Developers: Win an all expense paid trip to BlackBerry 10 Jam

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By Zach Gilbert on 10 Apr 2012 04:29 pm EDT

Today RIM has announced a brand new contest, one that will surely encourage developers to get submitting more applications into the BlackBerry App World storefront. The new contest is actually quite simple and rewarding. For every 100th application that is submitted and approved into App World, the developer of the 100th app will get a fully paid trip to the all new BlackBerry 10 Jam session in sunny Orlando, FL from May 1st-3rd . Also, remember that RIM will be seeding out BlackBerry 10 Alpha devices to those who attend the BlackBerry 10 event.

We’re going to keep driving that momentum and building that excitement – it’s a rush and we don’t want it to go away. We’ve decided that from now until May 1, 2012, there will be some extra incentive to our community to keep up the development. Starting April 10, 12:01 am, every 100th new app submitted to BlackBerry App World is eligible for a prize package that will bring you to BlackBerry 10 Jam in Orlando, Florida from May 1-3

The prize package includes $500 USD cash, a voucher for an airline ticket (up to $1,500 USD in North America and $2,500 USD outside of North America), a pass to BlackBerry 10 Jam on May 1-3 and four nights at a hotel. Winners will be notified via the primary email on BlackBerry App World vendor account and we will keep the community informed here at the Inside BlackBerry Developers Blog.

I’m not sure about you, but if I was a developer and had a few apps to make for the PlayBook I would be submitting them like crazy. So let me recap. The winners will get $500 USD cash, $1,500 ($2,500 if outside of North America) in an airline voucher, a pass to the BlackBerry 10 Jam sessions and the ability to network with other developers. Truly a chance of a lifetime. Remember, the contest ends on May 1st, 2012 so you will need to get to work, and may the best developers win!

Get more information on the BlackBerry 10 Jam Session contest

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Developers: Win an all expense paid trip to BlackBerry 10 Jam


Heres the kicker:

"is an application that the Sponsor believes, in its sole and absolute discretion, will be in reasonable demand on BlackBerry App World (collectively, the “Winning Criteria”), the entrant who submitted the App will be eligible to win. If the 100th App does not meet the above Winning Criteria, the next subsequent App will be reviewed and evaluated and so on, until the reviewed App is eligible."

ie. no fart apps or any apps that is of that kind

Actually, the free PlayBook offer had pretty much the same criteria.

My friend said he'll be submitting 100 apps in a row. Not sure if he's joking or not.

That was the case with the previous PlayBook giveaways, too, although they were more specific: no launchers, nothing that just makes a noise or displays a graphic, and no web browser. They still let a lot of bad apps qualify, so I wouldn't be too worried about it.

Hi @ignites,

Alex from RIM here. Thanks for highlighting that important criterion. We’re intent on bringing the most passionate and dedicated developers to BlackBerry 10 Jam, so we are looking for nothing but the best and most useful apps for our users as part of this contest.

If anyone would like to share additional feedback, please feel free to reach out on Twitter (@BlackBerry) or on our Facebook page: Good luck!


Alex, RIM Social Media Team

I am glad they stipulate that criteria. We don't need a bunch of useless apps!
And good luck to the devs!!! Way to go RIM--your stimulus package sounds alot better than our president's!

EPIC!!! I'll try to submit 100 apps per day (it's a joke). Anyway, I really wanna attend BB10 Jam, hopefully my wish will be fulfilled.

Nice contest! Cool way to promote the Blackberry brand and at the same time really make it interesting for developers to start developing for Blackberry! Just hope they can reward the serious developers.. not the converters or fart apps.. they need quality apps, not just a certain quantity!!

The suggestion by the author ("I would be submitting them like crazy") is just what I fear. This is THE recipe for disaster. Are we waiting for more apps that compute body mass index, convert Fahrenheit to Celcius, or that calculate percentages?? We don't need MANY apps, we need good QUALITY apps. I would rather have a store with 200 good app, than 1,000 good apps + 100,000 terrible ones. I cannot believe how RIM is messing up. First they give away free PlayBooks and now this. They should be rewarding ONLY the successful developers. For instance, every developer that manages to sell 1,000 copies of their app. Or the top 1% selling apps. The cost to RIM would be the same, but at least developers would have an incentive to make GOOD apps. Why is it that we all understand this, but RIM doesn't? Sigh...

Oh crap, I just submitted some apps over the last few weeks. I hope they are still eligible for the contest!

It's good for RIM to do something to reward the developers but the mechanism to give out prize to every 100th will make App World flooded with even more rubbish. We have enough junks already and I don't browse for new apps in App World anymore.

Then consumers should stop comparing it against android and iphone app counts. 60% of android and iphone apps are fart apps. But still it is a bragging right for them. Even I have released around 25 hello world kind of applications in android when I was doing an android course couple of years back . All of them combined will have less than 1000 downloads. I did it for experimenting android but ultimately many of the similar kind of instances from other developers helps them to get into those marketing figure .
But when it comes to a choice, the same consumers say that RIM and Windows doesnt have enough apps. Come on..
About the quality of apps, it should come .. but we need to have patience. RIM seems to be trying hard to bring both quantity and quality together . It looks like they will release Cascades UI framework during BB jam- . If it is a nice dev environment, quality of apps and UI experience might be even better than other platforms.