The Diamond Encrusted BlackBerry Pearl - Bling, Bling!

By James Falconer on 21 Feb 2008 04:08 am EST

Amosu BlackBerry Pearl 'Diamond Edition'Have an extra £45,000 (roughly $88,000 USD) burning a hole in your pocket? If you do, you can pick up a diamond encrusted BlackBerry for your personal collection.

The company producing these babies is a company in the UK called Amosu. They are famous for creating 'extreme jewelry' editions of consumer electronics. Their latest offering is the 'blinged' out BlackBerry Pearl Limited 'Diamond Edition'.

The 'Diamond Edition' comes encrusted with 900 diamonds. You also get a nifty concierge service allowing you access to high-class events and services. It's like staying at a nice hotel... er... sorta... You know what I mean.

Only 20 are being produced world-wide, so you better snap one up fast :) 

You can check out more 'high-class' consumer electronics madness at Amosu.

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The Diamond Encrusted BlackBerry Pearl - Bling, Bling!


I personally, change phones up like underwear! Why would I waste Tons of money on a phone i'm goingt to use for a year or Two MAX! Even if i was the VP for Coke or pepsi or Parris hiltons Boy friend of the way just dumb. I know that it's a personality thing and someone has got show of there status...I'm fine with my "Pocket Lint Encrusted 8130" Thank you very much...