Devil's Attorney updated, now optimised for the Q10

Devil's Attorney updated, now optimised for the Q10
By DJ Reyes on 10 Jun 2013 04:06 am EDT

One of my favorite games on BlackBerry 10 is Devil's Attorney. I downloaded it as soon as I saw James' review. However, when I switched over to the Q10 I missed it. While the app restored onto the Q10 during a device transfer, it wasn't quite optimized for the Q10 screen so it wasn't very pleasing to play. I am now happy to report that Devil's Attorney has been updated and is now optimized for the Q10. I can once again enjoy this pretty awesome game.

If you haven't checked out Devil's Attorney, you can head on over to our review to see some gameplay action. It's a turn by turn based strategy game that gets very addictive. 

Key features

  • 58 challenging cases to complete
  • 1 implausible storyline
  • 3 neighborhoods to explore
  • 9 devious prosecutors to outwit
  • 3 difficulty settings

Check it out today. It will be a £2.00/$2.99 well spent.

Read our Devil's Attorney's review
More information/Purchase Devil's Attorney from BlackBerry World


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Devil's Attorney updated, now optimised for the Q10


This game is BRILLIANT...I never knew there was a mobile version, the last time I played it was on a Nintendo DS

Holy enchiladas. That's quite the price :D. Sorry had to say it. Nice to see its native and has solid reviews. Gonna grab for my z10

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4 game reviews in the work week... another work week for of games reviews. and a couple of accessories reviews...

Tools not toys. Not really.

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