Did Verizon halt BlackBerry 6 testing on the BlackBerry Storm 2?!?

By Bla1ze on 21 Jul 2010 05:34 pm EDT
Did Verizon halt BlackBerry 6 testing on the BlackBerry Storm 2?!?

Some interesting new comes to us from the good folks over at Gizmofusion today. It's certainly not the greatest news if you are a BlackBerry Storm 2 owner but, we'd be remiss to say that it wasn't expected. According to the article, a reliable source has advised Gizmofusion that Verizon was testing builds of BlackBerry 6 for the Storm 2 but has since halted testing due to its inability to function correctly on the device.

The main reasoning being lack of RAM of course, among other un noted reasons. The 256MB in Verizons eyes simply was not enough for the device to handle BlackBerry 6 thus causing it to under perform. The common consensus is that, any device running 256MB won't be able to handle BlackBerry 6 but that information is consistently conflicted as well. New rumors suggest builds for the 9700 are out there and that they are simply not "watered down" versions of what BlackBerry 6 is supposed to be. Time will tell in the end but really, it would just be nice of Research In Motion to just tell us. Least then we'd know for sure. Knowing is half the battle.

Source: Gizmofusion

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Did Verizon halt BlackBerry 6 testing on the BlackBerry Storm 2?!?



If this is true, Im gone baby. Got my storm 2 on Telus 6 months ago, and quite frankly the hardware/software doesnt measure up to any new iphone or high-end android device from the past 6 months. If there is no release of BB6 for the storm 2, the phone will obviously not evolve much from a software perspective, and this really sucks.

Yeah, I hear you... I just paid for an early upgrade from Storm 1 to Storm 2. Now if Storm2 doesn't support the full Blackberry OS 6 then I'm heading over to Android-land as well.

Oh, yes, iPhones are nice but I refuse to get locked in to a 2-year contract with such a worthless network as AT&T. I know VZW can be a lousy company to deal with but they still have the best network out there.

As much as I really like the Storm 2 and BlackBerry in general, I've had it with getting jerked around every 10-12 months to "buy the next phone". Sorry, RIM but you will be the loser in the long run if you keep driving customers away like this.

Do you people relies you bought an outdated device... I bought my girl friend a "Iphone 3G" and what happened two months later Iphone 4 and it... (And listen carefully) DOSENT SUPPORT ANYTHING! So I bought her a Iphone 4. I mean if your on crackberry.com and diddnt know new devices were coming out with more memory and they might not support old devices you should just stop. Android is a bad OS get a real one not the "generic smartphone OS" I mean Blackberry could use Andriod... Anyone can and why don't they? Because it sucks it takes up 8% of the market because it lags its difficult and it makes a 8.0 megapixel camera look like a 2.0. I know many people with android and if you want a lot of sound boards on-the-go! ;) then go ahead. if you want a real smart phone and not a "sound board holder" then go for; Apple, RIM or Palm. Its like buying a microsoft computer when you have the money for a mac. It will last have the time and everyone will have access to anything you do. I mean do you people not research? Or hear things? I mean CNET a while back had an article witch said 20% of android apps have spywhare on them sounds like a good system to me... So go on your credit card number will be stolen 5 times before you get out of the 2 year

Except that the iPhone 3g was released in July of 2008, which means that it was the high-end Apple phone, supported by it's highest OS 4 two years. Your BlackBerry Storm 2 came out in November.

Oh Christ, why am I even arguing with you? You just called Android "a bad OS".

Is everyone forgetting that some of the BB6 video demos have been on S2? I might be naïve but its still possible. Here's to hope. And btw if you buy a computer from ANY company, it comes with specific os and software. If you want to change either you are spending $. WTF do you think you bought when you got your phone? I will agree however with the fact that RIM is way behind the curve when it comes to OS/software vs hardware capability.... My 2 cents!

ehh 1 point: I have the money for an apple pc... I don't want one. a high end PC is VERY Faithful to me ;) so no macs for me! But I agree, android is not the best OS. It's good, but RIM beats it hands down. They're just coming out with a nice set of phones atm. I'd jump onto the apple bandwagon if they'd come out with a frikken 4 inch screen or 4.3. 3.5 is tiny.

I'm pissed I'm not getting 6.0. I'm debating whether to get a new phone or not come november when I can resign my contract. Hmmm... Iphone? Android? 9800?

Android is not a bad OS. Many would say Android is better than BB OS. Every OS has its downfall. BB has a huge memory leak. Android has existed for just about two years, however I don't have any issues but its my opinion. Windows is slow and outdated. Apple is locked down and getting slow.

Also it is realize and not relies

**** when you said android is a bad OS and a "sound" board holder. You obviously haven't used a modern Android. Any of the top 4 sets (EVO, DroidX, Droid1, Incredible) blow any current BB the **** out of the universe, and IMO android is leading apple now to the point I sent my iPhone4 back after a week.

Do this for me on your blackberry, stream pandora while tracking your run via GPS through a regional park, while looking at a text message your girlfriend just sent you (I can do that on the iPhone4 too, but didn't like it as much). Then jump on the web and browse 10 resteraunts, to find one that sounds good, in less than 60 seconds (and as a side note have it correct "resteraunt" with restaurant, without highjacking the keyboard).

Do you still like writing checks and paying your bills via mail too? I bet you prefer cars with carburetors, why not, they too don't work that well and are hard to use. Did you post that using AOL dial up, browsing with a headache inducing 15" CRT?

Android lags, WTF? It is plenty fast on the new sets, and even if it wasn't, it would be just as fast as a BB after all the awkward interface is navigated through.

...everybody on here is a bunch of whining little babies sometimes...Yes, I own a storm2. Yes, I'm disappointed that my storm2 will not run OS6. No, I won't change to Android or iPhone. No, it's not the end of the World...

Holy crapola everybody complains first that RIM is supporting so many old devices with OS5, then they turn around and support only the more powerful phones with OS6 and everybody whines like 5 year olds who want candy. Grow up. Techonology is on the move, as it always has been. Phones, especially smartphones such as BB, iPhone, Android, etc, get old fast. I'm personally glad that they aren't supporting the older phones, that means that when my upgrade comes around..which it is shortly..I'm moving up to a storm3 or a Bold 9650 with OS6, which gives me more to look forward to in a $200 phone than 2 stupid new features with the same old OS I had on my storm2. OS5 is perfect for my needs, OS6 will only be better.

Just grow up and face life, things get old, new things replace them. If you don't like it go to iPhone and have signal problems...or Android which most people seem to want to be doing...I personally will stick with my beloved BB through thick and thin...

Long live RIM :)

"hen they turn around and support only the more powerful phones with OS6" There are NO devices that are supporting OS6, except the 9650 because of the 512 ram. They're refreshing the 9700 and 9550/9520 to support it, but we won't be getting these new devices. So that saddens me. But I change phones frequently. I think I'll get the 9800, but regardless. They aren't supporting any of OUR phones without being refreshed. Lame.

Do you think before you post? English is probably his second language. How many foreign languages do you speak? Probably none because if you did you would know that you cannot learn it in one day and it takes some time before you stop making grammar mistakes.
Welcome to the internet where there are some people who don't speak English perfectly...

yes, technology changes ever day.
you are kind of person who are taken easily.
i want support for my smart phone for at least an year.
I know more than 300 people using BB, and you will be surprise to know that more than 80% of them still use OS4.5 or some higher, but less than OS5.

shouldnt RIM be focused more on making their operating system quicker and more stable instead of pushing out another memory hog? This is going to flop bigger than vista...

After 5+ years with BlackBerry, including over 7 devices, I've run out of patience with this company. I ordered my Droid X today and am not looking back. I am sure I'm not alone.

After reading this, I am sad that the Storm2 might not get the BB OS 6.... I was hoping it would be released when the Droid X was released because Storm 2 is a fairly new device. And if RIM had planned this, knowing that the OS 6 would used more than 256 MB, then I am crossing over. So, I am with you on this and ordered my Droid X today. I will still have my Storm2 as a backup and still hoping it'd gt the OS 6....

you are the perfect example of what I would expect from way more BB users if they had an iPhone or modern android in their hands for a few days. I simply am dumbfounded how anybody could still have preference for a BB if not forced to use it by corporate. The ease of use for a majority of features is simply not even comparible, even with a Storm 2.

Obviously I'm seeing things differently than you. The way I see it is this is a sign that RIM is stepping up their game. Yes, 5.0 wasn't good enough, but now we know that BlackBerry 6 is stepping up to the plate and holding nothing back.

If you want to criticize RIM for their previous mistakes, go for it, they've screwed up. However, this is a step in the right direction. These are the things we have been waiting for all along. OS6 is on par with what the competitors have out.

First of all, this isnt about criticizing OS6 as it is criticing RIM's decisions to abandon their current customers. How many CURRENT RIM devices will this miraculous, company-saving, Godsend that is OS6 work on? One? Two? The Bold 9650 and maybe the Bold 9700? What does that say about RIM and its concern for its loyal customers. If you have to buy a new device to get OS6, guess what - alot of their customer will buy a new device. But it won't be another RIM product!

This isn't even to mentiont he obvious loser mentality that this company's had for sometime now - OS6 is "on par" with what Android, iOS, etc. has out. Its been said a million time and is worth saying again, RIM needs to get AHEAD of the curve rather than constantly ahve to catch up to it. Oh well, I won't be around to see their stocks continue to plummet.

As you said, RIM spends too much time trying to catch up rather than keeping ahead. And only just realizing that the older devices have crappy memory just makes me roll my eyes.

It's mainly the countless battery pulls in a single day and screen malfunctions (I hate these the most) that had me fed up with my BB. I was going to get a Storm 2, BUT now to hear that the not-so-much-older devices won't be able to run the new "savior" OS? Well, that's the last straw!

