Diamond Wonderland HD arrives for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By James Richardson on 27 Nov 2012 10:27 am EST

Diamond Wonderland HD comes to the BlackBerry PlayBook and best of all it is free. Sure, we are not short of gem style puzzle games but this is certainly one of the best I have played.

There are a few different versions of the game within the game - such as Quest, Classic, Time and Endless - all testing your skills and spicing things up on the variation front.

The colours, graphics and sounds within the game are superb and if you own a PlayBook and like this style of game then downloading Diamond Wonderland HD is a must. What are you waiting for? Grab it now, it's free!

Feature of the game include:

  • Brilliant HD graphics
  • Simple and smooth gameplay, good sound effect.
  • Fantastic story: in quest mode, you will play as great adventurer Farrel who went into Narsk World, play through the game to see what happened there.
  • Four game modes: quest, classic, time and endless.
  • Nine kinds of gameplay in endless mode: river, freeze, explore, paint, bug, digging, destroy, bomb and collect. 

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Reader comments

Diamond Wonderland HD arrives for the BlackBerry PlayBook


I cannot find "Diamond Wonderland HD" on AppWord
and the link doesn't work: The requested item does not exist or is not available (EC )

Only for me?

Edit: Thanks for tip, now link works for me too...

I can't find this game either.

Edit: I had to hit the link a few times and it finally came up on my PB

I dislike this as well. What's the point of having app permissions if apps demand certain access and won't open if you don't grant access??

Where's the security in that? It's one thing to ask to collect identifying information about my playbook; it's another thing altogether to force access to all files on the PB.

+1. I'm sick of it too. Like when it forces you to connect to bbm. No choice or the app won't work. Or you have to let it know your location, personal info,mothers maiden name, etc to play a game???

+2. As hackers move from PC's to mobile devices, this is becomning more a trend and users need to be aware of this. Security starts with you.

Oops! Access to my files for no reason is an instant fail for me as well. I always delete those.

James - I always appreciate your reviews (Nore! More!), so keep them coming.

SUGGESTION: How about a CB or Mobile Nations monthly article on security/privacy issues? I feel as though I nee to be more informed than I am.

+1 for an article on app permissions/security. The nonsense that even "trusted" apps ask for is something ludicrous. I hope this gets tightened up in BB10.

Deleted as soon as I tried to open it and it wouldn't load without giving it access to all of my files. There is no reason for a game to have this sort of access.

Why don't you guys note these things in your articles? This isn't the first time I've downloaded a dud such as this based on a Crackberry article.

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who deletes apps that ask for access to files or identifying information.

The app has been deleted from App World just like the other Androis ports which were uploaded by Easy Software Solutions (UniWar, Hatchi and a few others). He/She obviously had no rights to release them.

That explains why it's not available. Also explains the ridiculous permissions it requests.

Good thing about the PlayBook (and BB10) - security is front and center so it's easy to just protect yourself.

I am very disappointed that CB slipped on this and did not look after us consumers. Bad CB, BAD!! You know better and should scrutunize these apps better.