Devil's Attorney now available for the BlackBerry Z30 and goes on sale

Devil's Attorney now available on the BlackBerry Z30 and goes on sale
By DJ Reyes on 9 Nov 2013 08:19 am EST

I am pleased to announced that popular BlackBerry 10 game and one of my favorites, Devil's Attorney, is now available and optimized for the BlackBerry Z30. I was a little bummed when it wasn't available for the Z30 when I got it, much like a bunch of other apps and games but it's here now, so rejoice.

Along with the Devil's Attorney now available on the BlackBerry Z30, the developer has also put it on sale. Usually $2.99, you can get it for $0.99 for a limited time from today. So, if you haven't checked out Devil's Attorney yet, now is the time.

If you don't know what Devil's Attorney is all about, it's quite an addictive turn-by-turn based strategy game. Set in the 80s, you play a pretty tasteless attorney named Max McMann. You can check out our hands-on review to see some gameplay.

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Devil's Attorney now available for the BlackBerry Z30 and goes on sale


I contacted the developer when I found it wasn't so great on the Z30, a few days later the update was available with an email. Great support by the dev!

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Got it on my android device months ago,finished it and no updates since then.

Feels like they are going to earn last round of money and drop support,cause the ios version has went free.

It is a nice game though.

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Pffff, this game is crazy good. Played through it completely, probably the only mobile game I have played through. Really good. I recommend it.

You are now in my Bingo Book

I bought this for my Z10. It's a great game. It's fun but does get a bit repetitive after a while.

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They need a ripped from the headlines case. Perhaps underwater holding company backs out of deal with struggling smartphone company and steals it for pennies on the dollar.


Underwater holding company conspires and colludes with crooked CEO and BOD to prewarn earnings, tank stock, then offer to buy the company for 4.8 billion. Then back out and steal the company for 1 billion.

The expansion pack possibilities are endless.

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For a single dollar, you really can't do anything wrong with this game. Even at full price it has its value. Though I'll have to say the replay value isn't too great at all. The game features a decent enough storyline, some hilarious cases and of course spoken dialogues, which really add up to improve the whole game.
However the gameplay itself is, even on the highest difficulty setting, rather easy. What sucks more: Often your win or lose doesn't depend on strategy at all, but rather pure luck once you figured out what to do. Nevertheless, I can only recommend it. It provides a couple of hours of entertainment in a unique setting.

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How do we get free items in this game ? Is it random ? Do you gave to achieve something specific ?

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Glad to see it on for 0.99. I took the plunge and we are having fun with it. Just got my first free item because " my clients were so happy with us"..

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