I'll be joining the Android family as well come November, when my contract is up. The only thing I'll miss is BBM.

The Storm 3 would have to be beyond mind-blowing to keep me around... and it doesn't look like that's going to be the case.

It does explain the "Odin Refresh." The current Storm II can't run it (I still own a Storm I--good grief--two OS upgrades in two years, talk about abandonment).

i wonder if RIM is going to let folks that are on the storm 2 go to the refresh model to get OS6 at a reduced rate and early on their contract? would be similar to what AT&T and iphone4 did.

and what are the chances it is going to come on par in it's first OS revision that is finally (supposedly) providing features supported by the other two for more than a year?

I sent my iPhone4 back for a similar reason to what you said. After a week with it, it didn't feel "ahead," and that's me comparing it to Android 2.1. I have to think 2.2 is going to be even better than 2.1.

If it weren't for legacy corporate integration, this company would have been toast by now. When I mess with a blackberry (curve and a storm2), I still feel like I'm transported back to 2005 (except for nice screens).

I agree with you. I don't understand why some people buy a phone expecting that they will be able to upgrade to the next major OS and have every new function and feature available. If you are not happy with the current phone, don't buy it. Wait for one with OS6 to come out to buy it - that's what I'm doing. Certain things needed to be done and like the above post said, RIM did not want to hold back on features and unfortunately, this means some devices may not be OS6 compatible. That said, I'm sure there will be some upgrade coming to the S2 and other phones, especially since they've already got something they're testing. One thing I don't really get is why Verizon is the one saying that OS6 is not running well on the S2 - shouldn't RIM be the one figuring this out? I find it hard to believe that RIM would still be selling and launching 256MB phones that cannot be upgraded to OS6 (ie the recently announced 9300). I hope that's not the case.

RIM also stated the Pearl 9100 is OS6 it has 256MB of RAM same as the 9700 i refuse to thin RIM is gonna let its Flagship Touchscreen device not be OS6 upgradeable , its up to the carrier if they want to release it or,,

They demoed the Webkit Browser on the 9700 earlier this year and said they did that purposely im guessing to say that 9700 will get 0S6 also.. I think people here are jumping the gun too fast we should wait on official news from RIM for this is just a Rumor

Competitors had some thing is 2007 by which OS6 is inspired.
And how do you know OS6 is very efficient and posses all the quality of good OS, it’s not released yet.
OS5 is now stable and performing better than OS4.x

THAT'S A DEALBREAKER. Are you kidding me, Verizon and RIM? First, you take away Google as a search option on my Storm 2, and now I can't even get the upgraded OS 6? If true, Goodbye, Blackberry.

How can RIM leave out the storm 1 and 2?? OS6 is supposed to support multitouch n pinch-to-zoom. How can you do those things on any other BB devices besides the torch?? I think someone messed up on their part or RIM is jus focusing on developing OS 6 for the newer BB models and putting the storm 2 as second priority.

Droid x in the mail. At least a 2 week back order and froyo 2.2 coming out in September is better than never. I've owned a bb since 2005 and upgraded multiple times i have a phone plan with 5 family members with a blackberry. I've slowly started converting them to droid! I'm sick of blackberry. I have a desk drawer full of old devises cant sell them nobody wants a them. RIM eventually will only have business customers left as it started out with. I'm done ranting thank you

9700 is very stable and performer BB, OS6 won’t make a big difference to it.
I wish to get webkit browser in OS5.x, that’s will make our 9700 the best of the best.

It would be strange if BB6 would be released to the 9700 and not the Storm2, because they perform almost the same. Also, what I already said on Twitter: If the Storm2 doesn't support BB6, we - as Storm2 owners - would really like to have a free (or small fee) upgrade to the so called Storm2R, which is rumored to have 512MB memory.

This is what I was thinking. With this "Refresh", would it be possible to upgrade for a small fee? They should do that, but it also depends on the carrier.

OS6 running on the storm devices use up more ram than the other devices due to the "extras" involved like surepress, accelerometer, pinch to zoom etc. etc. . . . ? Maybe OS6 for Bold, Pearl and Curve use less memory? Maybe say, 200mb? *fingers crossed*

I program quite a bit, so I know a bit about that. And there shouldn't be much memory/speed difference between listening - that's it called when waiting for input - to a touchscreen or a physical keyboard and trackpad.

Furthermore, - I think - that are all events taking place inside the OS, and if they developed it correctly, that is in fact very efficient and shouldn't be a speed issue.

So this means no BlackBerry 6 for the Tour then as well. I guess it is time to go break my track ball so I can get the new bold replacement for my < 1 year Tour.

I'm in the same boat as you, my friend. I've got two weeks to bust my trackball so I can get a Bold before my warranty is up.

If RIM really does this, they can kiss keeping up with Apple and Android goodbye. You might not like Apple, but you can't deny that they don't leave their customers in the dust.

they already have. The first generation iPhone is still doing a few things better than a storm2 for example, web, maps, media. And the lastest phones do email just as well.

There is no issue at all about the 9650 getting it. Its memory was specifically increased to 512MB for that reason....

but on the other hand, if BB6 is a major overhaul, and allows intallings apps on the SD card, with a new memory management system, then at least there is an advantage not supporting the older hardware... If it is only evolutionary rather than revolutionary, than RIM sucks. Make it backward compatible, or evolve and catch up at every single level (SD app install, browser, OpenGl on every handset, same hi-res screen, magnetometer, etc)

We've already seen the 9300 (which has 256Mb of RAM) will launch with the platform 6.X. So I doubt that the news report is accurate...

Platform and OS are different. 9300 will launch with OS 5, platform 6.x.x.x. Platform means nothing to end users as a whole really.  For example, the 9700 is on Platform currently, doesn't mean it's OS 5.1.

You confused us,
What is difference between OS ver and platform version for RIM,
Carriers have different platform version with same OS versions.

Can you exlplain?

All these comments of jumping off the BB ship... I did it, went to a Droid, been regretting it a LOT.

The Droid series certainly is not for everyone, but then again, neither is Blackberry. Ive used the Motorola Droid and liked it, but still kept my Storm & Storm2 for the BBOS, but now that I know RIM is completely ignoring anything but new customers, I will be happy to abandon ship. For my fellow S2 owners, I'll put it this way, if you would like a phone that has:

1) Extremely fast processor
2) Extremely fast browser soon-to-be capable of Flash 10.1 (and not RIM's 6-12 months idea of what "soon" is, but Google's 1-2)
3) Endless apps, many of which are free
4) Thinner devices with much better "guts"

then I think you would like Android. At least give it a shot, I'm sure it will reward you better than RIM has over the past 2 years for us Storm-series owners. Suck it RIM.

Nice troll. Try this on:

If you want unreliable and/or expensive txt messaging, if you want battery assassin phones, if you want to wait months to years for new firmware to come out (hello, android 2.2, where are you) and if you want a 100% animated user interface that doesn't actually do anything more than any other smartphone except burn battery time...

then I think you would like Android.

Android is future of smart phones.
The day RIM is challenged for push mail services, we will see RIM is very primitive in push mail too. Steve has no time other than finding others fault, instead of correcting one self’s. symbian is almost dead. Maemo is still experimental and MeeGo has not started yet.
Android has perfect chance to take over the world. Go on Alexander of smart phones.

i love that the only comeback people have on android is, your battery stinks! i just bought a 3500 mAh battery for $49 that will let me pound on my device for 24-48 hours if needed. if it's light use it could last several days. as for android 2.2, give me a break, it was released less than a month ago and it will be on my device in less than a month from today.

unreliable/expensive text messaging? Don't get that.

Battery assasin phones? That's what happens when you get a smartphone with a nice screen and an os, browser, and apps that make using the phone fun and easy. My iPhone 3G and 4 battery's didn't last that long either, but I use them up to 4 hours a day. My wife's Droid1's battery lasts FOREVER. DroidX and Evo probably don't last long but they are BAD ASS and fun to use. Seriously, I see why the BB last longer. Reading a book is more fun than any data service (web, maps, apps) available on a BB

New firmware? Yeah it takes a while, but it runs on legacy devices. Did you read the article you are commenting on? It appears that you ahve to buy new hardware when BB decides it is time to catch up to 2008.

serious question. Can you tell me what makes you feel that way? My wife has a droid. I'm curious what features you feel it lacks or does not do compared to your previous BB

They aren't okay with how 6 performed on an S2, but they were okay with the way the S1 worked at launch? Really? That 6 on S2 must've sucked pretty badly.

They had no choice with the S1, lol. They started marketing the thing even before it was finalized.

Way to Go RIM!

If 512MB is really required to run OS6, OS6 isn't going to mean much to 90% of BB users. Don't think I would even try to advertise a new OS that is not compatable with so many of your devices. Had to be someway they could make Webkit Browser work with the existing or a "lite" version of the BB OS for all the rest of us!

I have a feeling that, if this kind of stuff is true, RIM might be taking a significant amount of heat off of Apple in the near future.

Well, only 8 more months till my contract is up. iPhone bound. Sorry Crackberry... I've always had a Blackberry from the old Pearl to Storm and now Storm 2. Patiently waited for Verizon to get iPhone and hopefully in January my dreams will come true. Hate always getting a new phone just so it's an old phone in a week!

I'm right with you there, too! Bye bye, RIM. If you are gonna make an OS that won't work on my less than one year old Tour, and not give me support (free upgrade) then I'm gone. You're not a company I want anything to do with.

