Did Verizon halt BlackBerry 6 testing on the BlackBerry Storm 2?!?

By Bla1ze on 21 Jul 2010 05:34 pm EDT
Did Verizon halt BlackBerry 6 testing on the BlackBerry Storm 2?!?

Some interesting new comes to us from the good folks over at Gizmofusion today. It's certainly not the greatest news if you are a BlackBerry Storm 2 owner but, we'd be remiss to say that it wasn't expected. According to the article, a reliable source has advised Gizmofusion that Verizon was testing builds of BlackBerry 6 for the Storm 2 but has since halted testing due to its inability to function correctly on the device.

The main reasoning being lack of RAM of course, among other un noted reasons. The 256MB in Verizons eyes simply was not enough for the device to handle BlackBerry 6 thus causing it to under perform. The common consensus is that, any device running 256MB won't be able to handle BlackBerry 6 but that information is consistently conflicted as well. New rumors suggest builds for the 9700 are out there and that they are simply not "watered down" versions of what BlackBerry 6 is supposed to be. Time will tell in the end but really, it would just be nice of Research In Motion to just tell us. Least then we'd know for sure. Knowing is half the battle.

Source: Gizmofusion

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Did Verizon halt BlackBerry 6 testing on the BlackBerry Storm 2?!?



i have the S.2 and dig it. i bought it thinking i would get the 6 but alas i do not. however, bbhybrids and driphter.com have hybrid os that make, at least on my phone, practically perfect. these dudes are bridging the gap from all the crap that makes the bb suck and twick it to make it run like we want. i don't want to roll from bb and the other smartphones are ok, just ok. we shall see.

..but the point is these guys should be working for RIM and developing OS's. What would happen if Lyr and Driphter were not around to make the hybrids, or RIM locked down the phones so they couldn't be hybridized....then what? The people that support the phone should be RIM and VZW...not the talented people that develop these hybrids from the field using files from other OS's that come out. The point is the manufacturer and the service provider should be doing that, not the end user...and what about the end user that freaks out and is afraid to put a hybrid on for fear of bricking it. I have installed 30 or more hybrids over the last several years..I never had a problem doing it, it's just the fact that it's what I have to do to make the phone better...should't RIM be doing that for it's product?

WTF Does VZW have to do with BB 6 testing anyway?

RIM = Canadian company which makes the BlackBerry from A to Z
VZW = US Telecom company that has nothing to do with RIM other than reselling their phones

I mean, VZW stops testing BB 6 on Storm 2, WTF does that have to do with anything anyway?

I'm gonna be laughing at you when I showing off the webkit browser that's faster than your Droid X, give me a break, even the piece of crap iphone is blowing your droid X's away on browsing!!!! Pretty Sad HA HA HA

To laugh at when you try compare another craptastic latest BB browser to the latest iPhone or Android browsers. When it drops and can't support the required flash, then please let us know how happy you are being an advocate of dead tech. Of course you could continue to dilute yourself and bury your head in the sand. DUDE! Come on! You have NO idea how awesome it is to have a great web enabled device. I have to say that my BB's have been great messaging phones in the past. I guess they have the redundancy of BB messanger, which is almost useful if you are stuck into using it. Thankfully! I have managed to dodge that crap. The rest of us have messenger services that are available across platforms with view screens larger than postage stamps. I will not forget the BB platform. It had pioneered some pretty good security and messaging features. RIM seriously needs to outsource some of their development to try and stay competitive. OS6 is obviously not the answer, although it has SOME similarities to the Andriod platform that it has ripped off.

"Come on! You have NO idea how awesome it is to have a great web enabled device."

It can actually be a problem. It works so well (even on my 2 year old 3G) that I often spend too much time reading news, tech sites, etc. It's one of the things I noticed first when giving the Storm2 and Curve a fair shake for an hour. Using the web, I found myself putting down the phone within 3 or 4 minutes in favor of TV, magazine, anything else.

Android 2.1 browser isn't as smooth as iPhones, but still good enough to use for a extended browsing session.

