Did Hell Freeze Over? BlackBerry Desktop Manager Finally Coming to Mac in September Says RIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Jul 2009 01:44 pm EDT

BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac Coming in September!

YES. Finally. Thank God. It's about time. WooHOO. w000000t! SWEEEEt. AWESOME. Unbelievably good news. YES... that's right... RIM has officially announced that BlackBerry Desktop Manager software for MAC will be available this September. THANK YOU RIM. You can visit blackberry.com/mac to sign up for updates and learn more or visit the Inside BlackBerry blog to see a few screen captures of it in action. Key features found in the first release will include:

  • Sync your iTunes playlists, calendars, contacts, notes and tasks
  • Add/Remove applications
  • Update your device when new software becomes available
  • Backup and restore your device data with such features like automatically scheduled backups and optional encryption (security is #1 as always...)
  • Manage multiple devices
Now if you excuse me, I need to go splash some cold water on my face to calm down. I'm going to have trouble sleeping tonight with news like this running through my head. 

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Did Hell Freeze Over? BlackBerry Desktop Manager Finally Coming to Mac in September Says RIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why are you all saying thank you as if RIM is doing us some huge favor? OSX has been a widely used platform in NA for a while and rather than saying 'thank you' we should be saying 'it's about damn time.' I mean don't get me wrong, this is excellent news. I will finally able to back my BB up to my laptop and I'm happy for that, but I think we as a user base are too kind to RIM...

Agreed. We shouldn't be rejoicing for a product that should have been out ages ago. And not to be a TOTAL downer, but opening a post like that makes the entire site seem really unprofessional, in my opinion.

add the ability to share articles on Twitter!!! please

and totally stoked bout DM coming to Mac, i will officially have NO need to run windows anymore

That can not be true... :-) What have they been smoking? But nice that it finally is coming for mac... NICE!!!! :-D

OMG!!!!!!! I can't believe it's finally happening! I've been so frustrated with Pocket Mac and Missing Sync!!! THANK YOU, RIM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooohooo!

It's about time the pocket mac is usless and a piece of crap thank you rim it only took u since the begining of time to come up with this one....now lets see how good it is

Excuse me while I shed a few tears. This is such a happy day. It is like finding out you are pregnant! Can't wait until the due date of September gets here.

this made my week. i found out about this while i was simultaneously looking on ebay for a cheap version of xp. not needed anymore!!!

It's about time. This is one of like three programs I have to continue to use on Windows right now.

Will definitely help in moving to a Mac only home.

Awesome. I hope this will allow us to flash the devices as well. Maybe we will see a proper OS X SDK for BB in the near future? Would definitely catch the interest of those who are already developing for the iPhone.

No more running to my office where I keep my PC. My Mac at home has all my music on iTunes and all my pics on iPhoto. My PC at the office now exists for the sole purpose of sync'ing/updating my BB. Time to kiss that PC goodbye, esp. since my practice management software is now Mac based.

This is great news, but I wonder how Mac users will be able to update to leaked operating systems since the files are in .exe format. I wonder if RIM will release two different formats or just use the .exe until it is ready for an official release.

As with MANY ported applications on the mac from windows, once the .exe file is inside the application package, the system can read the .exe file. Now of course this is not a built in feature of mac,

So if Rim sets it up properly, the mac application will be able to read the exe and extract the files needed.

Wouldn't that make you some kind of freakish outcast? Would you be shunned by Mac users for not buying an iPhone?

I'm not following your logic. If that were the case wouldn't all PC users have to use a Windows Mobile Device? Since RIM does not make a computer how is a PC any more "BlackBerry-ish" than a Mac when neither Windows or Apple are any more a part of RIM than the other? Using a PC with BlackBerry is just as much as a "freakish outcast" as with a Mac if your logic is to make any sense.

I hate tech snobbery, just buy what you like and what fits your personal purpose.

I own a mac for home use, a windows machine for work and a Curve 8900. Yeah I have my tech preferences but at the end of the day they all get the job done somehow or another.

HALLELUJAH!! I mean about FREEKIN time RIM. Of course as with everything, I will not believe it until I see it.

Let the leak's begin and the lost data cease.

pocketmac and missing sync suck. I pray thee gets it right!!

I gave up pcs 2 years ago and loveth my mac. Hate losing date while syncing.

The world is watching.