Im switching to a damn iphone or a driod. Ever since I've had the first generation that phone was crap (no offense)I've had a couple exchanges. Now that I've had the 9550 its design is so poor. The buttons I'm always having always get to easily sensitive or just to stubborn. My 9550 also gets slow to respond. Overall blackberry needs to step its game up. Their aren't as many applications in blackberry, compared to the android who've only came out for a couple of years. Its a shame! They need better software.

IMHO, RIM should step out of BB business and start selling burgers. I am sure they will very late there too. LOL.

Last I heard OS65 was on the 9300... one of the reasons that many were wondering if either OS6 was just not ready, and would still be a while before RIM finished it. But is seems more likely with the Strom2 refresh, and other rumors that 256MB is not going to cut it!

I just saw this suppose to be rumor and I can't run with this one just my opinion. If RIM makes the software for blackberry then why would they release a build to a carrier that wouldn't for the most part run right. We had the browser clicking issue wit .591 for verizon but I think they wanted to push their push 2 talk. We had the same issue with sprint .624 as well as who ever else had .624 & I think after bb6 or maybe before they will fix that problem. I hope that cause people see this are starting to panic. Just wait for RIM to officially make a statement on what devices will run bb6 cause we all found out what devices will run os5. Don't believe the hype.......again just my opinion.......

I think RIM is not only one responsible for OS selection. Wireless carriers are very important to make decisions.
I think RIM wants to put OS6 to Storm 2 but, VZW wants to collect some money with OS6.

What would cause the real problem for VZW is perception. If that thing is as big of a piece of crap as it sounds like, Storm2's nationwide would become real slow.

VZW has no problem letting it's android based sets receive android releases.

Sounds like it is a similar issue to multitasking on the iPhone3G, yeah the jailbreak proves it can be done, but it makes the phone unstable due to a lack of RAM (speaking from experience).

Just because Verizon has halted testing doesn't mean RIM has also. Rim may still put out the OS and other carriers may also release it. AT&T never released OS5 for the 9000 yet it is available from other carriers.

Exactly. Rogers never released 5.0 for my old 8900 as far as I know, but 5.0 is still available for it. This doesn't confirm anything yet, although it's not good news by any means.

Well I'm pretty much done with blackberry. I got the storm 2 and have been waiting for BB6 to come out. If storm 2 users can't get it because of low ram then its just not worth staying with blackberry any longer. I just get tired that RIM doesn't release the information we would like to know. We get this information through other means and you just can't tell if its true or not. Even if Verizon offers an upgrade so my device can use BB6 I believe I won't take if because they will most likely extend my contract for 2 years. I think android is in my future.

Good plan not to take it cause you will be in the same boat come same time next year because now they will release a new device with 512 megs of mem to run OS6 but guess what...when OS7 rolls around do you think 512 megs of ram will be enough to run that....nope. So same crap same time next year. I do not understand why they just don't release these new device with MORE RAM so stuff like this does not happen and give us at least 2 OS cycles to get us through our 2 year contracts.....oh wait I forgot....it's a money thing. Forgot. Really annoying.

it's a crappy architecture/device thing. Android sets are regularly getting OS updates on VZW. And all reviews of the latest (2.2) say that it is actually runs faster than Android 2.1 on existing hardware.

So how is it a money thing? VZW is starting to sell tons of android based sets.

Can we actually compare the Storm 2 and 9700 running BB6?

The S2 would need a lot more programing for the touch screen to function and the pinch zoom, and the ...(blah blah) that just isn't needed for the 9700.

Surely, if the Toronto Maple Leafs can have fans and backers and "this is the year!", for 43 years and nothing but losses, heart breaks and "well, there's always next year" surely we can stand behind RIM a little while longer.

BB6......THIS IS IT!!!

I personally thought OS6 would not work well with the Storm2, but I thought it would be because of the surepress screen not the limit in RAM.

If I can somehow get the webkit browser I may keep my S2 without OS6, if not I may look to go back to ATT for the 9800, or go with the Droid X on VZW.

Maybe this is the reason RIM can't come out and say which devices will run OS6, because the carriers are going to be determining it.

I wouldn't count on a webkit browser release for the update. I can't find the link, but I read a statement a little while back the the browser would only be released as part of the operating system.

Is it just me, or was the original video put out by RIM showing off the OS6 done with a touch screen device. And as far as I know, Storm and Storm 2 are the only touch screen BB. Correct me if I am wrong here.

I believe all the videos have been of the 9800 except the one of the 9700. On another note S3 is suppose to come out with its own os. I don't know if they would upgrade the S2 for that reason.

The Bold 9700 is obviously getting OS6 because its RIM's biggest non entry-level blackberry (like the Curve) but if Verizon is doing this because lack of memory its because the Storm series uses ALOT more memory than the Bold series, look at the Storm 9530 and Bold 9000 for example, the Storm 1 gets annoying after a while because of having to delete applications ALL the time. The OS takes up roughly 90-100mb of memory on the storm leaving only around 30-20mb for applications. The Bold 9000 on the other hand has a lot more for applications.
The Storm series needs the extra memory because of the larger screen real estate, the SurePress, having to use a virtual keyboard, etc.
I hope the Storm 3 will have more than just 512mb RAM. maybe the 1gb mentioned a few months ago?
Storm hogs memory, Bold doesn't. We can only hope.

Why expect old hardware to keep up with the latest software? Enjoy your device just the way it is, and don't waste your time wishing for what's coming next to work flawlessly on your old hardware. Sure, you can say that your device is only 6 months old, but hey, technology moves at a very fast pace. And if you look at it from that point of view than you will see that not every hardware should work like the newest one. I have a bold 9000 and don't feel like "jumping ship" to any other platform just cause I know it won't run OS 6. I love blackberry for what it is, not for wishing it was like Android or Apple's OS X... Don't buy any device thinking that it will be future proof because the only thing that you can expect is a major disappointment with your purchase every time you hear about the next big thing. So relax, and in the words of the great Bart Simpson... Don't have a cow, man!

Your point might have been valid a few years ago, but just as you said, technology moves fast and so do the smart companies. In other words, Android, for example, is still releasing the newest versions of their OS for some of their "older" (read: 6 months+) devices. It is a complete and total cop-out to use the ol' "your device is too old to run the new software" when the device is less than 1 year old. Unless your talking about 3G to 4G types of leaps. OS6 will not be providing video conferencing, augmented reality apps or anything else that should prvent it from running on a CURRENT RIM device. That is, had RIM been concerned enough not to put out a product that they knew would be outdated within months. That's just irresponsible corporate greed that not every company lives be. Many do, sure. But when you're in the cell phone business in 2010, you better put out a product that:
A) won't be completely outdated and useless (in comparison to other, newer devices) within 1 year
B) you better continue to show it some love for well after a few months of release

When the biggest thing in the world to RIM is OS6, yet it cannot be run on 99% of their current lineup, that screams of poor decision making by RIM. Whether it's because they didn't have the foresight to see the problems or because they didnt care, is irrelevant. I will no longer continue to support a company that ignorant and/or irresponsible. Owners of the Storm2 (launched less than 9 months ago on 10/28/2009) have EVERY right to be furious. And I for one will be spending my money on a company that will not require me to buy a "new" phone every half-of-a-year just to keep up only to find out the "new" device should have been the original. (Insert Tour/Bold 9650, Storm 9530, Storm 9550 stories). Suck it RIM.

By the time OS 6 rolls out the storm 2 will be, or be close to being a year old... I think that RIM tries to give support to their devices, I wouldn't call RIM irresponsible just because people want to keep. As for the verizon specific devices you mentioned, it's not a bad thing that they upgraded them. That the first generation didn't live to some peoples expectations, and that some feel that the 2nd generation is what the 1st should have been is normal. It only shows that their R&D departments are not resting on their laurels. I usually jump a generation when a new device comes out, my early adopter days are long gone.

To commend RIM for releasing the Tour with 256 MB Ram, no WiFi and with the obvious design flaw that was the Tour trackball is ludicrous. If that device launched in 2007, I'm with you. But it didn't. It launched on 7/15/2009, almost a year ago to the day. Do you really think that they should be commended for releasing a device so clearly outdated and, furthermore, set the MSRP at around $200? Please, tell me you're joking.

Don't forget that Verizon didn't want wifi on those devices... Do you remember Forest Gumps' box of chocolate? Do people really not know what they are buying when they buy a blackberry? Are they sold in unmarked boxes with no specifications revealed until you unbox it? Give me a break, why buy it if you know that it's already outdated? Verizon had other options at 7/15/09, why wait for the next blackberry to come out to realize that something else was better?

You are incorrect. Verizon did not want wifi on their devices in the past, YES, but not in July of 2009. Try July of 2007, maybe, but in the past 1.5 years they have released over 15 smartphones that are wifi capable. Once again another argument with incorrect information.

Verizon specifically did not want wifi on the storm and tour. Read the forums, google it, ask your magic 8 ball... We don't have to flame each other on silly arguments.

Perfectly said. I have been a BB owner for several years now. Went from Pear, to Curve, Storm1 now Storm2.

I recently put my S2 up for auction on Ebay so I can use that money to put towards my new Droid X or Incredible purchase.
I only now fear that this news will drive a lower price on my device. In any case.... bye bye RIM

True I agree that technology advances very rapidly and we have to face that devices become outdated very quickly, BUT for a device to be outdated due to LACK OF RAM(which is relatively dirt cheap nowadays)is just unacceptable. Stuff more than just the bare minimum to run an OS and give a device at least two OS life cycles, especially seeing that most if not all customers nowadays are locked into a contract for... (wait for this one RIM)...MORE than just ONE YEAR. So doing this(low ram specs) is either poor foresight on RIM's part or corporate greed. You choose.