You do know that Android 2.1's browser is a webkit browser, right? And you also know that over 58% of all Android phones are currently running 2.1 or higher, right? We'll also assume that you know that if BB OS 6 doesn't run on the majority of existing phones (256 MB or less), those phones won't get the new BB webkit browser either.

So, I really don't see anything to laugh about. But you're right about one thing....it is pretty sad.

to think a first generation webkit browser is going to be faster than a 4th or 5th generation webkit browser. Let alone by a software company (google), not to mention one of the most innovative software companies in the world, that also writes one of the fastest full blown web browsers.

It's likely that there is merit to this story. It's RIM's first shot at actually making an OS worth a damn. It is going to be a pig without question.

The guy with the DroidX is going to show you hidef youtube streaming, TomTom/Garmin killing googleNav, reliable exchange, tethering, all at the same time; while you, a typical Blackberry fanboy, don't bother looking while telling him that his phone sucks because it can barely even do web, mail, contacts, play music, or text reliably.

Seems like anyone who actually prefers a BB is either tied to legacy corporate integration, or has knowledge of the phone market up to 2007/2008. The speed of development the past year or two with iPhone and Android sets has been ASTOUNDING. And BB has been absent through it the whole time.

Figures, I'm gone anyway when the I-Phone 4 comes to Verizon. Tired of BlackBerry always being behind everyone else. They have become followers now instead of leaders. If 6.0 doesn't work on the Storm 2, see ya.

You obviously haven't been doing research on RIM, enough to say that its a dying tech, or how the browser is going to drop because of required Flash! They bought out QNX which is Flash based OS, the King of Flash! Your a moron! The only thing that you'll be doing besides writing on besides this forum is a padded cell if you think blackberry is dead! Get a life!

QNX isn't a FLASH based OS, it's a commercial Unix-like os that runs in real-time. It's primarily for embedded systems such as smart phones, and was selected for use in Audi's new "infotainment" car systems. So before you start talking smack to people here with your "You obviously haven't been doing research on RIM" bullshit, maybe you should get your own facts straight.

Better yet, why don't you just stick to talking about things you actually know about. To put it another way....You have the right to be stupid, but please don't abuse the privilege.

FU RIM. I'm saying good bye to blackberry. As soon as its possible. I put aside how everyone trashed your reputation and the fact that yes I love my storm2 but its time for a reality check you're not what you used to be and the competition caught up with you.
I'm not settling for "good enough." As a loyal customer I deserve great.

I bought the first storm on Day 1. Stood in line for 2 hours and I was for the most part happy with it. I switched over to the storm 2 a couple months ago and I'm about to get my 3rd one. It's funny how people are ready to jump ship. I will also be leaving BB when I can because I can't believe how far along these other smartphones have come. I can't sit and pretend that the iphones, droids, and many others are no good compared to my blackberry. It's actually embarrassing to show my BB Storm 2 anymore. Trying to navigate on the web is painful and frustrating. The pages take forever to load even with good reception. I have been checking out the Android X but I heard there is an android 2 coming out. I have some time to kill anyway.

QNX is a Unix realtime kernel with a Flasbased UI, were as your stupid android are still a java based UI, with a linux kernel... so before u go trashing people, get your facts straight, Cause obviously your the one who doesn't know there shit!!!

Leave if you want to get a crappy phone furthermore, we don't care, Blackberry is number 1, and I know for a fact that they are going to stay #1, because they have a lot more up there sleeves than your android and Iphone, yeah and its pretty sad that a low end Memory Blackberry with a webkit browser, can beat any droid or Iphone with a webkit browser, it shows you, that RIM is just better!!!!

When you say "They bought out QNX which is Flash based OS, the King of Flash!", but the OS ISN'T FLASH BASED BUT CAPIBLE OF RUNNING FLASH, then you are a complete and total moron. From QNX:

QNX® Software Systems provides a comprehensive offering for quickly developing visually compelling and high-performing embedded graphics applications. It is based on the concept of a universal application platform, which supports the best human-machine interface (HMI) technologies of today, and is easily expandable to include new technologies.