But seriously, The folks I spoke to at RIM said there would be NO WORD until they had a beta ready. LEAK LEAK LEAK

I use desktop manager at work (small business on BIS not BES) on a PC. At home, I have Macs....is it wise to use my phone with two DMs? Especially on these different platforms?
I'm excited to have this support for my Macs but don't want to cause any problems. Thanks, feel free to BBM me at: 31e686d7

Magic 8Ball says "Outlook looks doubtful"

But that is only going by what Mac does to totally lock in their music, rememebr the Pre incident?

la verdad me alegro mucho de saber esta gran noticia, ya era hora que bien por la gente de rim, me volvía loco con cada actualización ya que no la podía hacer con mi mac

what is worst in my book is that it looks far, far more polished than they PC version. I have been waiting for something like this to happen to the old school-looking PC version for years....

This is great news!! I see they are still touting PocketMac and I have emailed PocketMac to tell them that the Tour is not supported at the moment and asked for an update. So far no response and this was 10 days ago

This may just lead me to get the macbook I always wanted!

I wonder how long it will take to leak?

This is AWESOME news. It's about damn time!

Granted, at the moment all OS' are .exe files, so we're going to need .dmg support, but I'm sure once this is out it will come. Made my day.

Oh my GOD! The wait have finally come. the feeling is like opening a new MAC BOOK PRO case and find the golden army inside.......... This is the best news i have all day. way it go RIM. F#@K u iPhone.

All I can say is "Thank you RIM!". I've stuck with you for the past couple years using Mark Space and relying on an old windows-based laptop to keep my BlackBerry's rocking and rolling because I simply couldn't live without my BlackBerry! Getting the BB Desktop onto Mac is going to be a huge plus for RIM.

it's true excitement, but i'm mad it took so long... hence a little bit of an edge. i'd say you read it as intended based on your comment :)

I am buying my first blackberry which will be the tour, and was struggling with what application I was going to use to sync my entourage contacts and calender up with. I was leaning toward The Missing Sync because what I read everywhere is that Pocket Mac sucks. I don't know if I can wait for the Sept release that would probably end up being late Sept. But I am excited to see it coming. If it works anything like the PC version it should be excellent.

Can't wait.


This rocks this what I've been waiting for but I already downloading missing sync, I wish RIM would of announced this before I bought it lol oh well ill use it until the desktop manager come out!

I was reading through all the posts just waiting for someone to call it out!

Only good thing about this is it may lead some away from the POS iPhone.

Well, I wouldn't say "nobody" since there are about 150 people in this thread who do care. But thanks for coming out. Have a great evening.

so kevin when will we get a leak? we all know that RIM true beta testers are right here on CB so lets help RIM find bugs in this long awaited APP.

My goodness I'm so pleased at long last I'll be able to use my Mac and my Bold! What took them so long to get their act together! But well done RIM in any case

I cannot wait. This is perfect. I am a long time mac and bb user. On general principals i hate the iphone. however, I had a moment of weekness. I needed to see how the iphone worked since it was able to sync with my MAC. OMG I fracking HATED THE IPHONE. anyone who wants to argue this with me, bring it on. I gave it 72 hours, got adjusted to typing and everything and it BLOWS. DO NOT BUY AN IPHONE. That being said i went back to my glorious bold and decided i just wont be able to update my phone via mac.

LOW AND BEHOLD in the year 2009 PHISH returns to melt your face status and BB IS COMPATIBLE WITH A MAC.

The stars have aligned!!

YES! I have been waiting tooo long for this day to come. I even bought Parallels for the sole purpose of being able to update/sync my blackberry.

I really wouldn't shed a tear if no one made anything for a MAC again. Those are way over priced and have terrible OS's.

September!?! Oh well, we MAC users have waited this long, I guess we can wait another 2 months! I must say that I am in anticipation mode. Hope there won't be any serious glitches.

When can we MacBerry users catch a leak?

I heard there was a leaked beta at BlackberryOS.com some time ago, but I'll stay tuned to Crackberry for the OFFICIAL-UNofficial launch.

About fuckin time! I will never understand developpers who don't develop for both platforms- Macs are standard now.

now there is nothing stopping me from getting my blackberry. between this and the new bbm/threaded texting, i'm in for sure

Wow im surprise its gonna be available for mac now oh well. Now lets all get along blackberrys and iphones.

Kevin is truly a font of knowledge, but let's not get too carried away here. As it has been written before, it's really about time that RIM decided to do something about the  issue.
Hopefully this version of DM will work, and allow us to do what PC's have been doing forever. For now, I'll continue to use Google sync and hope that this really will be what we've been NEEDING for years.

