Did you catch the BBM FOR ALL ad during The Amazing Race?

By Bla1ze on 16 Sep 2013 11:01 pm EDT

It's been a crazy wait for BBM on Android and iOS and there has been a ton of rumors and leaks surrounding the release. I get it. Everyone is excited for it and pretty much tired of waiting but it's coming and we all need to just relax and little and let it happen. If you want some real proof of it that it's coming soon, then consider this.

Ads for its cross-platform arrival have now begun in Canada and more specifically during The Amazing Race Canada. If you didn't / don't tune into the show, then check out the captured video of the ad below. Yes, the volume is low but the ad says 'BBM. Coming soon to iPhone and Android'.

Photo: @PeterRondelez Video: @MarceloZ_DL

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Did you catch the BBM FOR ALL ad during The Amazing Race?


Hopefully Wednesday? Certainly for the Jam...

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Yes!!! I caught it! Had pvr'd Amazing Race Canada so I was able to rewind the add and watch it a couple of times.

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Glad to see they havent lost their key line: "coming soon" ; )

I'll be happy when its released and I can talk to all the people on bbm who switched to other phones

It's been a very good show, and chock full of ads, and showing the Z10 being used. I record it so I haven't seen the BBM4ALL ads myself. # BB10 believe

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Yay! Got my photo and name on a CrackBerry post. Wish it were for winning a Z30, but this still makes for one happy member of TeamBlackBerry! :)

I was happy to see the BlackBerry advertisements during the show. And to see the bbm ad was sweet. Two iPhone users saw it and the first reaction was "well I guess they need to make money". Did anyone else get any reactions from their non BlackBerry friends?

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They're slow in the u.s because the media supports all the platforms besides bb. That's why!

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I want to see BB succeed , it is frustrating. BB just needs to pay the money to blitz the US with ads for awareness in the US. I tell you most people do not know BB10 exists or believes everything BB is a step backward. :(

I know. That is disappointing the US retailers always pushing the Apple phone, Iphone. The only things I have by I(whatever) is a Ipod Classic and an old Shuffle. I am getting the Q10 soon. Cannot wait!!! I have my old (4 year) Curve 9300, and I still love it. All of my friends, say get the Iphone. Thank you but noo thanks.

It's nice to hear there are ppl still loyal to BlackBerry and not caught up in switching over to an iphone or Samsung s3/4 bec of friends or ppl telling them to do so

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Yep! All you have to know is Waterloo vs. Cupertino. They aren't pushing any big Canadian tech giants in the U.S. If BlackBerry was located in the U.S. we wouldn't even be having this conversation.

FYI, BlackBerry was a major sponsor of The Amazing Race Canada and tonight was the first BBM 4 All ad. I trust that the name of the show indicates it's shown in Canada and not the US. I'm sure they will be advertising in the elsewhere soon enough (including the US).

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Saw it live! Going to be Wednesday for sure.
On a side note I'm going to be auditioning for season two. Probably put my love for BlackBerry in my video lol

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Awesome. and what a great show to advertise it on- race around the world, since BBM is such a hit outside of North America. of course now that I say that I realize that amazing race the show isn't probably aired elsewhere- o well. ha

Great show and I heard it too! The world will re unite with bbm soon!

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That was so quick. Surprised they just started these commercials now.. should've done it weeks ago.

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I did see it along with other BlackBerry ads. Q10 and more. Very cool to see on TV and great hype and excitement coming.

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Just a typical BlackBerry ad. Doesn't say anything about BBM. Show the public (not us obviously) what it's all about.

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They are starting to get better. The Q10 ad is decent, but doesn't highlight enough features that differentiate it from the pack (though in all fairness, there is only so much you can show in 30s!)

But you're right that in the past BlackBerry has almost seemed to be AGAINST educating the public on the features of their phones!

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Pretty excited to hear blackberry being talked about in the wild. And having a bbm contact list once again.

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Yeah. My GF randomly mentioned it! I was like "how did you hear about that?" lol

Too bad she's on Windows Phone :(

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It should probably say "BBM for most". They still have a lot of platforms to cover before they can reach out to everyone.

Fantastic!! BBM goes global!!

All blackberry users should contact all their friends to have them download the app once it is released.... rally the BlackBerry / crackberry legion!!!

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They seriously need to get that "coming soon" out of their marketing, advertisements, and blackberry vocabulary. its giving them a VERY bad rep

It seems this release is timed to coincide with or closely follow the iOS 7 update due from Apple tomorrow. Coincidence?

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Seems like a waste to advertise in Canadia(I know it is Canada), should the money be spent in the US.

Waiting on bbm for Android for my galaxy. I'll wait for the next round of BB10 phones before purchasing another BB.....due to my upgrade cycle. BBM is the main thing I miss, and it would be nice to have again!

Yes saw it and made my wife (on Android phone) take notice too! Hope it works as good on the other platforms as well as it does on BlackBerry.

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Unfortunately, Blackberry has given users of its platform a way out (without loosing their BBM contacts)...not the other way around. So take me for instance... the only thing that has kept me on the Blackberry platform as of late when all my contacts state side have moved on to other platforms (IOS or android), is the fact that most of my international contacts are still on BBM. Now that it's going to be available on other platforms...why would i stay? App ecosystem? uh no. BIS? uh no (no BIS anymore), Timely O/S and product Updates (blackberry constantly misses their own schedule)? um no, The security that if I invest more on blackberry's ecosystem that it will be there 6 months from now? uh no. Until I see what's to be of our beloved Blackberry, I will be jumping ship the minute BBM is offered on IOS. I will however come back once the smoke has cleared and Blackberry (or whomever buys their OS/hardware division) has a clear path as to the sustained future of the platform. It's the best platform out there as far as I'm concerned. But a platform without an extensive ecosystem is not going make a dent in today's IOS/Android or even Windows phone world.

At least they are getting started. And I love the fact that BBM is now an entry in the dictionary. Can you say that about the other messaging apps? Heel no. Woooo. And yes, I said heel.

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Ever since I mentioned cross platform BBM (weeks ago) my three teenage kids have been asking me, a few times a week, when it's going to be available. They are former BlackBerry users currently using iPhone 4S and 5.
2 want to switch back to BlackBerry, thanks to the Z10 and BB10, but will have to wait a little longer. :)

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Just wonder how successful it will be with Iphone users. Iphone (otherwise known as the phone in colorful and glitzy protective covers adorned by many women) are so caught up in Facetime, Snapchat and Instagram, they probably won't even notice BBM.

Good point piddi. I,ve always wondered why more iOS users arent in the hospital from walking while texting!

It will be nice to see BBM rolled out, dump whatsapp and connect my family back on the best IM there ever was.

DilBit Powered Q10... 10.2 where ya 2 bye??

Saw that Booth on Bones last night was using a Z10. That was cool.

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