A QNX-optimized port of Adobe Flash and QNX class libraries provide applications with a powerful run-time environment. And the ability to mix and match applications from multiple languages and environments is enabled by QNX’s composition manager, letting native C/C++, Flash, and HTML applications all share screen real estate. Currently, QNX Software System’s HMI technology stack includes support for:

Adobe Flash Lite 4 with OpenVG hardware accelerated rendering
Native OpenGL ES applications
Native 2D applications
Video playback
An application store
Graphical composition of multiple applications through the composition manager

So, by your logic, since the kernel runs HTML5, we can say it's an HTML5-based OS, right? RIGHT? Or is it a UNIX based OS that can run Flash? And none of this means squat if the majority of the handsets out there now CAN'T RUN BB OS 6, which is kind of the point to the frackin’ thread.

'Nuff said.

What is going to a droid have anything to do with blackberry running OS 6, absolutly nothing, maybe we don't want you to comment on anything, the fact that it is just a Big-ASS Rumor has nothing to do with you idiots coming in here and stating I'm going to a droid cause I'm a retard, going through the thread I emphasised that they bought out QNX for reason, to put your androids and Iphones to Shame, so go back to your droid that will be outdated in 3 Months, or go back to your iphones that are going to drop calls... It doesn't make a difference to me, but in the end you'll be sorry for not listening!!!

Way NOT to answer the question. If you ever bothered to do something we big kids like to call READ, then you probably would have noticed that the feelings of the majority of Storm 2 owners is this...IF OS 6 doesn't run on a handset that is less than a year old, I'm out.

I own a Storm 2. I owned a Storm 1. My first Blackberry was a 8320. But RIM shouldn't expect their loyal base of users to pony up for a new handset less than one year after pimping the Storm 2.

I mean, really....think about this for a second. People who bought the 9700, 9630, Pearl 3G, 8500...is RIM going to say "Oh, yeah....ummm...our bad. You need to shell out for a new handset to get OS 6"? Hell, the only handset right now that we are assured will run this right now is the 9650. It's people who have been loyal to the brand (such as myself) that feel we are the shaft. With that, there's going to be backlash and defections. No way around it. If you feel like dishing out another $400 to $500 to get OS 6, be my guest. I'll ride out my contract and go with a handset that supports its users. My fiancé's Eris came with 1.6 and is now running 2.1, and she loves it. That was after Verizon dropped it from their lineup.

On another vein, I apparently DO have an outdated handset that I bought from RIM 6 months ago, when they were touting it as a flagship handset. So don't give me that crap.

Why do keep talking, first of all the whole thing dealing with the Storm 2 not getting OS 6 is a rumor, Second of all you whiney little witt, here is the link that plainly say's that the OS is based on flash http://www.calliflower.com/2009/10/05/qnx-car-showcased-at-adobe-max/, Third of all, when did Android ever win any awards for being such a great OS, or even the Mach OS X, Everyday, I see QNX winning awards for car API's Machinary, or even Nasa Stuff, But I don't expect a little kiddie Idiot like u, doing any reading, otherwise you would support Blackberry's upcoming Revalations!!! Get a Fucking Life!!!

First, and this is from the heart, I have to say that you have a stunning command of the English language. That's the equivalent of what...any two-bit street bum? Did you learn all that from the bum who lives in the box next to you?

Now, again, I suggest you go back and actually read both my posts and even the article you reference. In that article it says quite clearly, and I quote:

"The team at local embedded OS creator QNX Software Systems has released a kit for developing automobile applications – in Flash. Dubbed QNX CAR, this system lets developers create entertainment systems, and dashboard systems, using Flash as the development environment."

Please note it states APPLICATIONS, not that the OS itself, are in flash. If you don't know the difference between an operating system and a programming language, and it's quite obvious you don't, then perhaps you should do a little online training. I hear there are some very good online classes available.

"Nasa Stuff"...is that one of your uber-technical terms, seeing that you are so much more intelligent than the rest of us here? Blackberry's Revelations? What, exactly, are they going to reveal in OS 6 that's ground-breaking or ahead of its time? It's an OS, not a cult, so don't drink the cool-aid. I'll say this very slowly and clearly, I'll even use small words so you can comprehend....