Guess we need to face it RIM is a hardware manufacturer, that is where they make their money. They will never make a device with more memory than barely required to run the OS. They obviously can't program because over a year from it's release OS5 still doesn't have nearly all the bugs out. I'm fed up with the BB timer(hourglass) spinning round and round on my device.

I'm not about to ante up for a new device and a 3 year contract(Canada) that now has 512mb ram to barely run OS6.

I wonder what this means for the other 256MB devices. Obviously a touch screen phone will need a bigger OS for all the features, but it doesn't bode well for the 9700 either way.

So how many BlackBerry devices that are CURRENTLY AVAILABLE have more than 256 MB?

Like two or three or something?

If/when people find out that--after all of RIM's OS 6 p!mping--a great deal of them will have to buy a new device to get 6, well...

I don't know about you guys, but I'd switch to Droid just to be a b!tch. You wanna dangle that pretty pretty in front of me and then tell me that I have to buy a new BB to get it? Not gonna happen.

Just one, actually. The 9650. If RIM expects all the current BB owners to buy a device with 512 MB of RAM, they are really pushing it.

Bought a used Motorola droid on ebay yesterday to ride out my remaining contract. This news makes me feel much better for dropping RIM. The damn phone isnt even a year old and its outdated. Thats not a company I can be with.

At least we know RIM has killed its bastard son. It sucked not knowing. The only thing ill miss is crackberry. Great site with an awesome forum.

Bye RIM. It wasn't nice knowing ya.

Why would you want BB6 on the Storm 2? The physical hardware including memory and processor would keep the Storm 2 behaving as the same old Storm 2. I was never expecting BB6 on my Storm 2. I thought I wanted the Droid X but I don't want to deal with Motorola Blur. It knocks the phone down below the standards set by the EVO or Incredible. I'm extremely displeased of the text message bug the Droid X has. Your text messages once deleted are not truley deleted. I'm sure they will fix that soon but dang now I hear reports of screen issues on the droid x. My contract is not up till 7/2011 so I have some time to figure things out. Meanwhile, I have to deal with resetting my storm 2 once per day to get this crap to function!

Since rim has decided to continually screw us, it looks like I will be moving to the android platform. It's been around less time and has tons of support and upgrade ability.

How have they decided to continually screw you? Because they are attempting to bring improved products to the market. No consumer should be treated that way. What an outrage.

There are options for the consumer and that continually motivates these companies to bring better products to the market. It comes down to your choice as a consumer.

I thought it was obvious how RIM is screwing us... you must have the 9700, the only phone on the market that can run this OS.

"Hey, my name's RIM and I'm going to release an OS that only ONE my phones on the market will run." Smart.

First, I don't have the 9700. I have a Bold 9000 and a Storm I. In my home we have an Android and iPhone as well. I will wait until a new phone comes out that I really want. I am out of contract on both BlackBerry's.

Second, it is likely the 9700 will not be able to run this OS if it needs 512 mb.

Third, if you think any phone company is screwing you, you are seriously misleading yourself. Or you have lived a sheltered life if that is your definition of being screwed over.

Fourth, do your homework before buying a product.

I like how your reply was a restatement of what you'd already said and gives absolutely no support to your thoughts. Awesome job!

the fact that you guys are whining and complaining that your current device wont be able to support it. Dont you get it, thats RIMS whole plan. They make it so you have to purchase a new device. Its your OWN fault for purchasing the device so you have to deal with it when newer, better devices come out and your not happy becuase you think your getting the shaft. Oh and go ahead and leave RIM because there will be just at many people leaving other devices to move over to BB.

You're actually serious? Or are you joking? It's hard to tell, as I can't think ANYONE could say that with a straight face. So, we should all NOT buy blackberries until we can see in the future that RIM is going to push an OS that won't work on the phones currently on the market, and wait until the phones and OS are released to buy. Is that what you're saying?

And I lol'd at the "just as many people leaving other devices to move over to BB" bit.

Maybe i just wait for the S3 my 2yrs end next year im not getting the refresh and extend my contract HELL NAW! RIM u suck really bad like really... LOL

To be perfectly honest, I haven't been particularly excited about anything I've read about OS 6. Is there any feature included in it that isn't already done, and done better, in Android or iPhone (particularly where multimedia is concerned?)

I stick with my Blackberry for one reason, and one reason only - I hate touch screens. If I end up switching, it will be very difficult because I am a big emailer.

But I tell you, from the very first "big announcement" of OS 6, I began to get very disappointment in the advancements of the OS offered on Blackberry. Rather than releasing new devices every 3 or 4 months, I hope RIM focuses on their software and that the next big OS earns a jump from a 6.0 to a 7.0. Looks to me like OS 6 could be called OS 5.2.

this is fucking unacceptable. I've had this phone for 3 months, I only bought it because they said it would be supported. I'm going to drive to RIM headquarters and set it on fire.

I understand the frustration that is showing up in this post. I question some of the specs that have come with the phones over the years. Never understood the small amount of onboard memory. Maybe there has been a reason. That being said, RIM appears to be moving forward with new and improved models. How soon will the new ones be replaced by an even newer model, a newer OS, and better features is anyone's guess. If new improved models are ready for market, why not put them on the market. If you're the consumer, how long do you wait for a new phone. Do you wait until the rumored phone hits the market or do you pick up what's already on the shelf.

I have both the Storm I and the Bold 9000 and have been waiting for the rumored devices to hit the market. Of course, I would like the Slider to replace the Storm I, but it appears to be headed to ATT (maybe replacing my Bold). Not excited about the clamshell, but maybe the storm 3. I realize that after I get one, another new improved one will be following at some point. That is just how it works. It's not just cell phones. I'm just happy that they keep coming and the ones I have work pretty well.

We also have an iPhone and an Android phone in the house. They are all well liked as are the BlackBerry's.

Making the upgrade from a Storm1 to a Slider 9800 is a completely different situation that what is being discussed here. While I still have my opinion of RIM's decision to release the Storm 9530 when they did, the fact is that phone is almost 2 years old and is no longer being sold by any company. The Storm 9550 is still a CURRENT device. And just for a reference point and to illustrate just how BAD RIM is screwing over their customers take note of this:

The Storm 9550 launched on 10/28/2009
The Motorola Droid launched on 11/6/2009

Thats little over one week difference. One is being dropped like fifth period French and the other is still one of the hottest phone still banging out the updates. Does that make you have much faith in RIM going forward? or maybe that its time to switch Android?

First of all we are talking about a phone, not open heart surgery here. I am happy that I have options. Currently, I have those options under my roof. I like the android and I like the iPhone. Because a new phone or operating system is launched doesn't make me feel like a company has screwed me over. If I was that trivial, I would need my head examined.

My point is two-fold, technical improvements happen and not always with the timing or pace we would like. Options exist in the marketplace for the consumer. If people are frustrated then they have the option to change. I understand the frustration. No one wants to buy something and a few months later see something that is supposedly better become available.

Sounds like you have made your choice. Good for you. I hope you have a better experience next time around.

I agree with most of what you are saying, and, yes, I have made my choice, but it certainly wasn't done with haste and not without having plenty of patience with RIM. What I did not agree with was blaming the consumer for being frustrated that a company has abandoned their flagship device that was purchased NO MORE than 9 months ago. And could still have been purchased 31 days go, before this rumor leaked.

Although "technology" moves fast, it isn't supersonic and despite what you may want to believe, the wireless industry and its products are a totally different ballgame than any other technological device. Smartphones do much more than an iPod/mp3 player, television, dvd player, blu ray player, digital camera, etc. and have a little thing called a CONTRACT that ties you down to it unlike those other devices. So next time you want to haphazardly throw around the weak argument that "technology moves fast" as some sort of universally accepted excuse, make sure it actually applies to the topic. Because it doesn't here.

I agree with most of what you are saying. I'm out of contract on two BlackBerry's and I'm waiting to see what is coming up. I don't want to be locked in for two years either. It becomes an even more complicated mess when you have 5 phones on a plan and 2 on another plan.

I'm not sure RIM was blaming the consumer, hadn't heard that one. I have been one of the frustrated consumers at times. The phones I have bought and there have been many didn't go bad the minute a new model hit the market. It's the way the business works.

You are correct in the CONTRACT statement. The other items you mentioned aren't subsidized up front in order to lower your initial cost. You are welcome to pay full price up front if you would like too. That doesn't lessen the risk of a newer model being issued is a short time frame.

I have a friend who is very frustrated with the HTC android devices. He feels every time he turns around a HTC comes out with a new one with added features. His son purchased the Droid by Motorolla only to hear about the Droid 2 a week later. It doesn't make the phone they have bad.

Ok, let's say technology doesn't move fast. Let's say the world is exactly as you see it when it comes to smart phones. This is the playing field when it comes to smart phones. Maybe it's timing, maybe the company takes a wrong step every so often. Ulimately, you control what you do next and that can be based to some degree on past experiences.

was out since early November. It is a motorola as is a Droid2, which is all buzz right now, it won't actually be out for another month or two, that's about the going rate these days for smartphone development. And the droid1 will at least be getting the Android 2.2 update, still has a great camera, and the battery is solid.

I'm suprised you aren't more polarized after getting your hands on the other types of phones. In my experience, either of the other two completely blow any BB out of the water, and I'm talking the basics, interface and functionality.

No! Not going to switch because YOU think RIM screwed up. RIM is still going strong and will continue to grow despite what YOU may think.

Verizon only sells three Blackberries today: The Bold 9650, the Curve 8530, and the Storm 2. As bad as you other Storm 2 owners feel, imagine being someone who didn't know OS 6 was coming, buys a Storm 2 today and locks themselves into an already-deprecated OS for 2 years.

