A closer look at Diaree for BlackBerry 10

By Alicia Erlich on 3 Jan 2014 03:29 pm EST

​Not too long ago, a unique social networking app called Diaree made it's away into the BlackBerry App Roundup. After seeing the varied responses, opinions, and uploaded posts, I thought it warranted a second look.

Diaree is an open public forum with which one can unload their troubles, share their joy, or simply use as an outlet to express their feelings. These diary entries may be shared anonymously or publicly, though both require a profile be created. While this is quite an innovative undertaking there is one caveat. Unlike Twitter where you can vent in 140 characters or less as much as they want, Diaree limits users to one post per day. Posts, including image attachments, are editable though until the day ends and do not place a strict limitation on the number of characters.

For those who do not wish to participate in the social aspect, entries may be marked as private and remain for your eyes only. Otherwise, once made public, posts may be commented on, shared or liked by the community. I'm sure many of you out there are worried over privacy issues. All of your information does indeed remain completely anonymous. Unlike the current social networks sometimes it is freeing to unburden yourself without fear of being judged by friends, family or co-workers. I mention co-workers because prospective employers would Google my internet footprint and some activities and comments should remain private. 

Since my last look at the application, my view remains unchanged. it is a solid, well-built application with a fast and easy to use interface. Posts are sorted by using the slider bar at the top and it offers passcode protection to lock itself from prying eyes. While we are accustomed to the diaries of our youth, this takes that concept one step further. Reading over entries, emotions run the gamut but to me they are honest and the community, at times, offers encouragement or advice where appropriate. That is not to say that inappropriate ones do not exist, it is the nature of the beast after all. 

This social network may be in it's infancy but it will be interesting to see what it becomes as it grows as they plan to bring it to iOS and Android as well. Whatever you might say about this app, we all publicly share the many aspects of our lives on various social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. I still prefer to use my handwritten journal but for those who wish to express their thoughts publicly and anonymously it is certainly another avenue to explore.

Diaree is free to download for BlackBerry 10 and works best on those running OS 10.2 and higher. It will not function properly if you are using OS 10.1.

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A closer look at Diaree for BlackBerry 10


Same here :)

Like the concept of the app, but putting the "ee" after the "r" leads quite easily to misreadings... =D

Ferrari ZetaDieci

Thanks Alicia for such thorough review of our app! We are always open for great suggestions from CrackBerry nation!

I've had your app downloaded for a few weeks now. I haven't explored in depth but it seems like a cool concept. I really like the private-ness of it.

I think this Diaree encourages the beauty of living and enjoying those simple things. Getting people to like something for what it is and not for who said/posted it.

I hope it takes off in a huge way for you.

A few suggestions off the top of my head:
- in the main overview, clicking the heart likes a post, but clicking the bubble doesn't take you straight to the comments. It should take one to the top of the comments page.
- can there also be a favourite button in the main overview?
- when viewing comments one can peek back, but not go back. Having only the close button in the top left is obnoxious as it's not conveniently reachable.

These adjustments would greatly improve the overall flow imho.

Good read, I'm actually going to download it because of how sweet you make it seem :D let's hope it's up to my expectations..

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Hahahahaaha someone should tell the creators that their app/forum name isn't really suitable for the Dutch-speaking crowd :D

Diaree = diarrhea... "with which one can unload their troubles, share their joy, or simply use as an outlet to express their feelings." Emmm rather not :D

Well technically it's with a double r (diarree), but still :P

Read the title: "A closer look at Diaree". Thanks, but no thanks xD
I'm sure the app is nice, but the name is just awful.... awful funny that is ^^

Shoot. Just a thought, (this is for the Crackberry team) we should be able to edit, like, and so on for our comments

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Somewhat on topic, but it's great to see a dev build an app for BlackBerry World and PLAN to open up to android and ios because for all we know, it could be the start of something massive and we won't be left hanging!

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Diaree is the best app on BB10 hands down. I have been using it since day 1 and LOVE it.

I think there is a 1200 or 1500 character limit, though.

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Is there some aspect of the app that necessitates 10.2 or higher? If not, why is this not fully functional on 10.1. I ask because I'm able to download, but unable to register or add a first comment.

Downloaded and checked out. Interesting concept the anonymous social network - sounds like an oxymoronic phrase tho...
Worth a look.

Z10 STL100-2 DTAC 3G

I really enjoy the app, it is such an interesting concept. I feel the interface could be "prettier" somehow though.

I still recommend people check it out!

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"Diaree is an open public forum with which one can unload their troubles, share their joy, or simply use as an outlet to express their feelings. "

Reminds me of this site.

I use this app and comment daily, actually multiple times a day responding to posts. Its very unique and exclusive to BlackBerry 10

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Have downloaded on the back of the review and this is a great app and concept. Thanks. Recommend to anybody.

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It's a good app. I've been using it for about a week now. Some of the things that people post can be pretty hilarious. One guy posted a photo of his organ. Lol.

Posted via the Z30 on CB10

there was an article in the paper today about people posting anonymously ,not that I care but if you use this feature all hell breaks loose.

I would be careful in restating in this piece the claim to "complete anonymity " made in the app description. They go on to mention that it is so because other users cannot link your information and activities back to you. This does not make it completely anonymous... somewhat masked and slightly confidential at best. In a time when so many are clueless about their loss of privacy, it would probably be best to not so quickly jump to words that do not reflect the states they are meant to describe, lest we become delusional.

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Been trying to give it a try but not able to register nor view all of the posts. I see it requires 10.2 OS but 10.1 is the latest version available for the Z10, so how is an app built for a version of OS that is not available for all devices? So have just been following the posts via the Diaree website....is there a workaround for this? Sent email to developer but no reply as of yet.

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I've been at this for about 3 weeks and was so impressed, I've incorporated my daily entries as part of my recovery program.
As a recovering addict, becoming transparent is essential and so is reaching out to others for both, help and, to avail myself should others be needing some assistance in their journey. I cannot fully describe with sufficient emotional appeal how incredibly positive the Diaree experience has been to my overall journey.
Thank you.

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