It's time for you to put up or shut up, Give me some websites that just prove how MUCH your gay as android is so much better, Cause it is NOT!!! I've got some training courses for you, clearly states that the Devopment of flash is over a QNX Kernel, meaning it's a Flash UI!!!!! How bout that for english, The Droid has JVM's over the Linux kernel, so therefore making it a Java UI!!! Clearly your the only one who is smoking the crack pipe, so the next time you comment on something you think you know more about, Put up a website that states your so called State of the crappy art DROID OS is better than any QNX OS, Cause it's not!!! It's obvious you get all the anwers from your mom, Little boy!!!!

terms to tell you a BB is hard as **** to use compared to the iPhone 3G (and on) or the latest droids. Could maps and the web be any harder to use? I think the only way a smart phone could be less fun to use is if the phone cut my hand and dropped salt on the cut as I'm using it.

Nobody claimed that QNX was in Blackberry OS 6, you pulled that out of your ass, like the rest of your shit, that'll be the next OS, Probably for the 4g's since they bought out QNX for cloud computing too...

http://news.google.com/news/url?sa=t&fd=R&usg=AFQjCNHjzO2tIHq6iMldNPqd-M... Read this article then take some time to think what the LTE car is about!!! Hardware, software, UI and of course cloud services, nobody wants an android cause there is to many competitors in that field!!! Guess who's really the smart one here!!!! NOT YOU!!!

First, I have NEVER claimed that Android (or the iPhone or Windows Phone 7) are better or worse than the BB OS. Not once. If you ever bothered to actually READ posts, you would know that already.

Second, YOU brought QNX into this discussion with your “They bought out QNX which is Flash based OS, the King of Flash! Your a moron!” statement. I simply pointed out that it’s not an accurate statement at all, that the OS is Unix based and capable of running flash.

Third, there is a difference between an OS and a UI. If you have any questions about that, then I suggest you look at Unbutu, Mint, Debian and Kubuntu. Each is based off the Linux kernel and each have a DIFFERENT UI.

Fourth, you shove links for cars as proof of your "knowledge”, I post directly from the source...QNX. And yet you want to argue that I need to "put up or shut up"? Why is that? Because the company YOU brought into this contradicts YOUR post? Brilliant.

Fifth, NO ONE HERE GIVES A CRAP ABOUT A CARS ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM. This is about BB OS 6 not running on a handset that is less than a year old, it's ALWAYS been about BB OS 6 not running on the majority of the handsets out there.

What I HAVE said is that RIM continues to lose ground to both Android and the iPhone (www.engadget.com/2010/03/29/stats-iphone-os-
is-still-king-of-the-mobile-web-space-but-andr/) Note that a break was added to allow the FULL web page address.

I HAVE said that if OS 6 doesn’t run on handsets with 256 MB, people will jump ship. People already ARE leaving Blackberry in favor of other handsets with more to offer (www.vitrolenta.com/gadget/blackberry-users-are-ready-to-defect.html).

I HAVE said that I would look for an alternative IF BB OS 6 doesn’t run on the Storm 2 (and for the record, I would NEVER purchase an iPhone).

Why you seem to have a problem with this is beyond me, and your attempts to pass off links to cars and non-related items is pathetic at best (and “for the record”, your current link pulls up Google news and nothing else). You can’t defend your position because it’s indefensible, you backtrack and attempt to change your statements, you waffle worse than Al “I invented the internet” Gore.

I'm still waiting for you to show me some "Nasa Stuff" (and for the record, Einstein, it's N.A.S.A.). I've put up...now it's time for you to shut up.

Your so Brilliant, You should get an award for being crackhead of the Century!!!! First you pathetic moron, This room is just a rumor about OS 6 not coming to the blackberry Storm 2, Second of all the QNX Car Entertanment, Is going to be similar to that of your handheld devices, or did you not read that RIM was going to take the best of both worlds, Kinda figured you didn't. Third of all, Regadless if the UI is devoloped in Flash or not, It can still handle Flash a lot better than an Android device!!! You Still Haven't pointed out how Android is Better than QNX, nor have you pointed out, how they are going to Strategically (Can You Understand that word) Take out a number 1 company who is going to an Open Source Project, Who Is creating the Hardware for its project, and who is creating a Super UI and cloud based services for it's clients!!!!! You are the King of one thing my friend and that is being the King of the Padded room!!!! Your a Bigger Moron than George Let's Go to War Busch, than anybody I know!!!! You haven't put up anything!!!!! Now you Shut UP!!!!

