Diaree gets rebranded as Candid, new update now available!

By Bla1ze on 16 Apr 2014 04:10 pm EDT

If you a Diaree user, you're going to want to load up BlackBerry World and grab the latest update. We took a deep look at Diaree in the past but the latest update changes things up, a lot. For one, the app has been rebranded to something a little bit more appealing. Diaree shall from here on out, be known as Candid.

A name that not only sounds better but also fits how people are intended to use the app. Candid is a completely anonymous service in that no one can identify you within the app. All of your interactions, including comments, likes, and favourites, as well as your personal diary entries, remain completely anonymous and cannot be linked back to you.

  • Write - Record what's happening in your life, day-to-day. It could be anything – a thought, a story, or something interesting that happened to you that day. Personalize and enhance each of your posts by attaching an image or photo of your choosing.

  • Share - Shared entries show up in the public "feed". You choose whether your entries are kept private or shared openly with the community. There are no names, profiles, or identities associated with entries, so your identity will always remain a secret.

  • Connect - Connect and create meaningful conversations with others. Receive feedback on your posts, including user-based advice, encouragement, and support. React to what is unfolding in the community, by liking, favoriting, or commenting on other entries.

So, what's changed in the app besides the name? Well, it's got a fresh new design that was created with user experience in mind. It now has Hub integration so you can see notifications there and filtering out content has been made easier. You can view by trending, Top Daily, Top Weekly and even Top Monthly posts and probably the biggest change in terms of use, users can now post three items daily instead of just one.

Best of all, Candid is available as a free download and it's a beautiful app. Indeed, it's not something that is going to be for everyone but if you're looking for an anonymous outlet to vent some frustrations, this is the app to do it. Have something you can't tell anyone but still feel the need to get it out? This is the app do it and remain anonymous. In short, it's a fun and beautiful app and you lose nothing by giving it a go.

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Diaree gets rebranded as Candid, new update now available!


Well. After uninstalling this app I would argue that you interpretation is correct. Once you uninstall this garbage software it does not relink from hub and pesters you to update your password (for the uninstalled app) continually.

The app is a great idea, but I feel that much time spent ranting can't be good for anyone. That's why I've never tried it.

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It's supposedly healthier to let it out and than keep it bottled up. It's where you direct it that becomes the problem lol. But what do I know.

I had the app installed for awhile but decided to delete because I felt as if I was too old. Lol Majority of the people on there are teenagers it seems.


Hmmmm. I love writing diaries, but I don't anymore. Because someone can pick it and read without my permission. This app however solves that. I'm gonna download and try right nw

From Zarafet my Z30.

Dear diary,
I had a wonderful day...... running naked through the forest with the elves. yada yada yada

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Use an email alias when signing up, if you're in doubt.

That's a general rule for me. Hushmail is great, unlimited aliases ....

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Cause crackberry is always late to the party? Can't even blow up the polls in the mobile app. Pfft. They need to get a developer who can develop an app to its fullest potential.

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I just joined. And I'm back to give a feed back.
The app is lovely!
There are people of all ages on there.
It's a lot more interesting than twitter and Facebook

From Zarafet my Z30.

"And with our complimentary cloud backup service, all your Candid conversations with yourself are reviewed for clarity by our team of readers, just to ensure you haven't made any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes in your diary. Your diary is our business."

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I emailed their site complaining about the poor interface and an inability to be able to sign in. They were quick to email back telling me to wait for today but not noting the name change. Thanks guys and good luck!

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This app is so well made. One of my favourite native apps on BlackBerry World!

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#crackberry. Where the news comes to you after the fact. You can count on it to always be second in the race.

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I wanted to give it a try after reading it on Crackberry.
I like the idea of this app and totally liking it so far. I am not giving it 5* because of following concerns.

1. I want the ability to clear my notifications.

2. I wonder if this app will give notifications in the Hub if I disabled the app from running in the background but keep the app open. It seems it does not.

3. When I try to share the app, from the app's top menu, it opens Android app like share menu. I don't see bbm as a sharing option. Why?

4. Please bring in option to see smilies on the keyboard within the app.

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1. We'll look into it
2. Disable receiving push notifications from in app settings
3. The sharing option includes bbm. We figured people want to share via other mediums
4. Smilies on keyboars are not available for third party apps

Thank You.
I want to clarify and add more details plus ask more favours to add to the app.

1. What I said sharing option does not have BBM, I did not mean sharing a port. I saw "Share this App" option right beside Setting menu. That sharing option is not standard BB10 sharing option, it looks like Android app sharing menu.

2. Notification
2a. Option to clear read notification - Thank you for saying you'll look into it.
2b. Option to disable notification from an article, if I don't want to follow it.

3. When the app is minimized, it shows the posts summery and takes turns to show recent posts. However, can you disable it from showing NSFW posts when the app is minimized?

4. I wish Blackberry get a pair and give smilies to 3rd parties.

5. Can you give more category to write post into and also select that category to when we want to view it? Reason: some times I see people ask questions and suggestion. It would be nice when I am in the mood to just read them and answer to few instead of scrolling through just posts.

Sorry if this looks like demanding. Thank You.

I love the Hub integration and the UI, regardless of the content of the app. But it's a true native BlackBerry 10 experience that I wish to see it extended to more apps.

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Does Candid have a counterpart app from android? If none, Candid is a blasting app that came from BB World.

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Good app but didn't like it being in my hub so deleted it.
Was hoping for more boobs.

Via CB10 from Scotland using Z10STL100-2/

Can I make a suggestion about a great dictionary / vocabulary app called Vocabuilder...I feel it deserves a mention of write up because it's such a great, we'll built and comprehensive native app in the dictionary selection that seems to have gotten everything right! I hope you check it out!

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I installed and deleted. Not for me.

But... now I cannot remove "Candid" from my Hub!

Yes I restarted.

I saw dev comment so maybe I'll get an answer here.

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I call BS in wanting PIN info for push notifications. You can use email for that as well. So having an "anonymous" diary app that asks for your PIN is crap! It's only anonymous "in-app", or in other words it's NOT ANONYMOUS from the people who run the service. So don't post your inner most secrets just yet. At the very minimum you should have the option not to allow access to your PIN. Your PIN CAN INDETIFY YOU!! Be very aware of that! This app is NOT ANONYMOUS!!!

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There is no option to delete your account. And it won't leave my hub. So I re downloaded to try to get rid of it. And now there are two candid accounts in my hub. How nice.

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