I'm still struggling with the Storm 1. My NE2 is up in August. I'm very close to either switching to Android or waiting until the contract expires in December and switching to an iPhone. My only concern is how each one handles Exchange mailboxes.

I don't know about Android, but I know my 1st gen iPod Touch handes Exchange emails just as well (if not better) than my Tour. With Apple, I can actually SEE images in emails without having to buy third party software.

I tried out the EVO, which is a Droid. Setting up my e-mail was a breeze, and I have 3 of them. Astonishingly, it was easier to set up my work e-mail with the EVO than it was with my Blackberry. Also, my Blackberry couldn't show mail that goes in subfolders in my Outlook which is a real bummer. The only advantage the Blackberry has as far as e-mail is concerned is the 'push' feature. The Blackberry gets e-mails faster than on the EVO. The only reason that I returned the EVO was because of the touchscreen. I type too many e-mails for that shenanigans.

At my company you have to accept exchange integration to have them pay for the phone. I have an iPhone3G. The exhange with active sync is really reliable, mail shows up in my exchange box instantaneously, even when I sit in front of my work computer, it actually hits the iPhone first (I doubt that behavior is due to the iPhone, but it's obviously not holding up the delivery either). Only thing is you can't make exchange folders in the iPhone. I don't think creating tasks is quite as elegant as with full outlook either, but it can be done, and it is a phone.

Can't speak to Android exhange. My wife has gmail on it and the gmail client rocks. I have a coworker that is synced up on a Droid Incredible with our work's exchange via activesync. But I haven't seen how it works.

it's back to *shudder* WinMo for me. Maybe what I need is a real dumbphone, because my Storm2 can't get any dumber...

People calm down!

company like RIM, Apple, and others don't owe you anything. They sell a product. When you buy a phone, you try it, read the reviews and if you don't like it, don't buy it.

Don't complain 6 months later saying I wish I could do this and that. When I build a new computer, I could always wait for the better, greater next thing coming out. But there is always something better coming out like a month later. and not to mention major price drop.

Sorry you bought your phone when they were about to make a major change in the OS, but that's how it is.

Live with it!

Using the computer to make your point is weak. because when you buy a comp you always have the option to have the extra power of the higher processor(granted you have to shell out a bit more for it) and stuffing it with more mem(slightly more money). That buffers it from being outdated in less than 1 YEAR!! To tell me that a smartphone like the S2, which can still be bought at this moment, will be outdated when OS 6 rolls around because of a LACK OF RAM( not a technological breakthrough), which is easily available and inexpensive, is not a legit argument to justify the shaft S2 owners will be receiving in the next couple of months. RIM stuffing more ram into their device would tack on what...another 30-40 bucks on their phones? Hardly a bank breaking amount IMO.

What are you calling outdate? The hardware or the OS?
The hardware is outdated before it even comes out of the manufacturing plant.
As for the OS, besides the bugs, I am happy with OS5 and my storm does the job. Could it be better? YES
Do I want OS 6? No, it will be full of bug as usual when it comes out.
I am thinking to switch to something else when my contract is over? I will see what is out there at that time.
My comparison with computer was purely about hardware but I will stretch it on the OS.
When Vista came out, anyone who bought a computer with mediocre specs had problems. Anyone who tried upgrading was pretty much screwed. Me, I changed my computer when it came out with plenty of power and I never had any issues. I know run 7 on the same computer and I don’t see much difference.
And by the way, some people still use XP and are happy. It’s because the new OS changes with new shinny features that you must switch. That is just consumerism. Why do you need it so bad, we don’t even know how it performs so far?

I feel like I have been strung along since February. There were those who though OS6 might make get released at the WES this past April. I guess I gambled back in February. We kept getting hints that we'd get it. Then we got "inside intel" that the Storm 2 would get it. Now its obvious that only the Storm 2 "refresh" with 512 mb will get it. We all doubt that we will get a refresh at a discount. And if we were, RIM would not let anyone know in advanced. They are too hush.

Anyhow, I find it amazing how quickly I have fallen into the radar of Android. I need to work and be connected, but none of us want to be stuck with yesterdays technology, especially when we paid such a high premium for this phone.

I am looking at Sprint EVO, and Verizon Incredible.

1. os6 is eh...cool"er" but not all that
2. as soon as i saw the Storm2 refresh...i felt it was going to end up like this for us
3. ive been looking at Android for a while now...my NE2 is up now...im waiting until december and will most likely jump ship.

ive actually thought about the iphone...everyone talks about at&t dropping calls...but i barely do 250 mins a month...i dont really care.

im all about sms/mms/internet/email...so who knows

I'm wondering if Verizon just doesn't want OS6 on the Storm 2 because then people wouldn't 'upgrade' to the Storm 3. I'll wait for other carriers to finish their testing - if it really is bad then we'll hear about it.

So all these people are complaining about OS6 not going to be on your devices but we are the same ones that want a better OS. I'm sorry but you want it then get a new device because if it were to slow down your current device RIM bashing would start all over again with their "crappy" OS. Go out and buy a new device that will be capable of running all the new great things that will be on it. Or go to another company, are you staying with a device because it says BlackBerry on the top? Find something that makes you happy or get a device capable of OS6.

You have a good point, but what is missing is the option to upgrade. Give me OS6 on my three month old Storm2; if I don't like it and I want to get the Storm3, I have that option. But by not making it available for whatever reason, takes it out of my hands and if cell companies have learned nothing else, its less options = less happy customers.

If anything, I would like to have OS6 on my Storm 2, even if it's a "watered down" version missing some features. This would be better than just completely alienating most BlackBerry owners out there in my opinion.

So not even the 9300 that has just been announced will even be able to use OS6 because it only has 256MB of ram? What the hell
is RIM thinking releasing devices that wont be able to use the latest OS!

I have had a few BB's and currently I have the Tour and love it. It works as desired and it works all the time. I have been enticed (sort of) by the new Droid X. It is truly amazing what the new Android based phones can do as far as apps and internet. I have played with each new Droid phone in a VZW store or on friends phones. As far as utilitarian use, a BB cannot be beat. I can text, email, listen to music, BBM, work my busy calendar, read the latest news and weather- all nearly simultaneously and all one handed. A few friends have a new Droid phone- Droid, Eris, Samsung, X, etc- and each one that had a BB has switched back or wants to switch back. The users that didn't own BB prior thinks the Droid is awesome. Droid/ iPhone platforms are all exceptional in their own right. But as far as one handed, heavy phone/ text/ calendar use the BB cannot be beat. People bad mouth RIM, but they do know their product and they will continue to excel with their devices. They have built the most useful, easy, and SECURE platform on the market. I personally don't need an app to count my farts, count my sit ups, or play fishing games. I am a very mobile professional and BB lets me balance business and family easily and quickly. It's not cumbersome and doesn't freeze up. I was playing with a friend's Incredible. Had Google maps open, it froze and in the meantime he missed two calls, and 3 texts because he could not access the phone. Unacceptable. Another friend almost struck a telephone pole while texting and driving on his X. While I know this is a dangerous practice- it's easy and at least a little safer than texting with two hands. He took the X back and reactivated his Bold 9650. Anyway- if you like Droid and it works for you- go, don't let the door hit you. But quit slamming RIM. They make excellent devices that appeal to millions. Many of us are perfectly fine keeping our BB. It works for us.

Very valid points. BUT. It's just plain inexcusable to ditch the devices you have currently on the market. I'm glad your Tour works... mine does not. I'm on my third, and everyday I do multiple battery pulls to unfreeze it, and I've got practically nothing installed on it at this point (I've done multiple resets to clear it and start over). I picked up the iPhone 4 in an AT&T store, and I was able to do everything I do on my BB way faster and better. To have that option, and to stare at OS6 as unattainable when I only purchased my BB less than a year ago (August), I'm sorry, but it's a no-brainer. Adios, RIM. I'll go to a company that supports it's products on the market.

Sometimes it's hard to forget how young the Droid is. Make no mistake, in a year or 2, it will probably have the most dominant presence in the market unless Apple permits the iPhone to be carried by all carriers. It is no longer true that the BB can't be beat. It can and has been beaten. I tried out the EVO for 3 weeks. That 'snapdragon' processor was as fierce as the name sounds. Downloads were completed so seamlessly; the phone was just snappy and responsive. It used to be that all lawyers carried Blackberrys. Now, only a fraction of them do. For example, I was in court and opposing counsel cited a bogus case. On lunch break, I whipped out my Blackberry and tried to find the case on a legal database. My browser stalled out. My partner whipped out his iPhone, and a few seconds later we were reading the case. If RIM is losing a dedicated base like lawyers - all consummate professionals - they are in real trouble.

The sad thing is that RIM has been beat even in areas that were traditionally exclusively theirs. I set up my work e-mail with far more ease on the EVO than I could on my Tour. And it accepts sub-folders, which my Tour couldn't do. Ultimately, though, I returned the EVO and got the Bold 9650 because I couldn't live with the EVO's touchscreen, and because of its horrid battery life. But now, I am seriously looking. The minute a Droid comes to Sprint which has a physical keyboard, world capabilities and solid battery life , I will reluctantly say goodbye to Blackberry. I really would prefer to stay with RIM, but my experience with the EVO has shown me that I shouldn't blind myself to the truth: there are better phones that can enhance my creativity when I am away from my desktop.

thing about having a keyboard, so she chose the Droid1. After 2 weeks she hasn't used it since in the past 9 months. The touchscreen keyboards are fine, takes a while to get used to them, and then you are ripping, specially if you are going to get something with a 4.3" screen like an EVO. You would learn that keyboard and be fine with it after a month or so.