But you don't bother to read. It's a fairly simple process for most humans above the age of 5. I have never said Android was a better OS. If you really think I have, why don't you refresh my memory and go back into my posts. I'm sure you can find more than one or two occasions of my saying that, now can't you Einstein?

All you continue to do is contradict yourself by saying "Regadless if the UI is devoloped in Flash or not, It can still handle Flash a lot better than an Android device!!!" isn't quite the same as your earlier statement "They bought out QNX which is Flash based OS", now is it Einstein?

I never said, one way or another, that Android or Windows Phone 7 could handle flash better. Not once, and each time you scream like a little baby at the top of your lungs how "right" you are, you just make yourself look that much more foolish.

Why don't you go back in my posts and show me where I made those comments as well, Einstein. Also, just from a purely selfish note, if you're going to post a link, make sure it's one that accessible. It's kind of hard to read what you're talking about when your link doesn't take you to the page. Again...brilliant.

Yes, I do understand the word "strategically". I also understand basic English including capitalization, spelling and punctuation (items you apparently need to brush up on). So, I will hang here for you to go through my posts and show me where I said Android or Windows Phone 7 handles Flash better. I’ll be here so you can show me where, in my posts, I said Android (or any other OS) is better than BB. I understand that this will take you a while, as it requires you to actually read. But it's cool....I'll wait.

Oh...one last thing. Screaming and kicking doesn't make you right, it just makes you loud and immature.

But the link is once again cutoff (I did manage to locate it, though). It's a good read, but it only takes into account the hardware side of the equation with the OEM's. No one ever said RIM didn't have a huge lead in handsets out there, nor does this take into account which handsets are running which OS. And that's kind of the key here, isn't it?

However, that being said, I still want you to show me where I've claimed Android or Windows Phone 7 run Flash better than BB OS 6. I still want you to quote my posts where I said Android was a better OS than BB OS 6.

I'm not being childish, I'm making a frackin' point. If you're going to rant that I said it, call me a moron and an idiot, and use those claims as the basis of your 5 year old name calling, then back it up and quote me from my posts.

I'm challenging you to do it, Hoss. Question is, do you have the guts to take me up on it?

Go buy a droid if you want, But I want to lay it out for you Mr. Cynical, Anything RIM touches turns to gold, look at the messaging services that it has, and the webkit browser it bought out shows in the link below that its a hell of a lot faster than any droid or iphone.... http://www.salomondrin.net/2010/07/18/blackberry-webkit-browser-vs-andro... .... Just think for second how big RIM is going to be when they implement QNX, Cloud services, messaging, and this well State of the Art browser, in which case was still in beta testing and is probably faster now!!!! Your opinions don't matter to me, they are nothing, NOTHING!!! You couldn't come up with a good argument if you had OJ's lawyer... Microkernel VS Monolithic Kernel is another article you could look up on Google, that pretty much states Fact on why QNX (Microkernel) is so much better than Android/ Linux (Monolithic), Who cares whether or not OS 6 comes to the Storm 2 or not Compared to what the 4g phones are going to have around the corner AKA referencing an LTE Car that was built from the ground up by QNX, QNX Built the first Tablet model, before Apple did, Referencing (QNX 30 years) Type that in google... Your opinions don't matter Mama's boy, the only one crying is you because your Storm 2 rumored is not to have OS 6..... Try throwing this in my face and let the analytics be dealt with grown up's and not little kids like you who think they no it all!!!!

First, take your Ritalin. Second, congratulations on showing us what a coward and incompetent, worthless, spineless, gutless piece of trash you actually are. Like to call people names, but when pressed to prove what you say is true you run away with your tail between your legs. Is it that you couldn’t find any instances of me saying that Android is better than OS 6, or is it that you won’t admit you’re wrong there Einstein?

