Developers: Attend BlackBerry Jam Americas and be the first to go hands-on with new BlackBerry 10 tools

BlackBerry Jam Americas
By Adam Zeis on 30 Aug 2012 01:51 pm EDT

If you're a developer and aren't sure about heading to BlackBerry Jam Americas in a few weeks, hopefully we can help sway your decision. If you are at the conference (you can still get the early bird rate if you register today!) you'll be among the first to go hands-on with the updated BlackBerry 10 tools. This includes BlackBerry 10 SDKs for BlackBerry WebWorks/HTML5, Native, Cascades, Adobe AIR and the BlackBerry 10 Runtime for Android Apps. You'll be able to check out labs, tutorials and expert-led sessions using the new tools as well. It's the perfect time to crank out some code with help from experts and fellow developers. 

Register now for BlackBerry Jam Americas 

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Developers: Attend BlackBerry Jam Americas and be the first to go hands-on with new BlackBerry 10 tools


I booked the Ramada Inn Convention Center for ~$70 a night. It is the only cheap one in nearby (walkable) but don't plan on hanging out there too long... So for flight (from Florida) and hotel, it was only $650.

If RIM could organize some sort of flight / accommodations deal to help developers out, I'd go. Otherwise, flight and hotels would put me $2000 in the hole.

Oh and RIM is supposed to foot the bill for guys like you? I don't get it, everyone wants everything for nothing. They are helping developers in so many ways already, if you want to develop and for BB10 then get yourself there otherwise why post such a stupid comment!

I think the frustration (from more than this one comment) is coming from the fact that these developer events are VERY scattered. I'm in Los Angeles and you'd think one would come to my area, but they're not really hitting any major US city (and I'm only speaking for the US events). Not all of us have the time (or resources) for major travel. RIM shouldn't "foot the bill" but at the same time, their schedule isn't very accommodating to "the little guy".

There's a lot more than Silicon Valley. LA, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas... Hitting just the Bay Area doesn't quite cover it, especially in a market that will make or break them.

You said they weren't hitting any major US city. I'm not saying they are covering all major cities.

i was at the one in orlando, also i know they had BBJams in new york. so we`re on three and thats without even looking!!

note that elsewhere in the world they have held one per country. other firms only hold one dev conference a year, so feel lucky they`ve made the time to travel and spread the word.

BB10 is gonna be RIMS great comeback and is gonna crush ios ass!!!
Playbook, the one and only

Getting access to people who built the tools, and all the sessions are well worth the cost of a hotel room and flight.

This will be a historic developer conference prior to the release of BlackBerry 10.

I don't understand the article... all the BB10 dev tools are available except for the visual studio plugin...

Yes, I'm kind of interested myself in that Visual Studio plug-in. It was mentioned this week at the Vancouver Jam and it was the first I'd heard of it, but no details other than "coming soon"...

I am going to be there and you're right guys the hotels are more expensive than comparable ones in other cities - that's the typical for exhibitions. Here in Germany the hotels in Frankfurt cost the triple during the IAA or other fairs.

I think the Jams are going to visit other places in the US, too. The guys in Europe did have to wait several months for the BB Jams in the EU last year and the flights there are more expensive.

I am staying at the Fairmont and afterwards well-deserved vacation.

I'm surprised RIM was even allowed in the country being that they're "persona non grata" in the mobile world. They're also very brave putting on a a event in Apple's home turf. Expect to see a "jeering" section at the keynotes, power interruptions and fire alarms pulled.....contract guerrilla marketing teams at work.

With respect to the cost of hotels and flights, I think this forms a natural barrier to keep out the gawkers and free loaders. One hopes that only serious players will attend and get some value from the sessions even if they aren't a RIM dev shop.

I hope they have a good event that and Apple can show some restraint.