Damned if OS6 works on current devices, that means the OS hasn't changed much, therefore the new OS will suck because it will be behind the curve.

Damned if OS6 won't work on current devices, because it means the OS has changed a lot (hopefully lots of new features) and you will need to pay up to gets those benefits.

Whatever RIM does, sucks to be them right now.

At least apple offered a watered-down version of iOS4 for older devices (no multitask on 3g or ipod touch 2g for example, thought i have it hacked in on my jailbroken device)

In Venezuela, everyone uses a blackberry just for the damned PIN (bb messenger). I would jump ship to android in a flash if bb msn weren't so popular.

This is my first post and I have supported many Berries in a corporate environment for quite some time. I personally purchased the Storm 1 and 2 the day they were released and feel that lack of OS6 support (if true) for the Storm 2 is unacceptable. There was no reason to limit the memory on it to 256 if there was any question as to its compatibility with upcoming releases. There had to be some form of basic OS6 baselines when the Storm 2 was being designed.

So if its solely RAM, hey RIM how about BlackBerry 6 for the Storm? You put an extra gig of RAM in it and have yet to provide any way to use it even now nearly two years later!

I recently got this from a person who always provides me with solid info. I posted this a few days ago and now it seems that he was dead on again. The original delay was RIM working with carriers to get os6 running on their current devices. After several months of testing, the user experience was awful. The next delay came in RIM pushing out devices that would be able to handle it. This is why the new devices are so close to the old devices they are replacing. The just changed the internal hardware, because they did not have time to release all new redesigned devices and have enough phones that would be os6 ready at launch. RIM wanted at least a few devices on each carrier that were ready to launch with os6, and it just couldn't be done if they we're to seriously change their devices. They plan to release updated (refreshed) models of their popular models to hold them over with os6 until they can roll out "new" devices next year. As soon as I heard this I moved to a droid X and now that it is comming true i'm glad I made the switch.

A reliable source told me Verizon sucks, and just like to sound important. Come on people, you can't believe eveything you read on the 'net. Until RIM gets all the facts out, it's all just a bunch of rumors.

I was one of those people that waited in line for hours to get the first storm which turns out to be garbage. Then, even though my contract was far from up, decided to get the storm 2, which was a big improvement, but still behind the game (call me a hater if you want, but find me one person who is actually happy with storm one and someone who is truly happy with storm 2). I have only had the storm series for my time with RIM, and when people ask what I think of the storm, I tell them if you want a phone that is a good multimedia phone, go with droid or iphone. Lasts face it, rim is TRYING to get to par with other companies because multimedia applications is not rim is know for. Blackberry is still a device for corporate applications, hands down. Shame on me and the rest of the complainers for buying a blackberry because it was cool to have, but not knowing anything about them. I admit, I fall into this category because I wanted something as neat as the iphone, but hate apple. I was ready to jump ship but need to have come to this idea. If you really need a phone to remote start your car, video chat, make fart noises, and surf the web, get droid or iphone. My phone does what it needs to do, email, and make phone calls. It may not be as cool or flashy, but it does what the storm 1 should have done.

The only reason it is better for business is so many corporate IT departments standardized on a while back, wrote tools and integration for it, and don't want to reinvest.

What does a BB actually do that makes it better for business? All I can see is it was what was the most adopted by corporate before the iPhone 3G showed the world how easy it should be to use a phone. Same goes for the past 9 months or so of Android sets.

Glad I got rid of my sprint tour and got an Evo. RIM is crazy to think we about to buy a whole new phone just to support an OS thats barely a step up from OS5.

if you really think about it.. why the hell would any phone from rim come with less than 512mb of ram... hell they should all have 2gb or more!?? Just to point something out, have you seen the size of the 16GB micro sd card that comes FREE when you buy the phone? could they not have maybe put 1or more gb or ram inside the damn phone?

this sucks... if its indeed true that S2 will not get OS6 - I will never buy another BB phone. This is my first BB and I have been happy with it, but im not going to wait anothe 1 & 1/2 years for my upgrade to then buy a BB that will not support OS7 when its released....

RIM should foot the bill for upgraded S2's... the phone is barely 8 months old. Talk about not planning ahead.

What does the title say? Verizon halting testing? Not RIM. No need to bash RIM for this one. There are plenty of other carriers out there that carry the Storm series. So someone else will test it, approve it and release it when the time is right. Maybe the software was buggy. But that's why you test, fix the bugs and test some more. And there is speculation that the storm has it's own version of the 6.0 OS that will run on the Storm 3, which is not due out until big red rolls out LTE anyway. Also, for "older" devices, there will be a 6.0 lite. So you storm 1 and 2 users wouldn't get a update for a while any way.

Verizon is horrible when it comes to releasing OS updates and they seem to like rushing RIM into releasing products (hardware) before they are fine tuned. Big red may have a big map and lots of fancy phones, but they really do not seem to work well (nor do they seem to have any patience) with RIM when it comes to releasing a well tested product and supporting it. RIM makes the best business (I said business, not consumer) smart phones out there. But if the carrier won't work with the phone manufacturer, then you will end up with a sh*tty product.

Unfortunately the only sure way to get to OS6 is to hold off and get a device that ships with it. As a former Storm owner I felt
abandoned by RIM shortly after getting the device. I've left the platform but I will keep my eyes open when I am due for another phone. I am hopeful that RIM will catch lightning in a bottle but I fear that they are too far behind.

I will wait & see what happens nothing is out yet. I have to admit I am getting tired of the daily reboots to make my Storm 2 work, it is better than the Strom 1. But still the OS still reminds me of Palm's old OS. Let's hope this is wrong as competition between phone vendors is a good this. But I have to admit Android is coming on very strong after such a short period of being released.

I will wait & see what happens nothing is out yet. I have to admit I am getting tired of the daily reboots to make my Storm 2 work, it is better than the Strom 1. But still the OS still reminds me of Palm's old OS. Let's hope this is wrong as competition between phone vendors is a good this. But I have to admit Android is coming on very strong after such a short period of being released.

Honestly, I don't care much about OS6 except for the webkit browser. Webkit and OS6 were in the works before the S2 and I purchased the S2 with the expectation that it would get the new browser. Not only has it taken all year to develop a browser (good grief!), but it still isn't ready and now we are hearing we may not even get it? Even my patience is wearing thin now! RIM better find a way to get us a decent browser at the minimum or they are going to have have a PR mess on their hands. I for one am already seriously watching what Android does at the end of year as LTE comes on line.

If there is any good news here though it is that only Verizon is mentioned. Maybe one of the smarter carriers will at least make it an option. Verizon has NEVER released good OS versions. Every single one of them has been a massive failure. I would have been long gone already if not for the other carriers!

Since I'm in freaking love with keyboards(specially the one on the 9000), all I care about in OS6 is the Browser. I'm patiently waiting to see what came out of the purchase of Torch Mobile. Eventhough the 9800 has a physical keyboard, it doesn't seem (by the looks at least) to be very comfortable and would be a different experience. I wouldn't care if my 9700 doesn't run OS6 as its meant to, as long as I can have the Webkit Browser!

Anybody that thinks the 9700 will run OS6 may be right but doing so will leave little if any memory left over for apps. So your choice is going to be do I run OS6 without any of my apps or do I stick with OS5 and have the ability to run some apps. The best option imo is to forget rim and move to an android or iphone. The amount of apps available for those phones are staggering and really opens up the potential of what good smartphones can do. This is something that I dont think RIM will ever achieve they are way too far behind in this area to catch up. Most developers are busy writing apps for phones that people use and that can actually run their apps without memory issues.

Knowing about this would pretty well stop anyone who might still be interested in buying a Storm 2 (as if the 900,000 different android phones weren't enough of a distraction) from doing so, so in that case I am pretty sure it's in RIMs best interest to keep a lid on this news. Of course, that makes you wonder how such a tidbit would slip out in the first place, but that's just how internet rumors work.

For all of the ones hollering droid I understand but just be aware of the bad battery issues my wife is on her 3 droid. They do have Skyfire browser though lol

Yeah who cares if the battery dies 5 times as fast, the browser is 6 times as fast so that's still 20% more web pages before it goes up in smoke! lolz.

Seriously though, the android phones are nice but they are by no means perfect. The huge tidal wave of switchers will be in the droid forums in about 6 months, going on about how they have to run task killer every hour to keep their battery going, and their touchscreen is wearing out and is unworkable, and there still isnt "android revision whatever" available for their 6 month old handset, and generally crying about how they are going to switch to iphone or blackberry if it doesnt get fixed soon.

And the circle of life goes on!

thing. And everytime I ask, why don't you change those apps so they don't automatically start? If you can't deal with taking control like that, get an iPhone, where they don't give you a choice because it's interface is locked down based on the least capable user that may buy one.

I have the same issue with my iPhone 3G, and my iPhone4 to a lesser extent. The issue being, they F***ing rock to use, so I use them A LOT, so the battery is always draining. I gave my friend's storm2 a spin the other day, wasn't long before I was putting it down and double guessing myself over whether the internet actually blows, or if it's just that phone.

On top of that the battery on my wife's motorola droid freaking rocks. It seems like it lasts forever. DroidX and EVo? I bet it doesn't last that long. 4.3" screens, actually fun and easy to use, yeah, have to charge it more.

I know a lot of people are pissed by this, but really, 4g is coming soon, so that will make this device irrelevant real soon. So, while it bothers me, it won't stop me from buying a 4g blackberry if OS6 is good.

This sounds about right that OS 6 will not work with any RIM device that doesn't have at least 512MB. Now I'm believing that the Storm 3 that was posted on crackberry really is the Storm 2 revamped and they might offer storm 2 owners an earlier upgrade. I wonder if that's what Verizon will do.