Do yourself a big frackin’ favor...be very, very careful what you post here from now on. Because I am going to make it my personal quest to be right there when you do, pointing out every backwards, waffling, idiotic post you ever make. I'll make this little tangle look like a walk in the park, little man. That I assure you.

I'm impressed... for 2008. I hope it runs that well for the BB faithful, so they can fully realize how painful current BBs are. Looked a little more sluggish compared to the iPhone4 in regards to the touch response... but then so is the android.

Seriously though, you should have had this 3 years ago if BB was a leading technology company. Their market share is 100% reliant on a huge corporate legacy installation base that preceeded the first iPhone.

As I've been trying to get Einstein to understand, there's nothing really new in OS 6, it's just new to Blackberry. Your right, they are so locked into the corporate side that they have really struggled with the consumer side for the last few years.

You never said that but implying that you are going to a droid, pretty much admits it, I'm am basically showing you how blackberry will stay number 1, and how Droids are not the way to go....

Drop the c, m and a t....you might have something there, since that's all you talk. Or maybe schmittpup.....

Be carefull what you post here, cause in fact, I'll be gunning for your statements.... Nobody claimed that OS 6 was QNX, it's going to be after OS 6, If you would read my blogs than you would know the difference, and is that all you can say about my second to Last Blog, God your Pathetic!!!!

Oh, that's right....I told you this three posts up, didn't I little puppy? No points for originality this time around, I'm afraid.

LOL....I like that....little puppy.....

You couldn't post anything that contradicted my statements, why is there a Reason your still hanging driod idiot, There is not! This forum is for People who want to talk about crackberry's and not any other gay as Phones, HENCE why it's called crackberry, not crack droid like you!!!! Leave this forum, because your a bigger coward than me!!!!

You apparently forgot I OWN A FRACKIN' STORM 2, EINSTEIN! That means I have a Blackberry, and by YOUR just posted "rules for the forum" I'm ALLOWED to be here. I'd post something to your statements, if they contained anything to post about that was, how does one say it, relevant?

Go yip at a moving car in heavy traffic, little puppy. Maybe you should move out of your mom's basement now and get a job...that might help, eh little pup?

How bout you move away from your moms Tit, and get a better Job than McDonalds, I know my facts because I'm Tech Support for a Wireless carrier, Plus it's still all on the web on what QNX and what RIM is about, Who cares if you own a Storm 2 anyways if your bashing the company for their products for not living up to your standards!!! HA

I didn't realize you're Tech Support for a wireless carrier. Wow...guess my being a lowly System Admin for the Air Force kind of pales in comparison being a Tech Support guy from a wireless company, doesn't it little puppy? Had I known, well, maybe I would have been a bit more....tactful.

No....on second thought, I don't believe I would.

At least you got something right for a change, junior. If a company's product doesn't live up to standards, you have the RIGHT to voice a complaint. We have a RIGHT to have a company meet OUR standards. I expect the best, not good enough. That was the reason I got a Blackberry in the first place, pup. When that company fails to meet that standard, you SHOULD complain.

Now...go back to doing, well....whatever it is you do. Yip, yip, yip little pup. Yip, yip, yip....

Like it takes a real Genius to get in the Air Force, anyway if you did know about the airforce, you would know that they use QNX anyway cause it's stable, you arent nobody or you would know.... Anyway's complaining like a little girl isn't going to get you anywhere, it's the same with Technology dealing with any company like your droid. Products are going to become obsolete, the droids becoming obsolete faster!! As being an Air force like you claim which is very suspect, you would know, The world evolves around constant change of Technology!! You aren't that bright for being in the Air Force!!!! So Quit your whining, be a MAN and deal with Technology, or I have a better Idea that involves a rope, If you can't handle the measures of reality!!!! Grow up!!!

It's harder to get into the Air Force than it is to be a wireless tech support slug, because you wouldn't be able to handle it. Hell, you wouldn't last more than a week in basic, you have wash-out written all over you. IF (and it's a big if) you were, then you would get off your ass and actually do something worthwhile with your life. Go out and make a difference, stand up for something bigger than yourself. Make a sacrifice to better others. Oh, wait...that's not your style, is it?

