The diamond encrusted BlackBerry Q10 will set you back $31,000

By Adam Zeis on 25 May 2013 08:53 am EDT

If the 24kt gold BlackBerry Q10 wasn't quite up to snuff, maybe a diamond encrusted version is more your style. Thanks to Amosu you can have just that.

The limited-edition Q10 is over the top by most standards but it's not the first time we've seen such an extravagant device and certainly won't be the last.

The diamond Q10 is decked out in 18 carat white gold and covered with over 700 VVS1 diamonds (approx. 4.7 carats). If that doesn't do it for you, the option is always there for yellow, rose, silver or platinum as well. The diamond Q10 is a limited edition of 25 and will run you around $31,000 USD (no biggie, right?)

So if you have a large amount of cash to spare, head over to Amosu for more info and by all means, send us some photos when you get it!

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The diamond encrusted BlackBerry Q10 will set you back $31,000


Actually, the most expensive and rarest diamond in the world is the red diamond. See link below for more info:

Pure red diamonds almost don’t exist. Generally speaking, a 0.20ct purplish red can cost about $300,000 per carat and 0.40ct about $500,000.
Another interesting fact about red diamonds is that they are so rare that even if the red color is the modifier (the secondary color), the price of the diamond spikes.

Normally these things are ridiculous beyond words, but I actually like this one. The diamonds are only on the band and the white phone means they blend better than with the black. Will buy. Anybody willing to give me a loan?

Only 700 carat, shud been 1000, tie in with. BB10 feel. Will wait for that one! :)

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The main question does it come "unlocked"? lol. Some people just have too much money. Others have too much time thinking of ideas like this

If installing a leaked os could turn your phone into a toaster, this is the phone it would happen to.

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Even if you had the money just lying around I do not think that this wouldn't appeal to be, you like subtle beauty that is is just gaudy I think.

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In a few months the phone will be outdated and you will be on to the next best thing and this will be what paperweight?

Guys don't normally wear or carry diamonds around ;p

Leave it for ladies like Erinn to show it off ;)

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You could always make your own :) Perhaps superglue and rhinestones?

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what are those two holes to the right(left in the picture) of the lock button?????

I haven't seen those before....... The thing is flat out sexy though

This definitely needs BB Protect.

It also needs a bit of velcro on the rear that mates with a ring - can't have to much finger bling.

I'm pumping out knock-offs with my daughter's Bedazzler. They're a deal at $10,000!

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Maybe a stupid question but are there even 25 buyers for it... it would be great but I would rather eat! lol!

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Now this I want. The gold one is nice but all diamonds is just amazing. Have they only done this for the white version? The diamonds would probably pop a lot more on the black Q10.

The ONLY way I'm buying this is if it can have young ones. Not paying that sorta money for a sterile phone!

Their is two things cool about this phone one I'll have the most expansive phone around and two if I tried to get robbed the robber would give it back and say that's not an iPhone and walk away.

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I'll be looking out for the article post from Kevin in the next few weeks with the title, "So I spent $31,000 on a phone today..." Lol!

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going to buy this... and still have some money for a nice 10$ case to protect this baby ;)

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How about paying app developers better to release apps that are free of glitches and that actually work as intended before encrusting a BlackBerry in the saying goes, spending time and money polishing hub-caps while the engine needs major work is pointless.

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Wrong. BlackBerry did not encrusted that limited edition Q10. Didn't you even bother to read the darn article?

I would like one, I am taking donations to help pay for it.
only 31000 more dollars to go. :)