Again, who would upgrade to a refreshed Storm 2 when 4g is right around the corner, and you will wait atleast 1 year for an early upgrade.

If you listen to the guys from Engadget- 4G is still far off for most people. Here in San Jose you can buy a 4G (sprint Evo) phone but there is no 4G coverage for it.

There's so much conflicting information going around. What matters is if us poor folks who have supported RIM over the years would be left out in the cold when OS6 is out. If its not gonna be for my Storm2 (and to top it up I'm on a unlocked Vodafone branded device thus may require a DRM release) I'm selling out and moving on to iPhone4.

I'd have to say bye bye Blackberry. Its been a great 6 years but I can't bear to be left behind by you more concerned over your profit margins.

I completely blame myself in deciding to upgrade to a Storm 2 in February when I should've gone with the Droid. So either I wait for 2 years, or I drop from my parents line and get my own line and a new device, which probably won't be a blackberry.

Uhhh your parents line? No offense but, why would you need a BB like a S2 then? and..oh wait I see, I don't think someone like you needs the power of a BB and............oh man. Forget it I digress.

What? So people still on their parent's lines don't need BlackBerries? I'm still on my parent's line (I'm in college and can't afford my own line yet), and I use every freaking aspect of my BlackBerry. What's it to you who uses a BlackBerry??

I have to wonder, if RIM,(like Verizon supposedly), plans not to make OS6 available on the Storm2, why did they go after S2 theme devs so hard for making OS6'ish themes? I think there's still hope.....

But, if the Bold 9700 does indeed run OS6, and even if it leaves little to no space for apps...wouldn't that be besides the point? Isn't OS6 supposed to be able to install apps to the MC?

Is anyone else tired of these half hazard "threats"

in 2 months and 3 days I'm getting an Android, goodbye RIM

I get it...you want a new phone and you think we care...enough in the comments section already




Yup you definitely can't deny there is allot of pissy people right now, and for the most part, rightfully so, however. If there is one thing I learned throughout life, it's "don't believe the hype" Well said by Public Enemy back in the day. :)

My little sound off is here is this, well hey...as a 9700 owner (among a bunch other models of BB) I too will feel a sort of rape and question WTF? Being a technology savy person myself with promising business sense, I frown a little at RIM here however.....nothing is done as of yet and it's the nothing that creates something with people....I know we are all choked that there has been no heads up from RIM, not very good communication to the loyal users and believe me, I'm with you. BUT like someone above said somewhere, above all, I'm still happy with my phone overall. Yes the browser is like riding a donkey in the datona...but let's wait and see on their promises guys and gals. Don't get me wrong, I'll be upset that a $700 purchase not even close to a year in is toast....lets face it even laptops and computer upgrades don't crap out that quick in regards to upgrades and performance.

We all have our weak spots and I believe RIM needs a better PR person to be in touch with it's current millions of users and future ones considering a switch to BB. That is definitely theirs....for god sake RIM is the innovator of communication.....Hire someone....hire me to do this part then. lol


I can't believe you want to jump the ship over some rumor, Blackberry was going to make the older devices compatible! So what if the testing is halted, do I have to play dictionary and say that it means temporarily stopped... But no I want a crappy ass Iphone which is even slower than an 8700 with a 4.0 update. Blackberry was a message based company, they are moving into a market that is new to them, you can't expect them to get everything right the first time. You guys are a disgrace to blackberry throwing them under the bus like this, they don't deserve this, they are working hard to make it backwords compatible!!! You all should be ashamed!!! You wouldn't get rid of your precious iphones cause you can't get reception. Get over yourselves... Blackberry is great, and if they go opensource with QNX on your phones it will be droid meet blackberry!

Obviously you've never used a "crappy ass Iphone", as you'd know it's faster than a 9700 running the latest OS, let alone an 8700 running 4.0.

And I hope, both for our sakes and for RIMs, that they ARE working to make it work on older phones. It could tank RIM if they're not.

Then they dropped the Storm 2... It was not a stellar device but it did offer some of the functionality that the S1 was advertised to offer. So now we're looking at another dead platform that was released to appease the folks who got totally screwed on the first one. Now we have a platform that was rushed onto the market with a few OS updates along the way. It has pretty much met it's end of support due to some hardware that was not state of the art as the rest of the phone. There were some seriously bad decisions made in order to get the phone on the market too soon. Now consumers are paying the price with a device that will be obsolete. We can't keep up with the market if we want the latest and greatest on a 2 year plan. I have to admit that I have really screwed myself by getting into the habit of wanting the newest devices and OS's. I don't even bother to angle for upgrade prices any longer. I wait for the phones to drop off in value and then I pick them up at the outright price. It's a pricey hobby that I'm losing interest in... Until the next device drops.

Well said! Shame shame on you people (me included no less!).

But let's just hope all positives said will come true and no one is gonna get left behind. Else we know RIM's intentions. The bottomline is still their profit margins.

I totally understand where a lot of the disappointment is coming from. The Storm 1 was a relative disappointment upon release and pretty much until the a year later when it received the anticipated OS upgrade which still had a huge memory leak issue and barely enough RAM to operate properly. Then, you have the Storm 2 which was more of what the Storm 1 should have been upon release. RIM got us Storm suckers' money from both models! We waited and waited for all the rumored OS upgrades hoping for something that would make our Storms run anything near the level of the competition only to be let down, again. If OS6 cannot run on these other older devices or isn't what it we are all expecting, they will see their market share go down the drain. Several friends who were loyal BB owners for years have now defected to other devices and to AT&T for the iPhone 4 which is a "cool" mediocre device marketed as being "the standard." I truly feel that this will continue unless RIM delivers. I really hope they are reading all these blogs and forums. Otherwise, mark this as the beginning of the downward spiral!

Another well said statement. I think we need to have a device that works for us and for our money, not to frustrate us and anticipate for this and that. I bought my unlocked Vodafone Storm2 9520 without a contract last October and cost shitloads and it seems to be going down the drain. There's always this and that capabilities and this and that devices with these smartphones thing, but notice one thing when it comes to the iPhone? Its just one and ONE for everyone. It cuts frustration where users will not be left out on an upgrade. I migrated from Nokia which I was using for over a decade to Blackberry and has never been really happy over the past 6 years. We don't know what they are doing or fail to do, but its just not making us users who pay for their fat salaries any happier!

With Iphone perhaps coming to Verizion..and Droids with amazing capabilities...I will surely have to move away for the BB....I like my storm II and one of the reasons I got it was beacasue they said it would be updateable...Too Bad RIM...you will be losing many people

I got 2 blackberry which is 9700 and 8520..well for the storm yea the interface is looking better compare to 9700 I mean gui and some touch screen ability which could consume more ram well that reason is kind of acceptable (not really)But 9700 and other qwerty device,apart from bbm,email push and facebook..device is not far from nokia at all, my personal Idea as I was nokia,iphone and other mobile device. Browsing is crab and low quality youtube still not smooth with break image most of the time....can't really see what is on the screen at all while crackberry review new device of youtube.

I use memoryup personal app in bb, it show that only 20% of my ram using. As my experience it never break 25% even I do many thing.. Will OS6 use 4 or more time on ram I don't think so...even with OS5 still behide iphone OS3 and now new OS4 is able to run on a iphone 3GS that have only 256 ram..iphone4 provide 512 incase of more smoothing and for future upgrade...

Is rim OS is consume more than iphone with better gui and touch screen ability(compare to 9700) and I don't think that oS6 will Be better than iphone os..how it's going to consume more...

I dont know about storm but I think it should do as well, if rim keep 9700 and other away from OS6 that mean they do for business sell new phone instead of actually not enough memory...

If 9700 do then 8900 8520 9300 should do as well because have similar hardware...only 9630 9000 storm 1 should b not cuz only 128 ram

If rim want us to pay for os6 well then tell us I already prepare extra cash(money is not factor at all)..but if rim abandon user like us well...I feel bad and prefer to go on with other platform...kind of piss

Sorry for my crab english not my native language

If OS6 is good, new user will buy while old user who feel that there mobile device become obsolete will looking for new device like amazing app on android,cool feature retina display ,720p video,gaming and bla bla iphone4. User who still stick with rim will buy new one while some old user like me who feel bad about unsupport on old device like me will turn to other platform... Rim will lose customer where rim earn money from there service away...

My feeling on 9700 performance is like nokia $150 phone...just because it have feaature like bbm, push mail and facebook..
Game and browsing is crab

I am waiting for NOKIA to roll out their new linux based OS MeeGo, it is rumored that MeeGo will have amazing capabilities, E-Series devices does what BB is popular for.
I will wait and see NOKIA to come out with MeeGo and if it’s worth it will buy it.
I sold my personal BB9700 for ip4 and I am using my office 9700.

Seems updates have been very few with the storm 2 9550. And what ones they have put out seem to add "new" problems with each update. I would be happy to go at least three days with out a battery pull..

Anyway... this is my first and last blackberry device. Thanks for the ride..hope one of us had a good time.. sure as heck was not me.

Yeah, I remember when you and I followed the rumors and did late-night drive-bys to see exactly when the S2 would be released. We were there just a few months ago when this "new" device was released. When the doors where opened, we practically knocked over the Verizon manager to go buy this beast. I can't believe that this new OS is "not compatible" just a few months later. It also seems as if this new OS6 is still playing catch-up with android and Iphone. In the long run, as they progress, we would still be wanting updates that would not come. For all the great things that Blackberry has been, I do feel the storm (both 1 and 2) have been ignored. Now they seem to ignore even the "business" versions of the phones.
Maybe Verizon actually wants us to move from the BB to the Droid. Seems like they always push those phones more than BBs. Just my 2Cents.