Second, wipe the snot from your nose and listen for once. You may say I'm not that bright for being in the Air Force, but the fact is I'm brighter than some lowly wireless tech who couldn't find his ass with flashlight and a road map.

I don't suggest you giving me a rope, either. I may just use it to haul your sorry ass behind my truck when I return to DM. We have a saying for loudmouth slackers like you...Either lead, follow or get the hell out of the way. In your case, I suggest getting out of the way, little pup. If you don't, you're going to get run over.

Of course tech is going to be obsolete. Wow...think of that all by yourself, did you? How many brain cells did you kill off thinking of that? You must be lonely at night, aren't you little pup? Or is talking about QNX the only thing that let's you get it up anymore? Sad, sad, sad.

Yip, yip, yip little pup. Yip, yip, yip.

Yeah your so Famous and I'm not doing anything that really makes a difference, you people are stupid, the fact that your the lonely one beating their meat at night while I'm fixing your networks, you think we need you!!! BLAH!!! You need us wireless networks before we need you!!! I could careless if the world ends, just to get rid of stupid people like you!!! Your intelligence doesn't strike me that you are indeed a Air Force Man, The Highly Intelligent Government uses blackberry for its security property's!!! But I wouldn't expect a little girl to understand the difference between a Blackberry and other smartphones!!!! You are not that smart!!! United Arabs and the India Goverment are trying to crack the encryption and can't be done, there are so many reasons why Blackberry will Stay #1, keep whining and crying, because blackberry is to slow for you cause they obviously want to make a Secure OS with Media properties!!!!

You....a wireless Tech Support dweeb, are fixing my network which is classified beyond the TS level in my SCIF? ROTFLMAO!!!!!! Hold on, I need to collect myself......

LOL!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!

Okay...okay...that's better. ROTFLMAO!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

You're an idiot. A funny idiot, but an idiot none the less.


Yip yip...yip yip little pup.

Daaa I'm a retard, but your the idiot!!!! BLAH, BlAH, BLAH, is that really all you got to say about the highly Intelligent goverment using blackberry's.... Wow you really are a waste of my time, I got better things to do than hang out with a retard who obviously doesn't know anything different than HAHA your an Idiot.... I have made my point on how blackberry is going to stay number 1, be my guest if you want to be a follower, I'm done here cause you can't put up anything intellectual, cause you don't know!!!

Yip yip yip...I'm s(omit)h(omit)i(omit)tdog...yip, yip, yip....no one knows anything but me....yip, yip, yip....everyone else here is a moron and an idiot but me....yip, yip, yip.....QNX is a flash based OS....yip, yip, yip....I have no life...yip, yip, yip...I only answer questions by calling people names, not with actual facts...yip, yip, yip....I don't know the difference between an OS and an UI, but I'm a tech...yip, yip, yip...I'm done arguing with all you idots, but I still post because I love to hear myself yip...yip, yip, yip...I get to play and dress up like a real tech because I work for a wireless company...yip, yip, yip...I fix wireless networks for the military....yip, yip, yip.....

Too bad, small pup. Yip, yip, yip.

I consider myself fairly objective on this topic of phones.

3 years ago my company offered me a blackberry, and I flat out said no. Don't want that in my pocket. Was against smartphones period based on some time spent with a Treo and a few blackberry's, simply awful. Then the iPhone 3G came out, and I assumed it sucked too. Went on a long road trip with the boss, played with his iP3G for a few hours, AMAZING (at the time). Everything was so fluid, and SO easy, and the browser rendering and response was so superior to anything other mobile I had tried (at the time).

Then android came out on the G1 back in 2008, looked pretty crappy, and a messy work in progress. Since then my wife got a Droid last year, so I've had my hands on that plenty. I got an iPhone4, and really the new OS is starting to feel old and non-inovative when compared to Android 2.1, and 2.2 is about to come out. So I sent it back and resumed my old contract.

I've also spent a few hours with a Storm2, and an hour or so with a Curve 8330 in the past month.