Thank you for this great news! Now I probably won't be switching to iPhone...

Then again, never say never...

But will never happen. Not officially from RIM anyway. There are certain companies (and RIM is one of them..Apple is another) that dont want users to have any kind of freedom of choice. Seriously, could you imagine apple or Rim releasing software under the GPL?? HAHA!! That'll be the day!!

Cool so it was most likely all about getting everything worked out for the new OSX update that comes out lets see in September :)

I guess my Christmas is coming a few months early this year! Seriously, this was the ONLY negative thing I could say about my Mac... No more! WooHoo indeed...

finally rim has heard our cries and compliants. a job well done rim.
rim knows it also needs the mac based consumers as well in their profit growth.
no more go to a virtual pc. im happy.

FanFREAKINGtastic! About time! No more need to boot into Windoze makes me a VERY happy camper! w00t!

i wonder if this means 5.0 will be out by September.

i hope earlier, but it seems logical that they release their big new OS alongside mac compatibility right?

Lets home the folks over at apple don't get mad. I still think the removal of itunes is stupid for Apple but oh well to each their own..... And before someone thinks im another Apple hater this is being written on my Mac Mini just throwing it out there

I have my doubts about being able to sync iTunes. Look what happened to the Palm Pre? I bet as soon as the iDM hits the masses, iTunes will come up with an update that will prevent this sync feature.

Ugggggh finally, I have been waiting for this for a few months.. nice to see they aren't like windows.. and actually come through on their promises

I'm thrilled that RIM has finally realized that people need to sync the best of both worlds... Blackberries and Macs.

Rim, much overdue, but much appreciated. If you wanted an iPhone killer, you should have done this a looooong time ago!! No matter now, just need to make sure that our bbs and macs can do the same as an iPhone and a mac, only BETTER!! BB FA LIFE!

RIM and Apple where made for each other. I dont see why this didn't happen earlier.
Both (lately) push out proprietary crap, and they both lock down there OS's tighter than a nuns knickers. Wonderful!!

Now, if there was a BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Linux, it would be a perfect world.......but I guess i'll keep dreaming............

Whats worse is that I finally gave up wanting to own blackberry until it fixed 2 key issues of mine. These are odd issues but....after giving me a touchscreen and better less cheap looking designs and always having blackberry messenger the only 2 things i wanted were as smoother user interface and complete functioning with my mac. I hated having to update on a friends pc. Now with this info and the 5.0 software looking to add at least a few new pizzaz points to the UI now im mad that im on useless att because I dont like the bulkiness of the bold (previous owner) and hate the no 3g of the cuve 8900 as well as the cheap buttons (previous owner) wheres my freaking tour at RIM? ATT ? that probably means im going to get a new device that has 3g , no wifi and no trackball. lol

I have to say that I am VERY impressed with the number of Mac BB users on here. It is my own ignorance that I thought that most Mac users would also prefer the pretty iPhone.
CrackBurry, you have opened my eyes. I have always been a big PC guy (can't pull me away from my gaming), but it is still nice to have something in common with macHeads.

I will believe it when I see it available for download either thru Crackberry or the Blackberry website. I hope to god it's better than the option I am currently using.

thank you RIM for getting MAC up to date. I husband will be happy to get me off his computer when i want to backup/restore my BB.

i hate having to beg my bro to use his pc to update my blackberry... i love my MBP and was gona switch to iphone cuz storm is a pain to use... now im definately upgrading to the TOURRRRRRRRRR

to people posting hate comments about macs: GET A LIFE!

too little too late.. iPhone is crushing BB sales.

vapourware i say.

while they are at it, they might as well announce a stable OS. LOL

ya right SEPT.. 2013.

Judging by the pics posted, it looks like it has used the MAC UI. Why? It should look the same as DM 5 for Windows. RIM does not use the Windows UI scheme for DM 5. Both versions should looks and function identically or they should use there respective UIs.

"Sync your iTunes playlists, calendars, contacts, notes and tasks".
no love for our e-mails? There will be no way to sync with Apple Mail???

My mail is sent directly to my phone. No need for syncing mail for me. I just hope 1) it comes out on sept 1 and 2) it works just as good as PC DM. Pocket Mac doesn't work for me on the media end.

That UI style is standard for most Mac programs (and I love it!). I'm sure RIM made it a point to design the desktop manager in a way that fits with the rest of the system. I'm not sure if they would ever design a Windows app in the same style, since Windows puts a little bit more emphasis on appearance (colors, etc.).