easily, they are crossing their apps so that it can use android apps, they are coming up with video calling (I know ipad 2 has it too) in which I practically don't have to pay additional monies for, and 1 gig dual core processor with an approximate battery life of 10 continuous use hours. It sounds like a business man tablet but it sounds like the tablet for me, I like easy use, power, put it in my pocket and go. :) On the real everyone find out which tablet would be best for YOU not the population because when it is said and done You will be carrying and using the device.

I want to, but I have impending house repairs ($8,000 in storm damage!) and I just bought my husband a laptop that we're still paying off. I'm hoping things work out financially so I can reserve mine!

I have to say this again, for those complaining about the price. I live in Australia where I "believe" the dollar is just more than the USD. But it will still probably release here with a price tag closer to 1k. But will still sell. Yall got it good over there.

I can't wait for the playbook to finally be released!! :) but i'm not sure whether I should buy one, seeing as the only reason I want it over the Ipad 2 or the Motorola Zoom is for BBM.... n since i have a nokia phone that isn't going to work. Hopefully the 4g Hspa, Lte and Wimax models will have bbm pins.

I pre -ordered from Staples 32gb yesterday. Also called customer support regarding the shipping date. Was advised it would ship 4/9....time will tell if that correct. Leaving town 4/16 so want my PB before I leave.

Like bruce001, I also pre-ordered a 32gig from Staples and was informed my PB would arrive on April 8th!

If Staples pulls through on this, I will be so impressed.

I would pre-order it but there's no release date for Europe as of yet, I hope they don't leave us behind for too long!