A) To whoever says Android is a crappy OS in the context of preferring a blackberry, your coporation either makes you use a BB, and/or you don't know what the **** you are talking about. Get on an Incredible, Droid, DroidX, or EVO for a few hours and you will kick yourself for having a BB.

B) What the hell has BB been doing the past 5 years?!? My word their latest efforts are still garbage, and feature/funciton wise they have no edge in any department other than custom built existing integration with some corporate IT groups. The browser is so AWFUL that it completely removes all the fun, and a lot of the utility, out of the internet.

Iphone or one of the Androids, you can't go wrong when compared to ANY BB (unless you have to for corporate reasons). These onscreen keyboards are becoming really nice, especially on the large androids (EVO, droidX, etc).

My guess is BB OS6 catches them up to where iphone was 2 or 3 years ago, and where Android was last year. It's encouraging to see they are building a webkit based browser, to shore up which is possibly the worst feature of any existing BB. The others have had devices running webkit for the past 2 years.

One of the big advantages of Blackberry is email and text. No one will argue that. They are still THE handset for business. The problem as I see it is this. Smartphones have really evolved from being a phone with email and text to being portable entertainment systems. Bigger screens, streaming video, mp3 support and GPS navigation. RIM has kind of stuck to the "cater to business" model, and it seems that they now realize that their phones need to be more than email and text.

While OS 6 is a good first step in that direction, it doesn't really offer anything new that isn't on another handset. That's not a bad thing, as it get's RIM closer to the pack in terms of what they can offer. But (and I emphasize but) if that OS doesn't run on their phones with 256 MB or less, which constitutes the vast majority of their offerings right now, then in my opinion the new OS 6 is a moot point.

That's why many people are upset. You shouldn't have to replace a handset that's less than a year old to run a new OS, especially when RIM touted it as a flagship handset at it's release. Some people will disagree with that. Some will say bite the bullet and pay for a new handset, shell out the $400.00 for it. I say that's unacceptable.

The application framework adds the following capabilities to the Adobe Flash engine: ​Application lifecycle management ​Application data persistence ​Status bars, navigation bars, icon badging, wall paper ​Screen layout and resizing management ​Specialized widgets like scroll lists, soft keyboards, and dialogs ​Interfaces to underlying HMI and OS services ​Extensions for accessing native code... From Source http://www.qnx.com/products/hmi/hmi.html

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You do what you think you need to do, Hoss. I'm cool with it. Kind of sad, though, that you sit there and try to strong arm me out of "your" forum because you can't win an argument. You're really that lame, aren't you. No big deal....like I said. You do what you think you need to do, junior.

Let's make a deal, Let's stop this fighting, and not let our personal feelings get in the way of what's really important... The Blackberry Nation... I understand how you can be upset that OS 6 might not come to the Storm 2, but honestly, I didn't think they were going to know how big the OS was until complete, You have your opinion, and I should respect that.... Now let's bury the Hatchet, and hope that blackberry will get things right with their new acqusitions!!!!

that needed to be corrected on the mainframe. Damn, it gets cold in there....

Okay, here's the deal. I agree that we completely disagree on this. But that's what makes our country great, our ability to have open discussions on countering viewpoints. I am willing to drop it on one condition:

The name calling and insults stop from both sides. I even promise not to "yip" anymore. It ends here.


I agree! No more name calling or anything... I agree droid has got some great features too... The Corporate America is putting a lot of pressure on RIM to be fresh again, I don't believe it was RIM's intention to screw it's loyal customers over, they got caught up in the circle, check out the stock today under the rumor of the slider to be released on August 3rd, it's up, google and apple are down, If anything I hope that they will release a type of OS for the Storm 2, that has the webkit browser and the UI, the other features are cool like the media carasel... but I can understand how the album art will take memory too. And really who wants an OS that is going to break the phone when trying to do an update, My cousin owns a Iphone 3g, and did the OS 4 update, it's not the greatest phone now, It runs really slow!! I don't know if it's apple's intention to personal slow your old phone down so that you buy a new phone, or if it's the case of Multi-tasking Jidders.... I hope that RIM will go opensource or Semi-opensource because there are a lot of cool features the droid has!!!