Developers - Here is the BlackBerry 10 user agent

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha
By Bla1ze on 16 Aug 2012 04:16 pm EDT

While it's certainly not the most exciting news for folks waiting for BlackBerry 10, it's certainly important for BlackBerry developers and web designers. The BlackBerry 10 user agent string is now available for those who have to be mindful of it. The user agent string is used to identify the devices when hitting a website among other things, so for example: When you visit a site it serves you up the mobile version vs. the full website:

Mozilla/5.0 (BB10; <Device Model>) AppleWebKit/<WebKit Version> (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/<BB Version #> Mobile Safari/<WebKit Version>

Interestingly enough, RIM made changes to WebKit just a few hours ago to reflect the new BlackBerry 10 user agent however, they were smart enough to leave out any device 'names'. They did have a little fun with it though by adjusting the OS version slightly. Hit the WebKit link below to see what they assigned it or the Dev Blog link to learn more.

Source: Dev Blog, WebKit Change Log

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Developers - Here is the BlackBerry 10 user agent


A clear sign we're getting closer! It'd be interesting to see how many of those strings are hitting the interwebs...

Sorry, not a developper here so I don't really understand this article. Can you explain what this developer thing means and how it's a sign we're getting closer. Would really appreciate your insite and I'm sure other CB fans would too :)

Thank you!

I have this really odd feeling like RIM called the delay just to make it seem like it would be pushed back with how complete things are looking and them showing it off to carriers as well i wouldnt be to surprised if they just planted it in december.

The devices will be ready by November 2012. It's up to RIM whether or not to delay them to 2013 because of the fear of competitors

You know, I thought the same thing.

The rate we're gatting news about BB10 really makes me feel like they could have it on stores before 2013.

Maybe we'll see blogs doing revieww and those "you must have this device" tv ads during holyday season...

Hey NamelessStar, I'm interested in your comment but not sure what it means. Can you clarify? Why did RIM delay the phone and what do you mean when you say planted for December?

just a guess really I have a feeling he did it so that if we do get an early release all of us will be surprised. But if it is delayed we where already expecting it so... sorta on the it doesnt matter to them when to release but could seemingly be put in stores during christmas sales.

...yeah I had the same feeling way back when they announced the didn't seem like they were that far off...I thought wouldn't it be something to release early, catching everyone by surprise (which in itself creates a buzz) a few months early...

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There is no way that RIM/BlackBerry has left Kevin (and/or Bla1ze) left out of some loops. I sure RIM has approached Kevin on a few occasions to at the very least, get some opinions on BB10 and what everyone wants. As a Business decision that would be smart to secretly see what the market wants.

Agree, here Kevin is making everyone think he's on a mobile nations world tour when in fact he is hunkered down making sweet love to a beautiful BlackBerry10 device...NOT A ONE X Smh leak it already!!!! LOL


You read my mind... I hope it will right, and in december will be see the BB10 devices

Live Long and Prosper!

Does this remedy the "Safari/(not set)" issue that Kevin reported on a while ago where tons of BB traffic was being lumped in with Safari in google analytics (and others)? 

I saw PlayBook 2.1 :D OS RIM has been working very hard friends ;)

I wonder what 7.2 will have as far as new features.

I heard a rumor that tablet OS 2.1 can turn the ac on as well as flush ones toilet.

I am just glad RIM are taking time to put these little details in order.
In this business the little bits all contribute to making the whole better and competitive. They could do better by actually naming the BlackBerry 10 browser (the entire competition's versions are referred to by their given names). They have invested a lot in it, it is very competent now and a Broswer name will assist them market this new, better browser.
I just hope they consider this, including carrying on with the Liquid Graphics name they gave to their newer better graphics engine like BBM has grown very recognisable over the years. It certainly helps marketing when you can
i) name the OS,
ii) name the browser,
iii) name the app store,
iv) name all the key, outstanding and/or exclusive features you have.
The marketing message becomes easier to unify.
India is currently running with the Splat/spark/Action theme and its actually a good idea but if RIM took that onboard into offcial channels and documentation, then we could have a more resonant and easier to recognise story within the BlackBerry brand.
Point is now if you say Chrome, Safari, iTunes, BBM, Retina Display, Internet Explorer everyone knows you are referring to a competitive feature in which particular brand. The Brand recognition in all this is strong and gives the marketing teams a much easier job when it comes to marketing.

@Blackberry_boffin: I like the idea, +1000 for it. I read somewhere in the forums the BB10 browser is better than most (the post fails me at this time). Just as there was this CB competition about the act now symbol, there should be a similar competition for the browser as well. How about that @Bla1ze and @Crackberry Kevin?

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