Developers starting to receive their Limited Edition BlackBerry 10 devices

By DJ Reyes on 13 Mar 2013 10:20 am EDT

Back at BlackBerry Jam Europe 2013, Alex Saunders unveilied the Limited Edition BlackBerry 10 to developers. While it had been known for a while that developers would be able to get their hands on Limited Edition BlackBerry 10 device following a strict criteria, it was a closely guarded secret until then. Those who had been fortunate enough to receive a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device were able to trade it up for a Limited Edition device if their submitted app qualified after meeting certain requirements.

BlackBerry Developer Elite members had the privilege of receiving theirs at BlackBerry Jam Europe. For everyone else, it was said that the Limited Edition devices should start shipping 6-8 weeks after the BlackBerry 10 Launch on January 30th 2013.

Given the timescale, it was looking to be around March time. That time is now. Browsing through the forums, it seems that some developers have started to received their Limited Edition devices already. Folk have seen a tweet coming from developer Joey Beechey saying that the postman had brought them shiny and new. Lo and behold it was a Limited Edition BlackBerry 10 device.

After being inundated with questions on Twitter, it became apparent that there had been no previous contact from BlackBerry to say that it would be arriving. No shipping details were sent, instead it was just dropped off by FedEx. It looks like a developer in Germany has also received their Limited Edition device, though no photos have been posted.

A few other developers have received theirs too and they all seem to be Canada based. Response from BlackBerry Dev has been that some regions are getting theirs shipped out now while others will be in the next two weeks. If this is right then, more people in Canada should be receiving their Limited Edition BlackBerry devices soon too. And if the developer in Germany did indeed receive his, then those in the EMEA region should be getting theirs soon too. Join in the discussion in the forums if you've received yours too. 

On a side note, it seems that a developer in Canada is putting his Limited Edition BlackBerry Z10 is up for sale on eBay. He's looking to sell it for $999 CAD ($974 USD). He's only selling within Canada on a pickup basis. If you're interested you can check out the eBay listing here.

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Check out the Limited Edition BlackBerry Z10 eBay Listing

Reader comments

Developers starting to receive their Limited Edition BlackBerry 10 devices


Great news but this developers is close to canda so they got Z10 very quickly but we are from Egypt may be talk more Time

So bummed that I waited to send my Dev Alpha back until a few days ago. By the estimates they gave us, it would start shipping at the earliest tomorrow and then take at least 2 weeks. I'm glad in general that they delivered earlier than promised but a little disappointed that I could have mine about now and instead am waiting another few weeks.

"And if the developer in Germany did indeed receive his, then those in the EMEA region should be getting theirs soon too".

Ah, now I feel like a bum as I've mentioned this in the forum without being sure. I'll post a tweet from the guy in the forums and tweet him for more info again! :D

Someohow I didn't see the pics while reading your blog post.. Let's stalk the guy! BTW, I'm located in The Netherlands (next to Germany) and nothing came in today!

Got mine today too, in the US. I had been in contact with someone from the fulfillment company a week ago because of my special circumstances (I've had two dev alphas, only sent the first one back for the LE) so I figured it'd be shipping very soon.

I'm on AT&T, and it's currently downloading the update.

Looks awesome! So jealous! Isn't there a company out there called Color Wave that can do custom colors for BB? I remember seeing it in the past for older phones, I wonder if they got anything for the Z10?

Posted via CB10

not sure if they are available yet for the Z10 but there are many companies that can make custom wraps that look amazing . or even just a custom back plate that you could just swap in and out.

I wonder if the seller knows that under the battery it states the phone is property of Research on Motion *facepalm*

This makes me wish I knew anything whatsoever about programming. That is one of the nicest looking phones I have ever seen, and I'll never have the chance to get one...

Still trying to figure out how I'm getting my hands on a regular Z10.

What, No photo credit? BTW it still looks like it does in the pic. Can't bring myself to peel off that pristine plastic. :D

Posted via CB10

I sent my Dev Alpha back in January (and miss it like crazy). Hopefully it won't be too much longer!

I want this bad, but price of 1000$ to steep, but still considering since this ebay guy lives in same city as me

Posted via CB10

I think it is cool and unique and a lot of people would want a red Z10.
I guess soon there will be multiple choices of phone housings available in Thailand :-)

Posted via CB10

I hope Rogers tries to get a hold of these devices. Considering their branding is "Red" maybe Blackberry will allow them in the future to sell it.

This looks sleek, I'm not sure why they don't release more devices like this more edition, in different colors, for different holidays and such.

BUT, I would not buy a red berry for $1000. I honestly feel that not only do phones use cases/skins so much now, but with so much screen real estate, that the minor red you see on the sides/front isn't worth it.

Now, I wonder how much I would get if I unscrew the phone, paint it red, seal it, and put it all back together to list on ebay

I hope no carrier gets this color.
It wont be as special if BlackBerry sells this color. So leave it alone sell blue, green or orange, But leave red for the dev's.

It would of been nice for the public to get the red color as well. Not just DEVS.

IMO I think it would of made more revenue if Blackberry made variety of colors to show the market off to the consumers. What do you do if you have issues with the red phone? Being that it is limited you cant get it fixed. For instance when I have a problem that Blackberry cant fix. My cellphone provider sends me a "refurbished" device of the same model: (Verizon) I heard AT&T will NOT launch the white Z10 until April! (no specific date was given when asked) Why launch 2 equal devices of diff color on 2 diff dates? This is what hurts Blackberry. They are always behind the market game. Never releasing when said. Frustrating. Hopefully Verizon doesn't do that tactic. Please launch both colored phones same day please!

I got a voice mail from FedEx the other day and thought they had the wrong number. I woke up today and saw this article and then FedEx dropped off the L.E. Z10 and I sure am happy. I'm in the US also. Thanks BlackBerry!!

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 L.E.

Kinda goes with the Storm Trooper / Vader Z10 nicknames. Only this is the Imperial Guard Version. Very nice.

Posted via CB10

Cool!! at last received my red Z10. I am in Florida, US. Sent in the dev alpha in mid Feb. No shipping email notification or anything, just the Fedex truck showed up on my doorsteps today evening.

In case anyone interested in time line and location where and when it is being shipped.

I'm more interested in knowing the criteria that these developers had to meet to receive this phone? Looks like Verizon will be carrying this version lolz. So ugly.

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