Did Unforgettable tease us with an AT&T Bold 9900?

By Alicia Erlich on 23 Oct 2011 12:37 pm EDT
AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9900

Weekends are usually my time to catch up on chores and shows taped on my DVR. Well Saturday morning I happened to be watching this past Tuesday's Unforgettable, which airs on CBS, and wouldn't you know what popped up on my TV. I actually rewound and hit pause to make sure. Next thing I did was jump up, grab my camera, and take a shot. I do apologize if the quality is a little off. While it's unbranded there's no mistaking the AT&T logo shown on top.

So folks what do you think? Is this TV's way of letting us know the release date is coming soon like Kevin posted on Friday or just someone slipping an AT&T SIM in an unlocked device because they couldn't wait for AT&T either?  Sound off in the comments below. 

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Did Unforgettable tease us with an AT&T Bold 9900?


I don't think you can 'out' something we all know is coming. It's not an "if" question; it's a "when" thing. But I think after this long wait, AT&T subscribers are pretty much expecting the same thing that happened with the Bold 9000.

Glad I left for Sprint.

Don't need an AT&T SIM, any SIM out of coverage that IS covered by AT&T will display that. It's just the live carrier, no?

I would bet an unlock....... As a CDMA VZW user......it's just nice to have device of this quality before AT&T.

yes but signal is variable isnt it upon location.
jus cant believe they cheap`d out and didnt pay for BIS

Kudos to the AT&T users.

Though an unlocked 9900 on AT&T would display the same "AT&T" up top wouldn't it? And no BIS connection either.

My unlocked Telus looks exactly like that on AT&T. No branding on the bottom, and I'm sure AT&T will be branding theirs.

I was always under the impression that tv and movie phones have the screens added post-filming, because they don't film well. Looks like in this case they also blacked out the top and bottom portions, showing the carrier and BlackBerry, as well as the speaker and LED on top.

Simple answer.... I was one of the #BB7FanNight twitter contest winners, took a trip to Toronto for the Fan Night party & got sent an unlocked & unbranded 9900 a few weeks later.... I'm on AT&T in NYC mine says "AT&T" and "H+"...however a few other winners I've kept up with via a BBM Group had received 9860/9850 devices which were only displaying 3G... my 9900 had trackpad issues and was replaced by RIM but both look identical.... Since I'm currently using that same wallpaper here's a screenshot


To be honest, i've never seen it say anything but H+, EDGE or SOS... not sure if it does uppercase and lowercase for H+, but my old 9900 would say 3G, 3g, 2G, 2g, GSM, gsm, EDGE & edge...
only a couple bars because i'm in a bad spot in my apartment, but i've never seen it say 3G
-bill @murphquake

@ Michelle Haag, good lookin... mine definitely says BlackBerry above the screen and has the LED & light sensor & speaker there... my bottom space is blank though.

I hate branding on phones, so here's to AT&T actually bringing out a phone without it.

regarding the picture up top, looks like someone just put in a AT&T sim card.

Why would wait so long is beyond me. They had to get the iPhone S launched first. BlackBerry is getting the short end.

TV is so inaccurate sometimes!

#1. Five bars on AT&T?
#2. Someone rocking a Bold 9900 without BIS / BES connectivity?
#3. A Bold 9900 on AT&T from AT&T without AT&T, AT&T, AT&T slathered all over the housing?
#4. A BlackBerry user ACTUALLY using the multiple home panes?

Put it all together, I can't find the show realistic any more. :P

I was just watching NBC's Are You There, Chelsea? and I seen Mario Lopez using the Bold 9900 during the last 5 minutes of the show!