What about the S3-specific OS that Salmondrin mentioned? Maybe they'll make a backward-compatible version for S2?

That said, if BB6 doesn't allow us to store apps on the SD card, then screw it. All that RAM just for an OS that doesn't deliver much more is a waste. I'll stick with OS5 hybrids then jump to Android when my S2 wears out.

I had the Storm 1, Bought the Storm 2 and at the end of the day both phones are a joke. Dont get me wroing I love Blackberry and have had several, but with Technology constantly changing it is a shame to see that RIM is always behind. Now, that OS6 is on the horizon, we learn that it is likley not to perform well on certin devices. IF OS6 is as good as they say, I will buy the next Storm (or touch screen device) because RIM is the only company in my opinion that makes good phones for business. This, however doese not take away the frustration that I have for what is supposed to be a smart phone that really is not smart and for that matter not even top in its class becuase it is unable to perform as it was portrayed to.

At the end of the day RIM should either determine its goals or consider always being second best (like burger king to Mcdonalds). I am not siggesting you run out and buy an iPone or Droid, but for the most part, these phonse do what they were intended to do...where similar blackberries do not.

Was it not officially announced at the same time that OS6 was that the Storm II will receive the OS? Is this Verizon's call or RIM's?

This could also be a sign that the S3 is going to launch sooner rather than later with either OS6 or the custom Storm OS

Your'e obviously not really smart, I work for AT&T tech Support, I know my shit, try running an update for 4.0 on a iphone 3g or 3gs, than you can come talk to me about how slow and crappy a iphone is, then you can come talk to me other than that we don't want to hear your crap about the Iphone, cause apple's going down!!!!

If this is true then it is time to say goodbye to BB and move on to Andriod. BB has droped the ball in not stayed up with what people want!

Let me make this as plain as day. 6.0 will not be on any device with less than 512 of RAM. Not the Storm 2, not the Tour, nothing with 256. You will just have to take my word that I am in the know on this. If you look at all my past predictions you will see I have never been Wrong.

As disappointed as I am to hear this news I’m still holding onto the fact that this is just a rumor and not officially validated by either Rim or Verizon. If it’s true I’m curious as to how Verizon feels comfortable killing OS6 on the S2 yet confident in their testing to release 5.0.713. WOW what a pos. that’s turned out to be. I’m more confident in leaked OS than I am Verizon official releases. Got a feeling either way a leak will somehow be available for us. I wish Big Red put as much time and effort into testing their current OS as they’re apparently doing with OS6.

I am done being a Blackberry user. This quite frankly, is one of RIMs biggest faults. Everytime they bring out a new OS, you have to upgrade your handset. As soon as I can go to Android I am gone. Why can they not get the blackberry out of the stone age, and actually give it some sizeable chunks of memory and storage space? It is not like memory is still really expensive. It is almost as if, they plan stuff this way, so that you have to buy a new device to get the new features. Meanwhile, Android devices that ran 1.x can run 2.1 no problem. This is very frustrating, and I think this could be downfall of RIM. Their phones are great for email, but are really beginning to suck at everything else.

If we wanted "just a phone" (yourself included), then go out and sign up for Cricket or buy a prepaid phone. You don't buy a Blackberry to be "just a phone". You get a Blackberry (or 'Droid, Windows 7 or iPhone) because it's MORE than a phone.

I loved my Storm I and still love my Storm II, but it's time to face the facts here. RIM's losing ground to both Apple and Android, and losing it faster than Joey Chestnut goes through hot dogs. I've been a staunch defender of the Blackberry brand, but maybe this is the time to move on to better things. I had real high hopes that OS6 would make me think about hanging on, but if this is true then I’m gone to Android.

RIM needs to understand that the line between phone and portable entertainment is getting more blurred by the day, and they are simply too slow to adapt to the changing markets. Everything I've seen in OS6 isn't new, it's just new to Blackberry. Having said that, if they can’t make their updated OS work on a handset less than a year old, that’s trouble and the sign to bail.

Maybe instead of phones they should buy the Phoenix Coyotes and....oh, wait....yeah.....ummmmm..... Jim Balsillie tried that already, and how well did that go?

It's the consensus that blackberry isn't moving fast enough for you is oblivious, you can get your so called droid X, but in a month from now you'll be pissed because the Droid 2 came out or 3 months down the line you'll be even more pissed because the Incredible 2 came out and you can't upgrade because you were to busy with your immature thinking to stop and think that hey its a cat a mouse game!!! It's the way it works people, don't get rid of your blackberry for the same company's that are going to dick you around a lot more than blackberry is!!!! It's stupid!!!!

Android 2.2 is coming out for the Motorola Droid1 in a few weeks. I will install it for my wife. This will be the 2nd OS update I have peformed on her device since she bought it near the release.

The best part, is it got a lot better with the first update, and based on many reviews I've read and podcasts, 2.2 is going to be even better.

You remind me of a typical BB user. You don't know what you are talking about because you assume the other options are just the same as they were 2 or 3 years ago. BB is being lapped for the umpteenth time. Apple, HTC, and Motorola (and google for the OS) are lapping BB to the point of being comical.

Only reason BB is a "better business" device is it's early adoption by corporations and the custom tools IT groups wrote for it, before the iPhone3G showed the world how easy and functional a phone should be.

Works for most, for others it doesn't.

I enjoying reading crackberry.com threads, makes me laugh. Lots of RIM fanboys...

All I have to say is Tough brake storm 2 people LOL. Now you know how it feels to own a Storm 1,..Tough Brake,..you cant up grade?...cry me a river lol You just should have waited or bought another phone. I mean you didn't know every time you buy a phone its outdated ounce you leave the store? :0

I've got a Storm2 and if my phone doesn't support OS 6, OH WELL, i'll still keep my phone til New Every Two comes up, then we'll see what's available.

If you like your phone, keep it. If you want 6.0, then you must not be happy with your phone's current OS. Get a new one that DOES support it.

RIM is NOT Droid or iPhone and judging from the comments people have made, they should have just purchased an iPhone or Android phone instead.

Fact is that RIM makes good phones and the fact that people are complaining about "no 6.0" means they're happy with the one they have, they just want the upgrade. Just upgrade the phone and you've got it. A good majority of people don't keep their phones for more than two years anyway.

Well, this was the last RIM straw for me. I ordered a Droid X today.

As for being pissed when a newer device comes out... Droid 2 ? For me at least, the only time I could truly find "fault" with my Storms performance is from reading threads here on CB. I have to be honest and say that if it wasnt for any of the hype and drama found on some of these threads, that some of these faults may have gone unnoticed by me ( and probably others)
Before I discovered Crackberry and had my Pearl.... I was quite content with how it worked and didnt know a thing about the OS or what phones were getting updated outside of what I owned.
Of course, that was a few years ago. There is no double that in the few short years since then, that the smartphone market has truly changed. And I still feel that RIM is not changing or adapting quite fast enough.
I think that once my new Droid arrives, with there being no official Droid forums, that I will sink back into the oblivious and not have a care to the world about what phones are getting OS updates... and be quite ignorant to the fact that the phone I own is outdated..... but in my eyes.... working like a charm.
All I am saying, is that I have found myself play into some of the "my phone sucks" threads found here on the S1 and S2 threads.
My decision to leave due to OS6 is not because my Storm will most likely not get an update. It is because with the newer devices out there now, vs when I went to my first BB, that I now feel that ANY BB OS is boring and outdated... for my personal needs.

I was up for my new every two from Verizon. As a Pearl 8100 user I was tempted to go with the Storm 2 but wanted a phone on which the browser didn't suck now. I still almost got the storm 2 thinking Blackberry 6 would fix things but had the thought in the back of my mind I would be stuck with a obsolete smart phone instead, so I went ahead and got an Android device for around the same price that I am very happy with.

Just think about it, if QNX was opensource before RIM bought, and its compatible to Linux API (Droid), and it will be based arounf Blackberry's Hardware unlike droids.

How happy can you really be? Don't you miss having to reboot? ANd what about the crackberry forum??? DONT YOU MISS IT?????????????

Okay, yes to the forum but what I really miss is Poynt, but it's coming to Android soon! I guess I'll just have to be a Android Central user now, lol...

It has to be said again, Sanch0: Well Said!

I'd rather RIM improve OS5 efficiency on the S2. The S2 is my first BB and I bought it at launch. Despite various OS updates over the last 9 months, the interface is still very laggy compared to other smartypants phone I've gotten to play with since then. However, I've had no hardware issues (despite my clumsy attempts to destroy it).

The times they are a changing, and we're going to see some major network changes at Verizon (LTE introduction) in the next 6 months. Maybe even an iPhone? Maybe not.

No need to hold one's breath until you turn blue. Just keep calm and carry on, Folks!

I have had both the Storm 1 and Storm 2, got the Storm 1 the first day it was available to purchase because the sell on it was it was so 'cutting edge and advanced". I had 2 of those due to bad hardware. Storm 2 I also got the 1st day it was available for purchase. I have had 3 of those, two malfunctioned, and the 3rd was for the touch screen problem. I have had to use hybrids on both phones early on to make them more efficient in operation. This was something that RIM should have been doing all along, NOT THE CONSUMER. The Storm Series has been ignored worse than any "red headed stepchild" To have to depend on Lyricidal and Driphter to put together hybrid OS's to make the phones closer to reaching the potential they supposedly offered is just not right. Now to find that the magical OS6., the OS that would make it all good , won't even work on my 9 month old Storm 2, was the straw. As soon as possible, I will go to an Android unit. The may not be perfect, but at least they are supported. Thankfully, I never advised anyone to buy a Storm. The Storm Series.. Cutting edge, yeah, whatever.