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Developers: Take the App Developer Survey and you could win a BlackBerry PlayBook!

By Adam Zeis on 20 Apr 2012 01:39 pm EDT

App Survey

Calling all devs! If you have a few minutes to spare, take a few clicks and help complete the App Developer Survey. The survey will be used to help understand the current mobile apps ecosystem as well as the thinking of mobile developers. You'll need to have developed mobile apps already as you'll be asked questions along the links of type of app and number of downloads. The survey only takes a few minutes and upon completion you'll be entered to win a BlackBerry PlayBook. So if you're a developer then spare a few minutes to help the community and chime in with your answers.

Take the App Developer Survey Now

Reader comments

Developers: Take the App Developer Survey and you could win a BlackBerry PlayBook!


They could have kept the survey going, colected the data and then say we don't qualify.

The ofc, we'd feel used and complain.

Rather just end it as soon as and save people's time, but that's me...

Sounds like a survery for Rovio or other big devs, not indie devs which make up most of the App World ecosystem. Didn't qualify :(

dumb survey, poorly asked questions (doesnt allow u to select for example - develop for bb using html5 only either or) and asks you income questions.... i didnt bother to finish it too invasive.

They were not optional i tried to leave blank or put 'prefer not to disclose' but it did not work. I could lie and put 0 put then whats the point?

700 downloads from my first app in 60 days, just attending Native SDK training in San Francisco, but they don't want to here from me. DNQ.


I just took this survey and I said all the way through I supported NOTHING but BlackBerry.

At 43% it told me that "I said I was unlikely to support Blackberry" despite my earlier entries!

CrackBerry, this survey is a scam and anti-blackberry!

Props to bbthemes. I saw your video but didn't connect the two till I saw this article and did the survey ....I was shocked to see it in cb

As a non BB dev interested in working with the PB ecosystem, this survey is poor.

I can only quote the AVN, "What were they thinking?!"